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Rare Aura Colors: Revealing the 5 Rarest Aura Colors

Rare Aura Colors: Revealing the 5 Rarest Aura Colors

The color of the aura has become an increasingly popular topic, as people understood that it can reveal important aspects about their energetic state and spiritual evolution.

Auras can have almost any color, and every single one of them represents something about the person. 

In this article, I am going to talk about 5 rare aura colors as well as about the most common aura color and explain their meaning. 

What Does the Color of Your Aura Reveal?

The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. This energy field, just like all the other energy structures we possess, is invisible to the human eye. 

Some people who are spiritually awakened can see the auras with their third eye, but for most people, auras and their colors are a mystery. 

The auric field, also known as the bioenergy field, has 7 layers, each connected to one of your main energy centers or chakras.  

Thus, the color of your aura is not random. Rather, it will reflect the state of your chakras and show what is the dominant energy in your bioenergy fields, at the moment. 

For example, if your root chakra is very active, you feel generally secure in your life and you are a rather materialistic, action-oriented, fiery person, then the color of your aura might be red. 

If your throat chakra is very balanced and you have developed good communication skills which allow you to live in harmony and peace with yourself and everyone, your aura color could be blue. 

A blue aura could also be an indicator that you are developing and strengthening your spiritual abilities.

To help you gain more clarity over the topic I will present you a list of the rare aura colors you can find, and will also speak about the most common aura color. 

List of Rare Aura Colors

Woman showing a mix of rare aura colors

The rarest aura colors ever seen are: 

1. White

The color white is one of the very rare aura colors because it signifies spiritual purity, extreme kindness, a pure heart, and a positive mind. 

As white is the color of peace, if a person has this aura color means that they have reached a very high spiritual level and that they have a high vibration and inner peace. 

This is the aura color of a person who is very forgiving, peaceful, and does a lot of spiritual work such as meditation, energy cleanses, prayer, and so on. 

If someone is born with this aura color it means that the person has come in this lifetime from a high dimension, and that is someone who has evolved spiritually a lot in their previous lifetimes. 

This person will naturally have extremely good intuition, healing abilities, and people will be instantly drawn to their peaceful, loving, and caring personality. 

This is usually the aura color of empaths and star seeds that come from the highest dimensions, therefore, people with white auras could be people who sometimes need solitude to recharge “their batteries” and replenish their energy.

2. Silver

Silver auras are even rarer than white auras, as they signify a very high vibrational level and extreme spiritual purity. 

People who were born with silver auras could be angels who had to come here to learn certain humane lessons or light beings from very high dimensions.

If someone’s aura has turned silver in this lifetime, it means that have evolved spiritually very much. 

Silver auras represent healing abilities, spiritual purity, intuition, and psychic abilities as well as a lot of Divine gifts.

Divine gifts could mean rare beauty, the natural ability to be abundant, and the divine right to have money, as well as other spiritual gifts. 

People with silver auras could be the people who seem to have it all – the social status, the beauty, the happiness, etc. 

There is certainly something about them that makes them be an above-average person without even trying, and as long as they stick to the right path, they will live a very good life. 

3. Golden

the rare golden aura

If people with white and silver auras are spiritually evolved people or light beings who came from very high dimensions, people with golden auras are next level from every point of view.

Out of all the rare aura colors, golden is the rarest aura color that exists, because of the very rare qualities that people with this color possess. 

People with golden auras are only a few in the world. They are the ones that rule the world – meaning that they often have extremely high social status and also a very high spiritual level. 

You cannot miss them when you see them because the light they shine from within makes them magnetic and makes other people fascinated by them.

If they reached this aura color in this lifetime, it means that they have done incredibly good deeds, or achieved special divine gifts in this lifetime. 

If someone was born with a golden aura, they are an incarnated angel, archangel, or another type of high dimensional light being. 

4. Indigo 

The indigo aura people are still rare, but not as rare as white, silver or golden aura people. 

If someone’s aura is indigo, it means that the person is a highly evolved human being, with a very sharp mind, powerful intuition, and high spiritual intelligence.

An indigo aura is a strong indicator of a very spiritual and energetically powerful person.

For someone’s aura to turn indigo, their sixth chakra has to be very balanced and powerful. 

The person has psychic powers and an IQ way above the average, which was also achieved through spiritual evolution and study.

Also, an indigo aura indicates that the third eye is wide open and well functioning. This person should be successful especially in their career because their mind has very powerful and rare abilities.

If someone was born with this aura color, they probably achieved this level of intellectual and spiritual intelligence in a previous lifetime, but just like any other great gift, it stays with them in every lifetime.

Thus, the person with an indigo aura is a very old soul, who has worked a lot on improving everything related to the sixth chakra and has achieved powerful spiritual gifts.

5. Violet

rare violet aura

The last of the rare aura colors I am going to talk about is the color violet. 

As you know, violet is the color of the crown chakra. The crown chakra represents our connection to the universe and divinity. 

A person with a violet aura is also a very spiritually evolved human being – a bit above the person with the indigo aura, but below the people with silver and golden auras. 

A violet aura indicates a very strong connection to the universe, strong divine guidance, and spiritual gifts, as well as the fact that the person is close to achieving enlightenment and finishing their incarnation cycle as a human being on earth. 

A person with a violet aura may be ready to move on to higher dimensions when they die, as they have mastered all of the humane lessons that there are. 

A person whose aura is violet is also a very old, powerful soul, who has had a lot of time to grow and evolve spiritually.

Which Aura Color is the Rarest?

Of the rare aura colors, the rarest aura color is golden. As I explained before, people with golden auras are only a handful at the moment. 

They are either light beings such as angels and archangels who have incarnated as humans to learn humane lessons or to help others, or people who have achieved extraordinary spiritual merits in this lifetime.

Not only do they have high social statuses, but also they possess a lot of amazing spiritual qualities, and also, golden hearts, and sharp minds. 

They are truly rare and other people are often fascinated by them, end up craving their energy and seeking their presence, as their presence is soothing and healing for everyone around them.

They can be powerful spiritual healers or even celebrities who do a lot of charity work. Either way, they are easily spotted by the number of good deeds they do and the healing they offer to others, in various ways.

Which Aura Color is the Most Common?

In my opinion, the most common aura color is brown. If someone’s aura is brown, that person is rather earthly, focused on material things, and is doing their best to live without many spiritual resources.

Brown is the color of the earth, so the color brown in an aura will show a strong connection to the material plane. 

A person with a brown aura may be working hard all day long. They can be warm people who are well intended, but they haven’t yet matured spiritually, and they live their life in a rather small way. 

They are oftentimes young souls who are still learning the basic humane lessons such as going to work and bearing children and have still a few lifetimes to go until they can develop spiritual interests. 

This does not mean that brown aura people are inferior to the ones mentioned before.

It simply means that they are younger souls, and they need to follow the necessary steps to mature as spirits. 

Can Someone’s Aura Have Multiple Colors?

multiple aura colors around a person

Yes, a person’s aura can have multiple colors, if there are more dominant energies in their auric field at one time

In this case, to read the person’s aura you need to know the meaning of each color that shows in their aura and understand how they mix. 

For example, if you see a person with indigo and blue aura, you can conclude that they are very spiritually advanced and their third eye chakra is very balanced and open, and also that they have strong communication skills, both verbally and energetically (telepathically). 

How to read a person’s aura when their aura has multiple colors is a more complex topic, but just bear in mind that you should see how the colors complete each other. 

Do Auras Change Colors?

Yes, auras can change colors depending on how energy and personality change over time. 

Your aura will always reflect the dominant energies in your life, and it’s quite normal for these to change. 

According to how your aura changes color, you can trace your spiritual evolution and see if you’re on the right track or not. 

How to See Auras

The internet is full of information about how to see auras, but not all of it is necessarily legit. I will briefly describe the 4 ways you can end up seeing people’s auras (or your own): 

1. Aura seeing cameras 

The aura seeing camera was invented by Guy Coggins in 1970. Since then, a lot of energy-revealing cameras have been developed. 

The way these cameras work is that you have to take a picture of the person whose aura you want to see, and afterward you will see them surrounded by a colorful halo of energy and emotions. 

2. Using a mirror to see your aura 

Another way to see your aura is to use a mirror. For this exercise, you will need to stare at yourself in the mirror, with a white background behind you. 

After looking at your whole body, focus on the middle of your forehead, where your third eye is located. 

Focus your gaze there, until you feel you can't look there anymore, and then shift your attention to the side of your body, as you should start to see a field of color surrounding it. 

I suggest doing this exercise after meditation or after a Reiki cleanse, to have your chakras balanced and aligned. 

3. Open your third eye

If you want to start seeing people’s auras effortlessly, you can do that by opening your third eye. 

There are a few steps you can follow to open your third eye, but I advise you to seek guidance from someone experienced. 

4. Aura seeing meditation 

There is one meditation that you can do to see the color of an aura, but it is most likely that it will only work for your aura. 

You can try seeing other people’s auras with it, but it is not guaranteed. 

The way this meditation works is by setting the intention of seeing your aura or another person’s aura before you start the meditation. 

Then, you ask for help from your spirit guides and angels to help you see the right color. 

After that, you get into a meditative state and visualize your target the clear intention of seeing their aura.

Make sure our conscious mind does not influence what you see and allow the right color to be revealed to you. 

To conclude, of the rare aura colors, the rarest aura color is golden. People with this aura color are high-dimensional beings with extraordinary abilities. 

The colors white, silver, indigo, and violet are also rare, as they all belong to people who are old souls with rare qualities or to light beings temporarily incarnated as humans. 

The most common aura color is brown, as it’s the color that shows the vibration of planet earth and it represents a person who is a young soul, focused on the material side of life.

We look forward to reading your opinion about the rare aura colors I've discussed, or about the most common aura color in the comment section below! 

Also, if my aura-seeing techniques worked for you, I would love to hear about your experience!

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the 5 rare aura colors 🙏.

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