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How To Cleanse Your Aura (10 Amazing Ways)

How To Cleanse Your Aura (10 Amazing Ways)

Auras have been sparking more and more interest in the spiritual community, as they are an important spiritual component of our energy bodies. 

They play an important role in our general well-being, which is why spiritual people are so fascinated with them and why, in this article, I will teach you how to cleanse your aura.

Why You’d Want to Cleanse Your Aura

Auras are bioenergy fields that surround our bodies and are directly linked to our main energy centers, also called chakras.

The Aura can be compared to a piece of clothing that dresses up your energetic body. 

Just like any other piece of clothing, the aura can become dirty or even a little bit torn.

The reason why we have auras around our bodies is to be more protected by negative energies, dark entities, and anything else that can harm our energy body – causing imbalances in the physical bodies shortly after this.

Also, auras are an extension of our seven main energy centers, also known as the seven main chakras, which are the main pillars of our energetic bodies.

This means that if a chakra is imbalanced, a certain portion of the aura will be imbalanced as well, and vice versa. 

If you encounter negative energy in your surrounding and it gets attached to you, it will harm your aura and soon enough one of your chakras. 

Chakras govern mental and bodily functions, such as communication, the ability to love, the way you think and make decisions,  your overall health, etc. 

Having your aura and chakras in imbalance is going to affect your life in one way or another. 

Thus, the main reason why you’d want to know how to cleanse your aura is that the wellness of your aura will influence your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, your decisions, and the path you follow in life, as well your overall wellbeing.

Cleansing your aura can help you become aligned to your higher self, make better decisions, and ultimately live a better life.

Now that you got how important is to maintain your aura as pure as possible, I am going to teach you how to cleanse your aura with these best 10 ways.

How To Cleanse Your Aura – 10 Different Ways

a person who wants to know how to cleanse her aura

1. Reiki cleanses for your aura/bioenergy fields

In Reiki, the aura is also known as bioenergy fields. Every person has 7 bioenergy fields, corresponding to the main 7 chakras, and together they form the auric field.

Thus, the Reiki system has its own procedures for cleansing the auric field. 

The first procedure requires activating your palms with the designated Reiki symbols, and sending the Reiki energy into your aura, with the intention of cleansing it and restoring it. 

Another Reiki ritual that is very effective is to imagine that you open the Divine Source of Energy above yourself, and from there you take energy which you use to cleanse each biofield individually. 

Then, you can try to sense where your aura/bioenergy field is torn, and imagine that you hold a needle with a string made of Divine Energy and that you sew it back where it’s torn, just like you would sew a torn piece of clothing.

If you’re not practicing Reiki yourself, the best way to cleanse and restore your aura using this system is to go to an accredited Reiki Practitioner and ask them to do it for you. 

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2. Aura Cleansing Meditation

Another powerful tool for cleansing your aura is meditation.

Clearly, not just any meditation, but meditation that is aimed at cleansing your auric field. 

To do such a meditation, you need a safe space and your usual meditation preparation ritual. 

Then, just like in the Reiki ritual, visualize the Divine Source of Energy above you. 

This time visualize rays or spheres of this energy completely cleansing your aura, removing any dark entity or negative energy that could be in it. 

Just like with any meditation, perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to make it work more effectively is to add a powerful intention to it. 

Don’t just visualize the Divine Source cleansing your aura, but set the clear intention to connect to the real Divine Source, to access its real energy, and to cleanse your aura with it. 

Remember, for best results with any spiritual process, use intention combined with visualization, as they usually create amazing results.

3. Working with the angels 

an angel

Third on this of ways how to cleanse your aura is angels.

Angels are the perfect help for when you need your aura cleansed.

They are powerful light entities who are always eager to help you with your wellbeing.

Also, angels have healing powers that humans can hardly ever access.

But to gain their help is important to stay in contact with them frequently. 

To have angels help you cleanse your aura, pray to them and ask them to do it. 

You can also try an angel-healing meditation, in which you mentally connect to your angels and allow them to heal you and cleanse your aura.

Some spiritual systems involve working with the angels and gaining some attunements which allow you to receive more angels and also to have a stronger connection with your angels. 

If you feel drawn towards working with the angels, I encourage you to explore this calling, as it’s going to bring you a lot of benefits. 

4. Taking a cleansing bath 

Water is known to have cleansing properties, but there are also a few magical “ingredients” that you can add to your cleansing bath, to have your aura and all of your energy structures cleansed. 

In my weekly cleansing bath, I use unprocessed salt, Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salt, myrrh, frankincense, lavender essential oil, and freshly cleansed and charged crystals. 

You may think these are a lot of “ingredients”, but if you want to have a proper cleansing bath that cleanses all of your structures, you need to put a bit of effort into it. 

If you cannot buy all of these products, I would say that the unprocessed salt and the Himalayan pink salt are the essential ones. 

Unprocessed salt and Himalayan pink salt are very good at cleansing your energetic structures, while myrrh and frankincense are banishing negative entities that could be attached to you. 

Epsom salt is very good for relaxing and soothing your muscles and your nervous system, and the lavender essential oil is perfect for relaxation. 

The crystals, if cleansed and charged properly, should also help take the negative energy off you. 

Another ingredient you could also add to the cleansing bath is moon water.

Moon water is water that has been left outside in the moonlight during a New Moon or Full Moon night, and now has some of the healing properties of the moon. 

5. High Vibrational music 

Another way how to cleanse your aura is high vibrational music. You can find many such songs on YouTube. 

You could try to search “Aura cleansing music”, “High-frequency music”, “Music that develops your intuition”, and much more. 

What we see and hear directly influences our vibration, so I recommend that you choose songs and movies that have a high vibration. 

Of course, you may not always be in the mood for meditation music, but I do recommend that you avoid music with violent or obscene lyrics, as well as movies that are full of violence or potentially traumatic content. 

6. Cleanse your home 

Cleansing the home helps cleanse the aura

For your aura to be maintained clean, the environment in which you live should also be energetically cleansed and have a high vibrational frequency. 

You can’t live in a place that is low vibrational and expect to have a high vibration and a clean auric field. 

Thus, to have a well-balanced aura, you need to maintain your home clean, both physically and energetically.

A few ways of cleansing your home energetically are doing Reiki cleanses on your home, burning frankincense, and smudging your home with sage

Also, playing high-vibrational music helps raise the vibration in your home. 

7. Maintain your personal vibration high 

To maintain your aura cleansed, it is important to have a high personal vibration.

The personal vibration has three components: mental vibration, emotional vibration, and behavioral vibration. 

To put it more simply, our vibration is given by what we think, feel, and do. 

Thus, if you want to maintain a higher vibration, you must think about beneficial thoughts, feel positive emotions, and do good deeds. 

This will help you attract positive energies towards you and also positive spiritual entities such as angels, instead of negative energies and entities – such as demons. 

Thus, you can ensure that your aura will be maintained clean and your chakras will be in alignment. 

When your aura is clean and your chakras are aligned, you will feel better than ever and will start attracting better things into your life. 

How do you know that your aura is clean and your chakras are aligned? 

You have an amazing feeling that everything is going well and that you are on your path – exactly where you should be, and doing what you should be doing. 

8. Prayer 

Another amazing way how to cleanse your aura is prayer. 

Honest and wholehearted prayer keeps you connected to the Divine Source. 

When you are connected to the Divine Source, you know how to act in certain situations, how to balance your emotions, and what are the right thoughts to have towards a person or situation.

Prayer keeps you in alignment, on the right path, and has a high vibrational frequency. 

When you’re in doubt about something, or you’re feeling low or energetically drained, just pray with faith and honesty. 

Faith and honesty give prayer a unique power that will make the impossible possible, and will also help raise your vibration.

9. Spend time in nature 

woman cleansing her aura by spending time in nature

Nature is a great source of positive energy for human beings. 

The forest, the earth, the wind, the sea, and the sun, all have the power to cleanse us and refresh us both energetically and physically. 

When you lay on the ground, the earth absorbs the negative energies off you. 

When you bathe in the sea, the sea does the same thing. 

When you hug a tree, the tree will also absorb all your pain and negativity.

The sun gives you the vital energy you truly need to flourish, and the fresh air is very beneficial for your Third Eye Chakra and your Throat Chakra

If you’re looking for an easy way to raise your vibrational frequency, spending time in nature could be one of the most affordable and healthiest ways to do it. 

10. Using a Tibetan bowl 

There is a strong reason why Tibetan bowls are used by Buddhist monks in Tibet.

The Buddhist monks are known for their high vibrational energies and special, rare abilities that they develop due to living a spiritual, authentic life. 

They often use the Tibetan bowls in meditation and spiritual practice. 

Tibetan bowls have a powerful effect on a person’s energetic body, but also on their mind and emotions. 

They have powerful cleansing properties but can also help reduce depression and anxiety, as well as alleviate stress and improve sleep. 

All these amazing properties are given by the way in which Tibetan bowls hey are designed. 

Tibetan bowls are made of alloys that can contain from 5 to 7 metals, each corresponding to one planet: lead corresponding Saturn, tin for Jupiter, iron for Mars, copper for Venus, mercury for Mercury, silver for the Moon, and gold for the Sun.

They are designed in such a way that they banish negative energies immediately and connect the person to higher dimensions. 

Thus, Tibetan bowls are an amazing and effective way of maintaining your aura clean and your vibrational level high. 

To conclude, I encourage you to view cleansing your aura as an important part of your spiritual routine.

The state of your aura, just like the state of most of your energetic structures will have a direct impact on how feel, think and act. 

Thus, the wellness of your aura, chakras, and energy body will influence the quality of your life. 

The aim is to maintain your aura and all your other energy structures as clean as possible because that will help you be more in alignment with your higher self. 

Maintaining your aura clean will also ensure that you are surrounded by positive energies and entities. 

Positive energies and entities will determine that you make the right choices in any situation, so that you end up on the right life path for you, living in mental, emotional, and physical wellness. 

I would love to know if you found this article about how to cleanse your aura helpful!

Feel free to leave us a comment in the section below, sharing the effects that these 10 methods had for you, or even new ways of cleansing your aura that you have tried and work well for you.

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