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If You Miss Someone Can They Feel It? (15 Telling Signs)

If You Miss Someone Can They Feel It? (15 Telling Signs)

Have you ever wondered if you miss someone can they feel it?

Missing someone is so emotional, it makes sense that the energy that you are feeling can impact the world around you, especially the person that you are missing. 

Missing someone can be a really overwhelming experience, and you may not really know what to do in order to feel better about yourself.

You will typically think about the person you are missing loads, and wonder where they are right now. 

How are they spending their days? Are they happy, or sad? And, most pertinently, can they feel you missing them?

Because of the intensity of missing someone, the person you miss might be feeling your emotions.

There are some incredible spiritual signs that the person you are missing is feeling it, and I want to go through some of these signs with you today. 

Emotions and feelings are energy that influences the world around us.

Our vibrations are linked to the universe, and vice versa.

This means that the things we think and feel have actual implications for the outer world. 

When you know someone, your energies are linked.

This means that when you part with them, there still is some spiritual connection.

This means that when you miss someone, they can feel it. 

If You Miss Someone Can They feel It? – 15 Telling Signs

Woman wondering if you miss someone can they feel it

So, what are some signs that the person you are missing can feel it?

They Appear In Your Dreams 

Dreams are amazing spiritual tools that allow us to visit higher levels of consciousness and explore new and exciting ideas.

They are often called a window into our soul, allowing us to find out things about ourselves and who we really are as spiritual beings. 

When we are asleep, our souls are much more lively.

Nobody really knows why this is, but it may be because our inhibitions are gone, and we are more open to new experiences. 

If the person you are missing is appearing in your dreams, this suggests that your soul and their soul are linked.

This means that they can feel you missing them, and are subconsciously sending you energy in the dream world. 

You Experience Synchronicities 

Synchronicity is defined as a ‘meaningful coincidence,’ and they will often occur when you miss someone, and they are feeling it. 

Perhaps you are thinking of the person you are missing, and then suddenly a song comes on the radio that is sung by their favorite band.

This may feel super weird, but this is because of the psychic link between you and this person. 

When you are missing someone, you may want to shrug off these synchronicities, saying that ‘everything just reminds me of them because I miss them’.

However, your soul knows that these coincidences are meaningful, and therefore you need to accept that they are in the universe for a reason. 

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You Feel Restless

When wondering if you miss someone can they feel It, it's important to know when two souls are connected, there is a lot of energy in the universe between them.

This means that you may feel pretty restless when there is distance between you and them. 

If you are feeling particularly restless and bothered, it is because the person you are missing shares the same energy.

They can also not concentrate, being distracted from tasks by an unidentifiable feeling. 

You Hear Their Voice 

If you miss someone, and they can feel it, it means that there is an amazing connection between the two of you.

This means that sometimes, you will hear their voice or vice versa. 

It may not be a loud distinct voice that seems like it is coming from somewhere outside.

In fact, it often will be a small, delicate voice that seems to be coming from somewhere in your own mind or soul. 

Listen to the voice and take comfort in the fact this person, no matter where in the world they are, is still in some way still there with you. 

Your Mood Changes Suddenly 

Of course, we all have mood swings from time to time!

That is just a part of life, and we can go through so many different emotions all in one day. 

However, if you feel like your mood is changing suddenly because of some weird outside force, this may be because the person you are missing is feeling it.

Because they are feeling your emotions, you can also feel theirs. 

This kind of mood change will typically take you pretty off guard and seemingly comes out of the blue.

However, this is simply your soul being connected with them and therefore getting emotions and feelings from the person you are missing. 

If they are feeling angry, you may suddenly get a wave of anger.

Similarly, if you randomly get an urge to smile and laugh, this may be because the person you are missing is feeling pretty happy right now!

Randomly Saying Their Name 

Are you in conversation with a checkout person talking about groceries and suddenly the name of the person you are missing just comes out of your mouth?

Have you called a friend or acquaintance by that person's name?

If you keep randomly saying the name of the person you are missing, they are probably feeling it and sending you emotions your way! 

Remember, your souls are connected and therefore can communicate with one another.

The name of the person you miss brings forth so many emotions, and therefore will crop up when there is a whole load of energy running between you both. 

You Get Weird Physical Sensations for No Reason at All

Goosebumps and changes to your temperature for no reason are sure signs that the person you are missing is feeling it. 

You may be sitting watching TV or working at your desk when suddenly the hairs on your arms stand up, and you feel a strong, cold breeze. 

This is because emotional energy is linked with physical energy, and they can affect one another.

Your body is reacting to the strong spiritual connection you and this person have, which allows energy to flow between you. 

Feeling a Hand on Your Shoulder or Arm 

Feeling a hand on a shoulder

Okay, feeling a hand on you when nobody is there can be pretty spooky!

However, this may be because you are missing someone and they are feeling it, and your soul is remembering the times that you have been together. 

Perhaps the person you are missing used to always gently rub your shoulders.

Your body feels their energy and their love in this way. 

Because the person is no longer there to rub your shoulders, their soul will allow your body to feel this connection once again by sending a physical sign that they are thinking of you

Touch is such an important part of relationships, both romantic and platonic.

We show love and affection this way, and therefore use it to connect energies together.

Even if the person isn’t there, the physical connection still lingers, and this can manifest in randomly feeling a hand on your shoulder or arm when you are alone. 

You Feel Aligned to Them

Perhaps you have been listening to a song, only to log onto your social media to see that the person you are missing has posted a link to the same track.

Or, maybe they will upload pictures of their day out to the beach when you have just got back from your own beach day!

This can feel pretty bizarre, especially if you don’t talk to this person at all. 

So, why did you both listen to that track on the same day? And why did you both decide to go to the beach?!

You did so because your soul and theirs are aligned.

You do not actively think, ‘oh I am going to listen to that song because they like this song and I miss them’. Instead, you have an inexplicable urge to put that track on! 

Your souls are connected and therefore are kind of in cahoots with each other!

You know that they are missing you, because their soul is still connected with yours. 

You Find a White Feather

White feathers are super spritiual, and this is because they are a carrier of messages from both your guardian angels and your loved ones.

They normally signify somebody thinking about you. 

If you find a white feather in an odd environment, such as in a train station or hotel, it is there for a reason. 

Were you thinking about the person you are missing just before you find the white feather?

This is an amazing sign that this person is feeling you miss them, and that you are also on their mind. 

You Feel Full of Energy

If you miss someone, they can feel it and therefore send energy back towards you.

This energy will typically be positive and playful, spurring you on to do all the tasks that you are needing to do. 

Getting random sudden bursts of energy shows that the person you miss is also thinking of you.

Your souls are connected and sharing energy between them.

See this burst of energy as recognition from that person's soul that you still matter, and are still in their thoughts. 

They Keep Randomly Popping Into Your Head

Someone feeling when someone is missing them

Perhaps you are out with friends, or busy with work, not thinking about the person that you are missing.

Then, suddenly, you see their face in your head. Their name enters your head, and fond memories of them flood back to you. 

Randomly thinking about them can feel weird!

It may feel as if an outside force has placed their name and face into your head, triggering you to think about them.

It seems like you are being sent these thoughts from the universe!

This is because of your spiritual connection with this person. You may not have thought about them for a few days.

However, when they think of you, you will receive a message from them in your soul.

This triggers that person's name and vision to come into your mind. 

Waking Up in the Night 

Remember how I said that being asleep means that our souls are much more lively?

There is something really spiritual about sleep and the night, and there are loads of different reasons why we might wake up in the night.

Nobody really knows why sleep and the night are super spiritual, but many people believe that at night, the veil between this world and other higher planes of existence is at its thinnest.

Our souls can connect with the universe and other souls.  

We also have fewer inhibitions when we are asleep, allowing our minds to open up to higher vibrational frequencies. 

Because of this connection with other souls and spirits, we might find ourselves waking up in the night thinking about the person we are missing. 

This is because they can feel us missing them, and are sending us a message back. 

You Are Connected Through a Stranger 

Everything in the world is interconnected, and energies can flow through people.

If you are missing someone and they can feel it, you may find yourself having strangers in common. 

Okay, strangers in common sounds a bit weird, but hear me out!

Perhaps you are at a bar chatting to a random person.

They are telling you about their lives and hobbies, and suddenly mention knowing the person you are missing. 

You are talking to this stranger for a reason, and that is because they are connecting you and the person you are missing. 

You Talk to a Psychic Who Confirms It

If you are unsure if the person you are missing can feel it, you might want to talk to a psychic in order to get clarity on the connection between you and this person. 

A real psychic is connected with higher levels of energy and vibrations.

They can feel things that other people cannot. Therefore, they can normally know if the person you are missing is feeling you miss them. 

I must say, though, that it is really important to go to a reputable psychic!

Make sure they are respected within the community before you book a reading with them, and read all the reviews of them you can. 

A trusted company that's been around for a long time is Psychic Source.

They have love psychics that can help guide you toward the truth. They are accurate and compassionate, so you can trust their advice.

What To Do If You Miss Someone?

Woman wanting to know what to do about missing someone

Missing someone is a really heavy feeling. We will often feel as if a part of us is missing, not just that person. 

So, what should we do if we miss someone? 

Firstly, it is super important to acknowledge how we are feeling.

We may be tempted to just pretend that everything is okay, and we are not missing this person.

However, this will ultimately cause more pain. 

Acknowledge your emotions, and try to express them in a productive way.

If you can, talk to your friends and family about how you are feeling. 

If you are able, you should tell the person you are missing that you are missing them.

This shouldn’t be a big conversation, but a simple ‘I miss you and hope you are okay’.

This may make you feel better about your connection with this person. 

Sometimes, we cannot tell the person we are missing that we are missing them.

If this is the case, it is time to make new connections in the world and distract yourself with your hobbies and interests.

Throw yourself into the things that you love, and make new goals for yourself. 

So, If You Miss Someone, Can They Feel It?

The simple answer is: yes. If you miss someone, they can feel it.

I hope this article has helped you understand the signs, and has given you a certain level of clarity on your situation. 

It is super tough missing someone, but just remember: you are amazing, loved, and have so much to give to the world around you!

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