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8 Amazing Twin Flame Stages To Reuniting With Your “Souls Other Half”

8 Amazing Twin Flame Stages To Reuniting With Your “Souls Other Half”

Meeting your twin flame can be an intense and incredible experience.

You are essentially being reunited with your soul's other half, and this is wonderful but can also be pretty scary!

In this article, we will look at the 8 twin flame stages of reuniting with your soul's other half, so you know what to expect! 

What Is A Twin Flame?

A picture of twin flames

Firstly, let's look at what a twin flame is, so we know what to look out for!

Perhaps you have already met your twin flame, or you think you have but want to make sure.

To fully embrace the twin flame relationship, we have to really understand why it is so important! 

A twin flame is a person who shares the same soul as you. They are your other half, and this is because souls are split in two before they are reincarnated on the earth. 

Finding your twin flame is super important as you learn from each other. The relationship is imperative to your spiritual growth. 

Your relationship with your twin flame can take many forms. It may be romantic, or a close friendship, or even a mentorship!

It is worth pointing out that your twin flame is not always your soulmate. Because of the intensity of the relationship between you and your twin flame, it sometimes will not last.

Your soulmate does not share the same soul as you but comes from the same family of souls. 

Your soulmate is here to support you and help you grow. However, your twin flame is here to bring you closer to your divine mission and make you realize your true soul's purpose. 

Your twin flame is your mirror.

However, your soul mate is your support and might be completely different from you! 

How Do I Know If I Have Found My Twin Flame?

Found My Twin Flame?

A lot of people just know when they have met their twin flame. There might be an instant, deep connection that is too powerful to ignore. 

Sometimes, people might not be open to their twin flame, and this causes issues. When wanting to find your twin flame, it is essential to be open to discovering this connection. 

Do not have preconceptions about who your twin flame might be. You probably will be surprised at who your twin flame actually is!

Being open to all people you meet and all relationships you forge means that you are ready to go on the incredible journey of twin flame stages. 

A big sign that you have found your twin flame is that you both share the same deep moral codes and values in life. You may also be interested in the same things and share the same soul's purpose. 

You may also find that they are a mirror of you, sharing your fears and emotional spikes.

You might even feel the emotions that they feel even if you are miles apart! 

The 8 Twin Flame Stages

Now we are aware of the importance of finding your twin flame, let us look at the 8 twin flame stages.

You may read this and realize who your twin flame is!

Perhaps you are going through these stages with someone in your life? 

If you haven't found your twin flame yet, being aware of the stages means that you will be fully prepared for when the time comes!

Stage 1 – Yearning 

The first stage is yearning, and this stage lasts a long time. Sometimes it feels like it might last forever! 

This is the period of your life where you are wondering and hoping about finding someone just like you. You may feel like something is missing and have a small inkling that someone out there matches you perfectly. 

You will go through this stage even if you are not aware of the term ‘twin flame'.

This is because your soul knows that this person is out there and wants to be reunited with them. 

You might not be able to put this feeling into words.

It might not be a romantic or sexual yearning, more that you need someone just like you to help you on your way! 

If you are going through this stage right now, do not lose hope!

Remember to be open and excited about the reunion because it will come.  

This is a time to prepare yourself for being reunited with your other half. Make sure you are there to welcome them into your life. 

Stage 2 – Glimpsing 

The second twin flame stage is glimpsing.

This feels like an awakening in your soul, and your eyes and heart become open to the people around you. 

This is the stage where you physically meet your twin flame. It might be a brief, fleeting meeting, but there will be a huge rush of intense emotions once it happens.

You may feel an overwhelming sense of love and happiness, and even anxiety. 

After meeting your twin flame, you will have huge longing for them and want to get to know them better.

There will be a lot of curiosity and a heightened sense of all your emotions. 

This can be a confusing and intense time, but do not be afraid! It will be a whirlwind of emotions, but it is vital for your spiritual growth that you embrace it all!

Stage 3 – Falling 

Falling in love

After the second stage, you will pursue a relationship with your twin flame.

This might be a romantic one or a friendship one, but you will fall head over heels for your twin flame in whatever way is destined for you!

The third stage is falling in love.

You get to know your twin flame and discover all the things that you have in common. Some people refer to this stage as the honeymoon stage, and not without reason!

You will want to be with your twin flame all the time, learning, talking, and discovering. 

You may have been in love before, but falling in love with your twin flame will be something you have never fully experienced before.

This stage is full of new and exciting emotions, and you may feel intense and total bliss being around them.

This is your soul and their soul reconnecting. 

You might find yourself wanting to shy away from your twin flame.

This is a natural reaction as you are attempting to protect yourself from any pain that may happen. But, you will never be able to resist the connection for long.

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Stage 4 – Challenging 

After a while of being in an intense and amazing relationship, challenges will start to emerge. This might come after years of being with your twin flame, but it usually happens pretty quickly. 

Your perfect friendship or relationship with someone who shares all the same goals, hopes, and dreams as you will soon run into issues.

These start as small challenges, little niggles, and worries that you try to ignore at first. 

You mustn't ignore these challenges. For you to fully learn and grow with your twin flame, these challenges and issues are important. 

Stage 5 – Crisis

This stage is where the challenges that you are facing come to a head. Your relationship will be put to the test.

You might argue and feel insecure about your relationship. 

Your twin flame is a mirror of you, and therefore this means that they make you see you for who you really are. They make you understand and comprehend who you truly are, and this can be terrifying. 

This stage is hard, which might mean that you do not speak or see your twin flame for a while. You will feel heartbroken and distressed, and it truly feels as if a part of you has been torn away. 

If you are going through this stage, remember that it is important to reconnect with your twin flame no matter how hard it is. 

This stage will deepen your bond with your twin flame and make you grow stronger together.

To fully understand the importance of your twin flame relationship, feeling this heartbreak makes you truly realize that this person is in fact, your twin flame. 

Stage 6 – Chasing 

Chasing twin flame

After the fallout from the fifth twin flame stage, you might go a while without any contact with your twin flame. 

You both might feel scared about your relationship's intensity but begin to realize that you need them in your life. 

Unfortunately, some people never leave this stage. They might keep running from the relationship and the spiritual development that they need. 

The chasing stage means that either you or your twin flame will start to pursue a relationship. The other person might still feel scared or not ready, and this is why a chase occurs. 

The chase can last for years.

It all depends on the maturity of your soul.

You or your twin flame will be pulling away, running, and hiding from the relationship. This resistance is expected because of the intensity of emotions and feelings. 

There might be a feeling of being lost, turning to other people to try and emulate the relationship you had with your twin flame.

You may take on bad habits, such as drinking or smoking, in order to find some fulfillment. 

Stage 7 – Surrender

The penultimate stage is one of realization and surrender.

Once you have worked through your anxieties and insecurities alone, you will soon come to the realization that you need your twin flame in your life. 

The time apart will have allowed you to grow, even though it was painful. It will have let you realize who you are and what you need out of your twin flame relationship. 

You and your twin flame will reconcile and discuss the issues that led to the crisis in your relationship.

It is important to address these as if not, the stages will repeat and cause more heartbreak and anguish. 

You will soon start to realize that now is the time to live in the moment and grow with your twin flame.

Remember to trust the universe and allow the powers and energy around you to help you and your twin flame reconnect and reconcile. 

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Stage 8 – Oneness

The last twin flame stage is defined by peace.

There will be a sense of relief as you and your twin flame continue your relationship but in a new and hopeful way. 

This stage is you and your twin flame accepting your destiny together. You recognize who you are to each other and know that the hard work and pain are over.

You are here for each other, where you belong. 

Life will feel much more balanced and calm in this stage as your soul is back together but without the crisis and tension that occurred before. 

If you are lucky enough to get to this stage, relish in the peace and happiness that it provides you! 

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Embrace Your Twin Flame! 

Embrace Your Twin Flame

The eight twin flame stages are a rollercoaster of emotions, some amazing and some really painful. 

It is really important that you are aware of your twin flame and the significance of the relationship.

A part of this is recognizing who you are and any insecurities that might be holding you back. The relationship is about both you and your twin flame growing and learning, discovering the mission of your lives. 

Some people never reconcile with their twin flame, and if you are finding this stage hard, work on yourself first!

Practice self love, and never forget how amazing you are. 

Opening up to your twin flame changes your life.

Your soul becomes reunited and at peace, but it can take time and effort to achieve this!

But, hard work and pain will pay off!

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