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The KEY To Recognizing Soulmate Energy: 30 Signs To Look For

The KEY To Recognizing Soulmate Energy: 30 Signs To Look For

Soulmate energy is a powerful, intense, and incredible energy – and if you have met your Soulmate, I’m sure you can agree. 

However, if you are someone who is yet waiting on that magical encounter with your Soulmate, you may want to read the following article on how you recognize Soulmate energy. 

You may have been reading a lot about meeting your Soulmate, wondering how that feels or how you can recognize your Soulmate. 

As everything in the Universe is energy, I believe that the easiest way to recognize your Soulmate is to try to feel at an energy level if this person is your Soulmate.

If you are reading this article now, I will assume that you are a person who is spiritually awakened, at least to a certain degree. 

This means that you can sense energy, and this also means that you can meet your Soulmate anytime.

Thus, the easiest way to recognize a soulmate energy exchange is to tune in to the energy that comes from the person and see if the vibe formed between you two is a soulmate energy connection. 

To help you recognize a soulmate energy exchange, I will first explain what Soulmate energy is. 

What is Soulmate Energy

Soulmate energy

When two people are mentally, physically, or emotionally connected to each other, an energetic bond is formed between them.

This energetic bond is the spiritual representation of their relationship, and is strengthened every time they think about each other, have emotions for each other, speak about each other or have any sort of physical contact or interaction. 

The quality of the thoughts, emotions, words, and actions they emit toward each other makes the relationship positive or negative.

Also, everything they say, do, think or feel remains in the energetic field of their relationship and follows them back in the next lives as their relationship karma. 

The negative actions, words, emotions, and thoughts become karma, and the positive ones become dharma.

This being said, this energetic bond is very powerful and strong between Soulmates. They usually have a lot of karma and dharma from past lives.

The energy connection between Soulmates is so strong that if you are a bit energetically sensitive, you can instantly recognize the Soulmate energy. 

This being said, the Soulmate energy is the energetic relationship or connection formed between two Soulmates, which also holds karma or dharma from past lives or before incarnations. 

Usually, Soulmate energy is strong, intense, loving and kind, supportive, and fascinating at the same time. 

It is that type of energy that draws you, and yet you cannot explain why it pulls you like a magnet. 

Soulmate energy is usually magnetic because our Soulmate comes from the same Soul family. 

They make us feel safe and at home while feeling mesmerized by them at the same time. 

This being said, let’s have a look at the signs that you are in a Soulmate Energy Exchange: 

30 Signs That Help You Recognize Soulmate Energy

Couple recognizing soulmate energy

#1. Familiarity and feeling at home

The first sign of recognizing Soulmate energy is if you feel a sense of familiarity around them. 

Their energy feels familiar despite the fact that you just met them, and the feeling you get around them is the feeling of being “at home.”

This happens because their energy is a part of your home- as you are pieces of the same soul, and meeting them again is basically reuniting with someone who shares your “home energy” (the energy of the spiritual realm you come from). 

#2. A Deja-vu feeling

Another sign of a Soulmate energy exchange is when you just met the person, yet you have a strong sense of deja-vu – like you’ve seen them before. 

The Deja-vu feeling is a strong sensation that you’ve met this person before or the events happening now have happened before – but in reality, they never have. 

You just remember their energy from past lives – or similar interactions you’ve had in those past lives.

#3. A feeling of trust 

A Soulmate connection comes with a deep feeling of trust right from the very beginning. 

If this person is your Soulmate, you will intuitively know that you can trust them as soon as you’ve seen them.

#4. A feeling of safety 

Couple embracing

A strong indicator of Soulmate energy is when you feel really safe in the person’s energy. 

You know they would never hurt you (at least not on purpose), and you feel safe to show your true authentic self without fear of being judged.

#5. They are magnetic 

It’s probably relevant to add that they are magnetic to you – not to everyone else. 

When you encounter soulmate energy for the first time, you will have the feeling of being pulled by a magnet. 

Everything about them will fascinate you – how they look, move, dress, they do – you will feel mesmerized!

#6. You feel understood

Another important thing about a Soulmate energy exchange is that in this energy exchange you feel deeply understood. 

Your Soulmate will never make you feel judged and will never put you down, so this will give you a lot of freedom to be yourself and feel safe.

#7. Your energies are very similar 

A strong indicator of Soulmate energy, is when the energy you’re feeling is very similar to your energy – like looking in a mirror. 

You will have this feeling that this person is “like you”, or that it is “your tribe”, and you feel safe and comfortable around them.

#8. Similar life experiences 

Couple sharing similar life experiences

In the same area of similarity, one important thing to acknowledge about your Soulmate is that your life experiences will be very similar. 

If this person is your Soulmate, when they start telling you about their life story, you will be amazed to see how many things are just similar or identical. 

#9. Mutual interests

Similar energy will also manifest as similar tastes and interests. Because you are Soulmates, you have a similar or identical life purpose. 

This means that you will be drawn and interested by the same things, so finding topics to talk about will never be a problem. 

#10. A feeling of acceptance 

Around your Soulmate, you feel a deep acceptance and inner peace.

You will also find it very easy to accept them as they are – with downsides and flaws like any other human being, but you will also feel that you are receiving the same acceptance in return.

#11. A deeper knowing that “it’s meant to be”

When you’re in a Soulmate energy exchange with a person, you will always have the hidden, inner knowing that the relationship is meant to be, whether is a friendship or a romantic relationship.

You will be free to express yourself and show your true authentic self, as well as feel safe to make mistakes – because you just know this is meant to be and they are not leaving at the first thing they don’t like.

#12. Mutual telepathy 

It’s a well-known thing that Soulmates experience a deep, powerful telepathic connection.

With a Soulmate, you will always know how they think and feel, and then you will be able to notice that they know how you think and feel as well. 

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#13. Synchronized needs and desires 

Synchronized soulmate energy

When you meet your Soulmate, almost anything about you two will be similar or synchronized. 

There will be none of those difficult moments when your needs and wants will be completely opposite – because with your Soulmate everything aligns easily – unless we’re talking about a karmic Soulmate relationship.

#14. A calming and safe energy 

One clear sign of Soulmate energy is the energy bond between you and the person is not only strong but also feels calming and safe.

If this person truly is your Soulmate, you feel a safe space around them to open up and talk about anything. 

When you’re angry or scared, just talking to them can help you feel better and safer.

#15. Aligned goals 

Another major indication that someone is your Soulmate is when your goals and lifepath seem to be somehow aligned. 

There will be no conflicts or problems caused by the fact that you want different things, because actually what you want is quite similar and you will find it very easy to build a relationship sharing the same goals.

#16. Similar life-values 

Talking about similarities between you and your Soulmate, it is important to mention that you will also have similar or identical life values. 

Whether your main life values are spiritual evolution, family and stability, loyalty, religion, freedom, or money, your Soulmate will be guided by the same main values. 

Again, this is something that makes it very easy to build a relationship or a friendship with your Soulmate.

#17. Powerful sexual energy

A sign of Soulmate energy connection is when there is also a very strong sexual energy and connection between you two. 

Of course, this is not the case if we’re talking about Soulmate relationships based on friendships, but if we’re talking about a romantic Soulmate, the sexual connection will definitely be there.

You will be able to feel this connection even before actually having sex, as a strong attraction that pulls you towards them. 

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#18. You feel addicted to them 

Another sign that the energy you’re feeling is Soulmate energy is if this energy is addictive. 

Your Soulmates’ energy is always going to be addictive, as I am showing in the article “17 Interesting Psychological Facts About Soulmates”. 

This is because their energy is your energy as well, and their presence is soothing and calming, so it’s only natural that you crave more.

#19. Deep recognition 

Soulmates holding hands

Some people instantly recognize their Soulmate and just know that they are the one. They don’t need other people, books, articles, or mediums to tell them this. 

They may need confirmation, however, they will instantly know who their soulmate is.

#20. The feeling that you’ve never felt like this for anyone else 

Another important sign that you’re in a Soulmate energy connection is when you’ve never felt this strongly for anyone else. 

One thing with Soulmates is that they make you feel what you’ve never felt before for anyone. 

Thus, if you’ve discovered new ways to love and new depths of caring for someone, you’re in a Soulmate relationship.

#21. Seeing angel numbers 

Angel numbers are sent to us as Divine Messages about what we need to know and what’s coming next in our life. 

They are sent to us with a higher purpose – the purpose of helping us on our spiritual journey. 

Thus, if you’re seeing angel numbers for love, do a bit of research about their meaning, as you could be seeing angel numbers that confirm you’ve met your Soulmate.

#22. Life synchronicities 

A sure sign that you’re in a Soulmate energy exchange is when a lot of life synchronicities or unusual events take place for you two to be able to meet or to be together. 

It could be that one of you loses a train, or you end up in an unusual place at an unusual time and you meet them. 

Whatever it is, your meeting will seem “directed” by the Universe – or destined!

#23. Signs that point towards love and soulmates

The Universe has a lot of creative ways of sending us spiritual signs and messages about what is coming into our lives – angel numbers are just one of them. 

You could also receive messages through a repeating song, through feathers, through finding heart-shaped stones, and a lot of indications that love is all around. 

When that happens, the Universe is just trying to tell you to prepare because something great is coming your way!

#24. A feeling of fulfillment 

When you’re surrounded by Soulmate energy, a natural feeling of fulfillment will follow. 

You will just feel content and happy and have that inner knowing that you are on the right path. 

This happens because, as mentioned above your Soulmate’s energy is soothing for you, but also because just meeting your Soulmate means that you are being guided in the right direction for you. 

Your Higher Self will feel that intuitively, hence the deep feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

#25. A feeling of inner peace 

Alongside the feeling of deep fulfillment, when you meet your Soulmate, you will also have an unexplainable feeling of deep inner peace. 

This will be almost like reaching the state of Nirvana like nothing can take away your peace and you’re not afraid of anyone and anything. 

This happens mainly because again, your Higher Self will sense that you are on the right path for you, and that will bring you an intense feeling of peace.

#26. Personal Growth and spiritual healing

Woman and personal growth and spiritual healing

When you’re in a Soulmate energy exchange, you will feel a calling to do more spiritual healing and personal growth. 

Or, your Soulmate will put you in situations that will inevitably lead to that. 

This happens because the Higher Purpose of you and your Soulmate meeting is to help each other advance in your spiritual journey – and for that, a lot of growth and healing is required. 

Also, is worth noting that the mere presence of your Soulmate will sometimes be enough to trigger spiritual healing and to feel as if you are being healed. 

#27. A feeling of Alignment with your Higher Purpose

When you have met your Soulmate and you spend a lot of time getting to know them, it is normal to experience a feeling of being in alignment with your Higher Purpose, as well as being Divinely Guided. 

Meeting your Soulmate is part of what you need to achieve in this lifetime, thus, if you’ve met them, you moved closer to your Divine Purpose. 

When you are around Soulmate energy, a feeling of being aligned and on the right path is inevitable.

#28. Feeling that you are becoming your best version

When you are in Soulmate energy, besides the feeling of Alignment and being on the right path, you will also feel how you are becoming your best version. 

Around your Soulmate you can feel like the most healed and empowered version, thus, you will like you becoming your best and wisest version.

#29. Feeling connected to the Divine Source 

When you are in a Soulmate energy exchange, it feels so good and empowering that you will constantly feel guided by the Divine Source and connected to it. 

To be fully honest, you probably are both connected and guided because without that connection and guidance it would have been very hard to meet your Soulmate. 

Also, the presence of your Soulmate strengthens that connection and brings you closer to the Source and to becoming your Higher Self.

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#30. A feeling of easiness and abundance

As a result of being connected to the Divine Source and being deeply guided by it, you will feel like you are “in the flow” of life. 

This means that you will navigate in the right direction with ease and live in complete abundance. 

Abundance is also a direct consequence of being truly connected to the Divine Source, thus, you will get to experience it fully.

Did you enjoy this article about how to recognize Soulmate energy? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below! 

Also, if you have met your Soulmate and you are familiar with what Soulmate energy feels like, feel free to share your experience with us!