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Twin Flame Love – 7 Signs You’ve Found Your Souls Other Half

Twin Flame Love – 7 Signs You’ve Found Your Souls Other Half

There are different types of romantic relationships one can encounter during a lifetime.

From that life-altering first love that will always have a special place in your heart, to the best friend that becomes your lover unexpectedly, or the partner that makes you experience the bitter taste of betrayal for the first time.

Some relationships will last years, some will last a night, some will end in a peaceful and friendly manner, some will leave you torn apart.

But all these people have an important role to play in your life, they are all meant to teach you a lesson that will make you wiser and bring you closer to your divine purpose.

People always had the tendency to believe that they are meant to spend their lives with one person and one person only, which was meant to be their soulmate.

But at some point, we realized that from a spiritual point of view, there are more types of relationships, not only soulmates, and actually, the most meaningful one is the one you have with your Twin Flame love.

What is a Twin Flame Love?

couple representing what twin flame love could look like

The soul is the divine essence of any human being, that part of us that is made entirely out of pure light and love, and that is given to us in any reincarnation to guide us, to make aware of our divine purpose through the gift of intuition.

Our soul speaks to us. When in doubt, always listen to your soul. But apparently, two or more human beings can share one soul.

Plato was the first one to talk about this in his mythic dialogue entitled, “The Symposium”, in which he said that human beings have two faces, four arms, and four legs.

Not pleased with the fact that humans had too much power, the Gods split them in half, thus resulting in the humans we see today.

Plato, therefore, says that every human being that is now on Earth has another half, with the same “essence”, as the face, arms, and legs he describes are metaphors for the human soul or essence.

Therefore, humans all have a twin soul, someone with whom they share the same soul.

The word “flame” was added to the syntagm “twin flame” due to the fact that in the astral plane, the soul is seen as a bright-burning flame.

It can also symbolize the “fire”, the uncanny and extremely powerful attraction that twin flames feel when they first encounter each other.

What everyone who has met their Twin realizes is that the twin flame connection is deeply spiritual.

It is felt very powerfully by any human, in the form of life-altering love that flips your world upside down, mirrors you and your deepest wounds in order to help you heal and give meaning to your life, helping you advance on your spiritual path.

Twin flames are magnetically drawn to each other, and the connection between them seems to be unexplainable to everyone around, but the purpose of their union is to help each other grow spiritually,

…and eventually, reach the stage of spiritual illumination.

This relationship will be like no other, with ups and downs, moments of immense and powerful love followed by a painful break-up and periods of non-communication, but ultimately it will be the relationship that has helped you grow and evolve the most.

7 Undeniable Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame Love

Sign #1: When you first met, you felt a powerful, magnetic, and magical connection.

Maybe you even had the feeling that you've met them before, or that you have known them since forever, but you were instantly drawn to them, and the communication was natural and authentic as if you were talking to an old friend.

You also probably met them by accident, in a moment when you were definitely not looking for love and in a place where it seemed very unlikely to meet a potential partner, but you had that instant feeling that they are the one.

Sign #2: You share the same life purpose and spiritual path.

Because you come from the same soul family, you are most likely to have the same divine mission here on Earth.

Therefore, you and your Twin Flame love might have similar careers, interests, and the same calling.

As the purpose of a Twin Flame is to help us grow spiritually, you might have a mission to do together, such as starting a business together, helping people while working as a team, or simply building something beautiful together.

Sign #3: You experienced a perfect connection from the very beginning.

Since the first day that you met your Twin Flame, you had this intense feeling of being safe around them.

You felt that you were able to talk to them the same way you would talk to your best friend, even though they were basically strangers.

You instinctively knew that you could trust them with anything, and they had an understanding and open attitude towards you since day one.

Sign #4: The romantic connection was more intense than anything you have ever experienced before.

Meanwhile, in previous relationships, the connection was built gradually; it was definitely not the case in the relationship with your Twin Flame love.

When you first met them, you felt that you like them on all levels- as a friend, as a person, as energy, and as a romantic partner.

You felt crazy in love with them, and because of course, the feeling was mutual, you lived the most amazing, intense, and overwhelming romance.

It was basically the love story of your life, that one story that you would be able to write an entire book about, even if the relationship itself wasn't that long.

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Sign #5: They mirror all your unhealed wounds, deepest fears, and force you to face them.

Because your Twin Flame shares the same soul as you, they will have very similar or exactly the same problems as you, which will make you feel as if you were looking into a mirror.

This will enable you to see how other people view you from the outside, and what is more, it will make you realize where you need to work on yourself in order to pass those spiritual tests and move on to the next level.

Also, on some matters, they may exhibit exactly the opposite view from yours, and this may become a source of conflict, which will also force you to have a close look at those unhealed wounds that prevent you from behaving in accordance with your higher self.

Sign #6: They drag you in the runner-chaser dynamic.

At some point in the relationship, after the initial stage in which everything seemed perfect together, one of the Twins will be scared away by the intensity of the relationship, or the unresolved wounds of one Twin flame will cause a temporary break-up.

Now, when speaking about Twin Flames, it is important to understand that the term temporary can have a completely different meaning.

Their reunion can happen after a few days, months, years, or in another lifetime.

This all depends on the level of spiritual evolution that both twins have reached, because the more unhealed wounds and unresolved problems they have, the further they are from the moment in which they can reunite as one and live that perfect romantic relationship.

The Twin who is more spiritually awake, and more healed, is usually the chaser, while the other one will be the runner.

The reason why the less awoken Twin flame feels the need to escape is that the experience of having to face their deepest wounds and fears can be debilitating, and they might feel frightened, needing time alone in order to figure out how to heal themselves.

Now, this can be extremely painful for the chaser, it can feel as if someone has ripped away a piece of their soul (which basically has happened).

Later in this article, I will provide guidance for the chaser on how to deal with the situation and attract their Twin Flame love back as soon as possible.

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Sign #7: You have an intense telepathic connection, and you feel what they feel, even when you are apart.

You will first experience this telepathic connection during the initial stage of your relationship, before separation.

You most likely will know when your Twin flame is going to call you, and when they want to see you next, and what is going on with them when they are not by your side.

But this connection does not end during the stage of separation, which is why most people can easily tell what's going on in the life of their Twin Flame even if they haven't spoken in years.

Once the Twins have met, an invisible cord of light will always unite them in the spiritual realm, regardless of what is going on in the physical world.

Thus, they might even get visual flashes depicting what their Twin flame love is doing when not together, and they will “feel their emotions” and “hear” their thoughts.

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How to Deal With The Twin Flame Love Runner-Chaser Dynamic…

…and make your Twin flame return as soon as possible.

If you are reading this article right now, you are probably the chaser in your Twin Flame love story, and the most awoke one, and the one in deep emotional pain.

But if you happen to realize that you are the runner while reading this article, by all means, please go on and read, as it is very important for you to find out how the separation period is affecting your Twin and to understand what both of you can do in order to make the reunion possible.

The separation period of any Twin Flame relationship is emotionally painful for the chaser.

The chaser is the one who is aware of the fact that they have met their other half, the person they are meant to spend this life (or the next) with.

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The chaser is usually more spiritually awoken, which is why they can understand the dynamic of their relationship are not afraid of its intensity, because they are ready for the ultimate union.

The runner, on the other hand, is less spiritually awoken, which makes them very uncomfortable by the fact that they have to face their deepest wounds and fears, not to mention they might not even know how to do it.

If you happen to be the chaser in your Twin Flame relationship, the most important lesson you can learn is patience.

You cannot force your Twin Flame love to accept a relationship they are not ready for, which is why it is very important to give them space for healing and for working on those unresolved issues.

In the meantime, it is crucial that you work on yours, even if you have fewer wounds and unresolved issues than they do.

By healing yourself, you prepare for when they are ready to return to you and reduce the chances of having the relationship sabotaged again.

Also, because you are so connected on an energetic level, your healing speeds their healing as well.

If you don't know where to start the healing process, have a closer look at how the relationship with your Twin unfolded – because they are your mirror. 

See what negative feelings were triggered in you during the relationship, what wounds lie at the root of those emotions, and have an honest look at how the relationship ended.

By doing this, you will know where you need to work on yourself in order to be prepared the next time they return.

Sometimes it may seem like your Twin will never return. They may not respond to text messages or phone calls for months or years.

However, know that if you do the work with yourself, and teach yourself faith and patience – they will come back!

If, after reading this article, you have come to the conclusion that you are the runner in your Twin Flame relationship, then, congratulations!

You have made the first and most important step towards reuniting with your Twin, and that is accepting the situation.

You may not feel that you ready to go back to your Twin yet, and that is because, as the chaser, you have a lot of healing work to do with yourself first.

Just like your partner, you too have to take a closer look at what hidden problems this relationship triggered in you, and you see very clearly what needs to be healed in order to make that reunion happen.

It is very important to remember that Twin Flames are always meant to reunite, it is not something that can or should be escaped, but it depends on both sides how long and painful the process is.

Although the Twin Flame relationship brings a lot of pain and inner work that needs to be done, in the end, it will all be worth it, as the Twin Flame love reunion is the most beautiful kind of love a person can experience – that type of love that brings you closer to God in every aspect.

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