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7 Best Sacral Chakra Stones & How To Use Them Effectively

7 Best Sacral Chakra Stones & How To Use Them Effectively

Are you feeling over emotional? Do you sometimes find it hard to express your feelings?

This suggests that you have an imbalance in your sacral chakra!

But don’t worry, there are so many stones that you can use to heal and renew your second chakra!

We have seven main chakras in our body which run from our head all down our spine. They work together to keep our body and mind in harmony.

They are specific energy points and relate to different things, such as spirituality and communication. 

Our second chakra is the sacral chakra and this is found in the lower abdomen, between our belly button and pelvic bone. This chakra is the center of our emotions and governs pleasure, creativity, and feelings. 

The sacral chakra’s color is orange and its element is water. 

It is super important for this chakra to be engaged and open, however, sometimes we will suffer from blockage or an overactive second chakra. 

Why Use Sacral Chakra Stones?

Sacral Chakra Stones

An imbalance such as an underactive sacral chakra, or overactive sacral chakra can cause real issues for our own personal happiness and our relationships with others.

However, using sacral chakra stones will relieve this imbalance and help you become your true spiritual self!

There are so many different things that might cause an imbalance in your chakras and sometimes you cannot pinpoint where the imbalance came from. Life stresses are the main cause of chakra imbalance. 

If your sacral chakra is not working in harmony within your body, your emotions and creativity will be affected. This can manifest in different ways, so it is important to know the signs of problems of your second chakra. 

If your sacral chakra is blocked, you might find yourself lacking creative inspiration.

This can be really hard on your mental health as creativity is so important for self-expression. 

Blockage of the second chakra also can make emotions hard to comprehend and communicate. Perhaps you can’t say exactly what you are thinking or feeling, and this is causing issues in your interpersonal relationships.

This can lead to detachment from the people who are close to you. 

Issues within your emotions can also affect your happiness as you might become unable to understand the emotions you are feeling. This can lead to depression and withdrawal from the things that make you happy. 

If your sacral chakra is blocked, your sexual life might be affected. There might be a loss of interest in sex. 

Your second chakra can also be overactive and can be just as problematic as a blocked second chakra. 

If your sacral chakra is overactive, you may suffer from heightened emotions. It can cause heightened reactions to things in the world and this can be really hard to deal with!

Getting angry easily, or suddenly crying for no reason, or feeling incredibly anxious are all symptoms of an overactive sacral chakra.

This can lead to you withdrawing from the world and can really affect your happiness. 

If you are suffering from an unhealthy relationship with sex, your second chakra might be overactive. Only you will know what this means, and a healthy sexual life means different things for everyone!

However, being safe and comfortable in regards to sex is the most important thing.

If your sex life lacks these things, you are at risk of harming yourself or others and need to address these issues as soon as you can!

Problems with your sacral chakra can lead to so many issues in your life.

An imbalance of your second chakra has so many detrimental effects, so working towards a healthy and open chakra is a must! 

Using stones to bring order and openness to your chakras is probably the easiest way to create harmony. 

Chakras and stones are inextricably linked and have been for centuries. The power of stones has huge effects on our chakras and different crystals have effects on different chakras

This is because of the vibrations of the stones and how they interact with our chakras.

Everything in the world is made up of vibrations and energy, and harnessing the power of stones can be amazing for your personal health and happiness. 

7 Most Powerful Sacral Chakra Stones 

Now we know the importance of the second chakra and the things to look out for in regards to an imbalance, let’s go through the 7 most powerful sacral chakra stones that will heal and balance your second chakra! 

Because orange is the color of this chakra, most of the stones listed are orange. This is because using this color makes it easier for us to engage with our second chakra. 

1. Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye

The tiger's eye crystal (not to be confused with Tigers Iron) is an all-around great sacral chakra stone to have. It allows us to stay grounded and at peace and brings good luck to those wearing it. 

It is known to stabilize emotions and dispel anxiety, so perfect if you have an overactive second chakra.

It is also useful to stimulate a low libido, and this will help unblock your sacral chakra and embrace your sexuality. 

This stone is said to hold the power of the sun and provide confidence and strength to those who use it. 

2. Sunstone 


Another beautiful crystal, the sunstone is an amazing stone to engage your second chakra as it has really strong and positive vibrations. 

This stone also holds energy from the sun so it is super powerful!

It allows us to nurture ourselves and promotes self-care and confidence.

This stone brings happiness and joy to those that use it and therefore eradicates negative energy from its surroundings.

This is perfect if you are feeling a lack of emotions because of a blocked second chakra. 

If you are finding yourself without any motivation, and are withdrawing from the things that you usually love, work with this crystal to boost your energy and positivity.

It is also great for unlocking creativity

3. Carnelian 


This sacral chakra stone has been used for centuries to provide courage to those who wear it.

A striking stone of glassy orange, the vibrations of the carnelian can open up and soothe your sacral chakra, reinstating balance and health. 

The energy that comes from this stone is hot so it is really useful if you are suffering from a blocked second chakra.

It allows you to feel your emotions more, and become connected to this part of you. 

This stone aids empowerment and confidence.

It is also a great stone to light a creative spark in you, opening up the flow of imagination in your body and through your second chakra. 

It can also be used to enhance passion and romance, so perfect for you if your sacral chakra is blocked and you are finding yourself without your usual sex drive!

4. Citrine


This stone is a variety of quartz and comes in a beautiful yellow color that reflects light and energy really well.

It is a stone of abundance and really helps if you are struggling with money problems at the moment. 

This stone is also great for rejigging energy and waking up to a new phase of your life.

When we are having issues with our sacral chakra, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a rut and lacking passion for anything.

This stone works to change this energy and promotes a strong flow of energy through the body. 

It is also a great stone to recharge yourself both physically and mentally, so if you are feeling burnt out, take time to meditate with your citrine!

It works wonders to give you that boost you need!

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5. Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

Another great stone for recharging your energy and giving you an extra surge of power that you might need. It also has strong nurturing qualities, so if you have an overactive sacral chakra this is a great way to calm your emotions down, putting your health first. 

It is a great stone for releasing anxiety and stabilizing emotions. It helps cleanse your sacral chakra and open it up, balancing it with the other chakras. 

It is known as a stone of creativity, so it is great to unlock this part of you that might be struggling because of a blocked second chakra. 

Another stone that is great for reigniting passion, orange calcite is perfect to harmonize your sexual life and allows you to reconnect with your pleasure. 

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6. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Because of the versatility of this crystal, most spiritual people will have it and can use it to help balance their sacral chakra.

It is a cleansing stone and its energy will vibrate throughout your body and your chakras. This will clear and activate your chakras, and basically reconnects and resets them so they are all working in harmony together. 

What is so great about the clear quartz is that it helps amplify the energy from any other stones you might be using.

This means that it works with all the other crystals on the list to fully recharge and unblock your sacral chakra.

7. Aragonite Star Clusters

Aragonite Star Clusters

This sacral chakra stone is extremely beautiful!

The vibrations from this crystal are linked to the wellness of mother nature and it promotes caring for the earth. Because of this, wearing this crystal connects us to nature.

We are all a part of nature and all linked together.

It is perfect for healing emotions and keeping them balanced and harmonious. It heals us and the earth at the same time and furthers our connection with our surroundings.

This is great for when you are feeling at odds with the world. 

It is known to relieve anger and anxiety, so meditate with this stone if these are issues that you are struggling with. 

Now we've covered 7 sacral chakra stones let's see how to use them effectively.

Best Way To Use Sacral Chakra Stones

When we are wanting to heal and open our sacral chakra with stones, the best way to achieve this is through meditation

Incorporate these stones in your daily meditation routine by holding them in your hands or placing them on your sacral chakra.

This gets the vibrations of the crystals to run through your body and realign and relight your chakras. 

You can also repeat affirmations when you are meditating with your sacral chakra stones. This allows you to acknowledge what changes you are needing to happen in regards to your emotions and wellbeing. 

You might also wish to carry your stones around with you, and this is a great way for your second chakra to heal as it is constantly linked to the stones.

Having them in your pocket, or on your jewelry means that you are always growing and healing whenever you may be!

Sleeping with the stones under your pillow is also a great way to enhance their power.

When we are asleep, our consciousness is more open and therefore we are better connected to the spiritual realm.

This helps with spiritual growth and healing and will really help your chakras realign and feel better! 

Harness The Power Of Stones To Keep You Balanced And Healthy!

Keep You Balanced

If you are suffering from problems with your sacral chakra it can be difficult to deal with and cause a lot of stress in your life.

From a lack of emotion to being overemotional, anger, anxiety, and sexual issues, it is so important to address the problems as soon as you can. 

Our chakras are an important part of us.

They are who we are and if any one of them is suffering, your whole body and mind will be affected. In keeping your chakras balanced, you are taking care of yourself and keeping healthy!

Using stones is a fantastic way of keeping your chakras open and in harmony. Their vibrations work with your chakras and are perfect for living your best life!

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