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27 Signs The Universe WANTS You To Be With Someone

27 Signs The Universe WANTS You To Be With Someone

The Universe can be a mysterious place. 

From the bizarre and unexplainable to the coincidental and extraordinary, there are signs in our Universe that we interpret as meaningful messages from the world around us. 

Sometimes these messages come in the form of mystical signs that are so specific, so perfectly timed and placed, that they seem to be directly related to us and our lives at that moment. 

Here are some of the signs the Universe wants you to be with someone.

Can The Universe Really Give Signs That It Wants You To Be With Someone?

Everything on this earth is connected by energy, and every soul has a higher purpose and karmic lessons to learn as well as gifts to share with the world. 

If your soul’s connection to another is meant to be, then there will be physical signs from the Universe telling us so. 

You may have tried running from your soulmate or loved them from afar without acting on your feelings, but when the time is right for both of you, the Universe will put its foot down, forcing both of your paths together to achieve a common goal. 

It could be in the form of a gut feeling, a random song that comes on your radio, or a billboard sign that seems to be calling out your name. 

These signs don't have to be huge and noticeable or involve something out of the ordinary—they can be subtle and common-place. 

However, if we pay attention to our surroundings and the world around us, we will clearly see these signs.

What Are The Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone?

Image of one of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone

1. There’s instant recognition

When you meet someone with whom the Universe wants you to be with, there is a sense of familiarity, like you have known each other for a long time. 

You may feel as if you have known them in a past life, or that you are kindred spirits

This feeling may be accompanied by a strong connection to the person who has entered your life. 

The minute you first talk to them, it feels like they've been in your life for several years – like you've built a connection already before.

2. Coincidences happen

There are many coincidences in your life, and sometimes they seem too good to be true. 

But if you notice these things happening repeatedly, you may want to pay attention. 

Coincidence is the Universe pushing you in the right direction. 

When it comes to dating and relationships, those who believe in signs from the Universe say that there are many signs that can help you figure out if a particular person is supposed to be in your life or not. 

Before you claim these are all coincidences, if they keep occurring, these may be ways the Universe is sending you a message.

3. You feel secure and at peace with yourself

If you’re looking for a sign that the Universe wants you to be with someone, look no further than your relationship with yourself. 

As cliché as it may sound, if you aren’t happy or at peace with yourself, then you won’t be happy in a relationship. 

It’s important to know who you are and what you want before entering into a romantic union of any kind. 

When you accept yourself and love yourself wholeheartedly, it makes it easier for someone else to do the same.

Additionally, recognizing your worth and how much value and love you hold within yourself makes a potential relationship less about neediness and more about growth together. 

Instead of looking to your partner to ” complete ” or save you from feeling empty inside, you can focus on supporting each other in whatever way is best for both of your lives.

4. You’ve probably crossed paths but don’t know it 

You’ve probably met them before. 

It may feel like you’re meeting this person for the first time, but you’ve actually known each other for a long time. 

You just didn’t recognize them because it was in a different time, place, or context. 

It could have been a passing interaction or they were a friend of a friend — maybe even someone you went to school with. 

But somewhere along the way, your paths crossed and now that you know what role they play in your life, you can trace the steps back and realize it was all leading up to this moment.

5. You feel their energy

Have you ever been in a room with someone and suddenly thought, “Wow, I feel like I could just kiss this person”? 

Or maybe you think of someone often, even though you don’t really know them or talk to them on a daily basis. 

These are examples of the Universe trying to tell you that it wants you to be with somebody.

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when discerning whether or not someone is right for you. 

If your body feels a particular type of way whenever they’re around, that means something! 

It means they are meant for you. 

When two people meet and their souls just click, it’s difficult to explain. 

You can feel their presence around you even when they aren’t there—you can feel them in your heart when they are not near.

6. You’re done chasing after the wrong people

Woman in love with life is a sign the universe wants her to be with someone

When it comes to dating and love, the Universe can play a very important role in bringing two soulmates together

In fact, there are many signs you are meant to be with someone that the universe will try and show you because it knows how much better your life will be when you meet the right someone. 

If these signs resonate with you, then it may be time for you to open your heart and mind to find love with the right person!

If this doesn’t sound like a familiar pattern in your life (or if you just haven’t been able to shake off that last ex), you may need some time before looking for someone new. 

But if most of these ring true for you, and not just when thinking about the “right one,” then maybe just keep an eye out!

7. Your gut feeling signifies something good

If you're single and looking, you may have a hunch that something good is about to happen – like, really good. 

Listening to and trusting your instincts, or “gut feelings” can be highly accurate and beneficial in guiding us towards what we want in life. 

The way I see it, there are two types of gut feelings: ones that guide us towards what's best for us in the long term and ones that aren't as helpful because they may lead to short-term gratification. 

8. You’ve released old baggage

When you’re letting go of past hurt, and you’re not blaming yourself or anyone else for what happened, you can be connected to the Universe and the energy flow of your life. 

It means that your heart is open, which is a good sign that the Universe wants you to be with someone new.

It could take more time to heal if your heart is closed off from love after a breakup.

9. You see love everywhere

You can’t help but see love everywhere. 

Often, single people can be really cynical about love. If you're not feeling cynical or rolling your eyes at romance, then it's a sign that the Universe is nudging you to open up to love. 

You see it in the relationships of others and appreciate what they've built together. 

You see love in your pets and feel moved by their pure joy just being around you. 

You see it in nature, where plants need water and sunlight to grow — just like us humans do — and animals will care for their young until they can survive on their own. 

You see love in the kindness of strangers, how we treat each other with respect and humanity even when we barely know each other (like on public transit). 

And you probably also notice that there's a lot of beauty around us. 

These are some of the signs you are meant to be with someone!

10. You’ve released ghosts of the past

When you forgive past lovers who hurt you, it’s a sign that you’re ready to love again. 

The Universe wants you to move on and find a better kind of love with someone else. 

After all, holding onto past grudges will only make you feel miserable. 

People who can forgive are often much happier than those who hold onto resentment. 

That’s because forgiveness leads to improved psychological health, self-esteem, and even physical health. 

They also have healthier relationships with others, so if the Universe wants your next partner to be there for a while, it will help ensure that you can forgive them for any mistakes they make in your new relationship together.

11. You feel serenity

When the Universe wants you to be with someone, you'll feel calm around them. 

You will feel calm, relaxed, and happy. 

In fact, being around that person will give you a sense of peace that makes everything else seem better. 

A feeling of connection and togetherness is another thing to look for when it comes to signs from the Universe that a relationship was meant to be.

12. You just know it

You just know the signs the universe wants you to be with someone

You have a deep connection

The Universe has plans for you and your future mate, which is why you’ll immediately feel a connection when you meet them. 

It just feels right — almost as if you’ve known them all your life.

You are calm, happy, and at ease around this person. 

There will be no energy-draining tension between the two of you or awkwardness that makes it difficult to be in each other's presence. 

You’re comfortable being yourself around this person, and don't feel nervous about what they think of you or how they will react to something you say or do.

This is the person who allows you to be vulnerable with them. 

It probably goes against every fiber in your being not to be vulnerable with very many people, as allowing other people to see parts of yourself that no one ever sees is extremely difficult. 

However, doing so is an act of bravery and a sign you’re ready for love again.

13. You keep crossing paths with them repeatedly

You could be in the same room with someone and not even notice them. 

But if you're meant to be together, you'll notice each other instantaneously every time. 

If you keep running into the same person over and over again, it's a sign that the Universe wants you to be with them. 

The more unexpected it seems that the two of you are meeting, the stronger a message from the Universe this is likely to be. 

14. You’ve lost interest in the wrong people for you

It may seem like you’ve lost your interest in people who aren’t good for you, which could be one of ways the Universe shows it wants you to be with someone. 

When you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s easy to be attracted to anyone. 

Yet when you’re finally ready for a real relationship, your perspective on what kind of someone good is likely to change.

When the Universe wants you in a serious relationship with someone, it will send them into your life. 

But first and foremost, they have to clear away all other options so that there is room for this new and exciting person in your life. 

If this means “getting rid of” or losing interest in people who don’t deserve your time or attention anymore — so be it! 

Once the Universe has done its job by clearing out all of these distractions from your past, then it will attract the right people into your life at just the right time.

15. A psychic assures you

If you're wondering whether or not you are meant to be with someone, it's worth checking in with your local psychic. 

They'll use their skills and abilities to get a sense of the situation from your perspective and the Universe's perspective. 

It's important to keep in mind that psychics can't necessarily tell you everything about your future romantic life, but they can give you insight into what's going on and how you should proceed to find romance (or not).

If you would like to get a psychic reading to get more clarity on whether you're meant to be with someone, then check out Psychic Source.

They are an established authority on finding love with their world-renowned psychics that are available 24/7 by phone or online chat.

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16. They visit your dreams

Dreams are a way your unconscious mind can reveal to you the things you can't see in yourself. 

If you haven't dated someone in a while, the Universe may be trying to help out by reminding you of what love feels like.

If your partner appears in your dreams, this could be the Universe hinting at something. 

Your mind and body may be picking up on subtle signs from this person, and when we sleep at night, our conscious mind shuts off, leaving our subconscious mind open for messages.

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17. You understand why other relationships didn’t work out 

When you look back on your past relationships, you may have some regrets. 

You may believe that things worked out the way they did because of something you did or didn't do. 

But what if it wasn't really your fault? What if you weren't to blame for why those past relationships didn't work out?

Perhaps it was simply a matter of timing — maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Maybe it was a sign from the Universe that you were supposed to be with someone else. 

Perhaps some lessons needed to be learned to find true love and happiness with another person.

18. You don’t feel pressured to meet “The One”

Women smiling at the signs that the universe wants her to be with someone

You're not in a rush. You've figured out that you don't have to rush into something just because all of your friends may be settling down. 

You understand that no matter what, everything will happen for you at the right time and in the right place if it's supposed to happen. 

This is a very mature way of thinking and shows that you're very confident in yourself and who you are without the validation of another person. 

Of course, this is also one of the signs the Universe wants you to be with someone.

19. You know what you want

You might have been all over the map in previous relationships with what you wanted out of a partner. 

Maybe you were looking for someone to make you feel like a princess when really, deep down, you crave more equal treatment. 

Or maybe your last few partners couldn't keep up with your active lifestyle, and now that's something that’s important to you. 

Whatever it is, once the Universe has decided it's time for the real thing, it will send the right person into your life who either already has or can learn those qualities that align with what's essential to your own sense of self and well-being.

20. You take risks

You may be feeling more ready to take risks that are right for you, particularly in the relationship department.

This is a good sign the Universe might be sending you someone to love.

It's important to note that this doesn't mean you should be taking every risk that crosses your path or doing something dangerous or scary just because someone asks you to.

Instead, it means to look for opportunities where our intuition tells us we could safely risk something for the chance of a reward on the other end. 

In other words, listen to your gut and act accordingly!

21. You accept whatever comes in your path

Now that you've figured out what your life is like on your own, it's time to open yourself up to the possibility of another person coming into your life. 

You see, accepting whatever comes your way is a sign that you're ready for a partner. 

Think of it this way – if we're too focused on what we want and not open to other possibilities, then we'll miss whatever the Universe has in store for us—and what the Universe has in store is often better than anything we could dream up. 

When you have a partner, you're bound to go through some rough times—the connections that are worth sticking with are always tested. 

It's important that when those moments come, you can handle them with ease and peace of mind because there was no need for you to anxiously wonder about things not going according to plan or being disappointed about things not working out exactly how you wanted them to.

22. You see angel numbers

Repeating numbers are one of the key ways the Universe shows you it wants you to be with someone. 

If you're seeing them, it's time to let your guard down and get out there. 

Repeating numbers are otherwise known as angel numbers and are messages from the divine to guide you toward the right path. 

Seeing angel numbers could indicate that you'll soon meet your true soulmate, so watch closely!

23. You’re okay being alone 

You love being alone and are not afraid to be alone. 

Having a partner doesn’t matter for you because you know how to do what you want on your own. 

This is a sign that the Universe wants you with someone because it means that there is a person out there who deserves to share their life with someone as confident and capable as yourself.

If you’re the type of person who can go through life without feeling like they need someone else, then when you find the right person, you will have found a gift of a lifetime. 

You know how to live, but more importantly, you have learned how to be independent and self-sufficient.

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24. You feel whole and complete

Image of woman feeling whole and complete

When you’re single, it’s easy to convince yourself that you need a partner to complete you. 

But when the Universe wants you to be with someone, it means that you feel whole and complete at all times. 

Your happiness isn’t dependent on having another person by your side — because, as they say, only you can make yourself happy.

When you're in a healthy relationship, both parties are whole selves who love themselves as much as they love one another. 

When one person doesn't love themselves and is looking for their partner to fulfill them in some way, this is a recipe for disaster and often leads to codependency or other unhealthy dynamics.

25. You've learned to validate and love yourself

Self-love is a sign the Universe sees you ready to find love with someone else. 

Before you can attract love from another person, you have to learn how to validate yourself. 

You have to be willing to accept your flaws and dedicate time for self-care. 

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all others. 

This is easier said than done, and it even takes some people years to love themselves genuinely. 

But this is a necessary step before the Universe pushes you towards someone.

26. You know your boundaries

You may also notice that once you’ve set your boundaries, you actually start to feel more comfortable and secure in your relationship with yourself and with a potential partner.

Knowing when to walk away is another sign that'll notice when the Universe wants you to be with someone. 

If the other person violates one of your boundaries or doesn’t show respect for them, then they don’t deserve to be with you. 

It's as simple as that.

27. You're ready for commitment and vulnerability

Another thing that many people struggle with is the idea of being vulnerable. 

However, if you are willing to be vulnerable, it's one of the signs that the Universe is ready for you to be with someone. 

When someone is open and vulnerable, it allows your partner to do the same. 

In fact, therapists note that being willing to be vulnerable is necessary for a relationship.

If you feel like the Universe is pushing you toward love, then it might be time for you to get out there and start looking for someone special!

Can The Universe Want You To Be Single?

Sometimes you have a sense that things are not working out for you in your love life. 

You may feel that you’re just not meant to be in a relationship or find love, even though you know deep down that it’s what you want. 

This can happen because you are unconsciously getting in your own way or because the Universe is trying to tell you something. 

Maybe you need to be single right now because there’s more important work to be done, like finding yourself and figuring out who you are without being attached to someone else.

You may also be in a place where you're not ready for a relationship yet. 

This could be because you're not over your ex, or you've still got some healing to do from your last relationship. 

It could also be because you're too busy with school or work and don't have time for a relationship at the moment. 

There are many reasons why the Universe would want you to be single – for now.

The thing is, when we’re single, we tend to look at others who are in relationships with envy and jealousy. 

We think they have it all figured out and wonder why we haven’t found the right person yet. 

If we only knew the truth about their relationships though, most of us would realize that many of these couples are actually unhappy together and have either given up on trying to make things better. 

Or they just don’t care anymore because they’re so used to living with one another in an unfulfilling relationship. 

So when it comes to looking for the signs that the Universe wants you to be with someone, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings so you get a better sense of whether you’re meant to be single right now or be with someone.