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7 Signs Of An Overactive Sacral Chakra

7 Signs Of An Overactive Sacral Chakra

Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions? Do you sometimes find yourself being overly clingy to people, objects, and places?

These are signs that your sacral chakra is overactive!

Read on to discover how you might know if your second chakra is overactive and what you can do to help ease this issue!

Chakras have been discussed in spiritual movements since 1500 BC and refer to the wheels of energy that exist inside of us. They need to be working in harmony for us to be happy and healthy.

There are seven main chakras that run from the top of our heads and down our spine. 

Chakras are the main part of who we are as a person and reflect all the things we value and need in order to exist happy and at peace.

One of these chakras is the sacral chakra that is found between the pubic bone and the navel. It is the second chakra and is represented by the color orange and the element water. 

The sacral chakra regulates emotions, enhances creativity, and opens us up to sensuality. It assists us with our relationships with the people around us, but also ourselves. It is strongly linked to personal discoveries, about who we are and what we enjoy. 

It assists us with developing passion and talents.

The second chakra is also linked to fantasies. Humans love dreaming and being imaginative, it is a part of who we are!

This has a lot to do with the sacral chakras and how it influences our behaviors and feelings.

The sacral chakra is the center of our emotions. This makes it an amazing part of us, but it also means that an overactive sacral chakra can be extremely damaging to our wellbeing and interpersonal relationships.

7 Signs Of An Overactive Sacral Chakra

So we know how important the second chakra is, so how do we know when there is an issue with it?

Read on to discover seven signs of an overactive sacral chakra!


anxiety is a manifestation of a overactive Sacral Chakra

A major sign that your second chakra is imbalanced and overactive is if you are suffering from anxiety. Because this chakra works with your feelings, if it is overactive your emotions can become intense and overwhelming. 

So many of us suffer from anxiety, whether it be in regards to our relationships or work. There is so much stress in the world and sometimes we just can’t cope!

If your sacral chakra is not healthy and stable, the stresses and anxiety of our lives will overwhelm us and really affect our happiness. 

If you are an empath, you are susceptible to anxiety because of your ability to tune into other people’s feelings. This means that you must be very aware of your second chakra and what you need to do to keep it stable. 

There are ways to reduce the stress of being an empath.

Remember you must pay attention to your second chakra and how it is interacting with your emotions because if it is overactive your anxiety and stress will become ten times worse! 

Emotional Overreactions 

If your sacral chakra is overactive, you will find yourself not being able to control your emotions. You will overreact to the littlest things, and this can really affect your relationships and happiness! 

Do you find yourself crying over the oddest of things? Will you get upset at yourself for any small issue that you might be facing? Do you get accused of being manic?

If yes, you have an overactive sacral chakra! 

Showing emotion is healthy and a natural part of human life.

However, if all your reactions to the world feel intense this suggests there is a problem. You should not be scared or worried about your emotions, and if you are you should start to pay more attention to your second chakra. 

The second chakra regulates our emotions, so if your emotions are becoming really extreme, there must be an issue with your second chakra.

But don’t worry, there are ways we can heal this! 



If you seem overly attached to a person or an object, this suggests there might be a problem with your sacral chakra.

When you have an overactive sacral chakra, things can be really intense.

This can be relationships.

If you are in a relationship and are codependent on your partner, your chakras are imbalanced.

Neediness is never healthy in a relationship and will only lead to problems such as arguments and jealousy. In order for relationships to work, you must have a life outside your couple, with your own friends and hobbies.

Having time away from your partner strengthens your bond and makes you really appreciate them! 

However, if you are suffering from an overactive sacral chakra, this can be really hard. Sometimes you might get anxious when you are not around your partner and you want to be with them all the time.

You may also find yourself being overly clingy to certain objects. This can make you feel confused, why is it that you seem to always want to sit with that one cushion?! 

It is all about intense emotions and needing some comfort, whether it be a certain object or a certain person. This is caused by an overactive second chakra. 

Addictive Behavior

When you open the packet for one biscuit do you always end up eating them all? When you just start dating someone do you obsess about them? 

Addictive behavior is a sign of an overactive sacral chakra. Unfortunately, addiction can get really out of hand fast. 

Certain people will say that they have an addictive personality.

When they sit down to play a video game they might not stop until the sun is coming up.

They might smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in a day!

This is unhealthy and a sign of an overactive sacral chakra. 

Excessively indulging, whether it be food, substance, or even video games, can be really harmful to your mental and physical health.

Life is about balance and without keeping your chakras in balance, there is no way the rest of your life will be! 

If your addictive behavior is getting out of hand, please reach out and get help from a professional. There are so many different ways you can get support and when it comes to addiction, the sooner the better!

Unhealthy Relationship With Sex

unhealthy relationship with sex is a sign of a overactive sacral chakra

The second chakra affects our sex life.

It governs our passions and our relationships with others, and if you suffer from an imbalance in your sacral chakra, your relationship will sex can get affected.  

Are you obsessed with sex? Are you sometimes unfaithful to your partner? Do you feel you have too much sex? 

An over the top relationship with sex is a sign of an overactive second chakra. 

This can lead to a lot of pain and negativity in your life, so if you have an unhealthy relationship with sex you must address the issues with your chakras as soon as possible. 

This allows you to get back on the right track towards happiness and fulfillment.

Remember, you must feel safe and comfortable when you are engaging in sexual behaviors.

If you aren’t please get help as soon as possible! 

Lost In Fantasies

The second chakra is linked to our ability to be creative and use our imagination. This is a fantastic part of being human, and allows us to go to different worlds without even leaving our house! 

Imaginations and fantasies are great, however, when we stop paying attention to things that are happening in our real life and prefer the fantasy life we have made up in our own heads, this can be a problem. 

When we are lost in our fantasies, we can neglect the things that we need to do for us to stay healthy and happy. 

If you are choosing to stay inside and remain in your fantasy world when your friends have invited you out, or if you prefer your sexual fantasies rather than actual sex, your happiness might start being affected.

You might begin to feel lonely. 

Furthermore, if you are lost in your fantasy world you might start forgetting to eat or wash. You run the risk of removing yourself from the real world which will really affect your wellbeing. 

If you prefer your fantasies to your real-life and spend most of your days lost in your head, you might be suffering from an overactive sacral chakra. 


aggressiveness is a sign of an overactive sacral chakra

Another sign that you need to focus on your second chakra is if you have a fiery temperament and get angry easily. 

Like all emotions, anger is important and healthy and can be a reasonable response to the world. 

However, if your aggressive nature is affecting your relationships with your friends and your own personal happiness, you must concentrate on stabilizing your sacral chakra. 

Having a lot of anger can also lead you into scary and harmful situations and you must do everything you can to avoid this. 

Overactive Sacral Chakra Healing

If you relate to these signs of an overactive sacral chakra, you must take action as soon as possible to heal your second chakra. 

A great way in which you can heal your chakras is by using crystals. Meditating with crystals will bring forth the energy that you need in order to heal.

When it comes to healing the sacral chakra, orange crystals are perfect in order to connect with it.

Citrine or the sunstone are both perfect for this.

You must place the crystal between your belly button and pelvic region in order for its vibrations to fully enhance your second chakra. 

Yoga is another great way to connect with your chakras and help them work together in harmony. Never underestimate the flow of energy that yoga creates in your body, and how great it can be to rejig and reboot you!

There are certain yoga poses that are perfect to balance your sacral chakra, such as the pigeon pose or the triangle. 

Exercise is also really important in healing your sacral chakra, so make sure you are doing the kind of exercise that you love!

Find out what exercises work for you and get yourself to a good routine. You will feel better and more balanced in no time!

Also, as this chakra is related to the element water, being around it can really help you connect to your sacral chakra.

If you live near the sea or a lake, spend time near it meditating. 

Healing Affirmations For An Overactive Sacral Chakra

Overactive Sacral Chakra Healing Affirmations

Another amazing and effective way to heal your second chakra is to practice affirmations. These are great to practice during your meditations, or as a ritual first thing when you wake up. 

Pick which affirmations are perfect for your situation, and remember to repeat them every day! 

  1. I will only let good people into my life.
  2. I am aware of my emotions but they do not control me. 
  3. Sex needs to be safe to be enjoyed. 
  4. I value my creativity and imagination. 
  5. I treat my body with the respect it deserves.
  6. Pleasure should be honored but not abused. 
  7. I am strong with or without a partner. 

You can also make up your own affirmations of strength and positivity to practice.

Saying these affirmations aloud is a great way to connect to your sacral chakra and make sure it is healthy and balanced. 

Be Aware Of Your Sacral Chakra And Take Care Of It!

If you are relating to the signs of an overactive sacral chakra, do not worry too much!

The fact that you have identified the causes of your issues, and know that your behavior and feelings are not helpful towards your life, you are well on your way to happiness! 

It is so important to be aware of our chakras, and what each of them needs in order to stay balanced and healthy. 

Take care of yourself and your chakras and know what you need in your life to exist in harmony with your body!

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