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7 Zodiac Signs That Are Great Aquarius Soulmates (Love Rank)

7 Zodiac Signs That Are Great Aquarius Soulmates (Love Rank)

Aquarius, the idealistic and altruistic dreamer with many beautiful qualities, is a unique individual.

They have many potential suitors in life, mainly because they are ruled by the glyph (astrological symbol) of the Water Bearer.

This makes them both an air sign and aligned to some water qualities.

Aquarius may be an intellectual, innovative, and bright person with charisma, but they also possess sensitivity, profound intuition, and an ethereal-mystical quality, which many people are attracted to…

If you are an Aquarius soulmate, you can expect fun, excitement, lots of social outings and community involvement, and an open-minded, loyal, and charming partner. 

Here Are The Best Aquarius Soulmates

The best Aquarius Soulmates

#1. Aquarius: True life partners

When an Aquarius and Aquarius come together, there is instant synergy and resonance. 

These are true life partners, measuring very high up on the Aquarius soulmate compatibility scale. 

Communication, romance, intellectual connection, shared passions, hobbies, and interests are all a perfect match- you can't get any higher. 

These two soulmates understand each other, they know what the other needs emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically. Sex is good! 

They both please and receive in equal measure, also knowing just how to “do their thing” in the way their lover wants. 

Further, as they are both visionaries and idealistic dreamers, there is little they cannot achieve when these two are in the flow.

Aquarius is an excellent natural leader, teacher, speaker, and inspiring motivator, often excelling in the coaching, counseling, therapy, and healing fields.

Let's just say that starting a business together or combining their talents will make this soulmate match change the world.

Aquarius and Aquarius are certainly a power couple status love bond.

The only thing they have to be mindful of is when both or either partner is less evolved.

Still more resonant with their shadow side or toxic traits. Because they are both mirrors of one another, they might start to project their toxic characteristics into the other. 

Overall compatibility: 10!

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 9

#2. Gemini: Power couple!

When the colorful, creative, and chameleon-like Gemini comes into a love union with charismatic, charming, and equally creative-minded Aquarius, you can expect amazing things.

Who is a perfect match for Aquarius? Gemini is.

They have many shared qualities, making them fall for each other pretty hard.

But the longevity and potential for lasting commitment are there too.

As air signs, they both understand that their partner needs an intellectual, mental, and psychological bond.

They are the least emotional people of the zodiac, and despite often being misunderstood- this works for them. 

While others may bond through emotional, romantic, or spiritual connection, Gemini and Aquarius are more than happy to let their lover do their own thing for a while.

Instead of melting into a soulful or emotionally deep bliss (like water signs do) or getting lost in passion, excitement, and either physical touch/sex or adventure (like fire signs), these two will read, focus on work, connect with friends or family, or simply vibe in their own independence.

There is so much freedom, self-autonomy, and charisma in this love bond that neither will ever feel bored or restricted. This makes the moments of intimacy and deeper connection even more magical…

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 9

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#3. Libra: Wonderful harmony

Libra and Aquarius as soulmates

The final air sign Libra is another match made in the heavens. The only difference between this pairing and the two above is that Libra is ruled by a very feminine planet.

Venus, the planet (and Goddess) of love, beauty, sensuality, and female sexuality.

This makes Libra a bit more romantic than idealistic and intellectual Aquarius.

Also, Libra is perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine attributes, while Aquarius is very masculine, dominant, and extroverted.

Libra is definitely an Aquarius soulmate, for sure! However, both partners must understand that Libra will always crave more romance, rest, and introspection than Aquarius can provide.

Communication and shared interests and hobbies are good, though; anything they try to achieve together can be accomplished quite effortlessly. 

Starting a family together- or even a business- will go successfully.

In fact, Aquarius brings a lot of passion, innovation, bright ideas, and originality to the table, which compliments Libra´s peacemaking, cooperative, sensual, and intuitive ways perfectly.

Libra is both intellectual and intuitive, logical and imaginative, and rational and creative. As the idealistic dreamer, Aquarius digs this. 

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 7

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 8

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#4. Sagittarius: Passion & shared vision

Top key compatibility areas: vision, idealism, zest for life, passion and innovation, creativity, and community.

Quite simply, Sagittarius and Aquarius are real kindred spirits!

Although they may have one of those independent, friendly, and slightly superficial relationships, in that they lack depth and emotional maturity, at least when compared to other zodiac signs, there is a lot of love and admiration between them.

Both are real go-getters with strong energy levels. They both crave excitement, inspiration, and creative and artistic outlets, so they find common ground in a lot of things.

They're both equally independent, and neither wants to fall too much into a routine that limits that potential nor do they want to get lost in their sensitivities.

Another positive is that they complement each other in a rather unique way, a way not shared by other star signs.

Sagittarius is a natural-born leader, inspirational speaker & teacher, specifically in a philosophical, religious, and/or spiritual way.

Aquarius is similar in character, also bringing the visionary and practical dreamer aspect.

The main issues that may arise are when both seek independence over stability and commitment.

Therefore, trust is something to consider. 

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 9

Psychological bond: 7

Sex & intimacy: 8

True love potential: 8

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#5. Aries: A love of the good life

Aries and Aquarius Soulmates

Like Sagittarius, Aries is instinctive and passionate but with extremely strong desires and primal passions.

Sex is on fire between these two… Intimacy, a love of the good life, pleasure-seeking, and attracting luxury and material wealth is what join these two together.

Despite Aquarius being so service-oriented and happy to live a simple life and work towards some humanitarian or altruistic goal, they also like a comfortable material life.

Aries brings this side out of them. This highly charged bond can be just as exciting as it is chaotic.

Communication is essential to make this work, and they need to slow down from time to time to clarify their goals, hopes, and aspirations.

Fire and air are generally a good match; therefore, they have little tension or distortion.

One thing to note: Mars is Aries´ ruler, which can make them a little aggressive and bully-ish.

Aquarius is more concerned with innovative solutions to world problems, i.e., how can we (together) make the world a better place?!

Both partners will need to keep Aries´ selfishness in check and be mindful of personal triggers.

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 8

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#6. Leo: Harmony and lots of growth

In astrology, opposite signs are always considered soulmates, so when asking who is a perfect match for Aquarius, it would be energetically wrong to leave loving and loyal Leo out.

Leo may not be the perfect match, but they are both loyal and caring individuals who have many similar characteristics: confidence, charisma, charm, intellect, wit, shared sense of humor, a fiery persona, and a need for social bonds.

Their outgoing personalities join them together, so as long as they keep communication open, honest, and authentic, there shouldn't be too many problems.

Some compromises will have to be made- Aquarius will need to learn how to be a bit more romantic and affectionate, as Leo demands a lot of attention and admiration!

And Leo will need to understand that Aquarius has other projects, friends, and connections outside of them. 

But with empathy and consideration, little can come between these two if they choose each other.

Passion, intimacy, and creating a stable and prosperous life together are very strong. 

Overall compatibility: 7

Emotional bond: 7

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 7

True love potential: 8

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#7. Taurus: A shared mission…

Taurus And Aquarius compatbility

The only non-air or fire sign to make a list, Taurus and Aquarius are a love match not everyone can understand, and this is because they are not traditionally compatible.

Yet, out of all the earth and water signs, Aquarius and Taurus have real “power couple” status and potential! Taurus is benevolent, intelligent, loving, romantic, and very generous.

They are highly compassionate and empathic individuals who almost always work towards something greater than themselves. Both signs are visionaries.

This visionary, humanitarian, and altruistic frequency are what unites them. It's true that there are many differences, yet these “at odds” characteristics make them appreciate each other and find balance within, on a personal level.

There is a unique flow and harmony to this pair. What unites them- their desire to make the world a better place- is what creates longevity and blissful union.

As soulmates, Aquarius and Taurus most likely join forces to create lasting change for future generations to come.

They could be working on some visionary or big picture project together, setting up an eco-community, or working in a union to combine talents and gifts for something charitable, compassionate, and rooted in service. 

Purpose, passion, and power define this soulmate connection- and they both have different qualities to draw from to show humanity that love is all you truly need.

It may sound cheesy, but there really is no greater power couple than Taurus and Aquarius when it comes to “non-complementary” signs; their shared sense of mission and service is motivational. 

Overall compatibility: 7

Emotional bond: 6

Psychological bond: 7

Sex & intimacy: 6

True love potential: 6

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Who Is Not An Aquarius Soulmate? 

Showing the least compatible Aquarius soulmate

Zodiac enemies, non-compatible signs, who should Aquarius avoid.

These are just a few terms to describe the least compatible signs for the idealistic visionary.

Because Aquarius is so intellectual, dominant, and non-emotional, the signs to watch out for include Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Let's see why! 

#1. Cancer: Major clashes…

As a sensitive and emotional water sign further symbolized by the Crab, this is possibly the worst love match for Aquarius.

There are so many differences and clashes. Cancer craves depth, intimacy, emotional bonding, and a secure and protective bubble of love and devotion.

Aquarius will always be an independent and freedom-loving spirit who wants to explore, meet new people, and connect with many friends.

It simply doesn't work unless there are many other synergistic natal chart placements (Moon, Rising, Venus signs, etc.).

General rating? 3- 4/10! 

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#2. Virgo: Too limiting 

Quite simply, Virgo limits and restricts Aquarius in many ways.

Aquarius does not provide Virgo with the security, stability, and empathy they require.

Yes, Aquarius is known to be very altruistic and compassionate. However, not in the way the structure-loving and orderly Virgo requires.

It is clear from the beginning that they have different needs and primary drives in life, so this match is not recommended unless you want to enter into something purely practical. I.e., without buzzing sex or emotional life.

General rating: 4- 5/10

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#3. Scorpio: A hot mess

There is a lot of passion, but Scorpio is simply too emotional, sensitive, and mysterious for intellectual and upbeat Aquarius.

Aquarius thrives off of mental and intellectual connection, while Scorpio is deep, sensual, spiritual, and subtle.

Scorpio seeks out deeper intimacy and a shared personal magnetism, yet Aquarius doesn't really understand this.

They are more optimistic, excitable, and colorful, implying being primarily extroverted with a love of the limelight.

There would be a lot of passion and apparent harmony at first, but over time it would be clear that there are too many differences and distortions for longevity.

General rating: 5/10

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#4. Capricorn: Little in common

Everything written for Virgo applies here. Additionally, Capricorn is the most authoritative and ambitious of all zodiac signs, which makes them seek power and control.

Based on Aquarius´ need for freedom and some flexibility, in addition to Aquarius also being quite dominant and self-assertive by nature, this could become quite an abusive and violent relationship.

Both partners seek to control and to be the one leading, yet they end up clashing and falling into their own toxic traits…

General rating: 3- 4/10. 

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#5. Pisces: Best of the worst

Out of all non-compatible signs, Pisces and Aquarius have the best chance of making it work.

This is because Aquarius is empathic, compassionate, visionary, or holistic-minded. Their glyph is the Water-Bearer, after all.

Pisces isn't as emotional as Cancer, and as a symbol of unconditional love and universal compassion, there is a mutual understanding and respect between these two apparent opposites.

Aquarius secretly admires Pisces´empathy and devotion to the divine, to the spiritual and ethereal worlds, even if they don't totally understand it.

They have many shared passions and interests too. To make this work, they would need to understand and accept early on that Pisces will always be a bit more deep and sensitive while Aquarius is emotionally-detached.

General rating… 6/10. 

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Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the zodiac signs that make great Aquarius Soulmates, and also the worst love matches for Aquarius.

Do you agree? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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