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17 Fun & Weird Psychological Facts About Zodiac Signs

17 Fun & Weird Psychological Facts About Zodiac Signs

For many people, astrology and zodiac signs are just a bit of fun.

You may not believe that your sign impacts your life, but you probably love to check out the weekly astrology section in your favorite magazine. 

Of course, I think that astrology is fun, too. But, I do believe that there is something in it. The more I learn about zodiac signs, the more it makes sense!

Astrology helps us learn more about who we are and how we interact with the world around us. 

Today, I will look at some fascinating psychological facts about zodiac signs!

We will then look at the different zodiac signs and find out some interesting facts about them.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Zodiac Signs 

I have always been amazed by psychology and astrology, and love to find out more about the link between the two.

Let’s look at some amazing psychological facts about zodiac signs!

#1. Believing in Astrology Can Help Your Sense of Self 

Fun psychological facts about zodiac signs

Learning about your star sign and natal chart can help you discover more about yourself and work towards self-acceptance. 

The twelve-star signs are all linked to general traits and personality types, and learning about these can help us figure out who we are and how we communicate with our loved ones. 

By knowing the traits of our star sign, we can also recognize the more negative parts of our personality. This means we can acknowledge our bad habits and work on changing them. 

#2. Astrology Can Help You Find Comfort In The Universe 

Astrology is becoming super popular recently, which is probably a reaction to our world. 

We can’t deny that things have been pretty scary recently! The worldwide pandemic has touched everyone in one way or another, pushing us to consider the greater meaning of life.

Learning about your zodiac sign and the stars can find comfort in the universe.

We can feel pretty detached from ourselves and our connection with the world, with modern life and work taking over. 

However, astrology can ease this sense of detachment, allowing us to discover more about the things that exist but we don’t see. 

#3. Zodiac Signs Help Us With Interpersonal Relationships 

When we learn about the zodiac signs, we can understand people deeper.

Astrology also tells us that someone’s bad traits aren’t their fault, so we learn to be more compassionate with others. This allows us to deal with conflict better. 

Perhaps your best friend is a Capricorn, and you are a Leo. You love them but sometimes get frustrated when they put their work over meeting up with you. 

Because you know they are a Capricorn and working hard is a part of their personality, you can accept them for who they are. 

Zodiac signs can also help us know how to discuss our issues with those in our life.

When we have fallen out with someone, we can find the best way to communicate with them by considering their zodiac sign. 

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#4. Zodiac Signs Help You With Your Career

Zodiac signs interesting facts

If you are struggling with your career and do not know what work suits you, you can learn about your zodiac to find out what job is right for you. 

Some signs, such as Pisces and Aquarius, are very creative individuals. This means that they tend to thrive in careers that give them a level of creative freedom. 

If you are a Cancer, you tend to be very caring and compassionate, which means that a career in helping other people might be great for you. 

By looking at your zodiac sign and its traits, you can figure out what career is right for you. 

#5. People Who Believe In Astrology Are More Forgiving 

If you are aware of your zodiac sign and the zodiac signs of those in your life, you tend to be much more forgiving of yourself and others. 

Astrology tells us that we all have negative traits, and I actually think that this is really important! Nobody is perfect, and we all can act in ways that upset others. 

However, when we work with astrology and know the zodiac signs, we can forgive ourselves and our loved ones. 

We know that we have certain negative traits that are linked to our zodiac. These traits affect our lives, and we can work towards becoming better people with this knowledge. 

We can identify negative behavior and forgive ourselves, learning what we can do to keep these traits in check!

#6. People Who Believe in Astrology are More Likely to Have a Spiritual Awakening 

When you learn more about your zodiac sign and how the universe affects you, you become much more in tune with your spirituality.

This means that you are more likely to have a spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening is an incredible experience and refers to when you wake up to the truth that there is more in the universe than you physically perceive. 

You may become more in tune with your spirit guides and discover any psychic abilities that you may have. 

A spiritual awakening means that you become more at peace with who you are in the universe. You find solace and understanding in the universe, which is incredibly important to your overall well-being. 

Weird Facts About Zodiac Signs 

Weird facts about zodiac signs

Now, let’s move on to some of the weird facts about zodiac signs. These are all pretty interesting, and some definitely make sense!

#1. Taurus’s Tend To Have a High Income 

Those born with their sun in Taurus are usually really practical and hardworking, but did you know that they tend to have a higher income than other star signs? 

If you have a few Taurus friends, this fact is probably not that surprising to you! According to a 2008 study by Careerbuilder, Taurus is amongst the top four signs that earn $100,000 or more per year. 

Their hard work definitely seems to pay off, right?! 

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#2. Taurus’s Are More Accident Prone 

Even though our Earth sign friends love to work hard, they can also be pretty clumsy.

In a recent study of insurance policy claims, those born with their Sun in Taurus are more likely to claim on their house insurance policy. 

We are guessing it is their inner Taurus bull coming through! 

#3. Most Billionaires are Libras 

Facts about libras

Ever thought about what the star signs of the richest people in the world are? Thankfully, you don’t have to go through each one and analyze their birthdays, a 2019 study did it for you!

According to a study of the Forbes Billionaire List from that year, more billionaires are Libras.

Of the top 250 rich people in the world, 27 were born with their sun in Libra. 

This is probably because Libras are always pretty smart-witted and fair-minded. They have the skills to take them to the top of the rich list!

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#4. Scorpios Rule The World 

Good news for Scorpios and their compatible signs, this star sign rules the world! Kind of…

In a study of world leaders, the most common sign amongst them was Scorpio. 22 leaders from around the world have the fixed water sign. 

Those born with their sun in Scorpio definitely have the traits to be leaders, too!

These individuals tend to be powerful and determined and are not afraid to assert themselves when needed. 

#5. Libras Are The Best Drivers

Ah, the Libras are at it again, making everyone else look bad!

In a very entertaining study conducted by, zodiac signs and driving were examined to determine who makes the best drivers and who doesn’t. 

Libras came out on top in this study, with the fewest car-related fines out of all the zodiac signs. 

Oh, and who was the worst? 


#6. Leos Love The Gym 

So we know that those with the lion sign might not be great drivers. But they are good at the gym!

A study of women in the UK discovered that Leo’s were nearly twice as likely to go to the gym than other star signs. 

If you have a few Leos in your life, this probably won’t surprise you!

This fire sign is known to be energetic, social, and charismatic. 

They love to be the center of attention, so having a great body probably helps them! Oh, and all that energy they have. 

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#7. Capricorn is the Least Common Sign 

Capricorn zodiac sign

There are fewer Capricorns in the world than any other sign, which is probably why they aren’t the ones ruling the world instead of Scorpios!

Those born with this hardworking and loyal star sign might make a big impact on the world (Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and Elvis Presley are all Capricorns), but there aren’t that many of them!

This is probably because more babies are conceived during the winter months instead of the rest of the year. Oh, and this is all because of evolution and the seasons! 

Humans, just like animals, have evolved to reproduce in the months that give them the most success. And that isn’t the cold winter months. 

#8. Capricorns Are The Worst Serial Killers 

Okay, maybe this next fact will make you glad that there are fewer Capricorns in the world!

In a study of 485 serial murderers, killers born with their sun in Capricorn account for more victims than any other sign. 

Even though this star sign was down the list of the total serial killers by zodiac sign, they definitely took the murder to the extreme. 

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#9. Geminis Have Won The Most Nobel Prizes

Many of us may dream about winning a Nobel Prize for something we have achieved, but that dream is more achievable for a certain zodiac sign!

A recent project looked at 900 winners of Nobel Prizes and found that Geminis have won the most prizes. Geminis have won 97 Nobel Prizes throughout the years.

That is over ten percent of the Nobel Prizes ever given out.

One of the most recent Gemini Nobel Prize winners was Bob Dylan, who famously took a long time to acknowledge and accept the award. That sounds about right for a Gemini!

The mutable air sign is known to be clever and click-witted, so it isn’t surprising that they top the list of Nobel Prizes. 

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#10. Capricorns Have Won The Most Nobel Peace Prizes

Although Geminis won the most Nobel Prizes in total, Cappys took the title for the most Nobel Peace Prizes. 

Amongst the Capricorn winners are Martin Luther King, Kailash Satyarthi, and John Hume. 

It looks like we can turn to our Capricorn friends when we want to sort out issues in our own lives!

They are pragmatic and logical individuals, so it makes sense that many of them have helped improve the world. 

#11. A Lot of Child Stars are born in Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Those born with their sun in Sagittarius tend to be adventurous and curious about the world.

Their energetic and charismatic nature makes them the perfect people for fame and fortune, so this next fact is definitely understandable!

After analyzing the zodiac signs of celebrities, researchers found that many celebrities who found fame in their childhood were likelier to be Sagittarius. 

In fact, out of the 100 celebrities researched, nearly one in five child stars were born with their sun in Sagittarius. 

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What Is Your Favorite Psychological Fact About Zodiac Signs?

I hope you have enjoyed this article on fun, weird, and psychological facts about zodiac signs!

It is super interesting to learn about all the different ways astrology can help you, and the fun facts are fascinating!

Which is your favorite fact on the list?

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