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Met a FALSE Twin Flame? These Signs Reveal If You Have

Met a FALSE Twin Flame? These Signs Reveal If You Have

Did you think that you had met your twin flame, however, something started to feel off?

Perhaps you are beginning to feel as if you don’t really know them?

Are they constantly letting you down and not giving you the support that you need?

They might be your false twin flame. 

Yes, unfortunately, there is such a thing as a false twin flame, and it is actually much more common than you would think! 

But thankfully, I have created this in-depth guide to false twin flames and what signs to look for if you think you have met a false twin flame.

We will also look at what you need to do if you have met your false twin flame!

What Are False Twin Flames?

Twin flames are your soul's other half. You are destined to meet and reconnect with them, and the relationship is deeply spiritual. 

There is also someone that might be your false twin flame. This is someone with who you share a connection, however, it is mainly superficial.

You may believe that they are your twin flame at first

They will seem to be a mirror of you and share many of your desires and beliefs.

Your false twin flame and your real twin flame will share a lot of similarities!

They will often appear in your life at an important point and overload you with love and affection. 

This can be really fun at first, and you might feel as if you have met your twin flame!

However, soon the cracks will appear and you will start to doubt your belief. 

Your false twin flame is normally someone that you get on with really well. You share jokes and enjoy your time together.

However, nothing ever seems to come from the relationship. You seem to be stuck in rut, not going anywhere.

This is because they are not really your twin flame. 

Are False Twin Flames Bad?

A lot of people hold the belief that false twin flames are bad all around.

However, this is not the case.

Of course, sometimes a person's false twin flame is bad and does not treat them well.

However, a lot of the time the pain caused by having a false twin flame is rather a confusion that the relationship causes, and a feeling of unfulfillment. 

There will be sadness that comes with the false twin flame relationship, yet it is not always a bad relationship and it does happen for a reason. 

The relationship can be fun and exciting, and you can definitely share a lot of great experiences with your twin flame, and even when the relationship ends you can look back on the times you had with them and be happy about it. 

A false twin flame also helps you learn about yourself and what you really need. Every relationship teaches you something and your false twin flame will awaken you. It will help you understand what your true twin flame will be like when you meet them. 

Your false twin flame is not wanting to hurt you, they might be as confused as you are!

They are just another person, trying to find love in this world.

Now let's get into the signs you are with a false twin flame.

Listen while you read: Here’s a video we did highlighting the signs of a twin flame:

11 Signs You've Met A False Twin Flame

Everybody experiences false twin flames differently, but there are some signs that suggest that you have met your false twin flame.

Read on to discover if this is happening to you!

1. Past Issues Arising 

False Twin Flames Past Issues Arising

When you are in a relationship with your false twin flame, there seems to not be a change between this relationship and the ones that you have had before.

A real true flame is one of new beginnings, feelings, and challenges. 

If you are having similar issues to ones in your past with this person, they are probably your false twin flame.

If you feel that you are not growing together, they are not your true twin flame. 

2. They Bring About Anxiety

When you meet your twin flame, your soul is reuniting with its other half. This fills you with feelings of security, warmth, contentment, and wholeness.

It is like a switch being flicked on within, and everything starts to make sense. 

Of course, there is stress and uncertainty in your twin flame relationship, but deep down, you know that the partnership brings you warmth and contentment. 

If the relationship gives you more anxiety than wholeness, they may be your false twin flame. 

You may feel on edge around them, and not totally calm.

This is because they are not your other half! 

3. You Have Uncertainty

When you meet your twin flame, you normally just know. There will be such a deep connection that shakes you to your very core.

You will feel calm and at peace, and know within yourself that this person is your twin flame. 

If you are uncertain and have doubt about the person that you are in a relationship with, this is your soul warning you.

It is your soul telling you that this person is not your real twin flame. 

Listen to your doubt and uncertainty, and take note of any gut instincts that you have within your relationship. 

4. They Run When There Is Challenge

If you have met your false twin flame, they will more often than not stick around for the fun, but run when you need them. 

You may have a great connection with them and have good times, and enjoy their company.

However, when you truly need them they seem to just disappear. 

A true twin flame is there to support you always, even if you are going through a difficult stage in the relationship.

They can feel it within their soul that you need help, and will always help you. 

A false twin flame does not do this, and prefers to run when there is any challenge. 

5. They Let You Down

A false twin flame will let you down often. This may be a little thing, like canceling dinner out at the last minute, or perhaps they run away when you need them the most. 

Whatever it is, it still matters and it still hurts. 

A false twin flame may fill you with false hope. They often will shower you with love and affection, constantly telling you that you are their true love.

However, when it comes to it, they are not there for you. 

To quote Jean Cocteau: “There is no such thing as love, only proof of love.

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6. They Avoid Commitment

False twin flame avoiding commitment

Perhaps you believe that this person is your twin flame and that you are meant to be together, but they seem to be avoiding any commitment!

When you discuss the future together, they seem to be withdrawn and defensive. 

This is because deep down, they know that this is not a twin flame relationship. 

By avoiding commitment, your false twin flame is actually doing you a favor!

Being with them and starting a life together will only delay your meeting with your true twin flame, and this will delay the spiritual growth that you need. 

If your partner is avoiding commitment, consider if they are your false twin flame. 

7. They Are Self-Centred

Unfortunately, being in a false twin flame might make a person self-centered.

They might not be really like this!

However, because the relationship is not true they might forget to give you the love and attention that you deserve, making decisions that are about them, not you both as a couple. 

This doesn’t make them a bad person!

You are just not the right fit together, and you will get the partnership that you need when you meet your true twin flame. 

8. It Doesn’t Feel Like A Partnership

Do you sometimes forget that you are in a relationship?

Perhaps you always find yourself making plans alone, not involving your partner.

These plans might even include big plans for the future!

A sign that you are with your false twin flame is if the relationship does not feel like a partnership. If you feel as if you are on your own in the world with nobody supporting you, then this is not the right relationship for you!

A true twin flame will be your other half in so many ways.

They will provide you with support and be your partner in life. If you are in a relationship with your true twin flame, you will never forget about them! 

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9. You Have Bad Habits 

Sometimes when you are working out if somebody is a false twin flame, you need to look at yourself and your own actions. 

Because you don’t feel content in the relationship, you may lean towards self-destruct.

You might be drinking or partying more, relying on bad habits. 

Your false twin flame does not allow you to be your best possible self, and this shows!

They do not give you the support and encouragement you need to kick bad habits and learn and grow. 

When you are with your true twin flame, you will feel as if anything is possible!

You will feel content, not needing to lean on bad habits for support. 

10. You Feel As If You Don’t Really Know Them

False twin flames feeling as if they don’t really know each other

Do you ever look at your partner and have a sudden feeling that you don’t actually really know them?

Yes, you might know them superficially.

You might know about their favorite football team, or what they like to eat.

But, you don’t know them deep down. 

If you are with your false twin flame, you will have a feeling of disconnect. You will constantly be wanting to learn more about them, but you never really feel like you know enough. There just might seem to be something missing. 

11. They Don’t Challenge You 

A wonderful aspect of the twin flame relationship is the things you learn about yourself.

The relationship is really important to grow spiritually and emotionally. 

Because of this, your twin flame will challenge you in wonderful and exciting ways. They will challenge you to question who you are and your goals in life.

They will challenge you in ways that bring you out of your comfort zone. 

This challenge is really healthy and positive, and super important in your life’s journey!

If you don’t feel this challenge, this person might be your false twin flame. 

Can False Twin Flames Experience Telepathy?

A lot of people experience telepathy between themselves and their twin flame.

This is where you can transmit and receive information between brains through energy.

A lot of people have the ability of telepathy, and there are a lot of different types of telepathy. One type is telepathy that happens between twin flames. 

Because twin flames share the same soul, they are always connected, no matter how far apart they might be. This can manifest in the form of telepathy. Even if you haven’t actually met your twin flame yet, you might have a strong psychic connection with them and somehow receive messages. 

When you and your twin flame have reunited, the telepathic skills you both have will start to grow stronger. 

Because of how common twin flame telepathy is, it is a big sign that you have found your twin flame. 

However, you can also have telepathic abilities between you and your false twin flame!

This is because you are both spiritual beings and both have strong psychic powers.

Because false twin flames are really similar to you and you do share a connection, telepathic abilities may occur. 

So, if you are having telepathic abilities with your partner, they might still be your false twin flame!

Remember to look at all the different signs of what a false twin flame is to try and work out if this is what you are experiencing or not. 

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What To Do If You Meet Your False Twin Flame?

First of all, don’t worry!

This might be a confusing time for you as your whole life seems to have turned on its head, however, there is a reason why you have met your false twin flame. 

Remember, there is a lot of things that your false twin flame can teach you, and you might be with them right now in order to learn from them.

This will allow you to be prepared to meet your true twin flame.

You might not want to break up with your false twin flame, perhaps you are having fun with them!

Maybe now is the time to reevaluate what you need from the relationship and see it in new eyes. They are not your true twin flame, however, they might be right for you right now.

If you do decide to break up with them, remember to do it respectfully and calmly.

It is not their fault that they are not your real twin flame!

They have not tried to deceive you in any way! 

Whatever you decide to do is up to you, but always remember that the universe is backing you and your angels are here to support what you decide to do.

Everything happens for a reason and there will be a reason for having this false twin relationship, even if you don’t know what it is yet!

Remember, if you treat yourself and others with kindness, everything will work out how it is supposed to!

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