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15 Signs Of A Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

15 Signs Of A Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

Magnetism is a force of nature where two magnetically charged objects are strongly physically attracted or pulled toward each other.

This type of pull can be used in a different way to explain a type of connection or experience that we may have with someone. 

The magnetic attraction may feel overwhelming and undeniable but it can also be an amazing experience that leads to new connections or lessons.

When there is a magnetic attraction between two people this usually leads to many of the emotionally rich and lively experiences that we can have as humans.

 Within this article, we shall delve in with a focus on the signs of a magnetic attraction between two people.

We will also look further into what exactly is a magnetic attraction in this context as well as the possible reasons why some people experience a magnetic connection.

What Are The Signs Of A Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

As we explore these signs we should take into consideration that every human relationship and interaction is unique. Our connections are intricately nuanced. 

You may be reading about this topic out of curiosity, as you observe a magnetic attraction between two people.

You may be reflecting on, or experiencing your magnetic attraction to another person.

Whatever the context of your inquiry, you should read these signs with an open mind and active intuitive awareness.

If any of these signs resonate with both your experience and your instinctive feelings then it is very likely you are experiencing a magnetic connection with someone.

1. You gravitate toward each other

One of the first signs of a magnetic attraction between two people is that they will be naturally drawn toward each other. 

When two people experience a magnetic attraction it can feel as if an invisible force is pulling you together to connect closely and spend time together.

2. You may experience an instant connection

When two people are magnetically attracted it is likely they will experience an instant connection.

This can include having a deeper spiritual connection, ease in communication, trust, immediate openness, and more. 

To learn more about instant connections you can check out this article on the 21 signs of an instant connection with someone.

3. You have differences that complement each other

Couple with Magnetic Attraction

Another sign of magnetic attraction between two people is that although they are often very different they can balance each other.

Their differences may fit together in a way that is convenient and enjoyable. 

Some differences may be just what the other person needs to be exposed to in order to learn and grow.

4. Big differences may be easily overlooked

Taking into consideration that the point above may not apply to all magnetic connections, a sign of your attraction may be that you easily release judgment toward your differences. 

It is not uncommon that you will overlook many or all of your biggest differences as your pull toward each other is so strong.

 You could also experience a combination of enjoying some of your differences and overlooking other big differences that would ordinarily cause some discomfort. 

5. You have an emotionally charged connection

Having a deep emotional connection and an empathetic sense that is tuned to each other can be another sign of a magnetic attraction between two people. 

You are in general more attuned to each other and can be quite sensitive or receptive to each other's energy, emotions, and needs.

6. The passion is almost tangible

Passion as a sign of a magnetic attraction between two people

When there is a magnetic attraction between two people their interactions radiate passionate energy.

The passion in the way you speak and move together flows naturally and will be felt by both of you and noticed by anyone that interacts with both of you.

7. Your body language is open and welcoming to each other

Body language can be one of the clearer signs of a magnetic attraction between two people.

Subtle and obvious body language cues can be a tell-tale sign of attraction. 

A few aspects of body language that you may observe or experience are a general openness of the body towards each other, feet pointing toward each other, smiling, leaning towards each other, and touching.

8. You naturally make intense eye contact

This sign can be linked to the point above on body language.

When there is a magnetic attraction between two people, eye contact can be a very telling sign. 

Eye contact will happen naturally and even excessively, you will look at each other with deep presence and maintain eye contact for significantly longer than you usually would in an ordinary circumstance.

9. You may experience strong physical or sexual attraction to each other

sexual attraction and magnetic energy attraction

The magnetic attractive force that you feel toward someone can include an element that is very sensual or sexual.

You may experience strong feelings of desire and an urge for intimacy, to physically connect and express your attraction and passion.

10. You spend a significant amount of your attention on each other

A clear sign of a magnetic attraction is that your attention is focused on each other.

When two people are magnetically attracted they prioritize spending time and effort on each other.

If you are magnetically connected you will make time for each other as well as spend thought and effort on your connection.

 The quality of the attention that you will offer will be more focused and you will be more fully present than you would be in your interactions with the average person.

11. You feel a sense of satisfaction when you are together 

When you embrace your magnetic attraction from a state of personal alignment this can be a very pleasurable, exciting, and energizing connection. 

Consciously engaging with the person you are magnetically attracted to, expressing yourself, and witnessing their expression can be a satisfying experience.

12. You experience a rush of energy when you are aware of each other 

Couple experiencing a rush of energy

Another sign of magnetic attraction is the rush of energy that you experience as you become aware of each other. 

This can manifest as intense feelings of excitement and increased energy. 

You may feel more energized when you are physically together or even when you think of each other ( mentally or spiritually connecting).

13. You are energetically aligned

 When two people have a magnetic attraction it can indicate that their energy is aligned in a way they are naturally synchronizing with each other on a vibrational level. 

This energetic connection can lead to physical, mental, and/or spiritual attraction.

When we feel a subtle and undeniable energetic connection this can be a sign of a magnetic connection.

14. There is no set amount of time that you will be attracted to each other

You may evolve and grow together and be attracted for a lifetime.

You may fall in and out of sync with a person and your attraction wavers.

You may be magnetically attracted for a brief period that your energy aligns with each other.

Time does not define a magnetic experience and each experience is valid, divinely purposed, and can serve you in your journey of learning and awakening.

15. You learn about your truest desires 

A powerful magnetic attraction

One of the last signs of a magnetic attraction is that through the experience you may learn more about yourself.

You can learn about the way that you enjoy being treated, how you prefer to express yourself and so much more.

No matter the way that you express your magnetic attraction to someone, the emotional experience, connection, and reflection will trigger personal revelations including clarity surrounding what you desire to experience in life.

What Is A Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

A magnetic attraction between two people is when we are drawn together by an invisible but deeply felt force.

A magnetic connection is powerful and can shift physical circumstances so that we can connect deeply with this person naturally.

 We become fully present to each other and create memorable moments or lifetimes together.

A magnetic attraction is mutually felt and acknowledged, it can have a strong spiritual or energetic aspect that can also reflect in our mental and physical layers of life. 

A magnetic attraction can last a lifetime or a moment, either way they usually have a lasting impact on our awareness of each other and our life perspectives.

Why Do Some People Have A Magnetic Attraction?

There are a variety of possibilities that can explain why some people experience a magnetic attraction.

These are just some of the reasons why we may experience magnetic attractions:  

• Your energy is resonating in a way that pulls you together.

• Your attraction is a synchronicity.

• You have met a soulmate or deeper connection and alignment that orchestrates magnetic attraction.