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“My Soulmate Is With Someone Else” What To Do If This Is You

“My Soulmate Is With Someone Else” What To Do If This Is You

So, you are pretty sure that you have met your soulmate. You can't see yourself being with anyone else in this world, and you are totally smitten with this person.

But, there is one really huge problem: they are already with someone else.

What are you going to do about this? After all, you know this person is meant to be with you.

“My soulmate is with someone else” is not something anyone wants to say, but it happens, more often than you might think.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they will not be in your life, now and in the future.

Today we are going to talk about what to do if your soulmate is with someone else.

Let's get started.

Help! My Soulmate is With Someone Else!

A soulmate who is with someone else

There is a reason for everything, including why you aren't with your soulmate while someone else is.

It may be that the universe has some very special plans for both of you.

This means that nothing is going to happen between the two of you until the time is right.

Obviously, this isn't going to help the way you are feeling right now, but you need to know that things will happen when they are meant to happen.

You know, just because your soulmate is with someone else right now, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't still make a connection with one another.

For the time being, you may need to be satisfied with just being really good friends.

In fact, this may be just what the universe is trying to do.

It may be that you need to establish a solid friendship before anything else can happen. If you are truly meant to be together, circumstances will change to allow it to happen.

For now, it is quite obvious that there are things that you and your soulmate need to do before you can connect on a more intimate level.

This is going to ensure that you have a wonderful relationship when the time is right.

At the moment, you both have to grow, and you need to learn about yourselves and what you really want before the universe will bring you together.

What to Do if Your Soulmate is With Someone Else

Meeting your soulmate is a truly wonderful thing.

But, if your soulmate is already involved in a relationship with someone else, maybe even married, it can be difficult to figure out how you can have that soulmate relationship.

Remember, just because they are currently in a relationship with someone else, it doesn't mean that you won't be together in the future.

Until then, here are some tips to help you to cope with the fact that your soulmate is already with someone else.

Stay Positive

Just because you can't be with your soulmate at this time, it is no reason to lose your positive attitude. In fact, it may be just the opposite.

If you are indeed soulmates, there is nothing that can keep you apart forever. So, instead of being miserable about the situation, look at the positive aspects.

We have already mentioned that the universe will let things happen when they are supposed to happen.

For now, concentrate on how great things will be when you are finally able to connect on that deeper romantic level without the other person standing in the way of your happiness.

Be Supportive of Their Current Relationship

Being supportive to a couple

You have two choices right now: you can be petty and jealous, or you can be supportive of your soulmate and their current relationship.

After all, you don't want to hurt the person your soulmate is with.

At this time, the best thing is to support your soulmate and their current love interest. It may be that both parties realize that their relationship isn't going to last forever.

Instead of jumping right in and trying to break them up or criticizing their relationship, be supportive.

In fact, you can even help them find ways to stay together because you know that eventually, things are going to work out in your favor.

There will come a time when they both realize that the relationship just isn't working out for them.

But, they need to figure this out on their own, without any interference from you.

Don't Harbor Guilty Feelings

My Soulmate Is With Someone Else

It is okay to be in love with someone who is currently unavailable. It happens to the best of us, and it is not something you need to feel guilty about.

After all, it isn't you who jumped into a relationship with the wrong person, so you have nothing to feel badly about in the first place.

At the same time, there is no need to make your soulmate feel bad about their choice.

They probably already know they made the wrong decision, and the last thing they need is to hear it from you.

As we already mentioned earlier, your role right now is to be supportive, no matter what your soulmate chooses.

So, there is no reason to feel guilty about loving someone who you can't have, at least right now.

Continue to have a positive outlook on the situation, and things will work out as they are supposed to when the time is right.

Take This Time to Focus on You

Rather than focusing on what can't be right now, take this time to focus on yourself and your needs.

Again, staying positive at this time is extremely important.

The more you remain positive and focus on yourself, the more you will be able to better yourself. When you are being the best you can be, it shows, and it will attract your soulmate to you.

Right now, concentrate on the things that make you happy.

When the time is right, your soulmate will appreciate what you have to offer and will be ready to make the necessary changes in order to be with you.

Take some time to do the things you really love. Get more involved with your hobbies. Read self-help books. Find ways to connect with your spiritual self, and with the universe.

This is going to help you to heal and be ready for that soulmate relationship when it finally happens.

Avoid Getting Into An Affair

An affair

Okay, so your soulmate has chosen to be with someone else, at least for the time being.

Give them the time they need to figure out whether or not they truly want to be with the person they are currently with.

The last thing you want to do right now is muddy the waters by having an affair.

Not only is this going to hurt the person your soulmate is with, but it could also do some serious damage to your future relationship with your soulmate.

The phrase, “once a cheater, always a cheater” comes to mind here.

If you and your soulmate enter into an affair while they are still with someone else, that is always going to be something you both think about.

After all, if both of you were willing to cheat once, there is nothing saying that it isn't going to happen again once you are together in a relationship.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

So, instead of acting rashly and going with your feelings right now, it is for the best if you avoid having an affair.

It will keep everyone from being hurt in the long run, and it will only create more trust in the long run.

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Give Them Time and Space

Sometimes, the absolute best thing to do in this type of situation is nothing at all.

Sure, you have strong feelings about this person, and you likely know that they are your soulmate.

But, they also need to realize this, and right now, the timing may not be right for them.

So, you need to give them the time and space they need to figure things out for themselves.

This is also going to give you an opportunity to clear your head and really be able to think about the situation and see it for what it truly is.

You need that space as much as your soulmate needs it.

It may even be necessary to keep your distance from this person, at least for the time being.

Even a few days or weeks apart can help both of you to see things much more clearly.

Once you both have had the time and space you need, it will be much easier to make those difficult decisions, including decisions about your soulmate relationship.

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It's Okay to Just be Friends

Just being friends

There are many different types of soulmate relationships, and not all of these relationships are romantic ones.

In fact, often, soulmates never amount to anything more than being the best of friends.

It can be quite easy to mistake a friendship for romance when it comes to your soulmate. This is because the feelings you both have are so intense.

The great thing about a platonic soulmate relationship is that you can enjoy each other's company without feeling any pressure to take the relationship to the next level.

You can have loads of fun together, and share many experiences without entering into a romance.

You can have soulmate connections with any number of people, from friends to family members to co-workers and others.

If you truly enjoy being with someone and they make you feel good, they are a soulmate. You don't have to be in love with each other in order to be soulmates.

Trust in What is Meant to Be

As we have already mentioned, things will happen when they are meant to happen, and not a moment sooner.

The universe has a grand plan for each and every one of us, and when the time is right, the universe will make sure things go as planned.

If the person you believe to be your soulmate is already in a relationship with someone else, trust that this has happened for a very particular reason.

Chances are the universe has put them together so they could both learn and be ready for their actual soulmates at the right time.

Right now, all you can do is trust that they are doing what they need to do at this time, and that the universe will put things right eventually.

This person will be in your life, in one way or another, but not until everything is in alignment.

Know that your soulmate is feeling the very same way that you are. You just have to trust that when the time is right, they will do what is best for both of you.

Don't Force Them to Be with You Until They are Ready

It may be that you are seriously considering telling your soulmate that they need to be with you, and that it is time to end their current relationship.

This is actually the last thing you should be thinking about.

It doesn't even matter if both of you are having the same intense feelings towards one another. They must make this decision on their own, and in their own time.

Otherwise, chances are things are never going to work out between the two of you because it didn't come naturally.

It may be that your soulmate has decided that they really want to work on their current relationship and remain with the other person.

If this is the case, you simply need to accept and honor their choices.

If you force someone to make a choice they aren't ready to make, they could end up resenting you for it. If and when they are ready, they will come to you.

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Set Your Own Boundaries

Woman sitting back smilling

When your soulmate is in a relationship with someone else, it is important that you are able to set your own boundaries for the relationship.

Now is the time to figure out what you really want from this person, as well as what you want out of life in general.

Be honest with yourself about everything.

Ask yourself if this relationship is truly worth waiting for, and then decide just how long you are willing to wait.

Maybe you are okay with being a side piece, at least for the time being. Then again, maybe this is something you would never stand for.

Make sure that you know exactly where you stand, and let them know it as well.

In the long run, creating healthy boundaries is only going to help to improve the situation. It will help you to maintain your self-respect, as well as your respect for your soulmate, and vice versa.

Setting boundaries is also going to ensure that you are protecting your own feelings and if necessary, allowing yourself to move forward, with or without your soulmate.

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Know that if something is meant to be, it is going to happen.

If you and your soulmate are currently not together because they are with someone else, there is a reason for it.

The universe has a grand plan for both of you.

If you and your soulmate truly love one another, there will be a relationship of some sort, even if it is just an amazing friendship.

You will both do whatever it takes to be a part of each other's lives.

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