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What is a Twin Flame Ascension? 21 Spiritual & Physical Signs

What is a Twin Flame Ascension? 21 Spiritual & Physical Signs

As more and more people are meeting their Twin Flames and have to go through the challenges that come with this, I see a lot of people being interested in the process of Twin Flame Ascension.

Meeting your Twin Flame and going through the Ascension process is very tough for everyone, which is why I wrote this article explaining what is the Twin Flame Ascension and what are the main Twin Flame Ascension Symptoms.

I am hoping that by helping you recognize the Ascension process and explaining to you what it is and why you have to go through it, It will provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the Twin Flame Ascension Completion sooner and to go through all the stages more easily.

What is a Twin Flame Ascension?

There seem to be a lot of contradictory opinions on the internet about what is a Twin Flame Ascension. 

Some say that the Ascension is the whole process of meeting your Twin Flame and dealing with the relationship, others say that the Ascension only starts after the stage of separation.

I would say that none of these theories are wrong, however, I would say that the Ascension literally starts when you’ve separated from your Twin Flame and the healing process is triggered. 

The Twin Flame Ascension is the spiritual growth and healing process that is triggered by meeting your Twin Flame and separating from them (as the ascension is triggered by suffering and emotional pain).

The purpose of this process is to help you align with your Higher Self, to put you on the right Divine path for you, and to unite you with your Twin Flame.

Through the Ascension process, you let go of any baggage you may have acquired through this life or other past lives, and by doing this you are aligning to your Higher Self and are able to harmoniously unite and then live with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Ascension Stages

A Twin Flame Ascension

There are many opinions on what are the main Ascension stages and how many there are, thus, I just want to mention that I am going to write about the stages from the perspective of what I noticed going through my own Twin Flame Journey, but also by reading and discovering how other have experienced and depicted the same stages. 

The main Twin Flame Ascension stages are: 

1. Accepting the separation

The separation process in a Twin Flame Journey is a very difficult and painful stage.

To be honest, it’s actually savage and hurts as if someone had just ripped your heart out of your chest. 

As the Ascension is meant to align you to your Divine Self and that involves a lot of healing and spiritual development, Ascension starts with accepting the separation and starting to work through the emotional pain you are experiencing. 

Accepting the separation does not mean that the suffering is over, it just means that you have accepted the situation and you are ready to learn from it and grow from it. 

2. Healing the pain

The second stage of the Twin Flame Ascension is when you embrace the pain and start healing it. 

This stage can be quite difficult and the amount of time required for it depends from person to person. 

In this process of healing the pain, a person is doing the actual Ascension – becoming who they are meant to be from a Divine Point of view and becoming more like their Higher Self. 

Healing the pain means allowing the suffering to take place and paying attention to every thought and emotion that arises through this stage, seeing where it comes from and what it can teach you about yourself. 

Then, you let go of that thought or emotion and replace it with a positive one. 

At the end of this journey, you should be your best possible version. 

3. Developing spiritual symptoms of Ascension

Woman going through the twin flame ascension

Soon after starting your healing process, the next stage is going to start simultaneously – you will start experiencing spiritual signs of Ascension.

When a person is in the process of Twin Flame Ascension they will experience both spiritual and physical symptoms of Ascension, which I am going to discuss in more detail later on. 

Some of the most common spiritual Twin Flame Ascension symptoms are heightened senses, a more developed intuition, a state of inner peace and unconditional love, the feeling that you are flowing through life, intensified emotions, etc. 

4. Developing Twin Flame Ascension Physical Symptoms

Right after experiencing Twin Flame Ascension spiritual symptoms, you will also experience the Twin Flame Ascension physical symptoms. 

These stages will intertwine at some moment because the spiritual symptoms will not disappear when the physical ones start, but most of the time they start first. 

A few Twin Flame Ascension physical symptoms include nausea, flu, headaches, muscular pain and tension, and so on. 

These may sound a bit unpleasant, but don’t worry – they are just signs that your body is going through a powerful spiritual transformation. 

5. Understanding who you are

A very important Twin Flame Ascension symptom is understanding who you really are at a deeper level than ever before. 

Going through your Twin Flame Ascension will allow you to get to know yourself better than ever before and understand why you came to earth, what is your mission, what experiences have shaped you the most and why, etc.

At the end of your Twin Flame Ascension, you will be very clear about who you are from a spiritual, personal, and societal point of view and you will never be undecided again about which path you should take. 

6. Discovering your life purpose and path

Woman with hands spread wide open

Every person is born with a certain mission in life, and a Divine path that is right for them. 

Following this path means fulfilling their destiny and becoming who they are meant to become to learn the right lessons for them and evolve in the incarnation cycle.

We meet our Twin Flame (the other half of our soul) because they have the power to stir us in the right direction, and by going through the whole Twin Flame process we can discover our real life purpose.

Towards the end of your Twin Flame Ascension Completion, you will most likely have understood your deeper life purpose and life path.

7. Reuniting with your Twin Flame 

Even though not all Twin Flames reunite in this lifetime, at the end of your Twin Flame Ascension process you should reunite with them. 

Does this mean that for some people the Ascension takes more lives to happen?

To be honest, I believe so, however, that is rare. Most of the time Twin Flames do reunite in this lifetime in one form or another. 

Thus, the last stage of the Twin Flame Ascension process is reuniting with your Twin Flame, because as you both became the best version of yourself, you are ready to be together. 

What are the Twin Flame Ascension Signs and Symptoms?

The Twin Flame Ascension Signs

As you are going through the Twin Flame Ascension, it is normal for you to experience the following signs and symptoms: 

1. Heightened senses 

As you go through the Twin Flame Ascension, one Twin Flame Ascension symptom is that your senses will heighten and you will become more perceptive. 

This means that you will notice more things, be more observant, and will understand more about what is going on around you. 

You will pick up other people’s feelings and intentions faster than before, will see everything better, and will hear things from far away. 

2. Strong intuition

An important Twin Flame Ascension symptom is intuition, which will be stronger than ever before. 

Intuition is an important spiritual tool, and the Twin Flame Ascension is a powerful, very important spiritual journey, the intuition will sharpen as well, to guide you when you will need it the most. 

Your intuition will help you make the choices that you need to make during this spiritual journey, in order to align with your Higher Self and be on the right path for you. 

3. Developing psychic abilities 

Another Twin Flame Ascension sign is the development of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairalience

Strong, active intuition can also be considered a psychic ability

As you go through the Twin Flame Ascension, you will receive spiritual gifts – such as psychic abilities which will help you communicate with your Twin telepathically, will help you make the right choices for your spiritual purpose, and will mainly help you if your Divine Mission is a spiritual one, such as being a healer.

4. Twin Flame Ascension Nausea

The Twin Flame Ascension Nausea is one of the physical symptoms I was telling you about before. 

As you are going through this intense spiritual process – the Twin Flame Ascension, your body will start developing symptoms that can be a bit unpleasant at times. 

This is happening because your body is trying to adjust to the process and to all the trauma and problems that are coming to the surface for healing. 

Frequent nausea is just one of these physical symptoms, which you will experience from time to time. 

5. Twin Flame Ascension Flu

Another one of the twin flame physical symptoms of ascension is getting the flu.

Even if you are not the type of person that gets sick frequently, when you’re going through your Twin Flame Ascension you might start getting flu quite often.

This flu can be quite severe and can feel quite uncomfortable, and you will notice that you are getting it when you are processing and healing something difficult, as a side effect of the stress that is lowering your immune system.

6. Twin Flame Ascension Headaches 

Twin Flame Ascension Headaches

Another common physical Twin Flame Ascension sign is getting a headache or a migraine. 

A headache can indicate that you are interpreting something the wrong way, not understanding a certain life lesson and that you need to review your point of view. 

Headaches are given by imbalances of the sixth chakra, which is the chakra that governs thinking.

Thus, a headache most likely means a thinking problem.

7. Muscular pain & tension 

Another physical Twin Flame Ascension symptom worth mentioning is the muscular pain and tension that you experience from time to time. 

Muscular pain and tension can occur due to the anxiety you will occasionally feel.

You could feel the need to meditate, relax, go to massages, smell lavender and take better care of yourself during this time – and I strongly advise that you listen to your body.

8. Eye Twitching

As a part of your Twin Flame Ascension, you will also experience frequent eye twitching. 

Eye twitching happens because changes will occur in your Third eye Chakra.

This Chakra is profoundly affected because the Ascension process challenges the way in which you think and is meant to give you a more spiritual, deeper view of life. 

As eyes are governed by your Third Eye Chakra and they symbolize how you view things (and are spiritually affected by this), they will go through a lot of changes. 

Thus, you can experience tired eyes, eye twitching, vision problems, etc. 

9. Hormonal imbalances

Standing in a yoga postition

Another side effect that the Twin Flame Ascension will have upon your body is hormonal imbalances. 

Hormonal imbalances will occur as your entire energy body and all of your chakras will be affected by this spiritual process, this, your hormonal system will also be affected.

10. Sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorders are quite a common symptom of Twin Flame Ascension.

They are caused by the fact that the Twin Flame Ascension is challenging you both mentally and spiritually, or they can be caused by anxiety and overthinking.

Sleeping disorders can vary from insomnia to hypersomnia (too much sleeping), nightmares, and so on.

11. Changes in your appetite 

Another Twin Flame Ascension physical symptom are sudden changes in your appetite.

You could suddenly eat more or less, or you could lose interest in certain foods or substances such as meat or caffeine. 

12. Changes in taste and lifestyle

Another Twin Flame Ascension symptom is a sudden change in your general taste and lifestyle. 

Your preferences and interests could completely change, as you could become more and more interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. 

You could even change the way you dress, what type of music you listen to, what type of people you want around you, and so on.

13. Twin Flame Ascension Kundalini 

During your Twin Flame Ascension, your Kundalini energy will also awaken.

The Kundalini energy is sacred energy we all have inside us and is basically the part of us that is incarnating in various lives and stores dark, low vibrational energy

During the spiritual awakening which is also triggered by the Twin Flame Ascension, the Kundalini energy rises and starts ascending on the Sushumna channel, which is the main energy channel of the body and links all your chakras. 

The ascension of your kundalini is also a spiritual process that will bring karmic problems from past lives to resurface for you to resolve them. 

14. Periods of depression 

Periods of depression can also occur during your Twin Flame Ascension journey, as you can occasionally fall off track and lose sight of the right path. 

That is when depression appears, and it’s indicating that you should go back on the right track and find the right life path for you.

15. Outbursts of Anxiety 

Outbursts of Anxiety

A spiritual Twin Flame Ascension symptom is anxiety.

Anxiety can appear when you worry too much about losing the love of your life (your Twin Flame), and about other problems in your life.

If you find yourself dealing with anxiety, try to have faith that everything is going in the right direction and that all problems will be resolved. 

16. Periods of inner peace 

During the Twin Flame Ascension journey, there will be good times as well.

There will be times when you realize that everything happens for a higher reason and you will be in full acceptance of everything that is happening. 

These periods of inner peace will come with a higher understanding, and with time, will happen more and more often.

17. Experiencing unconditional love 

Another pleasant symptom of the Twin Flame Ascension is the unconditional love that you will start feeling, at first for your Twin Flame and then for other people. 

This will become your general attitude towards life, and you will start looking at life through the “eyes of love”. 

18. Moments of intense pain 

Another tough Twin Flame Ascension symptom will be the moments of intense emotional pain that will happen when you think too much about losing your Twin Flame and about other losses that you could experience during this period. 

These moments can be overcome if you have faith, or if you ask for help when you need it. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or even to see a therapist when you need it, as therapy is ideal to help you on the path of healing. 

A therapy process can actually help you see clearly what you need to heal, and it can give you the right support to be able to heal.

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19. A deep need for healing 

During your Twin Flame Ascension, you will be highly focused on healing.

Your mind and body will crave healing, because that is the purpose of the Twin Flame Ascension. 

You will be curious about healing methods and about discovering new ways of healing and improving yourself. 

20. Discovering your life path

Another positive Twin Flame Ascension symptom is discovering your real calling and life path. 

As you go through the ascension process, you will gradually understand what you should really be doing and what you really love to do in life.

The Twin Flame Ascension is a journey, and at the end of it, you will come to a full understanding of who you are as a spiritual being. 

21. Full spiritual awakening

Having a spiritual awakening

At the end of your Twin Flame Ascension, you will have completed your spiritual awakening. 

This means that you have completed your spiritual growth journey and you are ready to live your life as a powerful spiritual being.

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Twin Flame Ascension Completion – What’s Next?

The end of your Twin Flame Ascension journey is called the “Twin Flame Ascension Completion”. 

At the end of your journey, you should already be reunited with your Twin Flame, more aligned with your Higher Self and Higher Purpose. 

Also, after Twin Flame Ascension Completion, you should be aware of your spiritual path and have a better understanding of who you are as a person. 

After the Completion, you are ready to start living life as a spiritual being, fully awakened and understanding everything from a spiritual point of view. 

You will encounter other spiritual challenges as well, but you will be able to get through them more easily.

How Long Does Twin Flame Ascension Last?

Just like with Twin Flame Reunion, there is no way to tell exactly how long your Twin Flame Ascension will last. 

This journey is different from person to person, and it depends on how many lessons you have to learn, how fast you learn them, and also, how much karma you have to release throughout this process. 

Thus, the best you can do is to try to be as spiritually aware as you can be and understand why everything is happening, and also to learn the lessons with humility and pay your karma with an open heart. 

If you are going or have gone through your Twin Flame Ascension process, we would love to hear about your experience. 

Also, if you enjoyed this article on how to recognize the Twin Flame Ascension symptoms, drop us a comment in the comment section below!