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7 Remarkable Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Meanings & Uses

7 Remarkable Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Meanings & Uses

Blue Tigers Eye is a very dark, indigo blue stone, with lighter stripes of blue or green running through it. 

It is linked to the third eye and throat chakras and can be used to help get you in touch with your inner voice, natural intuition, and instinct. 

It is also a wonderfully calming stone, restoring peace and helping you to de-stress and relax.  This is a beautiful silicate stone with a wonderfully peaceful vibration.

The Blue Tigers Eye stone is a very worthy one to add to your collection.  It has a great psychic vibration allowing us to see ourselves, as well as others, and the world around us more clearly. 

It can help to calm us down when feeling anxious or stressed, and also help rid us of negative feelings.

Blue Tigers Eye Meanings

Enhanced Intuition

As this stone has very strong psychic vibrations, it resonates deeply with the Third Eye Chakra, and can be useful to enhance awareness. Helping to put us in touch with our deep, spiritual, and subconscious selves.

Blue Tigers Eye is a great stone to help us achieve a sense of awareness on a far deeper, and often clairvoyant level.

The Blue Tigers Eye will enhance intuition and provide you with clarity of thought and being. 

It is also a great stone to help with opening the aura by removing blockages and allowing us to see more clearly into our spiritual beings, and showing us how to be our true selves.

Clearing Negativity

Blue Tigers Eye is really good for clearing negativity.  If you are someone that experiences negative or depressive thoughts, this stone can really help. 

Just the feel of a Blue Tigers Eye stone brings a sense of calm which can help to ease cycles of negative thinking. 

As it allows your aura to open, it can then empty out and cleanse negative thoughts and feelings, replacing them with calmer, more positive ones.

If you feel you are dragged down by your negative thoughts and feel emotionally tired and heavy, try using Blue Tigers Eye to help you to expel this negativity and fatigue, and replace it with more positive feelings and greater vibrational energy.


The Blue Tigers Eye is fantastic at helping us to de-stress and relax.  With the number of different stressors, we come into contact with on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we often feel completely stressed-out, on-edge and irritable. 

This stone can help to change all that.  

The vibrations emitted by the Blue Tigers Eye bring about a real sense of calm and peace. 

By allowing the aura to be opened, it can help you to readily receive a good flow of positivity, and in turn, you will give out positive energy. 

This is a great way to help you feel much lighter, having rid yourself of stress and replaced it with a wonderful sense of calm.

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Anxiety can be a real nuisance at different times in our lives. 

Whether it be exams, interviews, confrontations, or family health issues, anxiety can just happen without us seeing it coming, and can also manifest in many different ways. 

Keeping a Blue Tigers Eye stone close by, especially during tough times, will help to keep your mind calm and focused.

Allowing you to see things in a more balanced way and always trying to bring equilibrium, this stone is a must if you get anxious in certain situations. 

Consider investing in a necklace or bracelet to wear on a daily basis for extra comfort.

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Courage & Confidence

The Blue Tigers Eye stone is a great bringer of courage and confidence.  It will help you to feel you can tackle things you once thought of as impossible.  

If you keep this stone close you will feel ready to achieve great things as it can restore confidence where it may have been lost or lacking, and give you the courage to face things head-on.

So use this stone to feel you can bravely and boldly step into any situation, with confidence a new sense of empowerment on a deep and meaningful level.

Blue Tigers Eye Uses

Chakra Healing

As the Blue Tigers Eye is connected to both the third eye and throat chakras, using it in chakra healing can be a very powerful tool. 

Firstly, with the third eye chakra, it can help to open and clear any negativity clouding the natural intuitive capabilities of this chakra. 

In doing so, it puts us back in touch with our natural spiritual instincts and quite often psychic abilities

That thing we often refer to as “gut instinct” is our third eye providing us with the precious gift of insight.

So if you feel you have lost your way and wish you could just receive some kind of sign or direction, use the Blue Tigers Eye to work on opening and cleansing this chakra and you will soon be feeling that 6th sense kicking-in. 

After all, it’s one of the natural abilities we humans were gifted with but has been dumbed-down and smothered by modern ways of living and existing.

The Blue Tigers Eye also resonates strongly with the throat chakra so can help to improve your communication skills. 

Whether it be finding the right words for a long overdue conversation in your personal life, or maybe conveying your thoughts within the workplace, using this stone to connect with your throat chakra will give you significant improvements in this area.

So if you are someone who has difficulty expressing your thoughts verbally, talk without thinking and often put your foot in it, or even find yourself telling lies or being dishonest, this could well mean your throat chakra is out of balance.  

So try using Blue Tigers Eye either by relaxing on your back and placing the stone on your throat, or wearing it as a necklace with the stone resting just between your collar bone. 

You will soon feel like you are able to communicate with ease, finding the right words without feeling the need to embellish the truth, and this will feel extremely liberating.


Blue Tigers Eye stones can be used as part of a massage therapy session.  Try warming the stones between your hands for a few minutes, all the time feeling the wonderfully calming energy they emit.

Once they are warm, apply them to the skin and use them to massage tired, achy muscles, gently pressing into the areas with the most tension.

Every minute or so, just hold your hands over the stones, close your eyes and feel the vibrations they emit whilst pressing gently into the skin. 

While doing this, mentally convey your intentions, for example, ‘I am clearing negativity from every fiber of my being’, or ‘I am able to communicate more freely without inhibition’.  

Not only is the feeling of the massage itself wonderful, but setting your intentions whilst using the stones is a real double-whammy for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Not only is this an extremely powerful way of using the Blue Tigers Eye, but it is also a wonderfully relaxing and calming experience.  

Blue Tigers Eye can be used in combination with other stones depending on the outcomes you desire. 

Remember to cleanse your stones well after use as they are soaking up all of that negative energy from within and working hard to replace it with positivity, so be kind to your stones and cleanse them properly after use.

My preferred method is to wash them in clear running water, gently dry with a soft cloth, and then leave them in the light of the moon overnight to cleanse and recharge. 

This will leave them ready to impart their incredible energy and vibrations upon us once again.

We are living in a time when we need to become more and more aware of the wonders of nature and what we have been spiritually blessed with as humans. 

It is now more important than ever to tap into the amazing vibrations and energy that surround us and exist within us, and use them to create better versions of ourselves and therefore a better world for all!

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