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Grey Aura: 5 Different Shades of Grey Aura & Their Meanings

Grey Aura: 5 Different Shades of Grey Aura & Their Meanings

As the spiritual community is becoming more and more preoccupied with the meaning of different aura colors, I see a lot of people wondering what is the meaning of a grey aura and how this shapes their personality. 

First, I want to start by saying that a grey aura is actually a mix of black and white shades in your aura. 

As I’ve explained in previous articles, the meaning of a white aura is that you have reached a high spiritual level and are spiritually elevated.

A white aura shows that you are surrounded by positive energies.

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In contrast, the meaning of a black aura is that the person is currently surrounded by dark, black energy and overall not doing too well.

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Thus, as the grey aura is a mix between light, positive energy and its opposite – dark, heavy energy, it could a bit hard for people to understand what is the true grey aura meaning. 

If you suspect that you may have a grey aura, continue to read, as I will explain all the meanings of having a grey aura and how this shapes your personality. 

What is the Meaning of the Grey Aura?

Understanding the grey aura meaning

The meaning of the grey aura is that the person who has this aura color, is at crossroads, from a spiritual point of view. 

This means that they’re either transitioning from a white aura to a black one, changing their energy from light to dark, or vice versa. 

Of course, when someone changes their energy from dark to light, it’s a very good thing – it shows that they could be emerging from a darker time in their life, have paid some heavy karma, learned some difficult lessons, and are now cleansing energetically. 

However, if the transition happens in the reversed direction – the person is transitioning from a white aura to a black one, things are not so great. 

It could mean that even though they had a high spiritual level they did let something get to them and affect them, which is why their auric field is filling up with negative energy. 

If someone’s aura is currently grey because their energy is changing towards the darker spectrum, it could also mean that this person- who previously had a very high spiritual level, has failed an important spiritual test, so know their auric field is filled with dark entities.

Overall, having a grey aura could mean that you are transitioning (from light to dark or from dark to light), or that you are stuck in some area of your life, not evolving as you should, as grey also represents stagnation and staleness. 

If your aura color is currently grey and you identify with the transition from darkness to light, you shouldn’t worry, as it’s only up to you to change your energy for the better. 

Distinctive Qualities of the Grey Aura Color

Qualities of the Grey Aura Color

If I was, to sum up, what qualities does a grey aura have or explain in a nutshell what it actually represents, I would say it is best described by the following words:

  • Transition (from dark to light or vice versa)
  • Change (that makes you feel confused, almost paralyzed)
  • Feeling stuck 
  • Lack of spiritual evolution
  • Calmness and tranquility (in case of the positive transition)

Thus, you can see that the grey aura had both positive and negative aspects and qualities, as grey is in fact, a mix of black and white. 

To know whether your aura is changing towards the lighter spectrum of the grey aura or towards the darker one, you can check what shade of grey your aura is. 

Some shades represent positive change, the transition from darkness to light, calmness, and tranquility, whereas other shades represent the transition from light to darkness, negative change, and lack of spiritual evolution. 

Also, if you’re in doubt about whether you’re transitioning from light to darkness or vice versa, you can always have an honest look at how you’ve been feeling lately, and check in with your intuition. 

Your intuition usually knows if you are on the right path or not, and how you feel is also a good indicator of what type of energies are surrounding you. 

If you feel calm, aligned, and alive you are surrounded by light energies.

 If you feel low, depressed, angry, or fearful, then you are definitely surrounded by dark, heavy energies.

Grey Aura Shades and Their Meaning

Grey aura can represent both good and bad things, depending on the shade of grey that your aura has.

Below I am going to list the main 5 shades of grey aura and their meanings: 

1. Bright Grey Aura Meaning

A bright grey aura is actually a positive sign. It means that you are transitioning from dark to light and not vice versa, as you have learned the heaviest, most difficult life lessons and passed your spiritual tests. 

Bright grey signifies that you managed to bring meaning to the most painful experiences you’ve been through and learned the lessons that came with them.

A bright grey aura also shows that you are currently cleansing at an energetic level. 

2. Heather Grey Aura Meaning

A heather grey aura shows that you are currently experiencing a blockage in your life. 

Unlike other types of grey auras, the heather grey aura shows that even though you were transitioning from the darkness into the light, at some point something happened and you became stuck.

If your aura is currently heather grey, you need to pay attention and try to see what is currently blocking your evolution. 

A heather grey aura could also mean that some of your chakras are blocked or not working properly, as any blockage can be linked to a chakra problem.  

To change your aura color into a lighter one and to cleanse from negative energies, I suggest that you try and see which chakra is not working well and why then take the necessary actions to heal and balance your chakra. 

These actions can also include energy healing as well as taking actions specific to each chakra. 

3. Silvery Grey Aura Meaning 

Silvery Grey Aura

If your aura is silvery grey, this is a good omen.

Silver is a very good color when it comes to auras, as it shows spiritual purity and spiritual evolution. 

Silver also means high vibration, and it can show that you are someone who is approaching very high vibrational energy levels – way higher than the vibration of planet earth. 

However, when silver is mixed with grey, it shows a process of transition, from a dark stage in your life, in which you feel blocked, stuck, or simply not aligned with your purpose, to a stage of love and light. 

This mainly happens when you’ve passed a spiritual test or you’ve found the way out of a complicated situation that made you feel stuck.

You’re still not at the highest level, in which the color of your aura is pure silver, but you’ve also overcome the stage of feeling blocked, or “the grey stage”. 

4. Muddy Grey Aura Meaning 

The meaning of a muddy grey aura is not so great. It could signify the fact that you are transitioning in a negative direction, and that your energy is changing from light to dark. 

However, if it’s a muddy grey rather than a dark or charcoal grey, there is still time to stir things in a positive direction. 

A muddy grey aura shows that you are just at the beginning of the transition when you still have some light energies left. 

As the word “muddy” suggests, your aura is getting dirty by darker energies.

If your aura becomes muddy grey, you should see what is the mistake you’ve made and in which area of your life. Or, what spiritual test did you fail? 

Then, like with any other spiritual test, you must see how you can make things right.

Usually, you can make it up to the Universe by doing the opposite of your mistake, and in some cases, apologizing to the person that you’ve hurt. 

After the right things for a while, your aura should attain a lighter color. 

5. Charcoal Grey Aura Meaning 

A charcoal grey aura is quite close to a dark aura, so, needless to say, this color is not a good thing when it comes to your aura. 

A charcoal grey aura usually shows that you are transitioning from a white aura to a black one, and the transition is almost over.

That is, your aura is almost black and your energies are mainly dark.

When your aura has a charcoal grey color, it usually still has a little bit of white left – so there is some hope left, but you’re quite well on your way towards darkness. 

Some people would even be okay with this and with living in dark energies, as they would learn to embrace them. 

This totally depends on who you are as a spiritual being and what you want to achieve in life. 

If you are someone who wants to be a lightworker or someone who resonates with high vibrational energy, you may feel very uncomfortable with all this dark energy around you. 

Thus, if you find yourself in this situation, and you want to go back to having a lighter aura color, you must first identify what energies you allowed into your auric field, or what is the mistake that allowed such energies to come near you.

Then, just like mentioned before, start doing the opposite deeds and apologize to any people you may have hurt – including yourself. 

This will make the positive energies return to you and back into your auric fields and will allow you to feel better soon. 

Grey Aura Personality Trait Expression

Any aura color that you have at any given point also shows what traits are more dominant in your personality at a given time. 

When it comes to a grey aura, there is a big distinction between the light grey aura and the dark grey aura.

This is why I am going to describe the grey aura personality traits separately, according to the shade of the color.

1. Dark Grey Aura Shade

The dark grey aura shade usually shows that in your aura there are dark energies present.

This means that your aura color is changing from white to black. 

In terms of personality, this can show someone who is prone to feeling negative emotions intensely, such as anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. 

A dark grey aura share can indicate that you are going through a difficult time in your life, but it can also expose a person who is innately prone to and attracted to darkness (not always the case). 

When you meed someone with a dark grey aura, you should pay attention to their behavior, and see which type of “darkness” is taking over them. 

Are they chronically depressed? Are they overly anxious? Did they lose their will to live?

Are they struggling with anger management issues? Are they aggressive? Do they have addiction problems

There are many types of darkness that can take over a person, but when you meet someone who is in this stage of their existence the best thing you can do for them is to focus on the good that is left in them and help them see it themselves. 

2. Light Grey Aura Shade

If your grey aura has a lighter shade, you are lucky, as this shows that your energy is changing for the better, you are cleansing spiritually, healing, and becoming a better person. 

This also shows that you are someone who learns their spiritual lesson and does everything in their power to grow and evolve. 

At a personality level, a light grey aura shade can indicate a person who is calm and collected, and also very wise.

Is Grey Aura Color Considered Good or Bad?

Good and bad grey aura

Grey aura color is not considered good or bad, but instead, it is considered to show in what stage the individual is at a certain moment in time. 

Most people have had moments in their lives in which their auras have been grey, whether light grey or dark grey. 

Even if your aura is dark grey, and your aura is becoming black, it’s just a natural stage of life, as we all fail spiritual tests from time to time, or occasionally make mistakes – no one is perfect.

Whatever you are going through at a given time, remember that the only thing constant in your life is change.

So whether you have a lighter aura color and you are surrounded by light, amazing energies, or you have a dark aura color and are surrounded by dark energies, just remember, “this too, shall pass”. 

These are all stages of our spiritual evolution that we are meant to go through in order to evolve as spiritual beings.

In conclusion, I would never say that a grey aura is “good” or “bad” – it’s just showing you where you are at a given moment and what you need to resolve.

If you enjoyed this article about the meaning of the grey aura and the grey aura personality, drop us a comment in the comment section below!

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