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7 Amazing Essential Oils For The Sacral Chakra

7 Amazing Essential Oils For The Sacral Chakra

Essential oils are great healers for the energetic body.

One can use essential oils for any chakra that is blocked, underactive or over-active.

The good news for the sacral chakra, it typically responds quicker to essential oils than any other chakra.

It is the center of sensuality and creativity, so applying oils topically and diffusing them can really make all the difference in balancing the sacral chakra.

There are seven oils that most commonly work the best for this energy center. 

What are the seven essential oils for the sacral chakra? Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Cardamom, Geranium, and Lavender are the essential oils that best work for the sacral chakra. Each oil can help the sacral chakra regardless of over or under-activity. You can use them in combination or on their own.

When choosing which to use it’s crucial to always listen to your intuition!

Below, we learn what essential oils the experts use for their sacral chakra and how best to use the oils in your practice. 

Reasons For Using Sacral Chakra Essential Oils

The greatest thing about essential oils is how versatile they are.

They have many uses, including unblocking and activating the sacral chakra (or any chakra) and rebalancing when the chakra is underactive or over-active.

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, responds rather quickly to essential oils because it’s a chakra that controls sensuality. 

That said, you might only need a drop or two on your skin or diffused in the home to help balance the chakra.

If you haven’t yet opened your sacral chakra, oils like Sandalwood and Sweet Orange should have the greatest effect on you. 

Here are a few common benefits of using essential oils for the sacral chakra:

  • Balances your emotions (extremely beneficial for empaths)
  • Relaxes the mind to give space for critical and rational thoughts
  • Uplifts the nervous and hormonal systems
  • Reduces the impact of mental illness 
  • Can kickstart the digestive tract for better health

The chakra system journey is very personal.

It requires you to take a deep dive within yourself.

Not just once either, constantly. As humans, we are always changing and growing. 

There’s a meme out there that states: 

Don’t forget to drink water and get adequate amounts of sunlight every day. You are basically a house plant with complicated emotions.

This meme couldn’t be truer, especially regarding the sacral chakra. 

Other Reasons To Use Essential Oils For the Sacral Chakra

Essential Oils For the Sacral Chakra

Sure, sometimes balancing yourself within and without is easy, but some days it isn’t so easy.

Some days you feel like you’re back at square one and want to give up.

Yet, another reason why the chakra journey is so personal. 

Growth and healing are non-linear. They do not abide by the laws of time and our measurement of it.

Some days you literally will wake up right back at square one.

All this means is that you’ve leveled up in your growth. You have successfully cleared one blockage and have now come across another.

This will likely happen for most of your life because, as humans, we also come with ancestral karmic debt

Perhaps the most challenging part of every person’s chakra system journey is that society doesn’t stop to wait for your healing.

Today’s society moves especially fast, and with the Monday through Friday work schedule, it can leave very little time to sit with yourself and heal past trauma. 

All of these things are why essential oils can play such a huge role in maintaining balanced chakras.

Using essential oils specifically for the sacral chakra can even help you regain patience for the physical world and its “bulldoze anyone standing in its way” mentality. 

Patience is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your sacral chakra during this journey.

It is likely something that won’t balance overnight.

It could take you months to sift through all the blockages.

Remember to trust the journey.

Love the journey.

For the journey is your life and is truly why you are here. 

Your healing is worth your time, and essential oils can make that journey a little easier. 

7 Best Sacral Chakra Essential Oils

The Best Sacral Chakra Essential Oils

Everyone deserves a little break every now and then, especially when balancing the chakras.

The sacral chakra is the energy center that holds a lot of trauma of hate we have towards ourselves.

For some, it requires daily attention and positive affirmations to heal this center of the subtle body. 

When the sacral chakra gives you a little more trouble than usual, you can rely on essential oils to aid in the process.

You might feel immediately lighter just by smelling the oil.

This is often a good indicator to continue using the particular oil. 

That said, don’t worry if you don’t seem to react as quickly.

The key is to listen to your body and what your intuition tells it. You will know when you find the right oil for you. 

Here are seven of the best essential oils known for helping the sacral chakra. 

1.  Sandalwood 

Sandalwood is a great maintenance essential oil for the sacral chakra.

Has your sacral chakra been activated, and you simply want to maintain that balance as you go about your day?

Sandalwood is the oil for you. 

It’s a sacred oil used by many ancient civilizations for its healing and purifying properties.

It provides an earthy yet floral aroma that reminds the mind to stay grounded and open to love.

At the very least, it provides your sacral chakra with a daily reminder to remain open and free-flowing. 

2.  Sweet Orange 

sweet orange essential oil

Sweet Orange is another essential oil that works well for maintenance.

This oil is fun because it is a great accent oil in nearly any mixture!

I will talk about this more below, but you can use the oil in a roll-on mixture to maintain that sacral chakra balance throughout the day. 

There is a reason orange is one of the most common scents and flavors.

Many people find the aroma naturally relaxing.

If you are about to head into a stressful test or meeting, roll-on the oil on your wrists and dab it just under your nose to receive those aromatic and topical benefits. 

3.  Ylang Ylang  

Ylang Ylang is number three on the list, but it could quite possibly be the only oil you ever need for your sacral chakra.

This oil is versatile in that it works well for maintenance and clearing blockages, and doing the heavy healing work. 

It is one of the oldest known anti-depressants and acts as a natural mood stabilizer.

It also makes for an equally effective aphrodisiac, which are all reasons it works so well in conjunction with sacral chakra healing and balancing.

This balancing starts in the spiritual realm by balancing the masculine and feminine energies of your being.

It makes its way through the subtle and physical body to adapt and balance whatever areas need balancing. 

For sacral chakra benefits, meditate with the intention of balancing the sacral chakra while diffusing this oil.

You can place a small amount on your neck for further aromatic and topical benefits. 

4.  Neroli  

Neroli essential oil

If you’ve already activated your sacral chakra and simply need a little rebalancing, this oil is for you.

Neroli is extremely powerful.

The Ancient Egyptians used the oil in places of worship to cleanse the atmosphere before and after each service or ritual.

Today, it still stands as a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as aiding fertility. 

These reasons are why it works so well for the sacral chakra.

It gives you that kickstart so you can balance the chakra easily and quickly.

You are likely to feel the physical effects of Neroli rather quickly as well.

The aromatic benefits alone can lead to a slowed heart rate and release of tension in the body.

Both of which are key before any balancing can happen in the sacral chakra. 

5.  Cardamom  

Those that haven’t yet activated their sacral chakra should work give Cardamom a try.

Cardamom is strong and doesn’t require a lot to notice the benefits, but it works deep in the subtle body to clear blockages and allow for free-flowing energy. 

Cardamom is known for things like: 

  • Treating infections
  • Preventing cavities
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Aiding in digestive health
  • Lowering blood pressure

Scientists believe it may even contain cancer-fighting compounds, which is something they are trying to prove. 

Cardamom provides clarity in the mind and body regarding things like love and inner-sensuality.

It will quite literally help you fall in love with yourself, which is the greatest act of self-care anyone can achieve!

6.  Geranium  

Geranium essential oil

Geranium isn’t necessarily a popular oil in the mainstream world, but experts love it for sacral chakra benefits.

It’s been used for centuries to treat physical ailments and proven to work as:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory

Geranium does wonders for the sacral chakra because of its naturally calming benefits.

If you are at a point in your healing where the turmoil seems to take over your life, use Geranium to allow these stresses to flow through the body.

You must feel through the turmoil and transmute it back into light before it can flow freely from the body. 

7.  Lavender 

Lavender is such a versatile essential oil and diluted enough that you can use it every day directly on your skin.

Some other oils, like peppermint and wintergreen, are too strong to use topically without diluting first.

Not only is lavender easy on the skin, but it’s easy on the mind, which is the biggest reason it works so well in combination with chakra healing. 

Studies have come a long way, and it’s now proven that lavender helps diminish the effects of anxiety and depression, along with associated symptoms like: 

  • Chaotic and irrational thinking
  • Nervousness
  • Troubles sleeping
  • Troubles eating
  • Skin and hair problems 

Lavender essential oil naturally cleanses and relaxes the mind, body, and spirit, making it a great oil for nearly any chakra. 

How To Use Essential Oils For the Sacral Chakra

How To Use Essential Oils For the Sacral Chakra

One of the best ways to use essential oils is in your food when it comes to the sacral chakra. 

That’s right!

Just throw a few drops in your favorite dinner, and voila! 

However, your essential oils must be natural and diluted for dietary purposes. 

Young Living has an entire line of Vitality Essential Oils for this exact purpose. 

The solar plexus chakra follows the sacral and controls the digestive tract of the physical body. That said, eating your essential oils for the sacral chakra can prepare your body for healing via the solar plexus.

Everything is connected.

So, the greatest way to ease the balance of the next chakra is to focus on the chakra before and preceding the one you’re currently working on. 

The sacral chakra is the bridge for the root and solar plexus chakras. 

That said, here are a few more tips to help you maintain balance in your sacral chakra via essential oils: 

Use Topically: 

Adding the oils directly to your skin complements the sensual nature of the sacral chakra.


Diffusing is great for everyday maintenance.

Once balance is achieved, diffusing essential oils like lavender is great for maintaining the balance throughout the day-to-day

Essential Oil-Infused Products: 

There are store-bought products now that come infused with certain oils, but you can do this yourself as well!

Simply buy the unscented version of whatever product and add a few drops of your favorite oil.

That’s literally all it takes for something to be ‘infused.’ 

Two great products to try this with are body lotion and body wash or a bar of soap. 

You can also do this with candles!

Roll-On Mixtures: 

Purchase one of these. Blue or brown bottles only!

Not Clear!

Then purchase your carrier oil of choice

2-3 drops each of Sandalwood, Lavender, and Geranium (or any mixture!)

Then fill the rest of the bottle with the carrier oil you purchased

You can use this roll-on periodically throughout the day on your wrists, neck, and lower abdomen for the best benefits. 

For further aid, try these stones that complement the sacral chakra as well

And remember, balancing your chakras is a personal journey but not one you have to do alone.

Talk to those you love and trust and see what works for them.

Maybe they know a few tips and tricks that weren’t mentioned here. 

Find what works for you and run with it!

Thanks I hope you enjoyed this article on essential oils for the sacral chakra, if you would to know more about the sacral chakra then check out those articles here, or if you would like to know about all chakras check out those articles here. ❤️