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Do Animals Have Auras? Everything You Need To Know

Do Animals Have Auras? Everything You Need To Know

An aura is a subtle and protective bubble of energy surrounding one's physical body.

It is also known as a biofield, energy field, or, in scientific terms, the electromagnetic field. 

Both humans and animals have auras- in fact, all living and conscious entities have auras!

This means plants, gemstones, trees, and other natural entities emit their own unique frequency.

Let's find out more.

So Do Animals Have Auras?

Absolutely… We live in a world of subtle and spiritual energy.

In the quantum field, the physical universe is in fact non-physical, which means everything is hidden, unseen, and apparently invisible constructs and creates the world as we know it or like to perceive it. 

Reality is subjective.

Some people can see and feel auras, specifically empaths, spiritual healers, clairsentients, and clairvoyants, as well as those who work with shamanic and subtle forces. 

The human biofield is very similar to the animal biofield.

The key similarity is that both humans and animals emit frequencies and vibrations of energy, through the heart. 

The heart is a powerful conductor, transmitter, and receiver of energy- energy, of course, being thoughts, emotions, frequencies, and subtle influences.

What we think, feel, and intend passes through our heart, as the heart is the bridge, and ripples out into our aura.

The Power of the Heart

Woman connecting to her heart

The heart chakra, also known as the “energy portal” or “energy wheel” in Sanskrit, is a bridge between lower and higher consciousness.

Or the lower and higher chakras. 

It is important to be aware of the heart chakra when exploring animal auras because it is through an open and healthy heart chakra that we can start to see (and feel) animals' auras. 

When our own heart chakras are closed, inactive, or unawakened, we cannot sense animals on an empathic and spiritual level.

Animals feel, they are sentient and conscious beings! 

Animals have emotions, needs, desires, feelings, and inner powerful pulls towards companionship, intimacy, and love.

Many animals actually show more empathy and unconditional than a lot of humans.

So, it's essential to recognize the power of the heart and the capacity for love, connection, and deeper feelings.

Blocks in the heart chakra lead to blocks in the upper chakras- the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, and this means we cannot “see” or even feel an animal´s aura. 

Blocks in our own energy field lead to blocks in sight, subtle and spiritual perception, and intuition- and all the higher qualities linked to the Crown chakra, like unconditional love and unity consciousness. 

Do Animals' Auras Look The Same As Humans' Auras?

animal auras looking the same as humans auras

When examining the question: do animals have auras, we can understand more by considering the appearance of auras. 

People who see auras tend to be clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant

Empaths see animal auras, and there's even a specific type of empath called the “animal empath.”

We can learn a lot from this type of empathic and sensitive personality.

A lot of animals live much more closely to the Source than humans, which signifies that they have a golden glow to them. 

Fortunately, a large percentage of animals live close to nature in their natural habits. Or are blessed to be cared for and protected by humans in some natural environment. 

This means they are closer to the Source, the source of creation, the divine, etc. So their auras glow a lot more strongly and with a celestial, silver, green (the color of the heart and nature), golden or violet-magenta glow.

Why these colors?

Well, in truth an animal´s aura can be any color.

These are just the first ones that came intuitively to mind, based on spirit communication and past experience.

Let's explore the colors of animal auras and what they symbolize. Remember that the aura can consist of many colors… Sometimes colors twirl and spiral into each other. 

Colors of the Animal Aura and what they symbolize

Colors of an animals aura

#1. Red

A red auric field is usually seen in very primal and passionate animals. These include tigers, leopards, panthers, wolves, lions, horses, wasps, and alligators or crocodiles. 

Also, any animal that is found close to Mother Earth, like bears, squirrels, beavers, hedgehogs… 

Red symbolizes passion and physical instincts, but also security, groundedness, and basic survival qualities. 

So although animals with a strong libido and instincts will usually be seen with a red aura, more gentle and modest creatures who live in harmony with nature will equally have red auras.

These are usually red-green – symbolizing a balance between the Root chakra and Heart energy. 

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#2. Orange

Animals who radiate an orange aura are warm and friendly animals.

Peacocks, ducks, hummingbirds, cows, swans, turtles, dogs, deers, dolphins, and even some cats may be seen with an orange auric glow. Bees too!

Orange is the symbol of emotional warmth and balance, healing, sociability, community, and a healthy life force.

The Sacral chakra- the ruling chakra of the color orange- represents emotions, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. 

Serene, peaceful, emotionally intelligent, magnetically feminine, and in tune with subtle and spiritual energy animals have orange in their aura.

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#3. Yellow

Yellow is the color associated with the Solar Plexus, which encompasses self-authority, personal confidence, self-empowerment, life force, and vitality levels. 

So consider animals who exhibit a strong sense of personal authority and confidence.

Some include lions, parrots, bears, snakes, eagles, hawks, cats, and dragonflies.

Animals with yellow auras often have a combination of yellow and gold in their auric field.

By sending them healing, you can naturally raise your own inner golden glow, connecting to their wisdom and energy!

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#4. Green

As the color of the Heart chakra, nearly all animals will have green in their aura.

Green usually accompanies red, purple, or gold, but in truth, it complements all colors.

Examples of animals with a radiant green aura are dogs, elephants, dolphins, whales, bees, butterflies, giraffes, deer, swans, multiple bird species, buffalos, spiders, foxes, owls, wolves, and panthers. (This list is not complete!)

Because green is present in the majority of animal auras, pay attention to which color or colors accompany it. 

For example, a green-golden aura implies the animal is very in tune with Mother Earth-loving, kind, and caring or empathic too.

And with some higher self spirit and self-sovereign, and sensually majestic or celestial alignment. 

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#5. Blue – Indigo

The ruling color of the Throat Chakra, there are various shades of blue from light and sea blue to dark and sky blue at night. Or aquamarine to indigo. 

All water animals have a blue aura, to some degree.

Yet so do those animals who rely on communication and telepathic or verbal communication.

For example, parrots, eagles, ravens, owls, cats, snakes, lizards, and foxes.

Any animal that is deeply intuitive and intelligent will display a blue-silver (usually) auric glow.

Also, those animals thrive in the realm of intellect, logic, ideas, and inspirational or imaginative qualities. 

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#6. Purple or Violet

Purple and violet aura animals are in tune with their higher self, and with the Great Spirit. 

All animals have the potential to display this auric frequency, from tigers and panthers to butterflies and dragonflies… Chameleons and lizards to spiders and frogs… Whales and sea otters to peacocks and rabbits.

There is a majestic and sensual glow to animals with purple or violet auras. 

Depending on what qualities you yourself embody, and what you see in certain animal species, you may see a panther with a majestic purple glow and an owl with the same purple auric presence.

#7. White or Silver

White represents pure light, creativity, higher thought-forms & perspectives, and innocence. Faith, purity, trust, and compassion too.

Animals who radiate a white aura can teach you how to access creative and imaginative gifts.

They may also be a spiritual guide for you, coming into your journey to show you synchronicity and spirit connection.

They may be a shaman or ascended masters in animal form.

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#8. Gold or Celestial

Dolphins, whales, spiders, snakes, and any other animal in between, animal auras with gold or celestial essence suggest telepathy and heightened instincts. 

Intuition, powerful instincts, sensitivity, compassion and empathy, subtle perception, and psychic and telepathic gifts – are all common for gold aura animals.

Celestial is that shimmer, shine, and ethereal glow, similar to silver. Upon sight of a celestial aura, you instantly feel warm, protected, and connected to some other mystical and magical realm.

There is a sense of mystery and angelic protection or support. You feel seen and surrounded by benevolent and higher forces! 

Many animals are connected to the spiritual realms, where spirit guides and light beings are often present. Like with white and silver auras, this is a possibility here. 

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Are All Animal Auras Read The Same Way?

Do animals have auras?

It's important to be aware of the different types of groups of animals when asking this question.

The best way to understand the topic is to look at, or be aware of, the real-world implications of Spirit Animals.

For example, if you have a bit of knowledge about Spirit Animals, you will know that cats have similar energetic qualities.

Lions, tigers, cats, and panthers all share the symbolism & characteristics of sensuality, intuition, independence, and psychic powers and instincts.

The same is true for sea animals… Whales, dolphins, otters, and fish are all linked to the sea.

The sea represents emotions, feelings, inner currents, and instincts. Also, a direct link to the subconscious mind and imaginative, psychic, and spiritual abilities.

When we approach the question in this sense, we can start to answer it naturally.

Meditation, silent contemplation in nature or sacred space, and developing your intuition can really help you to know what to expect within the different animal species.

Through the above (meditation, etc.) you will “just know” that you should be more mindful around large cats, undomesticated animals, and those you find in a sanctuary, or out in the wild!

You wouldn't approach or even get close to a large animal without sensitivity, a very strong auric field, and powerful intentions.

These intentions, of course, are love, empathy, understanding, and caring or compassion.

Ultimately, not all animals´ auras are read the same way, because there are some inter-species differences.

To conclude, all animals have an aura, just as we humans do, so there is a general shared essence and process to aura reading.

Do's And Don't´s

You should always ask the animal if they want to be connected to… approach them with sensitivity. 

Don´t just breeze or glide on up to them- unless you really are on a star seed vibration and have been intuitively guided with “next level” instincts and higher self-guidance. 

For example, when boundaries need to be broken and you approach the animal in this way will lead to unity consciousness and positive illusion shattering. I'm talking to my real-life witches, wizards, shamans, and warlocks here!

In most cases, you need to communicate with animals sensitively and slowly.

Do not invade their personal space. Remember that their aura surrounds them too, even if other humans don't seem to understand or respect this.

You can really bring a new frequency of magic and connection in by treating them with the sensitivity and kindness they deserve. 

Be respectful, intentional, and empathic. Be aware that they too are intelligent, wise, intuitive, loving, and full of empathy, and show it. 

To truly read an animal's aura, you must be intentional and deliberate.

So anything short of complete authentic communication, loving and helping subtle projections, and a genuine desire to heal, help, or connect with them (for love & unity) may not be responded to well.

Always stay connected to your intuition too. Animals have feelings just like humans, and chaos, conflict, and frustration are a natural part of life. 

How To Read Animals' Auras

How to read animals auras

The first step is knowing that each animal has an electromagnetic energy field surrounding them. This is also called a biofield, or aura.

Information, emotions, feelings, pain, joyful experiences, past memories, and ancestral and family history can be found in the auric field.

All illness and disease begin on the astral and soul planes anyway, so animal auric reading is one of the best ways to discover what is wrong with the animal.

In addition to determining sickness, you can also tune into an animal´s aura with the sole intention of offering healing (regardless of whether there´s an ailment or imbalance). 

You may also choose to read animal auras to offer light, universal compassion, love, kindness, and respect to them. It's a beautiful way to establish a connection, contributing to “love over” fear and unity. 

A step-by-step guide to reading animal auras:

Step#1. Meditate and uplift your consciousness. Raise your inner vibration… this is so effective in itself.

Step#2. Set your intentions, for healing, compassion, love, empathy, and spiritual or soulful connection. Or, of course, to discover the ailment or illness if this is your intention. 

Step#3. Perhaps call on your angels, spirit guides, and personal spirit animal helpers. Increasing your vibration and core frequency through crystals can add a new dimension to your abilities. 

Step#4. To actually read the aura, you may feel to close your eyes or stare at the animal´s energy field/aura with intention. Both routes work, and the best way really depends on your personal style.

Step#5. If new to animal aura reading, consider attempting it as a form of meditation. Close your eyes, do steps 1- 3, and then seek a connection. 

Step#6. Allow all colors, pictures, imagery, feelings, emotions and thoughts, sensations, and intuitive or higher self visions to flow to you. Keep some background or direct focus on your heart chakra, as this is the key.

Step#7. Without a strong heart chakra, aura reading will likely not work. Empathy and compassion are key ingredients to any animal aura reading! 

Step#8. Finally, always keep in mind all aspects of the animal: the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual bodies. Anything can be shown to you, or sensed and felt.

Things To Learn From Reading Animals' Auras

Deer with a golden aura

In addition to the energetic symbolism of the aura colors, you can also learn a lot about yourself through what you choose to see in animals.

Resonance is a keyword associated with animal aura reading.

The most typical wisdom sharing to use is cats vs. dogs. “Are you a cat or dog person?” 

If you feel more love and comfort with cats, you are independent, highly intuitive, psychic and gifted.

You feel comfort in the shadow realms and darkness itself.

If you find more resonance in dogs, you appreciate community, attachments, friendships and loyalty.

You are more codependent than you are independent, yet you strongly value companionship. 

This is just one example. All animals show you what your current or desired frequency or “vibe” is.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so you can learn a lot about yourself through connecting to animals in a deeper way.

See, when you read an animal's aura, you merge and bond with them on a subtle and spiritual level. You bond soulfully. 

You give something to the animal while you organically receive, simultaneously. (Giving-receiving is a universal flow!)

Holistically, you gain insight into your own soul and psyche.

You can´t read an animal's aura if you´re still operating from fear.

Animal auras help to show you the power of love over fear, and unity consciousness over a separation mind-set. 

They provide you with vision, holistic sight, clarity, self-confidence, and empowerment.

Reading auras is a spark and boost to emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical health & well-being. 

Do animals have auras? Absolutely. Animals are mirrors of yourself, and healing is a shared journey.