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7 Amazing Traits Of The Sigma Male (Do You Fit The Archetype?)

7 Amazing Traits Of The Sigma Male (Do You Fit The Archetype?)

You may have started to read the words ‘sigma male’ on the internet more and more recently.

There seems to be a lot of buzz about this new archetype, with a lot of guys relating to it!

But of course, it isn’t a new archetype, in fact, men have been sigma males ever since humanity began.

However, we are just beginning to understand what it means. 

In this article, we will learn what a sigma male is and the traits that you might relate to! 

Read on to discover if you are a sigma male.

What Is A Sigma Male?

What is a sigma male?

The idea that there are certain male archetypes has long been discussed, with phrases such as ‘alpha male’ and ‘beta male’ becoming labels with which many of us might identify with.

There has been a lot of discussion in regards to a social hierarchy within males and what that means for society. 

A lot of it has been met with ridicule, with articles from mainstream news sources questioning if alpha males even exist and others claiming it as pseudoscience

Whatever you believe, it is not unreasonable to think that there are archetypes that men do fall into.

Alpha males are said to have great leadership qualities and are seen as leaders of the pack.

Beta males apparently are those that fall in line and take orders. 

But, of course, life isn’t as black and white as this, and a lot of guys have felt that these archetypes are completely unrelatable.

Therefore, they are have chosen to relate to being a sigma male. 

These are guys that don’t really follow the social hierarchy and tend to do things their own way, no matter how weird or unconventional!

They are described as lone wolves and rejects the social constructs that so many people cling to.

A sigma male will value different things and see reality much more clearly than alpha or beta males.

It can be hard to know exactly who a sigma male is, however, there are some amazing signs that you are one! 

Read on to discover if you are this male archetype, and what that means for you.

7 Sigma Male Characteristics 

Sigma male characteristics

A lot of sigma males don’t actually realize that this is who they are until they read about the characteristics and find themselves going, ‘oh, wait, this is me!’.

Then, suddenly everything starts to make sense. 

So, what are some amazing traits of sigma males?

1. Non-Conformity

Unlike alpha or beta males, the sigma male will not involve himself in adhering to what society demands of him.

He values different things and prefers to follow his heart than what society tells him to follow. 

Sigma males value freedom and therefore relish in their freedom by doing exactly what they want to do.

This isn’t an attempt to stand out.

How they appear to those around them isn’t really on a sigma male’s mind.

Their goals, their values, and their wants are. 

Sometimes sigma males will live dangerously and be the person on the outside of society.

They do not care about being a part of society, rather they enjoy being their own person.

Like the wolf, they crave endless freedom and exploration.

2. Silent Leader

If you subscribe to the male archetypes and the hierarchy that they exist in, you may think that alpha males are the strongest of leaders.

Yes, they are loud and persuasive.

However, a lot of people believe that the sigma male actually is a better leader than the alpha male. 

Because of the way sigma males will view life, they understand things on a deeper level.

They are incredible thinkers and their strength can be used to guide others. They are a silent leader, but with this silence, they gain respect. 

Unlike the alpha male who will be overly aggressive, loud, and hellbent on being the best man in the room, the sigma male does actually care about this.

They are introspective and intelligent and therefore can use their mind to help others. 

Because of this, a lot of people will turn to sigma males for help and guidance, even if the sigma male does not really want this!

If you relate to this, use your leadership wisely.

People look up to you and therefore you should never take advantage of this. 

3. Treats Everybody The Same 

A sigma male treating everybody the same

A fantastic trait of the sigma male is the way that they treat everybody equally.

Because they reject social hierarchies, they do not seek the approval of those above them, or disrespect people who may be below them. 

A sigma male will reject power dynamics, within class, race, gender, and sexuality. They see everyone as a person. They know that prejudice comes from society and how it can brainwash us. 

Because of this, the sigma male will treat everybody the same and do so with respect and gentleness.

He does not try to intimidate anybody for power, rather, knows that he does not need to do this.

He knows that by giving respect you gain respect. 

4. Deep Thinkers

Are you always reading philosophical books? Do you always think about the meaning of life and the way the world works? Perhaps you meditate daily and with this develop your connection with the spiritual world. 

If this is you, you may be a sigma male.

Sigma males are deep thinkers and spend a lot of their time debating existence and what it means to be alive.

They are always wishing to gain more information about anything they can.

Books, documentaries, and podcasts are consumed by the sigma male, who enjoys learning about new ideas and theories. 

Because the sigma male rejects the social hierarchies that we are all supposed to adhere to, he seeks an understanding of the world in other ways.

Science, philosophy, and ethics are all things that are important to the sigma male and he is constantly challenging himself to think analytically and logically about the world. 

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5. Independent 

Independence is a key trait of the sigma male.

Being a non-conformer, the sigma male will tend to structure their life around their goals and ambitions that are outside of the social hierarchy. 

Because of their rejection of the social structure, they do not rely on people to be happy, successful, and secure in who they are. 

Sigma males are self-sufficient and enjoy traveling and adventuring. A lot of sigma males are nomads, with no real home.

They prefer to explore the world and embrace nature.

They normally have a strong connection with their animalistic side, being natural survivors. 

This does not mean that they do not form healthy and strong relationships with other people.

They will often care deeply about their families, friends, and lovers.

However, the sigma male does not see the people in their lives as their main focus.

They do not depend on others for happiness. 

Rather, the sigma male sees relationships as a complementary part of their lives. They love enjoying time with others and having fun with people they care about.

However, they are able to spend long periods of time alone and do not depend on their loved ones as other people might. 

6. Adaptable 

Sigma male is adaptable

You might be reading this and picturing the sigma male as being this rebel without a cause, wild and free man.

Of course, this is part of who they are, but they are also extremely adaptable. 

For them, rejecting social constructs does not mean that they go away and live off the grid, not using money or forming any relationships! 

(Although some do!)

In fact, many sigma males are able to work well in society and can adapt to a range of different social situations. They understand that, in order to truly thrive, it is important to assimilate somewhat into society. He works hard and will follow orders when necessary. 

A sigma male is often well-liked and well-respected in his workplace setting.

He can adapt to a range of different social situations and develop bonds with the people he works with. 

A sigma male does not pressure himself to follow any roles in society, and therefore can fit in anywhere.

He likes hanging out with a range of people and finding out about other values and beliefs. 

7. Social Skills Might Be Lacking 

So, sigma males do tend to be able to adapt and fit in, being a well-liked member of the community.

However, their social skills can be lacking sometimes! 

It is not their fault and they never wish to upset or harm anybody.

But, sometimes they will say the wrong thing! It is just a case of not really reading the social situation that well, and therefore not saying what is needed to be said. 

This can often happen when it comes to empathy and understanding people’s emotions.

A sigma male might not completely put themselves in the other person’s shoes.

Furthermore, people might see a sigma male as being snobby or disrespectful to those who are higher up than them in social class.

Because a sigma male does not care for hierarchies, he treats everybody equally.

When he is around those that are so strung up about these things, the sigma male might come across as disrespectful! 

However, he is actually more respectful than those around him.

He believes that you give respect to gain respect and he will not suck up to anybody just because of their social status. 

That's the last of the traits.

So, do you find yourself relating to these traits and characteristics of the sigma male?

Perhaps reading this article has made you understand who you are and that it is okay to be you! 

So, what is next? 

Let’s look at the benefits of the sigma male! 

Benefits Of Being A Sigma Male 

How to live as a sigma male

A huge benefit of being a sigma male is that you have the freedom to do exactly what you want.

You do not have to pretend to be something you are not to fit in, and you are respected for this. 

Not adhering to social hierarchies can be a really positive way of living. You are able to see the world in new ways and treat everybody with kindness and respect.

You are never chasing approval from anybody and everybody you meet you treat the same. 

There also can be a lot of happiness with being a sigma male.

A lot of people will live their lives by constantly comparing themselves to those around them.

Many people will want the fastest car, the biggest house, or the poshest friends. 

A sigma male, however, just wants to live their lives and be happy and content!

This means that happiness can be found easily. 

Problems Sigma Males Face

Problems sigma males face

Of course, life as a sigma male is not perfect, when is life ever?!

There are certain drawbacks to being a sigma male, and certain problems that they face. 

Because of their longing for freedom and discovery, they will often move around the world, jumping from job to job and developing new relationships wherever they go. 

When it comes to dating, this can be hard.

Any deep connection that a sigma male finds can go wrong pretty quickly when they need to travel or be alone.

Their partner might get upset, or they miss their partner too much. 

Furthermore, a sigma male might find it hard to relate to other men as they do not really have a tribe.

Because they do not follow the social hierarchies that so many people do, many males might be a bit wary of the sigma male.

This might mean that they reject them. 

However, these problems can be solved by the sigma male focusing on his adaptability and social skills.

This can help him relate to those he dates and his peers better. 

Be Proud of Who You Are!

If you are a sigma male, it is really important that you embrace who you are and be proud of it!

There are so many amazing characteristics of being a sigma male and all make you unique.

Enjoy the journey you are on and do not be afraid of who you are!

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Chilled Dude

Friday 29th of April 2022

Thanks for this article, all those attributes matches my personality, I am a sigma male.

Alan Young

Monday 2nd of May 2022

Great! I'm glad you found it helpful. :)

Daniel Cavanaugh

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

This has been a truly fascinating read, and very strongly suggest that I have the character attributes of a "sigma male".

You have given me food for thought, and I am grateful for that.

Alan Young

Thursday 10th of June 2021

You're welcome Daniel! Glad you enjoyed the read 🙏