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The Power Of Black Onyx: 7 Properties, Uses & Meaning

The Power Of Black Onyx: 7 Properties, Uses & Meaning

The black Onyx, which is both beautiful and mysterious, is always hot and happening in the fashion world.

That so, you might be surprised to learn that the beauty of this gem isn't the only thing that draws you in!

In this article, we will learn about the Black Onyx meaning, seven Black Onyx healing properties, how you can cleanse and charge Black Onyx, and we will answer some of your frequently asked questions about this stone.  

Black Onyx has been said to absorb lousy energy since ancient times.

The darker the stone becomes as it absorbs more negativity.

Cleopatra is reported to have worn Black Onyx because of its protective properties.

The crystal would vibrate when it detected negative energy, warning the queen of impending danger.

Black Onyx can be used for psychometry and can help you keep your own counsel by storing memories of what happened to you.

Black Onyx Meaning & Origins

Black Onyx is found in Uruguay and its neighboring countries, including Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, Peru, and the United States.

Until cheap imitations appeared on the market, Baja California and northwest Mexico were significant suppliers of Black Onyx.

Cupid/Amor, the god of love, is said to have sliced his mother Venus' fingernails with one of his arrows in one of the most well-known Greek legendary legends.

Her nails metamorphosed into Onyx as they dropped from Mount Olympus into the sacred Indus river, as they were thought to be divine.

The meaning of Black Onyx refers to the nail of a claw or finger in ancient Greek.

For ages, Onyx has been prized and traded as a precious stone throughout Asia, North and South America, and the rest of the world.

As a valuable trading commodity, Black Onyx has altered the fates of countless people, from miners to merchants, and has inspired a plethora of mystic legends throughout civilizations.

Black Onyx is regarded as particularly protective and grounding for its holder, especially in Feng Shui, and the Chinese believed in its potency.

This valuable stone is associated with the energy of strong support, stamina, and tenacity, all of which can aid in one's perseverance.

What Are The Black Onyx Healing Properties & Benefits?

Black onyx healing properties

Grounding, protection, and self-control are all benefits of black onyx stones, which can also be utilized as a shield against negative energy.

It also improves discipline by making it easier to stick to goals and complete activities.

Below are seven Black Onyx healing properties and benefits that can help you in your daily life. 


The first Black Onyx healing property that we will talk about is the stone's ability to protect you. 

Black Onyx is a powerful and protective stone that will aid you in dealing with your opponents in any type of confrontation.

It will defend you by deflecting any threat or negative energy directed toward you.

It will also show you how to control your own fate.

Black Onyx will clarify your sense of self to the point where you'll recognize other people's criticisms and mean-spirited behavior for what they are: people acting out based on viewpoints that don't always match your own.

Helps Guide You To Happiness 

Black Onyx will guide you in achieving all of your objectives and completing your duties.

It will provide you happiness and fulfillment while also relieving you of the anguish of your emotional traumas.

It will magnify the magnitude of your abilities.

It will also provide you with the wisdom you require to make the most acceptable judgments possible.

Your soul will be soothed as well as your spirits lifted when you are in the presence of this amazing stone.

Attracts Good Fortune

Another Black Onyx benefit is that the stone can help attract fortune into your life. 

This stone is thought to attract the energy of luck, plenty, and prosperity to those who wear it.

It will help you stay on track financially and give you the clarity you need to make sound decisions.

In high-pressure business situations, having that level of clarity is critical.

It aids ambitious people in avoiding being exploited by less conscientious traders and sellers.

Onyx can also assist you in seeing the broad picture and trusting the process when you need to save money.

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Black Onyx healing properties can help someone who is anxious and needs something to help ground them when things get a bit out of control. 

The grounding influence helps to keep emotions in check.

It calms the mind and body and restores balance, even in the midst of extreme stress.

It forces the mind to be more sensible and in control of its emotions at all times, demonstrating that fears and anxieties have no power over the mind.

Its goal is for the body and mind to be in command, confident, and at ease when making decisions in order to live a more secure existence.

Enhances Sensuality 

Black Onyx is a lovely and relaxing gemstone that carries love, affection, and friendship energies. It's also thought to boost your sexiness!

It will help you create balance in your love life.

Helping ensure that everyone in the relationship is open and honest about what they need and want from their partners.

It will encourage healthy relationships while keeping temptations, disruptions, and conflicts at bay.

The energies will protect your partnership and deepen your dedication to each other when a threat looms on the horizon.

Black Onyx will bring order and structure to your life, ensuring that you never feel lost or confused.

It will assist you in remaining organized.

It will also provide you with a clear picture of things in your relationship.

Benefits Your Intuition 

Black Onyx strengthens telepathic links with your higher self and aids in accessing the Akashic Records.

Use it to awaken your intuitive ears so you can receive messages from the celestial realm.

It has the ability to improve spiritual vision and dream experiences.

It stimulates psychic perceptions and is frequently used for spiritual inspiration.

Black Onyx teaches you how to use power wisely and channel your energy into a constructive force.

It's ideal for people who want to improve their telekinetic talents.

Master Your Sense Of Self

Mastering your sense of self is a healing property that we can all use from time to time. 

This stone anchors wandering spirits who might benefit from maintaining one foot on the ground.

Onyx assists you in mastering your sense of self so that you can make intelligent decisions, be clear in your authenticity, and strike the right mix of task orientation and creative thinking. 

How To Use Black Onyx For Best Results?

Using Black Onyx

There are a few ways that you can incorporate this stone into your daily life.

Now that we know the Black Onyx healing properties let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Black Onyx for the best results. 

Feng Shui 

Black Onyx is frequently utilized in Feng Shui as a tool to achieve life harmony.

It's thought to have a grounding effect and can be utilized when you're feeling pushed in a million different directions.

It is also supposed to aid concentration and focus, making it an excellent stone for those who need to stay focused while at work.


You can wear Black Onyx as jewelry to serve as a defense and protection amulet.

This will also help to keep your senses and instincts alert.

Keeping a piece close to you is the best approach to attract its healing effects close to you.

In this manner, you're allowing them to reinforce your sense of self and convictions on a regular basis.

Office And Workplace

A piece of this stone can be placed in your office or workplace to protect you from unfair judgment and negative thoughts.

Furthermore, it will help you keep a level head during stressful times at work.

The fortune properties of Black Onyx will also benefit you in the workplace.  

In The Bedroom

Keep a piece next to your bed to protect yourself from nightmares and other anxieties of the dark.

When placed near your bed, the soothing energies of this stone will provide you with a deep and comfortable slumber all night.

When you need to rebuild your strength after a bout with illness, or when you need to keep your energy levels up while working on a difficult or long-term job, call on the powers of Black Onyx.

How You Cleanse And Charge Black Onyx?

Black Onyx is a very powerful stone that needs to be charged and cleansed regularly.

Below are the simplest ways to cleanse and charge Black Onyx. 

To learn more check out these articles on cleansing and charging crystals, these detailed articles will provide you with a deeper understanding of the different methods to ensure you get the best out of your stones. 

Cleansing Black Onyx

Cleansing Black Onyx

Like most crystals, this stone should be cleansed and charged on a regular basis.

Because Black Onyx is a defensive stone that is always on the lookout for ill vibes and negative energy, it is vital to keep it cleansed if you feel it is bearing dead weight.

This will ensure that your stone does not stutter when you require it.

Smudging with a sage stick is one of the simplest and safest ways to cleanse it.

Pass the stone through the smoke for many seconds after lighting your sage. 

Charging Black Onyx

You can also top up your Black Onyx by placing it in the sun for 6-12 hours to cleanse and charge it.

If you don't want your stone to be exposed to the sun, place it in the moonlight or even put it out in the rain for a day. 

Black Onyx Chakra

Black Onyx has the ability to open the Chakras and allow more positive energy to flow through them.

You will feel lighter, more vibrant, and energetic when there is a healthy flow of energy.

If you're not familiar with the Chakras, think of them as a grid of spiritual energy wheels within you that keep various aspects of your personality going.

The Root Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, is related to Black Onyx.

The Root Chakra is all about feeling grounded and connected to the earth, and Black Onyx is said to be a stone that can help promote these feelings.

If your Root Chakra is out of balance, you may feel like you’re not rooted in reality or that you’re not connected to your surroundings.

Black Onyx is also linked to the Third Eye Chakra, which is situated in the center of the forehead.

Black Onyx is thought to be a stone that can help you access intuition and insight, which are traits associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

If your Third Eye Chakra is out of balance, you may have problems trusting your intuition or feel like you do not see the complete picture.

Black Onyx vs. Obsidian

Obsidian is an amorphous stone, which means it has no regular geometric pattern in its structure.

It has been used to make arrowheads and other implements since Paleolithic times because it breaks with a highly acute conchoidal fracture.

Aside from the weight difference, you can tell the difference between Black Onyx and Black Obsidian by the fact that the Onyx has a somewhat duller finish.

It's a crystal, not glass, at the end of the day.

However, a decent polish may frequently give a Black Onyx an astonishingly glassy appearance, so don't rely on that alone.

Black Obsidian harmonizes and can be used for a variety of scrying purposes, including spirit communication.

The vibe of Black Obsidian is one of protection.

Its frequency closes the aura and frees it of energetic ties.

Stones like Black Onyx symbolize inner strength.

As a result, one becomes more resilient and can handle even the most difficult and tedious activities.

It improves one's ability to concentrate on a cerebral level, absorbing complex new material and putting what one already knows to good use.

What Does Black Onyx Symbolize?

While Black Onyx was regarded as a stumbling block in some societies and was thought to cause nightmares and was fatal for pregnant women because it caused abortion, it was attributed to charitable properties in India and Persia.

It was believed to protect women from spells, with midwives even placing it on women's chests to make childbirth as quick and painless as possible.

Roman warriors wore ironic talismans with the image of Mars, the god of combat, in antiquity.

They believed that the stone would provide them with combat courage.

Sardonyx was thought to increase eloquence in Renaissance Europe, and onyx was frequently worn as a symbol of ‘Corrotto’ in Victorian England (a broken heart).

Slaves and menial attendants mined Onyx in China, according to an 1875 document.

For dread of bad dreams, tragedy, and energy loss, no one would willingly touch or own this jewel.

Despite the fact that Onyx could not be sold in China, traders brought it west and sold it to the naive.

Black Onyx FAQs

Let’s now look at a few frequently asked questions about Black Onyx. 

Is Black Onyx Expensive?

Is black Onyx a valuable stone? Absolutely!

This jewel is one of the most valuable colored kinds of Onyx currently accessible in the market, as it is a unique semi-precious stone.

The price or value is determined by the gemstone's size, shape, cut, and clarity.

Prices also differ based on whether the product is natural or synthetic (synthetic)

The natural version costs are often lower than synthetic prices because the natural version cannot be mass-produced in the same way that synthetics can.

The natural version costs around $40 per carat, while the manufactured version costs around $6.

A low-quality little Black Onyx could cost $5 per carat, while a high-quality huge piece could cost $40 per carat or more.

Who Should Wear Black Onyx?

As talked about in this article, the stone has remarkable healing properties that would benefit a lot of people.

If you feel like you need extra protection from the negativity in your environment or need some motivation in your life, this is the stone for you. 

It is also ideal for someone who wants to connect to the higher realm and needs guidance in life. 

How To Tell If My Black Onyx Is Real?

real and fake black onyx

Pay attention to the stone's overall appearance to determine if it is genuine.

When polished, an authentic piece will have a waxy luster and opaque transparency and may appear glossy, whereas a fraudulent gemstone may appear shining like glass.

Thermometer test. Quartz has a melting point of above 1000 degrees.

If you suspect your Black Onyx is plastic, an easy test is to place it near a heat source (such as a candle or lighter) and observe what occurs.

It is not genuine if the form of the stone has changed in any manner.

If you buy Black Onyx, the vendor may try to replace it with plastic, resin, or another black mineral stone, such as Obsidian.

These aren't going to be as challenging as Black Onyx. 

On the Moh's scale of hardness, Quartz and Onyx are usually in the 6-7 range.

As a result, materials with a lower hardness than Black Onyx should not scratch or damage the stone's surface.

More rigid materials, on the other hand, will scratch it.

Where Can I Buy Black Onyx?

Natural Black Onyx can be bought from reputable crystal shops, jewelry stores, and online. 

It is advised that you buy your crystals in person so that you can see if you can connect to the stone.

When you have a strong connection to your stone, the stone will provide you with the best benefits and improve your life.  

Final Thoughts On Black Onyx. 

In this article, we have covered Black Onyx's meaning, seven healing properties, how you can use Black Onyx, and answered some questions people ask about this uniquely rare gemstone. 

This amazing stone provides strength and stamina, as well as assisting you in adjusting to new situations without being overwhelmed.

This diamond is ideal as a talisman or amulet since it stops potential enemies in their tracks and clears the way for you to walk freely through the world.

It will boost your self-esteem and teach you how to assert yourself regarding things you need, want, desire, and deserve!

You can rekindle your relationship's passion and romance with the help of this stone. 

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