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7 Telltale Traits Of The Gamma Male (Do You Fit The Gamma Archetype?)

7 Telltale Traits Of The Gamma Male (Do You Fit The Gamma Archetype?)

If you saw our recent article about sigma males, you might have read it and not related to it at all!

Perhaps you feel as if you are the opposite of a sigma male and have therefore started to wonder; what male personality archetype do I fit into?

Of course, it doesn’t really matter. Everybody is a mix of different traits and therefore everybody is unique, but it is interesting to identify what kind of man you are.

By knowing what kind of man you are, you can understand yourself more.

This can help your interpersonal relationships and how you feel about yourself! 

In this article, we will look at the gamma male.

Perhaps you have heard of this male personality archetype. It ranks fourth in the Socio Sexual Hierarchy, but we know that this ranking doesn’t really matter.

What matters is how you feel about yourself and if you are being true to the world around you!

What Is A Gamma Male?

A gamma male is an adventurous, upbeat kind of guy. They are a friend of many and love to try out new things. 

A gamma male is in touch with their feminine side and is not afraid of showing his emotions!

They know how important it is to understand the feelings of those around them, especially in regards to women.

They are highly sensitive to the emotions of others and therefore are kind and compassionate when they need to be. 

A gamma male is a great friend and partner as they are kind, sensitive, and fun-loving. 

6 Gamma Male Personality Traits

gamma male smiling

Any of this relating to you?! Perhaps you are the joker of the group and have a lot of female friends that trust and relate to you.

Let’s dive deeper into the gamma male personality archetype and see if you might be one!

1. Adventurous 

One of the big traits of the gamma male is that he loves to go on adventures. If you are a gamma male, you will always be looking for the next thrill.

Perhaps you love to go out into nature discovering new things and exploring life. 

A gamma male is never afraid to try new experiences.

Always the person in the friendship group to sign everybody up for some wild outdoor activity, the gamma male just wants to have fun and enjoy life. This makes the gamma male a great friend and partner.

There is never a dull day with a gamma male and they will help you out of your comfort zone.

They are able to challenge loved ones in a kind and exciting way.

A gamma male can be a thrill to be with! 

2. Aware of His Actions 

gamma male with a friend

A gamma male is very sensitive and empathic with those around him.

He will always stop to think about the impact of his words and actions, and always wonder what he can do to make life easier for the people that he loves. 

If you are a gamma male, your empathy is an amazing trait, even though it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming!

Caring about others and making sure everyone is okay can be hard work, but a gamma male would not change it for the world. Caring and kindness are second nature to the gamma male and therefore do it so well. 

This makes the gamma male a great friend and partner. They are a joy to be around and their partners see them as a lover but also as a great friend that they can trust. 

3. In Touch With His Feminine Side 

Another reason that gamma males do so well when it comes to partners is because they are in touch with their feminine side. 

They tend to reject masculine archetypes, knowing that a person has both masculine and feminine traits. This means that they are comfortable within themselves and their relationship with their gender and sexuality.

A gamma male is not afraid to give themselves a pamper session and enjoys self-care.

They don't see things as ‘masculine or ‘feminine’, rather, if they want to do something, they will!

This means that they know how to treat themselves well and respect the women in their lives. 

Being in touch with their feminine sides means that the gamma male has a lot of confidence in the world.

They are not bothered by the alpha males who like to be very manly and loud, and chose to create their own path in the world. This means that they live in peace and happiness, enjoying life to its fullest!

4. Hopeless Romantic

gamma male with roses

A lot of gamma males tend to be hopeless romantics. They love to dote on their partners, showering them with gifts and affection.

When they are with a partner, they give their heart to them completely! 

If you are a gamma male, you probably have had your heart broken a few times.

When you are interested in somebody, you tend to fall quickly and hard. But, you know that you would never have it another way.

You value love and know that it is one of the greatest things in the world. Because of this, you know that every heartbreak is worth it for the thrill of being in love. 

5. Intelligent 

Gamma males tend to be pretty intelligent guys! A lot of gamma males are hard workers and thrive in their field. 

If you are successful in your field but don’t really like to brag about it, you might be a gamma male!

With their intelligence comes modesty. A gamma male will value hard work and their career, but they know that it is not the be-all and end-all. 

They know that to enjoy life, you must have a mix of everything!

Work, adventures, great friendships, and relationships are all important to the gamma male and they wish to enjoy their lives and all the experiences that are to be had. 

Their intelligence is not just in their work life, but also their social life.

They are socially smart and aware of those around them. They seem to know exactly what to say to comfort their loved ones, and are great at working as a team in their family or friendship group!

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6. Clingy

gamma male in love

The gamma male is a hopeless romantic, and that can be really great! But, it can also make them become clingy with their partner. 

A gamma male tends to fall quickly, however, the person of their desires might not be as romantic as them!

If, after a few dates, you cannot stop thinking about the person and just want to be around them all the time, you may be a gamma male.

This can be really hard for a gamma male to deal with. They will never cross any boundaries and always be respectful, but they can be super clingy with the person that they are interested in.

This can actually push that person away!

This can really hurt a gamma male’s feelings, and they tend to get their heart broken a lot. It is not the other person’s fault, either!

They might just not be able to handle the intensity of the gamma male’s affection. 

Advice for Gamma Males 

Of course, gamma males tend to be confident in themselves and their relationships with others, but everybody can suffer from stress and anxiety about their place in the world!

If you are a gamma male, a problem you might face is that you put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to love!

Perhaps as soon as you meet someone, you think only about them. You might fall in love fast, and that means that you can get your heart broken. 

Part of this problem is because gamma males are so in touch with their emotions and are very empathic with those around them. 

This is an amazing way of living, so never be ashamed of these traits, and never try and change who you are! 

However, if you tend to fall too hard, too soon, and get your heart broken, try to use your empathic skills to understand your new partner’s feelings more.

Try to put yourself in their shoes, and understand that they might want to take things slowly!

Sometimes showering someone with love can be overwhelming. You may not fully understand their point of view, and why they might be holding back.

You are extremely intelligent and aware, so remember to be realistic when meeting new partners!

Are You a Gamma Male?

Gamma males have so much fun!

They love adventures and have great relationships with their friends and partners. 

Have you read this article and realized that you are a gamma male?!

Be proud of who you are, your intelligence, and your empathy. You are a great person to have as a friend or as a lover, and everybody in your life loves you! 

Keep being fun and supportive, and you will live your best life and enhance the lives of those around you. 

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