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10 Shielding Techniques EVERY Empath Should Know

10 Shielding Techniques EVERY Empath Should Know

Being an empath is a truly wonderful thing, but at the same time, it can be very stressful for someone to take on the emotions and feelings of others.

After a while, it becomes sensory overload, and you need to find ways to deal with it, such as using empath shielding techniques.

It can be very difficult for an empath to just “turn it off”, and having a lot of emotions coming at you all the time can be extremely overwhelming.

Today we are going to take a look at 10 empath shielding techniques you can use to help protect your own sanity and still remain empathetic.

Let's get started.

What Are The Best Empath Shielding Techniques?

1. Shielding Using Crystals

Crystals as one of the empath shielding techniques

Many empaths use crystals to absorb the emotions and energies that they are picking up from their surroundings.

Crystals are ideal shields, and all you have to do is hold one in your hand or sleep with it next to you.

When you have crystals nearby, they will absorb all of those negative energies so you don't have to.

It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly. They will lose their healing properties after a while without regular cleansing, which you can do very easily.

Simply leave them out overnight to absorb the energy of the moon, or run them under some water (make sure it is safe because some crystals shouldn't be exposed to water).

Some of the best crystals to use as an energy or emotion shield include amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, obsidian, pyrite (fools gold), black jade, smithsonite, and clear quartz.

You may also want to keep some calming crystals around as well, such as rose quartz and lapiz lazuli.

If you like crystals then this should be one of your go-to empath shielding techniques.

2. Shielding Through Smudging

Smudging with sage is an ideal way to clear the air and remove negative energies from your surroundings. In fact, it is probably one of the best empath shielding techniques on this list.

In addition to being something that has been done for centuries to clear air, smudging is also something that is scientifically recognized.

Studies show that using sage to clean the air can remove up to 94 per cent of bacteria in the air. This is because burning sage helps to release negative ions.

In fact, the Latin word for sage is “salvia”, a word that comes from another powerful word, “healing”.

You can also smudge with sweetgrass or other herbs, but when it comes to getting rid of negative energies, nothing works better than sage.

An added bonus is that not only will it help to clear the air, it also smells lovely.

Smudging is simple. All you have to do is light a stick of sage, and then place it in a container that will hold the ashes while allowing the smoke to be released into the air.

If you wish, you can also say a little prayer or mantra as you are lighting the sage. It is best to light sage with a candle or a match rather than with a lighter.

3. Shielding Using Herbs & Plants

Using herbs as an empath shielding technique

In addition to sage, there are many other herbs and plants that you can use to help you to stay balanced and calm, even when it seems like everything is coming at you all at once.

Plants have been used for hundreds of years by many cultures all over the world for meditation, shielding, and many other purposes.

The protective properties of plants are amazing, and they can be used to help you to reach a heightened state of consciousness.

This in turn will allow you to have a deeper connection with the Divine.

If you are in a constant state of frustration or overload because of the energies of others, it is a good idea to have plenty of plants in your home and workplace.

Plants are known to calm people down just by being around, and they can help you as well.

For instance, St. John's Wort can be used as a calming agent. It can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and other mental health issues.

While it helps to have plants around you, it is even better if you can use them in other ways. One thing you can do is make a tea, or even take capsules with the dried plants and herbs.

These capsules are readily available at most health food stores. Other herbs to consider include lemon balm and rose, both positive and calming plants.

4. Shielding Using Visualization

Shielding is a great way to protect yourself from unwanted negative energies.

It is important for anyone who is sensitive to the emotions of others to use a variety of empath, and visualization is one that can be very helpful.

We all know at least one energy or emotional vampire, and it is important to be able to shield ourselves from their energy.

Otherwise, as empaths, we are going to take on those energies and add them to what is likely already a very full plate of energies, both our own and the energies from our environments.

Start by taking a couple of long, deep breaths. Visualize a pale light that completely surrounds and envelops you.

The light should be white or pink. This is a very powerful shield that will protect you from negativity and stress.

Once you have that shield around you, its protection will help you to feel happier and centered.

You will have more energy, and while you will be blocking negative energies, you will still feel the good energies that are all around you as well.

5. Shielding Through Grounding

empath shielding with grounding

Number 5 on this list of empath shielding techniques in grounding.

We can't stress enough just how important it is to find ways to bring yourself back to earth after dealing with your own personal stress and the stress of everyone around you.

Luckily, Mother Earth can really help to keep us grounded.

The best thing about shielding through grounding is that you can do it anywhere, at any time, and it is absolutely free of charge.

Mother Earth is all around us, and she wants us to use the gifts that she has to offer.

All you have to do is find a nice, quiet spot outdoors.

Remove your shoes and socks, and walk around barefoot. Feel the earth, the grass, the sand, and all of the energies that they bring travel through your body.

Don't think about anything but how Mother Earth is helping to cleanse your spirit.

After a while, you will be able to achieve the same level of calmness without going outdoors.

This is great if you live in an area where there is cold and snow, making it impossible to go outdoors barefoot.

You will be able to ground yourself pretty much anywhere once you have done it a few times outside.

6. Shielding Through Relaxation

Sometimes you just have to get away from all of the negative energies that surround you and just let yourself relax. This can be as simple as shutting yourself away in a separate room, where you can concentrate on relaxing.

Yes, this sounds a bit strange, to concentrate on relaxation. But, you need to learn how to relax before you can actually do it.

Start by practising some deep breathing exercises. Be conscious of your breathing, and notice that the more you do it, the more relaxed you will become and the more negativity will be released.

One of the great things about conscious relaxation is that you can do it anywhere, and at any time. You can be laying down or sitting up.

You can even do it while you are in the bathtub or shower. In fact, when you are in the water, you can visualize the water washing away all of those energies that have you so overwhelmed.

While it is best to be able to have at least 20 minutes to half an hour for relaxation, you can have mini relaxation sessions throughout the day in order to keep you grounded and centered.

If you have a break while at work or in between errands, use that time to practice conscious relaxation.

7. Shielding Using Mantra Meditation

Shielding with mantras

Even though you may feel the need to put everyone else first, you need to make time for yourself. It is very important to put yourself first once in a while, even if others think that you are being selfish for doing so.

After all, if you can't help yourself, you can't help anyone else when they really need you.

Mantra meditation is a great way for empaths to be able to prioritize themselves.

It isn't something that is long and drawn-out, and you can do this at any time of the day or night, whether you are at home or even at work.

Not only do chanting mantras help you to relax, but they can also create the good vibrations you need in order to protect your own energy. In the beginning, you might want to do this in a quiet room while you are alone.

Once you are in the habit of chanting mantras, you can do it anywhere.

There are several powerful mantras you can use, including “OM” and “Sat Nam” (this means truth is my identity). You can also make up your own mantra chant that will work for the particular issues you are dealing with.

8. Shielding by Wearing a Protection Necklace/Bracelet

This is one of the simple but effective empath shielding techniques on this list.

We have already talked about holding crystals or having them nearby to help cleanse you of negative energies. It is even better if you wear crystals.

In fact, wearing a selenite necklace or bracelet is thought to be one of the most powerful ways to protect yourself against negative energies.

A protection necklace or bracelet doesn't necessarily have to be made with crystals. It can be any piece of jewelry that is particularly special to you.

For instance, if you have a piece of jewelry that seems to speak to you, or makes you feel good when you wear it, this would be an ideal piece of protection jewelry.

You might want to cleanse and charge the jewelry before wearing it for protection against negative energies and emotions. This can easily be done through smudging, which we talked about earlier.

Use the sage or other plants and herbs to cleanse the jewelry and make it ready to absorb the vibrations you don't want to absorb yourself.

If the jewelry is made with sterling silver or gold and has crystals or other stones that can be placed in water, you may also want to cleanse it with water.

It is even more powerful if you charge the water with the energy of the full moon prior to using it for cleansing.

9. Shielding Through Veiling

Shielding Through Veiling

Veiling, or the act of wearing a head covering, is practised by many religions all over the world, as well as many new age practices. This is to help protect the crown chakra, which is located on the head.

It will let you keep your own positive energy while discouraging the negative energy of others.

Shielding through veiling is super easy. All you have to do is wear a veil or a hat over your head. Well, obviously, there is a bit more to it than this, but you get the idea.

The veil or hat should be something that is very special to you, an article of clothing that makes you feel safe and warm.

In addition to using head coverings, there are other ways that you can shield through veiling.

For instance, you can make your own “veil” by using essential oils that are meant to be protective, such as rose oil, frankincense, or myrrh.

Apply the oil to your forehead so it will have an effect on the crown chakra.

These oils are also very grounding, and they will help to clear any negative energies away while helping you to stay grounded and focused.

This is not a new practice, and you will find that many empaths use veiling to shield themselves from negativity.

10. Shielding Through Self-Reflection

One of the best ways to protect your own energy is to love yourself.

When you have issues such as pain or fear, negative energies from others will become attached to your own energies. What you need to do is learn how to love yourself.

In fact, self-love is probably one of the best empath shielding techniques. You are your own best protection, and you have all of the tools you need within yourself to heal your energies.

In order to be able to practice this self-love, you need to face your fears and begin working on creating a better you.

You can start by taking a few minutes each day to write down two or three things that you love about yourself. This will make you think about who you are and what you are truly capable of.

Or, you can simply look into a mirror and say how much you love yourself.

While this may seem like just an excuse to have an ego trip, it is actually so much more than that.

Like we already said, you have to be able to love yourself before you can love and help others. There is much about you to be loved, and you need to learn this.

Now you know the 10 empath shielding techniques. Let's discuss why it's important for you to shield as an empath.

Why is Shielding Important for Empaths?

Anyone who is an empath or highly sensitive to the emotions of others tends to end up feeling overwhelmed with a sea of emotions at times, and only some of those emotions are their own.

This is why it is so important to learn how to shield yourself.

Before you can care for yourself, you need to learn how to recognize the signs of this type of sensory overload. Once you know what to look for, it will be easier to deal with it and know which empath shielding techniques are going to work best for you.

As soon as you notice any signs of sensory overload, such as feeling exhausted without actually being tired or feeling sad or anxious for no particular reason, it is time to put the things you have learned into action.

Take a few minutes to ground and shield yourself. The sooner, the better, and the more protected you will be through shielding.

Final Thoughts On Empath Shielding Techniques

We have talked about many empath shielding techniques, but there is one more thing to mention.

Golden light protection with ascended masters can help as well. This is an added layer of protection that can be used to eliminate lower vibration emotions.

It can also help you to better connect with Christ consciousness and feel that love within you. The best way to do this is to call upon the ascended masters for help.

You may find that you have a better connection with some ascended masters than with others. Those are the ones you need to connect with.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the 10 best empath shielding techniques. Feel free to check out the related articles below.