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The Difference Between Cleansing & Charging Crystals

The Difference Between Cleansing & Charging Crystals

In order to cleanse and recharge, our crystals need to take a break, just like anyone who uses energy.

Like a mom deserves a bubble bath after a long day looking after the family or a dad after a long day at the office.

It's easy to take our crystals for granted when rushing about our busy lives, wearing them, or absorbing their energy, but they need to be cared for.

In this article, we will discuss why cleansing and charging your crystals are essential, as well as the difference between cleansing and charging crystals. 

You must take proper care of your crystal in order for it to work for you. Your crystal and you are symbiotic.

It might be time to cleanse and charge your crystal if it feels dull or if its energy seems a bit faint or ‘off’.

Why Is Cleansing Your Crystals Important?

The beauty of crystals makes them some of the most impressionable objects on Earth. Their vibration is constantly in flux, as they are affected by whatever energy they are in contact with. 

Working with a crystal one-on-one or incorporating it into your personal space involves aligning your own energy to the stone.

If invited to do so, foreign powers can cause interference in this connection if you share a vibration, to some extent. 

Suppose a friend comes over for tea and starts handling your crystals around the room. Currently, your crystals are being confused by this friend's energy or are being compromised. 

Crystals should also be cleansed after anything majorly traumatic or negative occurs to the person or space with which they are synchronized.

Crystals that are kept next to your bed or in a commonly used room absorb energies that are present in that room.

You do not want your crystals to start giving off the negative energies after a while because they have not been cleansed correctly. 

In order to keep these crystals free of accumulated energy, they need to be cleansed often. 

Why Is Charging Your Crystals So Important?

Crystals need to be cleaned and charged simultaneously.

While the stones need to be cleansed to clear lingering energies, they also need to be charged to maximize their vibration so they can work at total capacity. 

The metaphysical power of the stones is dependent on charging, which allows their properties to permeate into our dense physical reality. 

These rocks are in a perpetually charged state before they are removed from deep within the Earth.

They get their energy from the core of the Earth, which is an endless supply, so their energy never runs out. 

It's only when we dig them up and bring them above ground that these crystals begin to lose their power, slowly but surely.

Our stones are connected with Earthly vibrations through a variety of methods in order for them to serve us in all the fantastic ways that they like.

What Is The Difference Between Cleansing And Charging Crystals?

The Difference Between Cleansing and Charging Crystals

There is a crucial difference between cleansing and charging crystals. We can gain positive energies from crystals, but they're also like friends who listen well. 

Our negative energies can be absorbed by them.

Crystals need to be cleansed of the negative energy they have absorbed from you before they can be charged.

You should only recharge your crystals once you've completed that first step.

Why You Cleanse Crystals

The healing crystals' vibrations are reflected back to them when they connect with other crystals, materials, and humans.

You don't want your new stone to be contaminated with unwanted energies, so cleanse them as soon as you get home or as soon as you receive them if you placed your order online.

Crystals can sometimes become discolored when used or worn by people. According to mystic theory, unbalanced auras emit low-frequency vibrations that cancel the vibration of crystals.

The supernatural explanation suggests that a fluctuation in the vibration of the subatomic particles can affect a crystal's structure and change its shade of color and vibration.

Low-frequency energy can be stored in crystals, so they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

If you would like to learn more on how to cleanse your crystals, feel free to check out this article which will show you many of the best methods on how to cleanse your crystals. 

Why You Charge Crystals

cleansing a crystal instead of charging a crystal

Charging your crystals is an important step you need to take in order to look after and take care of your crystals. 

Their natural frequency needs to be tuned if it gets out of tune.

Crystals are unable to heal their users effectively if they are not attuned to their natural frequency.

By charging your crystals, you will intensify their energy, restoring their natural frequency, increasing their ability to work for a more extended period of time between cleanings, and enhancing the intention placed within them.

If you would like to learn more about how to charge your crystals, feel free to check out these 9 powerful ways to charge your crystals

Cleansing vs Charging Crystals Summary

There is a clear difference between cleansing and charging crystals.

We have learned the main differences between these two methods and why they are essential to ensure that you get the best benefits out of your crystals.

Below is a small summary of the difference between cleansing and charging crystals: 

  • Cleanse – removes any stagnant energy from the crystal. 
  • Charge- Crystals need to be charged to replace the energy they have used up over time.

Crystals are like batteries in simple terms. The crystal vibrates at a specific frequency and emits particular energy.

We will be able to absorb the positive energy from that crystal when we use it.

This is why some people feel tingling or strange sensations in their hands or palms after touching crystals.

In order for Crystals to function at total capacity again, they need to be reenergized after a while.