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Indigo Gabbro Meaning (Mystic Merlinite) 7 Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro Meaning (Mystic Merlinite) 7 Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro, also known as Mystic Merlinite, is a combination of minerals found in Madagascar.

Minerals such as Feldspar, Quartz, and igneous rock make up this one-of-a-kind, sparkling gemstone. 

Today, we will be looking at the meaning of Indigo Gabbro, the seven healing properties that this stone possesses as well as a few ways in which you can bring Indigo Gabbro into your life. 

This stone has a wide range of colors, from pale indigo to pitch black.

Stones like this are usually black with grey-colored mottling, which can be polished to a high shine, similar to the April Birthstone. 

As you hold this stone in the sun, you will also see that it has a luminosity that is stunning and unique.

The Meaning Of Indigo Gabbro

It was named Gabbro after a little village in Tuscany after stones were discovered in Italy a few hundred years ago.

This type of Gabbro has no particular Italian origin or meaning but relates to how these Gabbro stones form generally.

Founded in molten magma, Gabbro is a type of raw mineral with a coarse grain. 

What is the significance of the name Mystic Merlinite and Indigo Gabbro?

The name Mystic Merlinite was created by a relatively well-known author of crystal books who also trademarked the name.

Around the time of King Arthur, Merlin was supposed to have been designed like a mythological creature. 

Myrddin Wyllt is the name of the Welsh folk legend.

Merlin was a druidic shapeshifter who possessed the power to cast spells with the help of magic.

He was both the son of the Devil and the servant of God.

Merlin's stories range from battling dragons to reading future predictions.

It is believed that the stone has the same powers as Merlin, which is why the author named Indigo Gabbro, Mystic Merlinite as well. 

Indigo Gabbro Healing Properties & Benefits

Indigo Gabbro Healing Properties

As a result of its recent discovery in Madagascar and its ability to be manufactured there, this stone can be found in a wide variety of forms.

More than a few spheres, towers, fountains, animals, sculptures, and pyramids have been seen!

This Feldspar mineral is genuinely a crystal for practitioners of all levels that will flood the market in the next few years.

Let’s take a look at 7 of the Indigo Gabbro healing properties and how it can help benefit you in your daily life. 

1.  Helps You Connect With Your Higher Consciousness 

Indigo Gabbro can expand your knowledge and provide you with insight, which is one of its most important uses.

Because of its ability to reach deep inside you to find your most profound issues, the Indigo Gabbro is nicknamed the ‘wise soul.'

Thanks to this stone, you will be able to deal with these issues with strength, courage, and love!

Using Indigo Gabbro will receive clear messages in your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuition, higher consciousness, and spiritual growth.

2. Increases Your Patience 

Additionally, Indigo Gabbro will boost your patience and keep you hopeful when you are facing difficulties.

As a result, you become aware that not everything you want is what you need, and the universe knows what you need at each stage of your life.

All you have to do is remain positive and wait for your life to turn around, as the universe has great things planned for you.

In addition, you will come to realize your wants and desires are not always the same as your needs, but the universe will provide you with the people and experiences you require to achieve your desires.

3. Provides You With Emotional Support 

A meaning of Indigo Gabbro

You will receive emotional support from Indigo Gabbro, especially if your personality is strong and dominant.

Trying to push people away can make them go away, but facing reality with this stone will help you change your ways.

Indigo Gabbro empowers you to make your own decisions without having to feel you have to make the right decisions for everyone all the time.

You will realize that you cannot be responsible for everyone and that you have to let them follow their hearts, even if it can sometimes lead to hurting you.

4. Boosts Your Spiritual Energy 

Indigo Gabbro is a beneficial stone when it comes to expanding your horizons.

Indigo Gabbro will prove to be very helpful for those looking for inspiration from the universe or who are in need of a boost in their spiritual energy.

Through the spiritual energies of this stone, one can gain insight and knowledge on how to connect with their inner instincts and understand their deepest feelings.

5. Helps You Come To Terms With Your Dark Side 

Indigo Gabbro reveals the dark secrets of your past and helps you comprehend why they occurred to help you get closure on them.

No matter how good or how bad your experiences in life have been, they have contributed to the person you are today.

Every event in your life has motivated you to respond and act in a particular way that has led you to live the life you now have.

As a result, if you find that anything in your life is causing trouble, you are the only one who has the power to change it in a way that removes the problem from your life and allows positive vibes to flow in.

Through the spiritual abilities of Indigo Gabbro, you can realize how your past experiences have merged with your higher self.

When you recognize what fuels your darker side, you can fix it and not act out of spite but instead, act more wisely. 

6. Grounds And Amplifies You

Becoming grounded

This stone seems to ground and amplify simultaneously, giving us whatever is needed at any given time.

Indigo Gabbro can provide grounding if needed, and many people feel the energy at the base of the spine or in their feet.

Indigo Gabbro will raise the vibration of those who are grounded, and its energy will most likely be felt around the head area.

When any areas of our energy system, also known as your Chakras, are out of balance, people often feel a tingle in that specific area, which can give us a clear indication of what to work on at that time. 

For example, losing your voice or getting a sore throat is a sign that you feel like you are unable to say how you are feeling.

A reflux-like pain can indicate that your Solar Plex Chakra is out of balance

Indigo Gabbro will ground you and allow you to speak your truth while clearing your Chakras and balancing you at the same time. 

7. Inspires Mental Growth 

It will be beneficial when it comes to your mental development since it will boost your capability to think.

You will be inspired to think and take action with this Indigo Gabbro.

As well as balancing negative and positive energies, Indigo Gabbro can be highly beneficial to financial endeavors.

A financial loss will always be replaced with a financial gain.

How To Use Indigo Gabbro For The Best Results

Consistency is the key to working with Indigo Gabbro.

Since it can change its ways from day to day, there is no particular ‘box' I can put it in; if you're drawn to it, it will become whatever you need it to be at that moment…and the next…and the next.

You can use this crystal as a personal energy guide over the course of several weeks by working with it consistently.

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can incorporate Indigo Gabbro into your life. 

Sleeping With Indigo Gabbro

It can be extremely useful when attempting to access past life memories to work with Indigo Gabbro.

By keeping Indigo Gabbro under your pillow or in your hand as you sleep, you can gain access to these visions in your dreams. 

When you “turn off” your conscious waking self and allow your subconscious and higher self to be influenced, your guides and angels will be able to send you more signs and symbols in your dreams.

Meditating With Indigo Gabbro

The Mystic Merlinite/Indigo Gabbro is one of the newest meditation tools we should have handy.

You will be able to soften your aura and replenish your vibrational field by holding this stone in your presence. 

Your understanding of yourself will be enhanced through this readjustment.

By using Indigo Gabbro’s energies with a balanced chakra system, you can better expand your mind and third eye.

The stone's energy can actually take you quite deep into meditation, so you might need to lie down to ensure that it won't roll off.

You may be able to develop deeper Spiritual perception as well as to stimulate many gifts or abilities through its powerful resonance.

Piece Of Jewelry 

Wearing this stone on your body is another great way to make use of it.

If you carry it in your pocket, you can wear it as jewelry. Over time, the more its effects will accumulate, the longer you wear it on you each day.

You want to keep it close to your higher Chakras, which will benefit you the most. 

How To Cleanse Indigo Gabbro

The purpose of cleansing is to honor and purify the stone, recognizing the vast journey it has taken to reach you.

Cleanse your crystals whenever you acquire them.

This will ensure that the stone is fully charged and cleansed before you start to use it. 

A crystal will also absorb energy as it “works.”

Each crystal has a unique purpose and, like us, needs to rest and recharge occasionally. 

If you notice that your crystal feels heavy or dull, or if you intuitively sense that it needs to be refreshed, you may know it needs to be restored.

There are three ways in which you can cleanse your Indigo Gabbro. 

Number 1. You can use the moon's energies to cleanse and program any crystal for greater vitality, as its energies are incredibly purifying.

To get the most potent frequencies, place it directly under the moonlight and charge it up on new and full moons.

Healing on the emotional and spiritual levels can be assisted by the moon's energy due to the fact that the moon is a feminine energy source.

Number 2. It is possible to use smoke to clear crystals in the same way as smudging a home (think of sage, copal, and sweetgrass).

In particular, jewelry that corrodes underwater can benefit from this method.

If your Indigo Gabbro is placed in a metal cage, for example, the cage will rust in water, so a smudge stick or putting it in the moonlight will be your best option. 

Number 3. Place your Indigo Gabbro on a cluster. A cluster is there to cleanse your stones when you are unable to place the gemstone in mother earth.

It is an excellent place to keep your jewelry pieces and your medallions. 

For further reading, check out this guide on cleansing crystals.

Final Thoughts On Indigo Gabbro

In the above article, we have learned about the meaning of Indigo Gabbro, its healing properties, how to cleanse the stone, and ways you can benefit from using it in your daily life. 

Indigo Gabbro knows what you're going through. It knows your strengths and weaknesses.

By connecting with the energies of this stone, you'll be able to rid yourself of your personas and identifications and see and understand yourself more clearly.

The moment you become the owner of an Indigo Gabbro, you will want to explore all of its complexities so that you can surpass your own limitations!

Stones such as Indigo Gabbro are very calming, nurturing, protective, and comforting.

Make sure you have this stone handy around the new moon when you want to set your intentions!

It is a stone that unites the spirit world with the earth.

It will help you understand your own intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts more deeply and act as a bridge between the two worlds.

This bell will reawaken your long-forgotten memories, and you will remember them more vividly.

Indigo Gabbro will also bridge the gap between your light and dark sides, as well as your positive and negative sides, your cheerful and challenging aspects, and your light and dark sides.