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7 Crystals That Are Perfect For Increasing Your Confidence

7 Crystals That Are Perfect For Increasing Your Confidence

We all sometimes need a confidence boost, even the most extroverted people!

Thankfully, the power of the universe is here to help, with so many healing crystals for confidence to choose from.

This article will look at the 7 best crystals for confidence and how to use them to become the best possible you!

Why Use Healing Crystals for Confidence?

Whether it be a job interview or a first date, confidence is often the key to success. Unfortunately, anxiety and shyness can take hold and really affect your mood.

When we are lacking confidence, we are holding ourselves back from our true potential and not realizing our fate. 

Confidence is an energy state, a way of existing in the world. Because of this, we can use the energies and vibrations in the world to assist with our confidence and work with us. This is where healing crystals come in.

From creativity to self-love, crystals are perfect for correcting our mood and stabilizing our emotions.

This is because every crystal gives off vibrations that interact with your own energy. All stones hold specific powers that assist in our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

When you are in need of confidence, these vibrations of certain crystals will help you. 

7 Crystals for Confidence

Now we know the importance of crystals and what they can do for us, let’s look at the seven best crystals for confidence. 

Read on to discover the gemstone that is perfect for you!


Picture of Citrine Cluster

This beautiful orange stone does not just look incredible, but also is amazing at providing a confidence boost. This crystal is a variety of quartz and brings forth energy to those around it. 

Citrine is a manifesting stone that allows you to focus your intentions on what you want.

It energizes you and your personal will, allowing you to manifest your goals and dreams. Because of this, citrine is the perfect stone to use to boost confidence within the workplace. 

If you are wanting a promotion, have a citrine on your desk.

If you are about to go into an interview for your dream career, make sure you are carrying this stone in your pocket! Not only will it boost your confidence, but it will help you achieve your goals. 

This stone encourages you to live life to the fullest and try new things. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that truly excite you!

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Sunstone Rock

The sunstone brings forth the energy of the sun, letting luck and warmth into your life. It is an instant mood booster, allowing you to look at the world in a new and optimistic way. 

If you have stress and low self-esteem, meditating with this stone will allow you to focus your energy on yourself and your personal power. Like the sun, this crystal illuminates everything around it, including you!

Working with a sunstone lets you see you for who you truly are, and all the wonderful things about you. 

The sunstone empowers you, allowing you to stand up for yourself and be independent. 


Aquamarine stones

This crystal for confidence is for those of us who find it difficult to stand up and say how we really feel.

It is an extremely powerful crystal that unblocks and activates the throat chakra, letting us communicate honestly and with power. 

Perhaps you know the important link between crystals and chakras, but if not, it is okay! I have a handy in-depth guide here that is perfect for beginners to learn about chakras and how crystals can be used to heal and unblock chakras. 

The throat chakra governs our communication and our ability to express ourselves clearly and openly.

When our throat chakra is blocked, the inability to communicate can really affect our self-confidence. Confidence is often in our words and the way we communicate with others. 

Because of this, working with our throat chakra is a great way to instill confidence. 

There are so many different crystals that can be used to heal and open our throat chakra, but a great one is aquamarine. It gives us courage and open communication, allowing us to say exactly what we mean. 

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is probably one of the most famous crystals in the Western world.

It looks incredible, with beautiful swirls and marks of browns, goldens, and reds. It also provides us with many amazing metaphysical and healing powers, allowing us to thrive both spiritually and emotionally. 

It is a stone of protection that brings luck and personal empowerment. It allows us to see things clearly, helping us overcome doubts and anxieties. Because of this, I believe is it one of the best stones for confidence. 

When wearing this stone, you are bringing about mental focus and clarity. This gives you the confidence you need when making decisions. 

This stone will help you see things for what they really are.

Whether it be in regards to a career or a relationship, using this stone will allow you to be confident in what choices you are making and where your life is going. 

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Stones

Self-confidence is inherently linked to self-love.

Self-love is so important to both men and women and allows us to be comfortable in our own skin. When we love ourselves, it affects the way we see ourselves in the world. We become more confident in who we are and our place in the universe. 

Rose quartz is famous for being a crystal all about self-love. Its vibrations are soft and tender, bringing forth love and comfort to those around it. 

Because of its effect on our self-love, I have chosen the rose quartz as a crystal for confidence.

Meditating with this crystal and learning how to love ourselves brings us so much amazing positive energy that we can use in our confidence. 

The rose quartz brings harmony to the world around it, allowing us to trust in ourselves and the universe. It restores a lack of faith and helps us be proud of who we are. It attracts love, allowing you to love and be loved. 


Carnelian stones

This beautiful, bold healing crystal is perfect for self-confidence, bringing you a boost of self-love and care. It allows you to remember your self-worth, which can sadly be so easily forgotten in this day and age. 

Carnelian is a deep red stone that stabilizes and restores.

It helps us understand our emotions and make positive life choices, giving us the confidence to back them. It allows us to be in the present, forgetting worries of the past and the future. 

This stone is also amazing for creative pursuits and boosts motivation. Because of this, a carnelian is great for career confidence.

It allows us to bring forth all our good energy and traits to create and manifest what we are wanting and needing. 



The moonstone is a peaceful and serene healing crystal.

Harnessing the spiritual and emotional powers of the moon, this crystal promotes calmness and peace. Its tranquil vibrations soothe emotional stress and bring insight and self wisdom to those who wear it. 

By balancing and realigning emotions, the moonstone allows us to focus on our inner strength. By working on our inner strength, we are able to celebrate our abilities.

The moonstone illuminates our brilliance, and in turn, boosts confidence and self-love. 

The moonstone is also a strong stone of protection, especially in regard to travel. If you are nervous and stressed about travelling, make sure you bring a moonstone along on your journey! 

The moonstone brings forth vibrations of new beginnings. If you are struggling in your life right now and are craving a fresh start, this crystal will provide you with the confidence that you need to try something new. 

crystals for confidence infographic
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How To Use The Crystals For Confidence

These seven crystals for confidence are amazing additions to your gemstone collection and allow you to manifest self-love and confidence.

These powerful stones will give a boost to your personal power, allowing you to be who you are and be proud of it!

So, what are the best ways to use crystals for confidence?

Wear Them 

Because we normally need confidence when we are out and about in the world, the crystals are perfect to wear.

Wearing these crystals on a necklace or on a bracelet means that their vibrations will constantly be around you, working with your energy. 

If you are going on a date and are feeling a bit nervous, or have a job interview that is stressing you out, find the crystal that is right for you and wear it!

It will bring that boost of confidence that you need to smash whatever is ahead of you. 

If you are struggling with confidence when you talk and find it hard to say what you really think, wear the crystal on a necklace near your throat chakra. This will allow the vibrations of the crystal to open up the throat chakra, bringing clarity and honest communication.

Meditate With Them

It is really easy and powerful to incorporate crystals into your meditation routine. When we meditate, our mind and spirit are more open to the energy around us.

Meditation allows us to center ourselves in the world and bring forth our personal power. 

When meditating with crystals for confidence, use affirmations.

You can repeat these in your head, or out loud. Whatever works for you! Here are some affirmations perfect for meditating with crystals for confidence. 

  • I am strong and I am confident. 
  • My power allows me to get what I want. 
  • I am a positive person and my energy brings me luck. 
  •  I am brave and able. 
  • I will get my dream job. 
  • There is nothing I can not overcome. 
  • I accept abundance into my life. 

You can also make up your own affirmation that is perfect for what you are needing in the world right now. 

Clear your mind, clasp your crystal into the palm of your hand and repeat these affirmations.

Allow the vibrations from the crystal to work with your own energy. Accept the strength and power of the crystals in your life. Accept the power of change within you to be brave, strong, and confident. 

Place Them Around Your Home 

Rose Quartz placed around home in bowl

If meditating with stones isn’t really for you, placing the crystals for confidence around your home allows you to receive their energy passively.

As crystals are constantly giving off healing vibrations, having them around you where you live means that you are gaining the benefits of the stones at all times. 

A lot of people choose to place their crystals in their bedroom, near where they sleep. This is because our mind and spirit are both open when we are sleeping, with our subconsciousness allowing us to receive ideas, heal emotionally, and learn new things. 

A great place to put healing crystals for confidence is in our office space.

If we need a boost of confidence at work, we can put the gemstones on our desk so that their vibrations are linking with our work energy, boosting our power and courage. 

Allow Crystals to Unlock Your Confidence

Crystals are incredible tools that can really enhance our lives, impacting our presence in the world. 

Confidence comes from within. It is how we appear to the world and how other people see us. However, it is hard to fake. Because of this, it is really important to work on our own self-confidence to ensure that we are living our best possible life. 

Crystals for confidence are the perfect way to unlock our personal power and be the best we can be.

Whether we wear these stones everywhere we go or meditate with them once a week, these crystals are sure to have a big impact on your confidence. 

Allow these amazing crystals to unlock your personal power and confidence! 

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