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Love Omens: 17 Big Signs Love Is Coming

Love Omens: 17 Big Signs Love Is Coming

Love is one of the most magical things that we can experience. 

It is hard to define and difficult to explain, but true love is powerful and life-changing. 

But, did you know that there are often love omens scattered throughout the universe when love is coming?

In this article, I want to go through some amazing omens of love that show you that love is coming. 

By knowing these signs, you can be ready when love comes your way!

What Are The Love Omens That Show Love IS Coming?

So, what are the most common signs and omens of love? Let’s go through seventeen signs that true love is coming your way. 

You Feel Happy 

A common love omen is a general feeling of happiness.

This is actually one of the first things that you might notice when love is coming your way, as it will feel a little bit weird!

You will have a general feeling of lightness and ease, with troubles that usually bring you down feeling less important. 

This is because of the strong energies of love coming your way.

You will feel excited and hopeful, happy about where you are in life and where you are going. 

You Let Go of The Past

When we aren’t in love, we can fall into the trap of ruminating about past relationships.

You may worry about what went wrong, and if you will ever meet someone again.

You may rerun past events in your head, looking for some sort of clarity. 

So, an omen that love is coming is when you stop worrying about past relationships and look towards the future.

You find yourself thinking about your exes less and less, and when you do, you aren’t overwhelmed with emotion. 

The universe is preparing you for new love, allowing you to leave your past in the past. 

You Experience Feelings of Joy When Seeing Love

A sure sign that love is coming your way is when you have general feelings of joy when seeing other people in love.

Perhaps you used to feel a bit cringy and jealous when seeing love shared between other people.

However, now when you see people in love, you feel excited and happy. 

The emotions you have towards love in the world will create a feeling of peace within you.

This is because you have an intuitive knowledge that the universe will send you love soon, and you are excited about this. 

You Start Noticing Love More 

Have you ever seen that Rebel Wilson film, Isn’t It Romantic?

Well, in the film, Rebel Wilson is knocked unconscious and then wakes up in a rom-com.

Flowers are in bloom, everything is beautiful, and there is love everywhere she looks!

Okay, so love omens aren’t always that dramatic, but one sign that love is coming is when you notice love around you more.

Love and romance seem to be everywhere you look, with the world feeling a little bit brighter! 

This is because the universe is sending you the energy of love, providing you with signs that big love is coming. 

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You Experience Synchronicities 

Synchronicities are super weird, and I am sure you have experienced them at one time or another.

Synchronicities are defined as meaningful coincidences, and they can appear in the universe in a range of ways. 

Have you ever been thinking of a friend, when suddenly their favorite song comes on the radio?

Or, maybe you have been out for a drive feeling down, and you look up, and there is a rainbow!

These are synchronicities, and they are typically understood as signs from the universe.

When love is coming your way, you may notice these types of signs more and more often.

You Have Romantic Dreams

Our dreams are really important when it comes to spirituality, as we can receive messages from the universe and our spirit guides during sleep.

This is because, when we are asleep, our souls are more active and our waking inhibitions are left to one side.

We are more in tune with the spiritual realms, connecting with higher realms of existence and understanding. 

This means that one huge omen that love is coming is having romantic dreams.

The universe is sending us messages while we sleep, and we are experiencing these messages through dreams. 

If you are having romantic dreams, pay attention to the content.

Does a specific place or person keep cropping up in these dreams? How exactly are you feeling in your dreams? 

By analyzing your romantic dreams, you can gain guidance from the universe in regard to where and when you will find this big love. 

You Are Seeing Angel Numbers

Our guardian angels love to send us messages by leaving sequences of numbers in the world around us.

Perhaps every time you look at the clock, you see the number 11.11.

Or, maybe the number 444 keeps appearing on street signs and receipts. 

There are loads of reasons why our angels will be sending us sequences of numbers, but a big one is to tell us that true love is coming our way.

Our angels are there to guide and help us, and they love to cheer you on and reassure you about things! 

When we are seeing a lot of angel numbers, our angels are trying to get our attention.

They want us to know that we are on the right track, and we must pay attention to the world around us!

By being active in the world, we will meet our true love. 

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You Feel Happy By Yourself 

This omen of love might seem a bit contradictory, but it actually makes sense!

True love is all about meeting someone who we can connect with, and in order to be ready for big love, we need to be confident and happy by ourselves. 

The universe will send us love when we are ready for it.

This will most likely be when we feel comfortable and happy about where we are in our lives.

Perhaps, we have had a lot of success recently, and are looking forward to the next big adventure.

You feel content where you are and know that another person isn’t the be-all and end-all in life. 

By loving ourselves, we can bring new love into our lives.

You are ready to leave the past in the past, and embrace the future!

You Are Productive 

Another big sign that love is coming your way is productivity.

You may feel as if you are getting a boost of energy from the universe, and ready to take on whatever is thrown your way!

This is because you are leaving negative thoughts in the past, and focusing on how to make your life better for yourself and those around you.

You are sending out vibrations of positivity, and this is being matched by the universe. 

You Feel Ready for Change 

A big omen of love is the general feeling of readiness and excitement.

You are happy where you are and what you have achieved, but know that you are ready for change. 

You may not really know what this change is, but you know that life is a journey, and you must always be moving forward.

When love is coming your way, you feel ready for change and looking forward to the next stage of your life. 

You Want To Try New Things 

Another sign of love coming your way is a fresh desire to try out new experiences.

This may feel pretty unexpected! But, you might have a sudden desire to enroll in a course or try out a new hobby. 

This desire is caused by the universe trying to guide you towards the big love in your life.

By following your new wishes and trying out new experiences, you will become closer to this person that will be important in your life. 

Follow your desires, and everything will fall into place!

You Are Experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment  

Spirituality and love are closely linked and really affect each other.

This is because, when we are fulfilled spiritually, we are able to form deep and meaningful relationships. 

A sign that love is coming is if you are going through a spiritual time, getting in touch with the deeper meaning of life.

You may have begun meditating more, incorporating different spiritual practices in your life. 

By doing this, you are inviting positive vibes into your life and developing inner peace.

This allows you to be open to true love and get guidance from the universe. 

You Begin to Trust in The Universe

It can be hard to really trust the universe.

Sometimes, nothing really seems fair, and we get confused about our journey in life.

However, when love is coming, you will start to trust the universe more. 

Are you ready to embrace the cycle of karma that affects the energy that surrounds you?

Do you feel more at one with your destiny, understanding that whatever will be will be?

This kind of attitude is a sure omen of love, as you are beginning to come to terms with the power of the universe and the unseen forces that affect your life.

By doing so, you are opening up to the magical forces of love and romance, letting it come your way. 

You Don’t Want to Rush Love 

A really interesting omen of love is having a general feeling of ease and acceptance about your romantic life.

You may feel as if you are unsure if love will come your way soon, but you are happy with this.

You know to not rush true love, and it will happen when it does. 

This kind of attitude evolves because of the energies of love that the universe is sending your way.

You are trusting the universe with your love life, and don’t want to rush it!

You Are Always Bumping Into The Same Person

Sometimes, we will experience love omens that are pretty general.

These might be feelings of hope, happiness, and excitement. However, sometimes the universe will send us love omens about specific people. 

Are you constantly bumping into the same person over and over again? Are they always there at parties? Are they always in the grocery store when you are? 

There may be a reason for this! The universe may be causing both of you to keep running into each other.

This person may be important in your journey in life and could be an omen of love. 

You Are Feeling Drawn to A Certain Person

Again, the universe might be giving you hints when it comes to love!

Sometimes, we need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to meeting a partner, and the universe can do this by putting them in our thoughts. 

Are you randomly thinking of a certain person a lot? Does an acquaintance or friend keep popping into your head?

This may be an omen of love, and a hint from the universe that you should reach out and say hi to that person. 

You Feel Ready 

Probably the biggest and most pertinent omen for love is a general feeling of readiness.

But what does feeling ready for love actually mean?

Well, you won’t feel too desperate for love, rather be feeling ready for when it appears.

You will be feeling pretty secure in your life and who you are, with your wellbeing and confidence at an all-time high. 

In order to have a healthy and positive relationship with someone, it is important to be secure and happy with who you are as a person.

When work and your personal life are going well, you will feel ready for love, and this is empowered by the universe sending you vibrations of love. 

You know who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship, and therefore feel ready for love!

Embrace These Amazing Omens of Love and Let Love In

Are you experiencing any of these incredible omens of love?

The universe is always there for us, helping us on our journey in life. Because of this, we will often get signs that love is coming!

If you are experiencing these omens of love, I hope you feel positive and ready for the amazing things that are coming your way!

It is time to embrace love!