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Larimar Stone – 9 Amazing Mystical Properties Of This Powerful Stone

Larimar Stone – 9 Amazing Mystical Properties Of This Powerful Stone

So, you've heard of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, and all their amazing properties for our day-to-day lives and achieving our goals, but what about the amazing Larimar stone?

In this article, we'll be taking a deep dive into this lesser-known stone that is so beneficial to spiritual souls in all aspects of their life. 

What Is Larimar?

First things first, let's take a quick look at what Larimar is and its fascinating history.

Larimar is most commonly a blue stone in a range of shades, but some examples can verge on teals and greens.

What makes Larimar so special though, is the swirling patterns on the stone's surface caused by the cooling process when it was formed.

These patterns perfectly mimic the colors of a glorious tropical ocean, and as no piece is the same the variance of these enchanting designs has the spiritual world captivated with the Larimar Stone. 

A Brief History Of Larimar

Larimar stone and it's history

While most stones such as Amethyst and Quartz have been used in spiritual practices and arts such as jewelry for centuries, Larimar's history is surprisingly short.

Larimar is only found on one island of the Dominican Republic.

It was thought the stone was used by the Taino Indians who inhabited the island but as a whole Larimar wasn't appreciated for its beauty nor its spiritual properties until the 1950s.

It wasn't until 1916 that any official documentation involving the stone was even recorded.

It was only in the 1970s that Larimar started to be actively sourced and used in artisan crafts. 

How Larimar Got its Name

One of the first modern artisans working with Larimar Miguel Mendez gave Larimar its name.

He named the beautiful oceanic name after his daughter ‘Larissa' and combined it with the Spanish word for the sea which is ‘mar'.

Thus Larimar got its name.

Larimar is also often called the ‘dolphin stone' and the ‘Atlantis stone' thanks to its watery origins. 

Larimar's Spiritual Associations

Before we delve into Larimars amazing mystical properties, let's quickly explore where this stone sits admit the various spiritual belief systems.

Larimar is connected to the heart, throat, and third-eye chakras.

It is connected with the zodiac sign Leo and its master number is thought to be 55.

9 Mystical Properties Of Larimar Stone

Larimar Stone Ring

Despite only having a short history, Larimar has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years thanks to its many mystical and beneficial properties.

Below I've created a breakdown of Larimars most powerful properties. 

1. Larimar as a Healing Stone

One of the biggest reasons Larimar has become so popular within the metaphysical community is its powerful healing properties.

As you read above, Larimar resonates well with three chakras so is a boon to those invested in the art of chakra balancing and healing. 

Larimar has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any stone currently discovered or used in spiritual healing.

This high energy perfectly aligns Larimar with the throat chakra and can be used as a communication aid or a healing stone for ailments of the throat.

Alongside this Larimar has been known to have a powerful effect on the heart chakra, helping it to remain open thus allowing the users to express and reveal their true feelings and deepest desires.

That is why Larimar is highly prized as a love stone.

It's thought that Larimars healing powers come not only from its vibrational energies but its color (blue) and watery origins.

Therefore, Larimar can help us merge our thoughts, which are often represented by the element air, with our emotions represented by water. 

2. Larimar as a Calming Stone

Larimar can bring luck to and calm to a variety of different locations including the workplace.

Placing a piece of Larimar stone on your desk or work area is thought to provide relaxing as reassuring energies that are conducive to accelerated productivity and a happy workplace. 

Larimar is also well-regarded as a stone of serenity.

It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals to use as a worry stone which is a smooth and tactile stone held in the hand and used to relieve anxiety and shed worries.

The fact that Larimar is excellent at emotional regulation only adds to this stones calming power. 

3. Larimar as a Communication Aid

As it has strong connections with the throat chakra, Larimar naturally helps its users to become better communicators.

Having Larimar in your life may help you speak with great confidence or open up regarding your emotions or more complex needs.

Larimar also emboldens its users to share their deeper thoughts, intentions, and concerns with others, thus lightening the emotional load. 

4. Larimar as a Meditation Guide

Larimar has become a popular stone for meditation.

As meditation is often an act of communicating with the spiritual world and wider universe, the Larimar stone's abilities can often help those who use it to forge a deeper spiritual connection with the metaphysical world.

Larimar has also been found to increase its users' sensitivity to the spiritual world and open their receptiveness to others' spirituality.

Because it increases spiritual sensitivity Larimar can also be very useful to those looking to commune with their angelic or spiritual guides. 

5. Larimar as a Stone for Mothers

Larimar stone used by expectant mothers

Larimar has also been found to be a widely useful stone for mothers particularly those who are expecting or are postpartum.

As it is a great worry stone it helps alleviate some of the fears and nervousness surrounding and new arrival as well as quash the many doubts that arise in the first weeks and months of parenthood.

Many mothers have also found that Larimar has been beneficial when coping with post-partum depression.

6. Larimar and Physical Ailments

Larimar is beneficial for suffers from conditions involving the threat and the cartilage.

Due to its high vibrational frequency Larimar may also benefit tight joints and constricted arteries. 

Larimar is also useful as a reflexology tool as it can open up the acupuncture meridians on the feet which allows diagnosis of painful areas of the body.

Larimar can also be used to enhance other holistic and alternative therapies such as treatments that include water, heat, or light.

There's also some evidence that suggests that Larimar may be beneficial in reducing blood pressure!

7. Larimars Spiritual Energy

Larimar has strong connections to the energies of the goddesses of sea and sky and because of this Larimar has a strong spiritual affinity to women and innate femininity.

Larimar can be used to help individuals connect with their inner goddess and call upon the power of their goddess to improve their lives and discover their higher purpose.

For men and masculine individuals, Larimar can be used to discover feminine energies and increase intuition and emotional flexibility. 

8. Larimars Colour Energy

As you may have guessed by looking at the ocean colors of Larimar stone, this gem uses the color energy of blue.

Blue crystals are known for helping us to learn to trust, have faith, and take more responsibility in our lives.

They also reassure us of our progress and give us the patience, acceptance, and foresight needed to recover, reconcile, or learn to forgive.

This makes Larimar the perfect stone for recovery, be this from the hurts of others, negative life experiences, or destructive behavioral patterns and stagnation. 

Alongside the color blue, Larimar is also connected with the color turquoise.

This is a rejuvenating color and helps us achieve a clear head and a deeper sense of calm.

Because of this Larimar is also a great stone to interact with after a chaotic period in our lives such as a family tragedy, increase in workflow, or sudden changes in plans. 

9. Larimar and the Angels

Due to Larimars color associations, if your birthday falls between March 21-25 (angel guide Vehujah), June 16-21 (Caliel), July 12-16 (Melahel), July 28-August 1 (Haaiah), or August 23-28 (Lecabel) you'll find that Larimar is the perfect stone to act as a conduit between you and your guardian angel. 

In general, as it is a high-frequency and high-vibration stone, however, Larimar can be beneficial to all of us looking to connect to a higher spiritual realm such as the angelic world. 

How You Can Use Larimar Stone In Your Daily Life

Larimar stone used in everyday life as jewellery.

Larimar is an incredibly versatile stone and can be used in a variety of ways.

Larimar is most commonly used in meditative practices thanks to its calming energy and spiritual guidance.

How individuals use this stone can vary greatly.

Some like to create a crystal grid, while others prefer to hold their stone or use it as a worry stone as they meditate.

Some prefer to keep Larimar nearby their meditation space, while others like to place the stone over their throat, heart, or third-eye chakras to aid in opening and balancing. 

Larimar can also be greatly beneficial to those of us who don't incorporate meditation into our spiritual practices.

In fact, simply wearing a piece of Larimar as a jewelry item is often enough to have a strong positive impact on our lives.

As it works with the throat and heart chakras the best way to wear Larimar is as a necklace, pendant, or brooch.

It is worth noting, however, that Larimar is quite light-sensitive.

So, if you live in a sunny environment, keep your pendant tucked under your clothes against your skin where it can have the best benefits.

As mentioned earlier, Larimar is also a great stone to keep in the workplace.

Keeping a piece of Larimar in your desk drawer, or in your work bag can help you to increase your sense of confidence, communication skills, and motivations.

Better still you'll find that the high vibrational frequency of Larimar helps to combat stress which can build up in the workplace all too quickly!

On a similar note, if you struggle with insomnia or worry when falling asleep, keeping a piece of Larimar by your bedside may help you to slip into a more peaceful and deeper sleep. 

Final Thoughts And Larimar FAQ

FAQ about the larimar stone

So, as you can see, Larimar is a powerful stone that we're still learning to understand thanks to its short history of use in western spiritual practices.

One thing that has become clear about this beautiful oceanic stone is its powerful vibrational energy and strong calming influence which can greatly benefit our lives in various ways such as through meditation, work, and life stresses. 

Lastly, I'll finish this deep dive into the Larimar stone with a brief FAQ.

During my research, I found a variety of interesting tidbits of information about Larimar that didn't quite fit into this article's main body, but are still worth knowing, so I hope any remaining questions you have are answered here. 

How was Larimar Formed?

Larimar's formed as most gemstones are when superheated mineral-rich fluid was forced into cracks and fissures of stone, most commonly be tectonic activities. When forced into the cavities the minerals cool and stones such as Larimar are formed.

Is There Much Colour Variation of Larimar?

Larimar is most commonly found in an azure or cyan tone of blue. However, this stone can be found in a range of blue and green shades and can vary greatly in textural variation and color intensity. It's common for a variety of green white and blue shades to be found in one piece of Larimar.

Will my Larimar Stone Fade?

Larimar isn't a stone which is widely treated and because of this is sensitive to bright light and sun damage. Over time, Larimar that is exposed to direct sunlight will become bleached and lose the depth and intensity of its color. Because of this, it is recommended that you store your Larimar away from direct sunlight and if wearing Larimar in a sunny location to place the stone under a layer of clothing. 

Is Larimar Suitable for Daily Wear?

Larimar ranges between 4-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that Larimar is strong enough to be worn as daily jewelry without the risk of excessive damage. 

How rare is Larimar?

Larimar is only found in one location; a remote mountain range on the Island of Hispaniola. It is thought the deposits of Larimar only stretch about a mile, and no other stone sources have been found as of yet. This means that Larimar is considered quite rare.

How Should I Care for my Larimar Stone?

Larimar stone should be cleaned using water and a silver polishing cloth. It is also possible to use mild dish soap, but any stronger form of cleaning product should be avoided. It is not recommended that Larimar is cleaned using a sonic cleaning device as this can increase the risk of damage to the surface. 

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