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Nearing A Twin Flame Reunion? These 7 Amazing Signs Reveal If You Are

Nearing A Twin Flame Reunion? These 7 Amazing Signs Reveal If You Are

Are you feeling overwhelmed with emotions and excitement?

Do you constantly seem to be thinking about a specific person?

Are you inexplicably drawn to them, seemingly without a reason?

This person might be your twin flame and you might be about to have your twin flame reunion!

But, how do you know if this isn’t just lust? 

In this article, we will look at seven amazing signs that suggest that you are nearing a twin flame reunion.

This reunion is not just lust, it is a deeper connection about the soul within and who you truly are. 

Read on to discover if you are nearing a twin flame reunion!

What Is A Twin Flame Reunion?

Twin Flame Reunion

When you realize who your twin flame is, your life changes.

This is an incredible relationship where you both learn and grow together spiritually. 

During reincarnation, your soul was split in two. Life is a journey and one of the tasks in life is to reunite with your soul’s other half. This is your twin flame. You share the same soul, having a deep and intense connection. 

This connection is deeply spiritual and is one of transformation and growth.

Together, you will face challenges and pain, but also incredible joy and love that you have never felt before. 

You normally share the same spiritual and life goals as your twin flame, and you both value the same things, seeing the world in your own specific way.  

Reuniting with your twin flame can be an overwhelming experience, one full of intense emotion.

They mirror you and allow you to see how you truly are.

You might even have a telepathic connection, being able to hear what they are thinking and feel their emotions. 

7 Signs You Are Having A Twin Flame Reunion  

Finding your twin flame and connecting with them is an incredible experience.

Normally you just know when somebody is your twin flame and you are about to have a reunion.

However, it can be difficult to understand, mainly because of the intensity of the emotions.

Sometimes, people who are nearing a twin flame reunion may just tell themselves that what is going on is lust.

This is because they are scared.

When you have such intense feelings for somebody, you can be really overwhelmed!

If you are feeling scared, do not worry!

The universe and your angels are on your side and watching out for you, so nothing can go wrong.

Everything happens for a reason, and you are reconnecting with this person because they are your twin flame!

Here are seven amazing signs that suggest you are nearing a twin flame reunion.

1. You See Signs Of New Beginnings

If you are nearing a twin flame reunion, you will be seeing a lot of new signs and symbolism around you.

These might manifest in different ways, however, there are certain signs of new beginnings that suggest you are about to reconnect with your twin flame. 

If you are seeing a pair of swans, this suggests that a twin flame reunion is imminent.

These birds symbolize a range of things that reflect twin flames. They reflect love, trust, and change. They are linked to the element of water which symbolizes the deep depths and purity of a twin flame relationship.

Seeing a pair of swans suggests your twin flame reunion is near. 

You also may see other animals in pairs such as doves, and this also signifies a reunion with your twin flame. 

You may also start seeing the number 11:11 everywhere.

When you look at the clock, is it always at 11:11?

When you get your bill at the grocery store, does it always seem to come to $11.11?

This is for a reason!

This is your angels telling you to open up because new love is coming! This number signifies new beginnings and growth. 

The number 11:11 is a twin flame number and gives you a sign that your twin flame reunion is about to happen. 

2. Excitement 

woman excited about her twin flame reunion

Before you physically meet your twin flame, your soul will be able to sense it.

There will be vibrations in the universe and energy coming from your twin flame that you can’t seem to logically understand, but deep down, your soul does. 

If your twin flame reunion is imminent, your soul will feel their energy.

This will make you feel super excited, even giddy!

You will feel a glowing feeling deep within and you might be a little confused as to why you are feeling like this. 

Listen to your instincts and deep emotions, and if you are feeling a whole load of excitement for no reason, this might be because you about to be reunited with your twin flame!

3. You Keep Thinking About Someone

When you first meet your twin flame, it might be really briefly. 

Perhaps you got introduced to somebody at a party and then got chatting to other people, not really having a chance to talk to them.

Or, perhaps you bumped into a person at the grocery store and you locked eyes with them before both turning away. 

But, maybe your mind keeps on going back to this specific person.

Do you feel inexplicably drawn to them?

Are you wondering what they are doing and how they are feeling?

Perhaps they even appear in your dreams!

It is not just lust!

They might be your twin flame. 

Do you keep thinking about someone for no reason? At work, when you are watching TV, or even perhaps at night before you go to bed!

This is a sign that they are your twin flame and you are nearing your twin flame reunion!

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4. It Is The Right Time 

Having A Twin Flame Reunion

The universe is great at timing things well.

Your life is a journey and everything happens for a reason, even if you can’t see it yet!

You will be reunited with your twin flame when it is the right time.

Your energy and the energy of your twin flame will be working together and aligning with the universe. 

If you are currently feeling lost and confused about your journey in life, this might be the time for you to meet your twin flame. 

If you are feeling stable and confident in who you are, and are not even looking for love, this still might be the right time!

Your reunion with your twin flame might teach something and you can learn and grow together. 

If you think you have met your twin flame, but feel like it is at the wrong time, do not worry!

It is the right time!

You just don’t know it yet. But, the universe has done this for a reason, so embrace it and connect with your twin flame. 

5. Spiritual Growth

When you are nearing a twin flame reunion, you might be feeling much more spiritual than usual.

This is because your soul is awakening and buzzing with energy, knowing that your twin flame is near. 

This spiritual growth will manifest itself in so many different ways.

You may be feeling pressure in your third eye as it is opening. Or, perhaps you seem to have stronger psychic abilities, perhaps feeling intuitive about certain situations or people.

Your telepathy might be growing, or you might be feeling much more connected to mother nature and the elements. 

Embrace this spiritual growth!

They are all part of the journey and they suggest that your soul is developing.

If you are nearing a twin flame reunion, your soul is going through an awakening.

Open up to these spiritual changes, and give yourself the freedom to enjoy new experiences and harness new powers. 

6. A Feeling Of Wholeness

When you are about to meet your twin flame, and shortly after the initial physical meeting, you will start to feel content and whole within yourself. 

This might be a whole new feeling for you!

Perhaps you previously were struggling with your spiritual path, confused over your destiny.

You may have suffered from sadness and anxiety. 

When you are nearing a twin flame reunion, these feelings will lift and you will suddenly feel calm and content.

There will be no worries in regards to your destiny or life journey, you will start to understand that everything that is meant to be will happen. 

Because your twin flame is your soul's other half, being near them will give you a deep sense of wholeness.

Your soul and spirit are now one, and this is beautiful! 

7. You Are Drawn To Certain Places

Woman being drawn to certain places

Do you seem to want to go somewhere at a certain time without really understanding why?

Do you end up lingering for more than usual at a certain place?

This might be your soul trying to guide you towards your twin flame.

If you have this urge to go somewhere and hang out at a place, listen to this urge!

Your soul knows that these places are where you will reunite with your twin flame, and are therefore bring you there. 

Because of this, you might begin to see your twin flame more and more.

It is no coincidence that you are constantly bumping into that person who filled you with intense emotion the first time you met! 

That person may well be your twin flame, and if you keep seeing them around, this is your soul and their soul connecting and being drawn to each other. 

What Happens After A Twin Flame Reunion?

Meeting your twin flame is an intense and amazing experience.

You learn so much from them and grow spiritually. 

If you have read this article and realized that you relate to these signs that you are nearing a twin flame reunion, you are probably wondering what happens next!

Firstly, remember not to worry.

Work with the universe to have the best twin flame relationship and use spiritual tools for guidance!

Embrace the feelings!

Know that perhaps they do not make sense, but you are feeling them and therefore they are valid. 

Let your twin flame into your heart.

Open up to the wonderful experience of reuniting with your twin flame. 

After initially reuniting with your twin flame, you will both go on a journey. The next stage after the meeting is the falling. 

You will fall head over heels in love with this person!

Falling in love with your twin flame is an experience you have never had before, and it can be truly amazing. 

This may not even be a romantic love, love takes so many different forms.

This love might be purely platonic, and you will find a great friend and mentor in your twin flame. 

You will get to know your twin flame on a much deeper level, finding out all the incredible similarities.

You will share the same goals, dreams, and beliefs.

Reconnecting with them and learning how you are the same soul will teach you so much!

Because of how similar you are, they will also hold a mirror up to you and show you who you truly are.

This can be an upsetting experience, and very hard to deal with, but in knowing your true self you are able to grow and develop spiritually and emotionally. 

Enjoy the experience of falling for your twin flame. Open up your heart to them and the universe. 

Read our in-depth guide about the eight amazing twin flame stages here to learn what is coming up for you and your twin flame. 

It's Time To Let Love In

Couple in love

A twin flame reunion is a wonderful experience and one that will change your life forever.

It is so important for your life and your soul to have this relationship, as you are connecting to your other half. 

It can be intense, erratic, and sometimes just so hard to understand!

However, it is super important that you do let the love in! 

Only great things can happen from a twin flame reunion.

There will be ups and downs, but ultimately, this relationship will be the most significant one in your whole life.

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