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High Vibration Music: What It Is (6 Types & 6 Uses)

High Vibration Music: What It Is (6 Types & 6 Uses)

Vibrations can be simply understood as the patterns or motions of energy; when we use this term about our state of being it is referring to our emotional, mental, and spiritual-energetic states.

Alignment within these aspects also naturally affects our physical state.

High vibration’ in this context refers to a state of alignment with positivity, power, clarity, joy, gratitude, health, balance, love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, understanding, and ease.

Sound is vibration and can pattern, change or affect our vibration as we listen. Music can be a powerful tool that you can use to intentionally raise your vibration.

There are many types of music composed specifically for upliftment and energetic alignment.

We can call these types of music high vibration music as the sound vibrations and frequencies offered by these types of music can easily and effectively lift your vibe.

 We have all experienced the alchemical mood-lifting power of music at some point and many types of high vibrational music are created exactly for the purpose of uplifting and aligning you to specific higher vibrational states.

Within this article, we shall discuss the different types of high vibrational music and the benefits of high vibration music.

We will also delve into just how to use high vibrational music for specific applications such as manifestation, meditation, healing, and love.

What Kind Of Music Is Considered High Vibration Music?

There is not a strictly set type of music that is considered high vibration music, many types of music can fall into this category if the effect that the music has is uplifting.

Any music that is created with positive intention and makes you feel good can be considered high vibrational music.

That being said, there are a few types of music that are purely focused on inducing and aligning to a higher state of consciousness.

We will discuss some specific types of high vibrational music and how these types of music work in the next section of this article.

Types Of High Vibration Music

Listening to high vibration music

1. Sound Bath Music

This music is more geared towards a live experience but it can also be experienced as a pre-recorded sound journey.

A sound bath is a deeply meditative and relaxing experience that offers the listener an intentional combination of acoustic sound healing instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, didgeridoo, shamanic drumming, and more.

 Sound Bath music is designed to guide listeners into a state of deep relaxation or meditation.

The great thing about a sound bath is that the sound vibration easily guides you into a higher vibration, all you need to do is listen.

2. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a form of frequency music that works to entrain the listeners' brainwaves to a specific brainwave state.

Different brainwave states allow us to experience different states of awareness and consciousness.

These states can be harnessed as needed to tune to a higher vibration. 

Binaural beats have to be listened to using earphones or headphones because they work in a really interesting way.

A different tone is played in each ear and our brain perceives a third “ghost tone” which is the frequency that we attune to as we listen.

Binaural beats are usually categorized in the following way associated with each brainwave state:

  • Delta (1-4Hz)  for meditation, healing, pain relief, subconscious mind, and deep sleep.
  • Theta(4-8Hz)  for deep relaxation, creativity, and meditation.
  • Alpha (8-14Hz) for stress relief, relaxation, flow states, and learning.
  • Beta (14-30Hz) for focus, cognition, analytical, solutions, activity, and energy.
  • Gamma (30-100Hz)  for creative thinking, enhanced cognition, memory recall, and attention to detail.

3. Solfeggio Frequency Music

Solfeggio music is a type of frequency music based on a specific musical toning scale that is designed to have a pure and harmonic effect.

Each tone within the Solfeggio frequency scale has a particular effect and these sounds can be used to intentionally uplift your vibe exactly as needed. 

The main Solfeggio frequencies are as follows and you can find music that is intentionally composed or tuned to resonate with these frequencies :

  • 396Hz  for liberation from fear and guilt.
  • 417Hz  for facilitation of change and undoing situations.
  • 528Hz  for miracles and DNA repair. 
  • 639Hz for relationships and reconnection.
  • 741Hz  for solutions and self-expression.
  • 852Hz  for aligning to spiritual order.

4. Mantra Music 

A mantras as a form of high vibration music.

Mantra can be understood as sacred words or sounds and they most notably originate from yogic knowledge, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

These sounds are originally intended as chants to vocalize during meditation or as aligning sound vibration.

As these sacred sounds are chanted, the singer or listener becomes one with the sound vibration. 

We can now find that many powerful mantras have been recorded as mantra music that we can listen to during meditation or as we choose to experience the aligning and uplifting power of mantras.

These are just a few examples mantras that are often included within mantra music :

  • Aum ( Om )  mantra: primordial sound, connecting to source.
  • Gayatri mantra: a vibration of unity, appreciation, and creation.
  • Om Mani Padme Hum: a soothing, healing, and energizing mantra.

5. Music with Nature Sounds

Immersion in the natural world has an innately uplifting effect and so the sounds of nature are often utilized to create high vibrational music.

These sounds instinctively resonate with our most natural state of health and connection.

The sounds of our life-giving planet; flowing rivers, vibrant forests, and even the frequency of our earth's electromagnetic field ( Schumann Resonance) are some examples of natural frequencies that are included within high vibrational music. 

Nature sounds can be included within a few different genres of high vibe music from very gentle meditation music to energetic psychedelic trance music.

6. Music with Conscious Lyrics

We have spoken about the frequencies that are integrated within music in different ways but a key contribution to the energy of a song is the lyrics or words that are repeated.

A wide variety of genres can be considered high vibrational music if the message and intention within the lyrics are aligned or activate higher consciousness. 

We may find high vibration music that shares spiritual truths or promotes beneficial practices and perspectives.

We can even find or create music that contains positive affirmations.

These are just some of the types of high vibrational music, other types can include; isochronic tones, shamanic drumming, relaxation music, medicine songs, intentionally mixed electronic trance music, and more.

Ultimately the music that you connect with the most and that has an uplifting or aligning effect on you can be considered effective high vibrational music for you.

Benefits of High Vibration Music

High vibrational music can benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

The effects of listening to these types of music can benefit you in many aspects as sound frequencies work to attune your vibration on a deep inner level.

This has a ripple effect that benefits other connected aspects and manifestations.

The benefits of the various types of high vibrational music can include the following:

•Uplifted emotions, mental state, and energy level.

•Feeling and acting in greater alignment. 

•Easily entering a state of meditation by focusing on or being immersed in the sound.

•Deep states of relaxation. 

•Opportunity for healing on all levels due to the state of deep relaxation and alignment.

•Experiencing states of flow and ease.

•Approaching life with an upgraded attitude or perspective.

Ways To Use High Vibration Music

Showing how to use high vibration music

We shall now discuss some of the more specific ways that you could utilize high vibrational music.

1. High Vibration Music For Manifestation

To use music for manifestation you can consider a few things when it comes to your choice of high vibrational music.

Firstly, get clear on what you intend to manifest.

Take a moment to imagine you have achieved this manifestation, and consider the emotions you will feel as you experience what you have manifested.

Now that you identify the emotions associated with the particular manifestation you can choose your music accordingly.

Music that evokes or attunes you to the feeling that you seek.

This can add momentum and vibrational alignment to your manifestation processes.

An example of this would be; wanting to manifest a particularly big change in your life, you could listen to music tuned to the solfeggio frequency 417 Hz for facilitating change, you could listen to a song that has positive lyrics, or affirmation aligned with the theme of change.

2. High Vibration Music For Abundance

You can use high vibe music to attune to the vibration of abundance. You can choose music with lyrics and affirmations that are surrounding this theme.

Any music that helps you to enter into a flow state can help you to tune into the abundance frequency.

Abundance is related to wealth in all ways not just money but prosperity on a mental, energetic and physical level. 

You can also listen to music that contains mantras associated with abundances such as the Laxmi mantra or Ganesha mantra.

These mantras can help energetically clear obstacles and intentionally welcome the frequency of abundance using sacred and collectively energized sounds vibrations.

3. High Vibration Music For Meditation

Music is a great way to experience meditation or enhance your practice.

Music can naturally guide you into a state of presence which is the foundation of meditation.

You can utilize various types of high vibrational music including frequency music, sound bath music, and nature sounds to easily guide you into a deep meditative state. 

You can choose to use high vibrational music such as music with mantras or affirmations as an active meditation focusing upon the music itself.

Music can assist you to be fully present and immersed so that you become attuned to the subtle yet powerful sound vibrations.

4. High Vibration Music For Sleep

High vibe music when sleeping

You can use the relaxing power of high vibrational music to help you to sleep well.

Listening to specific binaural beats that are within the delta to theta brainwave state can guide you to sleep.

 Music with gentle vocals or affirmations before bed can be a great way to feed your subconscious mind beneficial energy before you sleep and deeply integrate the information from your day.

Music with natural sounds is also a great listening option for a gentle entry into a restful sleep. 

If you struggle with overthinking before bed, high vibrational music can help you intentionally focus your energy and mind on a nourishing and relaxing state of being so that you can more easily get some essential rest. 

5. High Vibration Music For Healing

Most types of high vibrational music are synonymous with sound healing.

As discussed, music has the effect of tuning our vibration to an intentional state.

This can be harnessed for specific healing purposes such as emotional healing, mental health, and physical regeneration.

High vibrational music also allows us to enter into a state of deep relaxation, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and recovery mode) which is an optimal state for healing.

You can utilize intentionally created high vibrational music for healing such as sound bah music, binaural beats within the delta, theta, and alpha range, or solfeggio tones many of which are intended for specific healing applications such as DNA repair, reconnection, miracles, and solutions.

You can also seek out sound healing practitioners to receive personalized sound therapies such as a sound bath.

6. High Vibration Music For Love

Music can be a perfect way to express the feeling of love and connection.

High vibrational music that holds this intention can be used to attune to the frequency of love.

This feeling can include self-love, romantic love, and universal love.

We can listen to music that clarifies the feeling of pure love within us so that we can share the feeling with those that we love and resonate with this frequency to attract aligned experiences. 

Some of the types of high vibrational music for love that you can consider are Solfeggio frequencies of 639Hz for reconnecting and harmonizing relationships and music with loving affirmations.

Where Can You Find High Vibration Music?

Music raising the vibration

We are so lucky to have many easily accessible online platforms that we can use to access a variety of high vibrational research.

These platforms include but are not limited to Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Insight Timer.

Now that you know more about some of the specifics of high vibrational music you can refine your search via these platforms, don’t let your research stop at this article, continue learning through experiencing the different options as well as reading up more.

You can also choose to seek out your favorite high vibration music artists and support their beneficial music, attend performances or sound healings for a live high vibrational sound attunement.