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6 Best Libra Soulmates (Ranked By Love & Sex Compatibility)

6 Best Libra Soulmates (Ranked By Love & Sex Compatibility)

Libra is a cardinal Air Sign and the seventh Zodiac sign. 

Libra people are usually quite intelligent and a bit of a flirt when it comes to love. 

In fact, Libra men and women are known for being avid socialites who enjoy being in the company of others. 

It's enough of an understatement to say that Libra's personality is complex. 

If you want to know the Libra soulmates that are most compatible with them, keep reading to find out!

6 Best Libra Soulmates 

Who are Libras Soulmates?

1. Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius compatibility is often a love match. 

This couple shares many traits, including their sense of humor, intelligence, and social skills.

This compatibility is one of the most popular combinations in astrology. 

They have a strong physical attraction for each other, which may result in an early romance. 

But there are also some challenges that can arise in this relationship.

Sagittarius can be a bit restless for the more stable Libra, who prefers to make plans long-term. 

If these two are able to work out their differences, they will have a great time together!

This is a great match because these two are fire signs, meaning they’re warm-hearted, passionate, and energetic. 

They have magnetic personalities and many interests in common, making them great friends and lovers.

Both of these signs are outgoing and love to be surrounded by friends. 

They also like to socialize with people who are different from themselves.

Libra’s need for harmony can sometimes conflict with Sagittarius’s need for freedom, which can cause problems for this couple in the long run. 

However, their relationship will be happy and successful if they can learn how to compromise.

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2. Gemini

Libra and Gemini are both air signs. 

Their mutual attraction is natural and instinctive, as they share similar interests and tastes. 

Libra is a cardinal sign, and Gemini is a mutable sign, which means that they are both outgoing and social. 

This relationship is likely to be exciting but will require a lot of effort on both parts if they want it to work.

Libra and Gemini have plenty of energy, which means this couple will never be bored together.

They enjoy going out with friends as much as spending time alone together at home. 

The only difference between these two signs is that Libra needs more romance than Gemini, so they might feel neglected if their partner isn’t around often enough for them to feel loved.

Libra’s desire for harmony means they often choose partners who aren’t direct or assertive enough. 

This can lead to problems in the long run because Libra needs someone who will stand up for themselves when needed. 

If you find yourself in this situation, then try not to take it personally. 

Libras need space so give them some time alone every now and then if you're a Gemini. 

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3. Aquarius

The Aquarius zodiac sign as one of the best Libra soulmates

The Libra-Aquarius zodiac sign compatibility is a match made in heaven in more ways than one. 

The relationship between these two signs is based on peace, love, harmony, understanding, and tolerance. 

Both of them are social creatures who love to be around people and be loved by everyone. 

They share a common interest in the arts, music, literature, and philosophy. 

They also enjoy the company of friends and family members.

Both of them are ambitious by nature, but their goals differ slightly from each other. 

While Libra desires to be rich and famous so that it can make an impact on the world, Aquarius wants to make a difference by changing it for the better through its knowledge or skill set. 

In spite of their differences, these two signs have a lot in common, which makes their relationship very strong at times.

In a relationship, these two signs can make a great team together. 

They will help each other become better people by constantly debating important issues. 

They also teach each other about different cultures, which makes them both more worldly than most other people in their lives.

The only problem with this relationship is that it may be difficult for them to see eye-to-eye on certain things because they are so different from each other. 

For example, Libra might not understand why Aquarius gets bored at parties so quickly, or vice versa. 

However, if these two signs can learn how to compromise, they should have no trouble making their relationship work.

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4. Leo

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. 

They are social butterflies who like to flit from one party to another. 

They are attracted to people with good looks and charm, which explains why they are so fond of Leos.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents vitality, energy, and passion. 

Leos love being in the spotlight at all times, which explains why they want their lovers to be so beautiful that everyone has to stare at them whenever they walk into a room together.

Both zodiacs are a match made in heaven. 

Their relationship is one of the most passionate, exciting, and fulfilling ones that you can find on this planet; there is no doubt about it. 

The two of them together are unstoppable, they are truly a force to be reckoned with. 

This relationship is very exciting and passionate but also very loving and caring, these two people really do love each other deeply. 

They have so much in common that it’s hard to believe; they both understand each other perfectly without even saying a word. 

The thing that makes this relationship so great is that both of these individuals are very romantic and affectionate towards each other.

They will always be thinking about how they can make their partner happy all the time. 

They will never leave each other alone for long periods of time because they cannot stand being away from one another for too long. 

Both are both very intelligent people who like to spend their time reading books or watching movies together. 

They both enjoy having deep conversations about life with one another as well because they enjoy talking about things that are happening around them in the world today.

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5. Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign

Libra and Aries are both Cardinal signs, meaning they have a strong sense of self-identity. 

As a result, this relationship is likely to be driven by passion and lust. 

Both signs are known for their love of beauty and material things, so it's important that they find common ground on this level as well.

Libra's desire for harmony may clash with Aries' need for freedom and independence. 

It's important that Libra doesn't try to keep Aries from doing what he or she wants; instead, the two should try to compromise when possible.

Both of these signs are social butterflies and love to be around others, but they also enjoy their alone time. 

They balance each other out perfectly, and neither one feels like they have to compromise on who they are and what they want from life. 

Aries is a natural leader, and Libra is very happy to follow. 

This relationship will work well because both signs are easygoing and don't get stressed out too easily.

Aries can sometimes be too direct with their words, but Libra will know how to handle it and keep things lighthearted. 

Libra's diplomatic nature will help Aries get along better with others since Aries tends to be more aggressive when dealing with others' opinions than Libra does.

Libra needs someone who can be strong for them when times get tough but also knows when to back off so that Libra can go off on their own for a while if needed. 

Aries brings this quality into the relationship because they won't allow Libra to be bullied into doing something they don't want to do or feeling like they have no freedom during tough times in their lives.

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6. Libra

When a Libra comes together with another Libra, it's a unique and balanced dynamic. 

This is not just a combination of two Air signs but two individuals who share similar energy. 

You can expect this relationship to be balanced, substantial, fun, and meaningful. 

The other zodiac will always feel loved and appreciated by them. 

They’re both quick to compliment each other, making for an exciting relationship with no awkward silences or disagreements.

They’ll have common interests that they can share together (like traveling or going out to eat). 

And because they’re both open-minded people who love new experiences, there will never be any boredom in this relationship!

They’ll have similar goals and ambitions too. 

They’ll likely enjoy discussing plans for their future together and work hard toward achieving them together as well. 

Their mutual drive will only help push each other toward success!

However, this relationship will have its downsides as too much of similarities can come crashing down. 

Since both will tend to strive for balance, communication may be difficult in the relationship. 

As a result, feelings of hidden resentment may be present. 

What Makes Libra Great Soulmates: Personality and Characteristics

Best Soulmates for Libra

#1. Love and Sex

Libra is a sign of love and partnership. 

They love to be in a relationship and have a strong sense of romance. 

They are always looking for balance, so they will do their best to make sure that both partners are happy together.

They are very social people who enjoy being around others, especially those who share their interests and passions. 

They also like having someone there to listen to them when they want to talk about their feelings or problems. 

This can be a problem if Libra is always asking for advice from others because it means that they never feel like they are getting enough support from their partner.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy and happy, then you need to find ways of giving back at least as much as you receive from them.

The Libra personality is charming and friendly, but they can also be indecisive and need constant reassurance that they're doing things right. 

This need for reassurance makes them incredibly sensitive people who are easily hurt by any criticism or negative comments. 

They want harmony in everything they do, which means they will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone around them is happy and comfortable with each other.

In the bedroom, a Libra is just as adventurous as they are outside the bedroom – sometimes even more. 

When they really care about the person they're with, they won't hesitate to show it, even during physical intimacy. 

Libras may also swerve towards kinks and unusual fetishes in the bedroom, which is why they need a partner who can keep up with them. 

This is also why a Libra is mostly compatible with equally adventurous elements, like Fire and Air. 

#2. Friendly Personality

Libra's personalities are friendly, charming, and popular. 

They have a natural talent for getting along with others and making great friends. 

People with this sun sign are always peacemakers, trying to bring balance and harmony to their relationships. 

They're also known for being fair in their dealings with others.

Libra people love socializing and making new friends but can sometimes feel torn between two worlds — their own and someone else’s. 

They're usually good at reading people's moods, which helps them find common ground with others. 

Libra individuals don't like conflict or arguments, so they may try to avoid issues rather than address them directly. 

This means that sometimes they don't stand up for themselves when something goes wrong in a relationship or situation.

#3. Career and Finances

The Libra personality is known for its charm and diplomacy, which makes it a great communicator. 

This, combined with its natural curiosity, makes Libra a great scientist. 

They also make good lawyers, judges, and politicians because of their ability to see both sides of an argument and work towards a compromise.

However, they can be indecisive at times and may find themselves changing their mind more often than they'd like to admit. 

This can cause problems regarding career choices as they may not be able to commit to one path long enough before they start looking for something else.

Libra people are motivated by money, but this isn't always easy for them because they enjoy so many different things in life that it's hard for them to decide what they want out of life financially. 

They have a tendency to spend too much time on projects instead of focusing on getting results quickly or efficiently, so don't expect them to give an exact estimate on when something will be finished – or even started!

What Sign is a Libra's Soulmate?

Libra and Sagittarius as Soulmates

Both Libra and Sagittarius are a match made in heaven. 

They’re both adventurous and fun-loving and have a great sense of humor. 

They enjoy exploring new things together, but they also love spending time just hanging out at home. 

The Libra can be a bit indecisive, while the Sagittarius likes to take action and make things happen. 

These differences complement each other perfectly because the Libra can help their indecisiveness by encouraging them to act more quickly on his ideas. 

The Sagittarius will be able to help her loosen up a bit by making sure they don’t get too caught up in details or overthink things too much.

Who is Libra Most Compatible in Bed With?

Libra is the most romantic and sexually compatible with Aries. 

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which represents energy, passion, and desire.

The two signs are also very similar in their personalities. 

Both are social butterflies who love to flirt with people. 

They both want to be popular and well-liked by everyone around them.

The compatibility between these two signs is based on their mutual love for romance, adventure, and excitement in their relationship. 

Both signs enjoy engaging in long conversations about ideas and topics that interest them most. 

They also like spending time together doing exciting things such as traveling or going on vacation together.

Like Sagittarius, Aries is driven by desire, passion, energy, and adventure, all of which also apply in the bedroom. 

When a Libra and Aries experience physical intimacy, it's going to be unlike any other. 

If anything, these two will never get bored from trying out different things, making their passion and desire for one another run longer than standard couples. 

Are Air and Fire Zodiac Signs Always Compatible?

Air and Fire Signs compatibility

Yes, but only if the partnership is balanced. 

If one partner is more dominant than the other, then it's unlikely that they will be compatible. 

When one partner is more dominant than the other, that one partner tends to dominate the relationship and make all of the decisions. 

This can lead to resentment on behalf of the less dominant partner, who feels as though they have no say in anything that goes on in their relationship.

In order for an Air-Fire union to work well, both partners must be willing to compromise with each other and allow each other to be themselves without becoming overly possessive or controlling over one another. 

If this doesn't happen, then it's unlikely they will stay together for long because there will always be underlying issues in the relationship that may cause arguments or misunderstandings.

Who is Libra's Worst Match Among the Zodiacs?

Libra and Scorpio are both signs of partnership and relationships, but they approach their partnerships in very different ways. 

Libra is all about balance, harmony, and the beauty of things working out just right. 

Scorpio is all about passion, intensity, and feelings that run deep. 

These two signs can be great together when they share similar interests, but otherwise, they may not get along so well.

Scorpio wants to be in control at all times, while Libra likes to let others take the lead. 

Libra wants to make sure everyone is happy and secure before they commit themselves to a relationship. 

Scorpio wants to go with their gut feelings on whether or not they like someone enough to commit themselves to them (or at least try). 

Libra is light-hearted; Scorpio tends toward dark emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, and anger (though they don't always show them).

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a Libra is all about balance and harmony. 

So when it comes to a Libra’s soulmate, they need someone who can keep them grounded, which is why their opposite zodiac signs work so well (such as Fire signs, for instance). 

They also need someone who won't be too different from them and can ride with their crazy adventures and plans in life. 

Otherwise, they will lose the harmony they value so much, which may make them lose themselves.

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