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The 10 Surprising Superpowers of Highly Sensitive People

The 10 Surprising Superpowers of Highly Sensitive People

Being described as a highly-sensitive person can feel like a bad thing, but did you know that it actually gives you a whole lot of superpowers that you can harness?

These hidden powers of highly sensitive people can be challenging at times, but once you know these secret superpowers you’ll be able to harness them and better your own life, as well as the lives of those around you!

Join us as we take a look at the surprising superpowers of highly sensitive people. 

Is Being Highly Sensitive a Superpower?

Highly sensitive people usually view the world in a deeper way than most people, as their senses of sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste are amplified.

In a way, you could say that HSPs (Highly sensitive people) get to experience the world in its truest form, but this also extends further than the senses.

Highly sensitive people are also able to understand abstract things like no one else, picking up on every nuance, emotion, thought, and intention.

So, if you’re a highly sensitive person, embrace and celebrate your superpower!

What Are The Secret Powers Of Highly Sensitive People?

Superpowers Of Highly Sensitive People

1. You’re a Master Empath (Without Even Trying!)

How often have you been approached by a friend, member of your family, or even a complete stranger who needed to vent or to reveal a secret?

I doubt there are enough times to count. Have you ever wondered why?

We are especially capable of giving folks the necessary dose of empathy because of our sensitivity.

We can put ourselves in another person's shoes and easily understand their point of view, most of the time without even trying.

We truly feel horrible, as if it were our own fault when our friend has a poor day at work.

People often knock on our door asking for hugs and listening ears because they can sense our capacity for empathy. 

This hyper-empathy is our superpower because it makes us more closely connected to those around us as well as to the world as a whole.

Being an Empath can drive us to undertake good deeds or choose a career path that can make the world a better place. 

2. A Natural Pacifist

You value harmony and serenity. Because you are a highly sensitive person you know that anger and conflict never truly solve anything and that making a scene is likely to make your problems worse not better.

In a world of turmoil and war, you are a tranquility oasis. In other words, if we want to survive without annihilating ourselves, the world needs more people like you; now that’s a secret superpower for sure!

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you sit back and let things slide. Instead, you wait for things to cool down before making your move to resolve the situation.

When giving advice to others, you always recommend the peaceful option which usually has great outcomes if your loved ones can heed them. 

3. A Reflective Soul

showing the hidden power of highly sensitive people

As a super-powered HSP, you’re an ace when it comes to reflection.

When you're in the correct setting, you exhibit high degrees of self-awareness and are able to discuss your own reflections and speculations.

Your ability to connect the dots between previous and present occurrences helps you put the pieces of your life's puzzle together and come up with effective solutions to improve your life. 

You'll frequently relish discussing these topics with another sensitive person and savoring the deeper connection that is felt throughout these conversations.

This can be particularly amazing when it comes to talking with a partner or love interest as you can form deeper and more meaningful connections that can lead to a long-lasting, loving, relationship. 

4. You Cry (…a lot!)

Do you cry a lot? While a lot of people would see this as a weakness it's actually a hidden ability of highly sensitive people which can be used in a very positive way.

Having a super-sensitive heart is a superpower that the world could use right now, but many extremely sensitive people feel ashamed of this quality.

Embrace the fact that you have such a strong concern for other people's emotions.

You become a considerate friend, a kind partner, and an excellent listener as a result. The individuals who are close to you will undoubtedly value it.

Be grateful that art and nature move you so strongly because it indicates that you are experiencing life in the most sincere and genuine way imaginable.

By paying attention to the environment around you in such detail, your life becomes more happy and rewarding, and the memories you create can act as a strong compass to help you get through difficult times.

5. You’re a Beacon of Imagination!

Due to their wide-open, imaginative nature, highly sensitive people are frequently naturally creative.

Their inner lives – the lives they live in their own imaginations, are incredibly vivid and colorful.

They are exceptional painters, dancers, musicians, and writers because they have a strong natural sense of expression.

Their rich imaginations turn into a hidden superpower when it comes to problem-solving.

Their capacity to visualize several scenarios and watch them play out in their mind makes them really good problem-solvers and excellent mediators when other individuals are having a difficult time coming to an agreement.

If you’re an HSP you’ll find you frequently experience creative explosions of ideas that take you into new realms of possibility and enable you to perceive a variety of circumstances from different perspectives.

While this can be overwhelming at times, once the storm has subsided, you’ll be grateful for all the new and exciting options that you now have.

6. You Have a Built-in Lie Detector

Highly sensitive person detecting lies

Unfortunately, not everybody has good intentions.

The majority of HSPs have encountered narcissists and psychopaths who take advantage of their generosity and kindness, but it doesn't mean that they don't possess a secret talent to deal with these!

Due to their propensity for reflection, highly sensitive people are able to draw valuable lessons from their past experiences.

This leads to a sharper awareness of potential dangers. We can usually tell almost instantly if someone is deceptive.

HSPs are willing to give anyone a chance, but if something starts to raise red flags in our heads, we're out the door and usually much faster than the ordinary person, because we can see the lies clearly.

7. You Listen with Sincerity

When many people listen it quite literally goes in one ear and out the other, and the responses given are meaningless platitudes or the conversation is changed.

This is known as passive listening.

What highly sensitive people are great at is listening actively.

When a person is talking to a highly sensitive person they feel as though the HSP is listening to every word, and that’s because they are. 

We frequently interact with others in a sincere way that makes them feel supported and cared for.

Highly sensitive people's unique capacity to maintain space for other people's suffering without being overwhelmed or imposing their own opinions is often felt by their friends and family. 

Because they take listening so seriously, highly sensitive people are usually very attentive to friends, family members, and partners.

Because they take in everything you’re saying and enjoy getting to know you on a deeper level, you’ll normally find that being close to an HSP has the added bonus of amazingly meaningful gifts at birthdays and Christmas!

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8. You Empower Others

A highly sensitive person views individuals as unpolished diamonds who only require a little work.

The good-hearted individual inside may be seen right through all of the rough edges and tough exteriors.

When others may be willing to give up on a person, an HSP will stick around to help. 

You can tell when someone is having a rough day, and you know exactly what to say to cheer them up.

Are they depressed? A warm cup of coffee or tea, a hug, and a listening ear can work wonders.

Are they tense or concerned? Bring them along for a day of silly activities, such as making a scavenger hunt or dancing in the rain.

Are they tense? Don't forget to gently remind them of all the potential they have.

Highly sensitive people are sometimes the only ones who can see the best in others and can save those around them from being in a very dark place (and if that isn’t a superpower, I don’t know what is!).

So, as an HSP, you have a special ability to motivate and inspire others to do their absolute best, and overall, make the world a better place!

9. Spirituality

Spirituality and Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people are much more likely to be spiritual people.

While for some this can be organized religion, for most HSPs this is simply living life in a more conscientious and spiritually attuned way. 

As we’ve learned, highly spiritual people experience life on a deeper level.

This can mean a greater connection with nature and a naturally inquisitive mind.

Questions such as ‘why are we here?’, and ‘what does this all mean?’ are always in the mind of a highly sensitive person.

Of course, these types of ‘big’ thoughts can become overwhelming, which is another reason why spirituality can be a soothing and supportive solution to carrying the existential weight on their shoulders. 

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10. You Love on a Much Deeper Level

The intensity of their affection is unquestionably a secret superpower of extremely sensitive people because of their innately large hearts and depth of caring for others.

They experience all emotions intensely but especially love and love can be a driving factor in many elements of an HSPs life.

They frequently feel a strong impulse to protect and assist the ones they love, even to the point of giving their lives to do so.

People with high levels of sensitivity are very devoted and prioritize the needs of those closest to them over their own.

This intense devotion frequently extends to total strangers as well. When someone is in need, their natural desire to help and their empathy will compel them to take action.

A highly sensitive individual is more driven than some to lessen the suffering of others since they are able to sense exactly what other people are feeling.

Final Thoughts

Are you a highly sensitive person? Did you realize all of the wonderful hidden superpowers you possess?

If so, be proud and hold your head high because you truly make the world a better place!

If you’re the partner or friend of a highly sensitive person, then be sure to remind them how special they are.

As you’re probably aware, the world can be pretty cruel sometimes, and the highly sensitive person in your life is sure to feel this more acutely than yourself, so be sure to be there, and help your HSP flourish; because they will reward you for doing so.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the superpowers of highly sensitive people.

If there's anything you think should be added to this list, let us know in the comments and I might add it to this list! 🙂