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Soul Cleansing: 5 Powerful Ways To Cleanse Your Soul

Soul Cleansing: 5 Powerful Ways To Cleanse Your Soul

Soul cleansing is a very important part of everyone’s spiritual routine. 

A lot of people neglect soul-cleansing when they follow their routine, but I am writing this article with the hope that I can bring clarity about how important it is to have a soul-cleansing routine in place and to show which soul-cleansing methods are most effective.

Why Is Soul Cleansing Important?

The soul is the Divine Essence in all of us.

When we’re born on earth, besides a physical body that allows us to navigate the 3D world, we’re also given a soul and a Kundalini Energy. 

In Reiki, we believe that the Kundalini energy is that part of us that has incarnated in every lifetime and every dimension. 

It carries a lot of positive and negative energy, unhealed traumas, and karma which will be triggered in this lifetime, in order for it to be paid.

If you can associate the Kundalini with something, it’s more associated with our dark side.

The Soul, on the other hand, is the Divine Essence – the bit of Divine energy that gives us life.

Also, what is important to know about your soul is that it holds Divine gifts, Divine rights, and Divine powers. 

The more you manage to keep your soul in a pure condition, the higher your vibrational frequency will be and the better you will attract into your life. 

What Is Soul Cleansing?

a soul cleansing

You can count as “Soul Cleansing” any process that is aimed at maintaining your soul in its purest form. 

The purpose of Soul Cleansing is to cleanse the negative energies of your soul, as well as to bring back lost pieces of your soul. 

As we go through life, we also go through all sorts of negative experiences.

During these experiences, we get upset, we feel anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, etc.

These negative emotions remain stuck to our souls, just like stains.

Imagine the soul as a pure, bright white energy, which when filled with negative emotions changes color, and becomes gray at first, with the potential of turning black in time. 

The metaphor “dark soul”, refers to people who seem to be “bad people” or to feel no compassion for others. 

This metaphor of “dark soul” perfectly describes the idea of a soul losing its purity, because of all the pain it has endured and which hasn’t been handled properly by its owner. 

As they say, all “bad people” were good at first, but they went through painful, excruciating experiences that made them believe the world is a scary place and that other people are bad. 

Thus, they also need to be “bad” to protect themselves against a world that only produces suffering.

When it comes to losing pieces of your soul, this can happen either when you do something very negative, a life-altering mistake that harms you and others at the same time, or when you lose someone or something very dear to you and a piece of your soul goes with them. 

Losing pieces of your soul can have a very negative effect on your life because the soul, as I mentioned before contains gifts and can even have spirit guides attached to you, which are meant to guide you on the right path

Without important pieces of your soul, you can feel lost, depressed, have the feeling of a black hole inside your chest, and feel like you’re incapable of feeling love again. 

Also, there are high chances that you will not feel yourself, and you will make a lot of bad choices which will cause you to lose your path.

This is why I encourage you to have a look at the following 5 soul-cleansing methods and start incorporating some of them into your spiritual routine

5 Things You Do For a Soul-Cleansing

types of soul cleansing

1. Intention Based Visualization

Visualization is known to make miracles when it comes to spiritual healing. 

It can be used to heal spiritual structures as well as physical parts of the body. 

Thus, it is a great tool for healing and cleansing the soul as well.

As long as the visualization process is charged with intention. 

The intention is like a miracle-spice, which if it’s thrown into any of the spiritual work you’re doing it's going to bring the results you want.

Kind of like adding the right spices to your food – the food can taste blunt without them, and good after you've added them.

Cleansing your soul using intention-based visualization requires visualizing your soul, and trying to see it in its current state – with negative emotions attached to it, or with missing pieces. 

Then you do a very powerful soul-cleansing ritual which I am going to describe it in detail later on in this article. 

2. Soul Cleansing Prayers

Prayers can also be very useful tools to cleanse your soul. 

The most effective prayer is usually done from the heart, not from the mind. 

This means that to pray powerfully, you must center in your heart before praying. 

Prayers from the heart are full of love and faith and are usually able to create miracles. 

You may be wondering which prayers are best to use for soul cleansing.

From my point of view, any prayer that is said from the heart should have the power to cleanse your soul to a certain extent, except for prayer in which you are asking for something.

However, you can also try prayers such as Heavenly Father, Hail Mary, and especially St. Mary’s psalms. 

Psalms are known for their healing powers, but I recommend St. Mary’s psalms are different from the ordinary psalms, because I noticed that they have amazing healing powers over the soul, mind, and body. 

When reading these prayers, also make sure you focus your intention on channeling the energy of the prayer into healing and cleansing your soul.

Of course, to heal and cleanse your soul with prayers, you can also use a prayer that is designed to do just that. 

I recommend the following prayer that I wrote for Soul-cleansing, which must also be done with love, intention, and faith: 

“Dear Heavenly Father and all Heavenly Powers watching over me, 

I am praying for the wholeness, purity, and health of my Soul. 

I treasure the soul that was given to me as a gift, and I am grateful for the fact that it allows me to live and love.

As I go through life and I am faced with pain and upset, I may lose pieces of it or stain it with negativity. 

Dear Heavenly Father and Heavenly Powers watching over me, 

Please allow the Divine Light to cleanse my soul of all sorrow and negativity. 

Make it as pure as it was on the first day when I was born. 

Bring back all its lost pieces to me, and fill it with love and light. 

I now allow the Divine Light to surround my soul and to cleanse it thoroughly, 

Becoming one with the Source of Light. 

Offering me a piece of the Divine Wisdom

And granting me the ability to feel Divine Love towards everything and everyone. 

My soul is now complete, whole, and pure. Amen. Thank you.”

3. Getting A Confession

a confession as part of a soul cleansing

This can be tricky for those of you who are not necessarily religious. 

For some people, religion and spirituality are two separate things, and this could be due to the view that churches hold upon anything that is not Christian. 

However, from my point of view, religion does have some amazing powerful rituals meant to help us spiritually. 

I do not let the views of priests stop me from practicing my religion alongside all the other spiritual practices I do. 

Getting a confession and the bread and wine offered afterward as the Holy blood and body of Christ, are very effective rituals for soul cleansing.

Confession cleanses your soul of any negative emotions and energetic programming and also brings back the lost pieces of your soul, especially those lost due to mistakes.

Thus, I strongly encourage you to try to get a confession at least once a month, to cleanse and bring back your soul regularly.

4. Reiki Soul Cleanses

Reiki, as a powerful spiritual system, has its own soul-cleansing ritual. 

I find this ritual to be one of the most effective soul-cleansing rituals, but you need to be initiated in Reiki to be able to do it or to have it done by someone who is a Reiki practitioner. 

In case you do have a Reiki attunement, you can try the following steps to fulfill the ritual: 

  1. Hold your palms in front of your chest, and say the following phrase “ I now bring to myself all the pieces of my soul that have been lost, stolen, and bound, which I have the Divine Right to possess right now”. 
  2. Wait and see how you feel. You should have a warm sensation in about two minutes and should feel like your soul is returning to you. 
  3. Use Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Sikha Sei Ki to cleanse and energize your soul. Send Reiki energy to your soul until you feel that it has been cleansed. 
  4. Imagine that you put your soul back into your chest by bringing both palms to your chest and letting the energy of your soul enter your body.
  5. Thank the Divinity and angels for bringing your soul back to you, as well as for supporting you in this healing process.

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5. Prananadi Procedures & Symbols For Soul Cleansing

Prananadi is a Tibetan form of energy healing, a bit similar to Reiki, but with different procedures and symbols. 

I would say that the main difference between Reiki and Prananadi is that Prananadi has been kept in a more pure form. 

Prananadi is also a system that is transmitted from master to disciple through sacred and secret initiation. 

I am not able to describe Prananadi procedures here, as they are kept hidden from people who do not practice, but in case you are looking for very powerful energy and soul cleanse methods, it is worth knowing that Prananadi is an option. 

Thus, when you are curious to experience this sacred Tibetan form of healing, you can search for an accredited Prananadi therapist, and give it a try.

Complete Soul Cleansing Ritual

Soul cleansing ritual

As I mentioned before, I am going to give you a step-by-step extremely powerful soul cleansing and soul recovery ritual. 

This ritual is going to contain the intention-based visualization technique which I’ve mentioned before, together with other above-mentioned techniques, which I’ve combined together, to make it as powerful as possible. 

To get your soul cleansed and fully recovered from anywhere it has been lost, follow the next steps: 

1. Preparation For The Ritual 

To prepare for this ritual, go to a safe space where you can perform it without being interrupted. 

You may light some incense, frankincense, candles, or whatever helps you. 

You can even play some high vibrational healing music while performing it. 

Before performing any other step of the Soul Cleansing ritual, start with a prayer in which you declare your intention to cleanse and recover your soul and ask for support and guidance from Divinity and your Spirit Guides.

2. Soul Cleansing Prayer 

The first actual step of the ritual is to perform the Soul Cleanse and recovery prayers. 

For this, I suggest the following prayers: Heavenly Father, Hail Mary, and the Soul Cleansing prayer I wrote in the previous section about Soul Cleansing prayers.

3. Intention Based Visualization Technique 

Doing a visualization technique

This powerful technique starts with visualizing your soul while declaring your intention to cleanse it and to make it whole again.

Try to see it as it is right now, even though it could be full of negative energy, or it could be missing pieces. 

Then, visualize the source of Divine Light above you, and see how energy from it goes down on your soul, filling it with healing light and removing any negative energy from it. 

Make sure that all of this visualization is filled with powerful intentions. 

Then, ask your guides and angels to bring back to you all the missing pieces of your soul. 

Use your intention to make them come back, as you say to them in your mind “Dear pieces of my soul, come back to your rightful owner, no matter why you have been lost, if this is the Divine Will”. 

4. Give Thanks And End The Ritual 

After recovering and cleansing your soul, thank the Divinity and your spirit guides for helping you in this endeavor. 

You can say a few prayers to thank them, and even kneel for a few moments, to show your gratitude

5. Complete The ritual With A Confession And/Or A Reiki Ritual For Soul Cleansing

Reiki ritual for soul cleansing

To make this ritual even more powerful and to make sure that you now have your soul complete and fully cleansed, you could still go for a soul-cleansing Reiki session and a confession. 

These methods are very different from one another, however, all of them are powerful.

If you want to obtain the best results, I recommend trying all of them, one after the other. 

This can be especially useful if you’ve never done a soul cleanse and recovery before, or if you’ve been through a dark time in your life and you feel that your soul has been affected. 

To conclude, soul-cleansing is something that every person needs. 

Our soul is a very valuable asset for us, as it is the Divine Essence in all of us. 

Unfortunately, pieces of the soul can be lost, or the soul can be filled with emotions and energies that harm it. 

In this case, we will be impacted negatively. We will not feel very good, we will feel lost, confused, and unable to love. 

When our soul is incomplete or not pure, we can also lose our path in life and start making all the wrong choices. 

I recommend that you do a complete soul-cleansing ritual as often as possible, as the intention-based visualization technique and the soul Reiki cleanse can even be performed daily. 

If you know any other soul cleansing and soul recovery method, share it with us in the comments section, or if you’ve tried any of these methods and you’ve seen positive results, also, feel free to share your experience with us, as we’d love to know how this article has helped you!