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10 Best Crystals To Use When Studying (Perfect For Focus)

10 Best Crystals To Use When Studying (Perfect For Focus)

Have you got finals coming up soon? Do you find it hard to concentrate when studying? Is the stress getting on top of you?

Have no fear, the healing powers of crystals are here to help you!

College and university can be super stressful!

Sometimes it can be really hard to keep yourself disciplined, and finding the balance between work and play can be difficult. The pressures of studying and learning can get to anyone, but there are things that we can do to look after ourselves and bring about the focus that we need. 

From creativity to self-love, crystals have amazing powers.

These powers have been used for centuries, and they have the ability to absorb energy and direct vibrations. This brings balance and peace to both the mind and the body.

As stress and distraction are different vibrations of energy, we can use crystals to aid in these issues. 

The 10 Best Crystals That Are Perfect For Focus When Studying

There are so many different healing crystals out there and each one has their own special qualities and bring different things into your life. 

So, let’s look at the best crystals for helping you focus when studying!


Focus Crystal Amethyst

If you are new to crystal healing, obtaining an amethyst is the perfect first step!

This crystal is highly spiritual and helps you develop a protective shield of light around you, connecting you to higher consciousness. 

That is just the start of the benefits of amethysts!

This stone is perfect for meditation and helps focus your mind, allowing you to stay centered. When studying, having this crystal nearby will help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Amethysts help you develop peaceful thoughts and therefore are great for stress relief! 

They also are known to bring about restful sleep, so having one by your bedside is a great idea in order to get the rest you need for a full day of studying in the library.

Check out Exquisite Crystals for a great selection of amethysts you can use.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz For Focus

This is another crystal that has many healing benefits and so is a staple for a lot of spiritual people. Clear quartz is fantastic in aiding focus when studying. 

This crystal has the ability to hold onto information and can be charged for different purposes.

It also can be used to enhance the vibrations from other stones as it reflects energy.  

Clear quartz has cleansing energy that affects the intellect and therefore can be used to clear your mind of distractions when you are needing focus. It allows you to have a better connection with the world. 

Check out some great clear quartz here.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystal for study focus

The tiger’s eye crystal is a beautiful stone and has a lot of spiritual powers. An interesting rock of oranges and browns, this stone not only looks good but can be an amazing addition to your studying crystal collection! 

This is a really powerful stone, so great for people who are beginning their spiritual journey. It has strong calming vibrations that relieve anxiety and stress.

This crystal has always been used as a way of protection, with Roman warriors and Ancient Egyptians both appearing to have used it to enhance their bravery and luck. 

When it comes to exams or coursework, sometimes we need a little bit of bravery and luck, so why not use the tiger's eye crystal when you are studying!

Check this selection of Tigers Eye you can use when you study.

Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite

This crystal of deep blue enhances calmness and rational thought. 

When it comes to studying, we can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and start to not think straight!

Whether you’re studying for an exam or a test where you work, sometimes your mind runs away and starts to worry about the future. This means that you are ignoring what is important in the present. 

If you are prone to a little bit of irrationality (it happens to the best of us!) and overthink and overstress, using blue sodalite is a perfect way to chill out and focus on what is important. 

This crystal soaks up brain fog, allowing us to see things clearly. Perfect for studying!

Black Agate

Help focus with Black Agate

When you are about to sit a final, you really don’t need any negative energy in your life.

You are a bit busy trying to pass an exam! 

This means that having a black crystal is a must. The black agate is a perfect one for dispelling any negative energy, letting you focus on yourself and your studying. 

This crystal grounds you as it stabilizes your root chakra. It makes sure that there are no negative thoughts ruminating in your mind, allowing you to see clearly. 

It also has calming properties, so great if you are someone who easily gets stressed and negative when it comes to studying.

This crystal will repel all self-doubt and insecurities, allowing you to work hard and concentrate all your energy on your studies! 

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Citrine helps when studying

This gorgeous yellow-orange crystal is perfect for instilling confidence and courage in you.

It is a stone of manifesting and abundance, and aren’t these all you need when it comes to studying? 

This crystal is all about personal power and growth. The vibrations and energy that is shared with the world promote success, so having this near you when you are studying will help you focus on the task at hand.

This crystal helps purify the mind of negativity and self-doubt, allowing your mind to become free of the things that might be holding you back. 

If you want to know more about its manifesting ability, then check out this article on using Citrine to manifest money.



This crystal is known as the genius stone, and for a reason!

Fluorite is an incredible stone for focusing when studying as it allows your mind to open up to new ideas. 

Having this on hand when studying allows you to concentrate on your work as its vibrations stimulate the electrical charges in the brain. It opens up new ways for your brain to work, tuning in with both the right and left hemispheres.

There are different types of fluorite and all can be used when studying, but some help more with certain types of work.

Purple Fluorite is great when you're wanting to focus on a mathematical or science subject. However, if you are studying arts or humanity, using yellow fluorite will boost your imagination and creativity

If you are needing to develop new ideas during your study, pick green fluorite as these are known to inspire originality. 

Whichever you pick, fluorite is a must when it comes to wanting focus on studying!

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Rose Quartz

Picture of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a brilliant crystal when it comes to hard work as this stone is all about soothing you and supporting you. 

Sometimes it is hard to focus when you are feeling a bit burnt out and sick of the world!

All students go through stages of stress and unrest, but with the right crystals on hand, you can get through it!

The vibrations that the rose quartz gives off into the world inspires people to love themselves. It brings forth a surge of self-love throughout the body, and with this rush of energy, anything is possible!

A lot of people like to have rose quartz near them at all times, because who doesn’t need a constant flow of self-love?!

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Green Aventurine

Nice Green Aventurine stone

This stone is one that provides you with luck, courage, and peace.

It’s strong vibrations promote optimism and a healthy outlook on life. Perfect for those who need a boost of positivity in their lives! 

The green aventurine is also connected to independence and forward-thinking, so if you are studying alone and find it hard to fully get your brain in gear, try having one of these to hand to allow you to take control and work alone brilliantly!

Because it is linked to the heart chakra, it is great for getting rid of any negativity that might have got blocked up, allowing yourself to move forward instead of backward. It helps you focus on what is ahead of you, not what has already happened. 


focus stone for study Malachite

This beautiful crystal is amazing for both protection and processing information. It absorbs negative energy that might be hanging around, allowing your focus to be solely on your studying and nothing else. 

It is known to get rid of electromagnetic pollution, which means the environment that you are studying in will be clear and peaceful. 

Malachite is also great when you are wanting to break bad habits and bring about positive change, so if you are a procrastinator, this crystal would be perfect for you!

How To Use The Crystals For Studying 

So now we know the best crystals that are perfect for focus when studying, let’s talk about how we can use them!

There are so many different ways of incorporating crystals into your routine, and you will notice the effects straight away! 

Have Them On Your Desk 

Just having these crystals by your side whilst you are studying will help you focus and fully commit to your work.

The energies and vibrations of these crystals are strong, so putting them where you are working means that they will be supporting you! 

This also means that when you are concentrating, you can pick them up and have them in your hands. This is a great way to aid your focus as it means that the energy of the crystals is directly connected to you.

Plus it means that you won’t pick up anything that might distract you, such as your mobile phone!

Use Them With Meditation

A great way to connect your energy with the vibrations from the crystals is to use them in your meditation. 

Meditation is great for focus as you can clear your mind before you start studying, allowing you to work well.

Doing at least ten minutes of meditation before your study session is great, and incorporating these crystals into this meditation makes it even greater! 

When meditating, just hold the crystals in your hands to allow your body to soak up their energy. You can also place the crystals on your body near the chakras that they are connected to. 

Wear Them As Jewelry 

crystal jewelry

Wearing crystals as jewelry means that you not only have a beautiful new accessory, but you also are focused and grounded on your studying!

There are so many craft and spiritual shops both online and out in the world that makes amazing handcrafted jewelry with healing crystals that allow you to look and feel great!

Some crafters also have jewelry with a range of crystals on, such as a necklace of crystals for protection, or a bracelet of crystals that are perfect for self-love. 

Wearing crystals as jewelry means that they are close to you at all times so means that you are constantly soaking up their energy.

It also is super handy, as you can never forget your study crystals when you are heading to the library if they are kept on a chain around your neck! 

Crystals Are Your Study Essentials

When you are preparing for your next study session, don’t forget your crystals!

These crystals mentioned in this article are not just beautiful, but are perfect to help you focus. 

There are so many different ways of incorporating crystals into your studying, and it is down to you to find the best crystal for your needs and the right way of using them.

Try different crystals out, spend some time meditating with them. 

Soon, you will find your perfect study crystal! 

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