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12 Reasons Your Law Of Attraction Scripting Is Not Working!

12 Reasons Your Law Of Attraction Scripting Is Not Working!

Scripting is a great way of making things happen.

You set up a vibration of exactly what you want in your life, and the magical powers of the Universe respond to make your dreams come true.

You can call it the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like” or “intention creates experience” – but the end results are the same: the Universe responds positively, and in-kind, to your positive vibrations.

Except sometimes scripting doesn’t work.

Despite your best intentions, your dreams are not being realized, or are only partially coming true. Naturally, that may lead you to ask yourself: why isn’t my scripting working?

And what am I doing wrong?

You may even come to the conclusion that scripting simply doesn’t work, and isn’t worth the effort.

And that would be a shame. There are lots of reasons why scripting doesn’t always work, but the good news is that often you can put things right with a few simple changes.

So read on to learn what you might be doing wrong – and how to put it right.

The Reasons Why Your Law Of Attraction Scripting Is Not Working

1. You Must Be Realistic

be realistic when scripting

You might be scripting to sell your home for £1m, but if it’s only worth a quarter of that, you’re on to a sure-fire loser.

Many years ago, I attended a management training course that said employee objectives needed to be SMART: Specific, Measurable Achievable, Realistic, And Timely. That SMART acronym applies equally to scripting.

A goal like “I sell my home for £1m” is far too woolly and unrealistic.

But an aspiration like “I am joyful to sell my home for a realistic price of at least £250k within 6 months” is much nearer the mark, and has a greater chance of success.

2. Is Someone Blocking You?

Perhaps you are one of two people who are after the same job, or you are scripting for something that someone else close to you doesn’t want to happen (for example, parents who want to move to pasture new, but whose children want to stay put).

If the other person’s energy is stronger than yours, then the universe may respond more favorably to them. In such cases, you can choose to let the situation go, or redouble your efforts.

3. Something Better Awaits You

something better is coming

The universe knows best, and maybe it’s blocking you because something better is just around the corner.

As an example, I once went on a run of bad luck when looking for a new job. I got through to the last two candidates in two roles I really wanted but lost out both times at the final hurdle.

But then I received an offer from my next application, and it turned out to be the best job I ever had.

It is vitally important to believe and trust that the universe is working with you, to help manifest your dreams and desires, even when you feel the opposite is true.

Never lose belief, never lose faith!

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4. The Universe Moves In Mysterious Ways

It may be that you are being too prescriptive in your scripting.

The universe knows much, much more than you do, and can see the full picture when you may be caught up in the mundane minutiae of everyday living. You may actually be asking for the wrong thing, or looking for solutions where there are none.

Trust and let go, and let the universe find the solution for you, rather than letting your own ego drive the agenda.

5. Be Patient

Woman being patient when doing law of attraction scripting

Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, what you want to achieve is not going to happen overnight.

Like anything worthwhile in life, scripting takes time, patience, dedication, and hard work. So accept that it may take a while for a new situation to materialize.

This is especially the case if you are new to scripting, and are under the mistaken impression that all you have to do is write something down for it to happen!

6. You're Scripting In The Wrong Frame Of Mind

Never script when you’re tired, or if you’re just going through the motions.

You have to feel it and believe it to receive it.

Take a break if you need to. Script when your energy levels are highest and when your body is in balance. That might be first thing in the morning if that suits, or after meditation. You need to feel good about yourself, love yourself, and believe that you are worthy of receiving before you can be given what you want.

It’s also important that you give scripting the attentiveness that it deserves.

Writing your words in a beautiful notebook using a special pen is more effective than just jotting them down willy-nilly on random scraps of paper.

Your scripting should be an occasion!

Oh, and don’t be influenced by negative people who tell you that what you’re doing is a waste of time.

7. Your Scripting Text Is Just Plain Wrong

scripting text is wrong

This is probably the single greatest problem when it comes to scripting.

Perhaps you haven’t fully thought through what it is you really want: you are scripting for the wrong objective, using the wrong language (positive phrases only, please!),  or not investing enough emotion into your words.

Another common mistake is to use the future tense – “I will get that promotion” – rather than expressing your desire in the present tense – “I am worthy of promotion and am happy being a great manager.” 

The vibration of the present is a million times stronger than the vibration of the future. So choose your words carefully, and if you are unsure, ask someone who is familiar with scripting to give you a hand.

8. Your Words Are Too Short, Lack Heart, And Are Not Repeated Enough

Let’s say you want to bring more money into your life.

Every morning and evening, you script one line “I am rich.” This approach is unlikely to succeed for three reasons: firstly the script is too short and selfish, secondly it lacks passion, enthusiasm, and emotion, and thirdly it’s not being repeated enough.

You need to invest time, effort, inspiration, and thought into your words.

You may have more success if you write down your words twice, three times, or even more each morning and evening, and reinforce them with positive thoughts and affirmations.

How do you think the Universe responds when confronted with these two options?

(1) two curt lines of “I am rich” or (2) ten passionately crafted lines of “I love having enough money to live well, and I gratefully, happily and lovingly share my financial success with those around me who need help.”

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9. You Are Blocking Yourself?

woman doing law of attraction scripting and wondering if she's blocking herself?

Is there a little worm inside your head, an inner critic telling you that you’re not worth it and don’t deserve it?

For scripting to work, it’s imperative that you have a strong sense of self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Those qualities will facilitate the flow of your desires: allow it to happen!

If all the universe hears is that self-destructive worm, it may respond by giving you more self-defeating negativity.

So instead, as your script, say to yourself “I am worthy of receiving all the good things that the universe sends my way.” Or better still, make that phrase part of your actual written text.

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10. Practice Makes Perfect

Especially if you’re scripting for the first time, you’re likely to get some things wrong.

And even if you’re experienced, you may still need to tweak your scripts. If you’re scripting for a number of things, where aspects are working and some are not, scrutinize your words to see what approach is the most effective. 

11. Stop Overanalysing

stop overanalyzing

Make sure your head is clear and you are in a good space when you’re scripting.

Before you write anything down, do something that makes you feel happy, energized, and alive – dancing, exercising, gardening, walking your dogs, or whatever.

This will help to still your overactive mind and make sure you’re in a positive mood. If you love living life and are fully engaged with the world around you, your scripting has a much greater chance of succeeding.

12. You Could Be Right – Scripting Really Isn't For You!

After all of that, it has to be said that scripting isn’t for some people – it just doesn’t work for them.

But that’s OK because there’s more than one way to get to where you want to get to. You may be someone who’s better suited to using a vision board, constructive affirmations said out loud, positive thoughts, or meditation.

People learn differently (by watching, by doing, by listening, by reading, by rote, and so on), so it should come as no surprise that they also manifest differently.


Used properly, scripting can quite literally have a miraculous effect on your life.

The world is full of people whose lives have been turned around by this simple and effective technique. If you believe in the power of scripting but are failing to get the results you desire, perhaps you just need a few simple tweaks – as outlined above –  to make everything fall into place.

I hope you enjoyed this article and happy scripting!

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Tanya Hunter

Tuesday 14th of September 2021

This is why I follow the law of assumption. There’s no external universe giving you anything. No one is stronger than you in your reality. NOTHING is unrealistic.