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Green Onyx Meaning: 7 Crystal Healing Properties & Uses

Green Onyx Meaning: 7 Crystal Healing Properties & Uses

Green Onyx is a stone that represents both progress and patience.

In this article, we will be looking at the meaning of Green Onyx, its healing properties, and ways to cleanse Green Onyx.

Because the stone is a kind of Chalcedony, it possesses healing properties that anyone who picks one up can benefit from.

Green Onyx supports good health and well-being in crystal therapy.

It promotes self-love and assists people in rediscovering their reason for being.

It is also known for its capacity to bring the mind and body together in perfect harmony.

It aids meditation by assisting the individual in remaining focused during the process.

Green Onyx Meaning And Origin

While Green Onyx has a number of metaphysical properties, it's crucial not to neglect the stone's significance in traditional societies.

This is especially true when looking at Green Onyx's spiritual meaning.

People who desire to connect with this energy should wear or carry a piece in their pocket since the spiritual meaning of Green Onyx is strongly linked to the past and our ancient history.

Green onyx can come from a variety of places.

They can be found in a variety of nations around the world, but they are common in:

  • Brazil
  • India
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • United States

It is made up of a combination of Quartz and Chalcedony crystals that are organized in microfine cryptocrystalline crystals.

What Are The Green Onyx Healing Properties & Benefits?

Green Onyx meaning when wearing them as earings
Green Onyx Earrings With Sea Glass

Physical and spiritual healing are the main benefits of Green Onyx.

It aids in the development of your public speaking and creative abilities.

It also encourages you to be original and ingenious in expressing your feelings and views.

As a gemstone associated with the Heart Chakra, this stone connects the upper and lower chakras.

Mercury is the planet it belongs to.

Below are seven healing properties and benefits. 

Promotes Healing

Green Onyx is a Chalcedony variation. This indicates it has a lot of metaphysical properties in common with other stones in this category.

The first benefit of Green Onyx is the ability it has to help you heal.

People that use this stone for spiritual purposes frequently do so because it aids in chakra and aura equilibrium.

This stone can be used in meditation to help people connect with their spirit guides and guardian angels.

It can also aid in the development of clairvoyance and intuition.

Enhances Your Psychic Abilities 

The next healing property is the ability it has to help grow your psychic abilities.

Green Onyx is associated with the heart chakra, making it excellent for reaching higher levels of energy.

It may also be used to cleanse other stones, making it a valuable tool for amplifying.

People who practice with this stone can improve their psychic talents as well as their innate intuition.

It can also help people to cultivate characteristics such as compassion, empathy, and other spiritual virtues.

Green Onyx has the power to assist humans in communicating with the Divine or the spirit realm.

As a result, it is a great stone for anybody seeking direct contact with God or good fortune in their lives.

Benefits Your Wealth 

Green Onyx can be extremely advantageous if your job requires you to speak in public often.

It will raise your self-esteem and help you communicate more effectively.

This will help you become more confident at work and can help you gain financial stability. 

It will motivate you to use appropriate language in any situation and to be more empathetic to others.

This stone will also help you focus and improve your concentration.

It will assist you in concentrating on the work you must complete and whatever task you must complete.

It will improve your IQ, memory, and ability to learn new things by increasing your intelligence and sharpening your memory.

Green Onyx will help you overcome any self-doubts that are hindering you from pursuing your dreams.

It will make you more excited about your work and the adventures you're doing.

Benefits Your Relationships 

Another healing property allows you to better your relationships in your life.

Green Onyx is linked to the heart chakra and can help you open your heart to unconditional love.

It will fill you with compassionate, loving, and accepting energy.

It will also motivate you to be more sensitive to the needs of the people you care about in order to avoid misunderstandings and confrontations.

This stone will give you bravery so that you may stand up for yourself or rectify a wrong.

It will inspire you to take charge of your life and make your own choices.

It will also increase and enhance your relationship's intimacy.

And will urge you to be more amorous and affectionate to your significant other by releasing your sensuality.

Green Onyx will assist you in learning your love lessons and provide you with the confidence and insight to make the right decisions.

It will give you the courage to make the necessary changes in your relationship.

Attracts Positive Energy 

Green Onyx is well-known for drawing positive energy and repelling bad energy and vibes from those who wear it.

This stone is especially recommended by experts if you're trapped in a negative rut.

Simply holding the stone, experiencing its smoothness, and allowing the stone's energy to flow into your being is enough to help a person break the cycle of negativity. 

Increases Courage and Confidence

This stone is especially beneficial for persons who work in public, such as politicians or performers.

Green Onyx might assist a person gain confidence and improving their public speaking skills.

This gemstone enhances the wearer's authority, confidence, and charisma.

Green Onyx is recommended for those who, for whatever reason, feel they lack bravery.

It is especially advised for individuals who are afraid of standing up for themselves when they are wronged or against whatever they believe is wrong.

This stone aids the wearer in regaining control over his or her life.

Balances Your Heart Chakra 

Green Onyx and the heart chaka

When it comes to profound healing during meditation, Green Onyx is an excellent stone to use.

Of course, constant meditation will assist all of your chakras, but Green Onyx has a specific relationship with the heart chakra.

When we consider the metaphysical aspects and symbolism of Green Onyx, this is not surprising.

As previously stated, when utilized with the appropriate aim, this stone is known to have a profound effect on a variety of heart-related ailments.

This might refer to romantic heart difficulties, but it can also refer to having the bravery and heart to face your worries or embark on a new endeavor or route.

You will be making an incredible connection between the upper and lower chakras by employing Green Onyx to repair and balance your heart chakra.

Your lower, more spiritual chakras will counterbalance your higher, more spiritual ones.

This can assist you in gaining a more intuitive and balanced understanding of things of the heart. 

Practical Tips To Using Green Onyx For Best Results

You might be unsure about how to use healing crystals if you're new to using crystals.

Fortunately, incorporating the significance and virtues of stones like Green Onyx into your daily life is fairly simple.

In reality, there are numerous applications for these crystals.

Remember that there is no right or wrong method to utilize Green Onyx, and you can use it as it seems most comfortable to you.

You'll acquire a sense of what your stone wants over time. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Below are 15 practical tips to use Green Onyx so that you can get the best results: 

  1. Green Onyx is a stone signifying power, courage, and hope. You can wear it on a regular basis to cope with the demanding and exhausting schedule.
  2. To get the most out of it, apply it directly to your skin.
  3. It is possible to carry it in the form of three or more tumblestones.
  4. It can be worn as an anklet.
  5. You can put it under your pillow to get the most out of it as you sleep. It can aid in the recall of a dream.
  6. The crystal water procedure can be used to make it into an elixir. This water can be consumed or prayed over oneself or your surroundings. This elixir can also be used in the bath.
  7. It's also a good idea to sit on it for a while to help raise the Kundalini.
  8. Take a walk while holding it in your palms. It will provide a sense of stability.
  9. Rub it on the foot chakras for chakra healing.
  10. You can also hang it in your automobile because of its protective properties.
  11. You can apply it to your nerves for 15 minutes if you have any neurological issues. You'll feel a sense of relief.
  12. It should be rubbed on the affected organ or chakra.
  13. It should be positioned near electronic equipment and gadgets in your house or business to absorb dangerous electromagnetic waves.
  14. Both of you should wear it if you have any sexual/intimacy issues with your partners.
  15. It can be used as an elixir by you and your lover and kept on the bedside tables.

How To Cleanse Green Onyx

When you buy a gemstone from a store, it's a good chance it's been used previously.

Due to their ability to absorb energy, crystals may contain negative energies.

They must be cleansed and recharged in order to erase the negative energies.

If you frequently utilize your jewels, let’s learn how you can cleanse your Green Onyx. 

  1. Soaking Green Onyx in saltwater is the simplest and most usual method of washing it. You can soak it overnight and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. If available, seawater or ocean water is advised as a saltwater substitute.
  2. You can also soak your Onyx for a few hours in flowing water. You must be careful not to lose your gemstone when using this procedure. Keeping your Green Onyx in dewdrops or rains is another technique to cleanse it, as nature is always the best cleanser.
  3. Burying Green Onyx in the soil is another way to cleanse and charge it. It establishes a connection with Earth, and its negative energy is dispelled.
  4. The use of sunlight and moonlight to charge gemstones is always a good idea. Heat, on the other hand, can damage the crystal. Place your Green Onyx in direct sunlight or moonlight for 10 to 12 hours. The sun's and moon's rays will cleanse and charge the stone, removing all negative energy.
  5. Smudging is another way to cleanse a Green Onyx. Burn a herb; when the smoke rises, place the stone in the center so that it is surrounded by smoke. If the stone is left in the smoke for too long, it will smell like smoke.

To learn more about cleansing and charging crystals, you can click on this article link.

You will learn all you need to know about keeping your crystals cleansed so that you can get the best benefits! 

Green Onyx FAQs

Green Onyx round stone

We will now look into a few frequently asked questions about Green Onyx and give you the answers to some of the most common questions asked. 

Where Can You Buy Green Onyx?

Green Onyx can be bought online or at your local crystal stores.

It is always advised that you buy your crystals in person and not via an online store.

Your crystals need to be something that you connect with.

Crystals tend to choose the owners and not something that you prefer.

This is important because you need to connect with your crystals so that you can get the best benefits out of the stones. 

Is Green Onyx Natural?

Green Onyx is primarily natural; however, the green aspect of the stone is added in once the gemstone has formed completely.

Onyx is usually seen in rich brown, white, or deep black colors, with wavy white stripes on occasion.

Green Onyx is a term that usually refers to Chalcedony that has been dyed green for aesthetic purposes, although it can also refer to Agate that is banded with white and light green. 

Green Onyx often has traces of Opalescent Moganite that give it a banded, opaque appearance.

How Much Does Green Onyx Cost?

Green Onyx is a popular and reasonably priced gemstone.

Many various stores, both online and in-person, sell it in a variety of styles, carvings, sizes, and colors.

The cost, beauty, and aura of this stone make it an excellent choice for anybody looking to incorporate crystals into their spiritual practice on a budget.

The cost, beauty, and aura of this stone make it an excellent choice for anybody looking to incorporate crystals into their spiritual practice on a budget.

Can Green Onyx Go In Water?

As we mentioned before, Green Onyx can be placed into water.

You can either use salt water to cleanse your Green Onyx crystals or you can use regular tap water.

Whichever method you prefer to use, you can. 

What Stones and Crystals Can I Use With Green Onyx?

Green Onyx is an excellent stone for balancing and opening the heart chakra.

It's also good for stimulating the head chakra, which can help with psychic talents and nonphysical awareness.

It can be good to combine it with other stones that are related to either of these energy centers to increase its power.

When you are going through a difficult time or experiencing stress of any kind, Green Onyx will provide you with the strength and the support that you need to get through. 

Combining it with stones like the ones we mention below will be beneficial: 

Final Thoughts On Green Onyx 

In this article, you have now learned about Green Onyx meaning, seven Green Onyx healing properties, how to cleanse your gemstones, and we have answered a few frequently asked questions. 

Green Onyx is a sign of peace and tranquility.

As well as relieving your anxiety, stress, and tension, it can also reduce your anger.

With its delicate green tint, you will feel a sense of power and comfort, while also being able to make confident decisions in challenging situations.

If you want to improve the state of your love life, Green Onyx is a stone you should have.

It will also boost your relationship's level of intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality.

It will focus and link your energies with your higher power, as well as show you how to access a higher direction.

It will also remove any hurdles in your way and propel you onward into the future.

This stone will assist you in harnessing your inherent power and demonstrating how you can control your fate.

This stone will strengthen your resolve and provide you with additional stamina and vigor to keep moving forward.

It will assist you in recognizing and integrating your dualities within yourself.

Green Onyx also helps to balance your body's yin and yang energy!