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7 Traits Of The Delta Male – The Delta Male Archetype Explained

7 Traits Of The Delta Male – The Delta Male Archetype Explained

Are you a delta male? If you saw our recent posts about sigma males and sigma females, you may be wondering what your personality archetype is.

Perhaps you don’t really identify with the sigma archetype, and maybe you don’t really see yourself as one of the alphas. 

If you are a bit of a private person and do not enjoy competing with others, you may be a delta male.

But what is the delta male archetype, and what does it mean to live as one?

What is a Delta Male?

Let’s first briefly define what a delta male is.

A lot of people will try to pit each type of male against each other, however, they all have their good traits and their bad traits!

A delta male is much more introverted than other types of males and prefers to keep things to themselves. 

They might have been hurt in the past, and perhaps had a bit of a fall from grace!

A lot of delta males might have once been an alpha male, but then something happened that changed their personality and how they interact with the world. 

Sometimes a delta male chooses to become one as they see it as an easier life.

This might be too, but it can be a lonely life!

7 Delta Male Personality Traits

Are you relating to this at all? Perhaps you are a delta male!

Now we know the basics of what this personality type is, we can dive deeper into what it is like to be a delta male. 

1. Introverted 

A major sign that you are a delta male is if you are introverted.

Perhaps you prefer the company of yourself, and might be averse to big parties and events. 

You might struggle when it comes to social events, and often wonder why you need to attend them!

A delta male loves to relax at home and pursue his hobbies. Because of this, he might have great skills in creativity or science. This is because he loves to focus his attention on these things, and spends more time doing what he loves. 

Being an introvert can be tough, but the delta male knows that this is the life he wants. He will socialize when it is necessary, though, and can actually be very fun company!

A delta male often has a wicked sense of humor and can really make people laugh!

2. A Private Person

If you have a delta male as a friend, it is not surprising if you sometimes feel as if you do not know them at all!

They tend to keep their private lives private and don’t really like to talk about certain aspects of themselves. 

A delta male does not try to be a private person, rather, it just comes naturally to him. He doesn’t like oversharing and doesn’t want to hear about other people’s private lives either!

Being a private person can make colleagues and friends a bit suspicious of a delta male, but they don’t really have any dark secrets.

However, this suspicion can cause conflict within relationships and this can be hard on a delta male. 

A delta male might not try to fix a relationship or friendship, rather they often will choose to walk away over being honest and open. They believe that this is for self-preservation, but it actually does more harm than good. 

3. Low Self-Esteem

A lot of delta males will have low self-esteem, and this is one of the reasons that they prefer an introverted, private life.

When it comes to finding someone to love, a delta male will be extremely hesitant to make the first move. 

When a delta male is interested in a person, they will never show their true feelings as they believe that they will just get knocked back. This may be because of hurt that relationships have caused in the past.

The delta male may have been cheated on or made a fool out of, and this has really affected his self-esteem. 

Sometimes they believe that it is easier for them to just resign into being alone, but this can make a delta male become resentful of others that have a partner.

Deltas sometimes do not realize that they have low self-esteem that they should work on!

4. Lonely 

Because of their lack of trust and connection with others, a delta male will often be lonely.

They try and tell themselves that they are happy and they do not want a partner or close friends and close off into their own world. 

However, human beings are social creatures and we need each other to feel good!

A delta male will often get lonely but try to ignore it. He may even think that the pain of being lonely is better than the risk of possible rejection. 

If a delta male was once an alpha male with a big social life, the loneliness they feel can hurt so much.

Deep down, they really miss being the life and soul of a party. They know that they can be charming and funny, and it is sad that they are rejecting this part of them! 

5. Puts Love First

Surprisingly, a delta male will value love over everything else. If they are single, they might believe that their loneliness is because they do not have a partner. 

Deep down, a delta male just wants to be loved and to give love. He might be too anxious or sad to pursue anything, and this just makes his low self-esteem get worse! 

Because of his lack of love-life, a delta male might be resentful to others. This can be really harmful to him and the people around him.

If he becomes resentful to those that he is romantically interested in, a delta male is risking never finding love. 

But, for every person, there is a special person, and the delta male will find his other half if he just opens up and looks! 

6. He Isn’t Too Career Focused

The delta male will not be too competitive in the workplace. Often, he has resigned himself to his current role and will not dream of anything more. 

If a delta male is happy in his current job role, then not being career-driven is fine!

Everybody needs different things to be happy, and sometimes work comes last. 

However, a delta male might be resentful of his position and, because of his low self-esteem, will not try to work on his career even if he wants to!

He may have the belief that he will always fail, so won’t even try to better himself. 

7. Can Be Self-Sabotaging 

If you can’t tell by now, a really hard part of being a delta male is all the self-sabotage! 

When it comes to jobs, a social life, or a relationship, a delta male will often self-sabotage and make things even harder for himself. 

He will often push people away and hurt them because he believes that they will hurt him. This is a horrible situation for both the delta male and the person he is pushing away.

A delta male has so much to give the world, but he is refusing to because of his low self-esteem and resentment towards the world. 

Because a delta male has often been hurt badly in the past, he believes that what he is doing when he self-sabotages is self-preservation. He is wrong!

We need friends and partners to fully experience life and to have the best existence possible.

Deep down, the delta male craves this, but he struggles to make it happen because of the pain he has been through in the past. 

Advice for Delta Males 

Are you relating to the delta male personality traits?

Perhaps you have low self-esteem and find it hard to connect with others. 

If so, I want to give you advice on how to deal with the problems you face. You do not have to resign to this way of living if you want to go out into the world and experience life more! 

Change can be hard, but it can happen. Of course, everything is a risk. Every new friendship or relationship is a risk, but it is worth it.

There is so much to gain from friends and loved ones, and therefore the risk really is minimal. 

So, what advice can I give a delta male?

Be More Honest With Others

I know it isn’t easy, especially if you have resigned yourself to a private life. However, it is really helpful if you start to be more honest with others. 

Take things step by step. Perhaps mention something about your private life to your coworker, or mention how you are feeling.

This can be scary, but people around you care about you and want to know how you are doing!

In opening up about your feelings and private life, you are opening yourself up to a deeper connection with the people around you. 

Close friends are so great because they have your back. They are there to help you when you need help. They also are there to have great fun with! 

Delta males often have a great sense of humor.

If you are shy and struggling to make connections with your friends and coworkers, make sure you open up and be your true self!

People will love the real you and will find you great to be around. Tell people exactly how you feel, and open up to fun times with those around you. 

Let Your Guard Down

Delta males can really struggle when it comes to connecting romantically with people as they have a wall up. This might be because they have been hurt in the past and do not want to be in the same position again. 

Romance is a risk. However, it is worth it. There are so many experiences you can have when connecting with someone romantically, and to deny yourself this can really affect your happiness. 

Deep down, delta males crave love and affection. They value romance and can be great lovers, if only they let their guard down!

Be honest and open with potential partners, and really try to let them know you. It might be second nature for you to push people away, but this will only cause pain for both you and your partner. 

It will be hard to let your guard down at first, there is no denying that. But, the love and connection that you will find when you do will be so worth it!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Low self-esteem can really affect a delta male’s life. They may find themselves constantly comparing themselves to others and feel upset that they are not as successful as other people are. 

It is really important for a delta male to work on their self-esteem, and one way to do this is to try and focus on themselves and not others. 

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, remember that every person has their bad points and their good points.

Nobody is perfect, and even those that you think are perfect probably don’t like things about themselves either. 

Try to recognize things that you are good at, and praise yourself for them. Are you great at cooking? Perhaps there is a video game that you are amazing at?

Whatever skill you have, take time in celebrating this about you!

Remember to be kind to yourself and recognize when you are being too self-critical. 

You are a great person, you just need to remind yourself of this sometimes!

You Have The Power to Change 

If you are a delta male and suffer from loneliness and low self-esteem, now is the time for change!

You have the power to work on yourself and become the person that you truly long to be. 

Leave your pain in the past and focus on your self-esteem and your honesty. People will love you for who you are, and be proud of all the things that you are great at! 

Check out our article about practicing self-love as a man to get ideas on how to begin your journey towards a better life. 

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