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The 7 Best Protection Crystals for Empaths

The 7 Best Protection Crystals for Empaths

This article is about protection crystals for empaths. Crystals are an essential tool in the spiritual individual's repertoire.

Able to attract, store, and emit energy, crystals can be items that guide, boost confidence, or provide protection.

There are hundreds of different types of crystals that can help all of us through the infinite challenges of daily life. 

Empaths are individuals who are often in need of protection from nefarious or draining energies that if left unchecked may sap their resources and impact greatly upon their spiritual, emotional, mental, or even physical health.

It’s worth noting that this article won’t go into detail on what an empath is, but you can find a wealth of information about the defining characteristics and struggles of empaths here.

Instead, this article will explore the best choices for protection crystals that empaths can use to prevent factors such as empath fatigue, toxic relationships, and the impacts of being targeted by energy vampires

The 7 Best Protection Crystals for Empaths

The following crystals have been selected because they can each offer something which targets experiences most commonly felt by empaths.

These crystals may be worn or carried on the person for protection but may also be used during meditation, or in a place of recharging such as the home. 

1. Citrine

citrine crystal is a protection crystal for empaths

Citrine (you may also have heard this referred to as ‘gold topaz’) is a crystal that is yellow-to-orange in color.

It is commonly known as the ‘success stone’ and is known to be infused with balancing and healing energy.

Citrine is known to echo the warm, healing energy of the sun and therefore provides reassuring warmth as a blanket or hot water bottle might.

This feature can be really helpful to empaths going through a stressful period outside of their control that they can’t distance themselves from such as family illness or bereavement as it can provide the soothing energy needed to ‘get through the day’ until the empath can retreat to a space to recharge and recover. 

On a similar vein Citrine is also known to control energy flow and provides a steady, centering force.

This is particularly useful for manifestation practices, and empaths may find it helpful to charge a Citrine crystal with the positive or recharging energy they need to cope with the current challenges in their lives.

Citrine also has great restorative properties and is like a cup of coffee for the spiritual soul, bringing energy and recharging the empaths vital energy reserves. 

Those with previous experience of energy vampires may worry that using Citrine may make them a beacon to future energy vampires due to the extra energy they will emit.

However, Citrine is a protective stone that grounds empaths and gives them the energy to see those in their life objectively, and can therefore spot, distance, or remove themselves from perceived energy vampires.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst is a purple stone which is very popular with empaths because of the powerful protection it offers.

Amethyst is a high-frequency stone that creates a protective aura around the user, safeguarding the individual's energy reserves.

As we’ve learned from previous articles, the empath's energy reserves are the source of their power, it is what they draw from to attune and connect with others, trigger their powerful insight, and channel their creative flow.

Therefore, the protective shield offered by Amethyst can be immeasurably valuable, and ideal for empaths whose work or life leads them to encounter many people throughout the day, such as an office worker, retail assistant, or a college student.

It can also be a boon to empaths who find themselves in a position of care, such as doctors, nurses, or persons caring for a relative, and can help prevent empathic fatigue and burnout.  

Shielding isn’t all that Amethyst can offer, however.

Just like the flower lavender, whose color echoes that of the Amethyst, this stone offers gentle relaxing energy which can help empaths to spiritually recover after an emotionally straining and taxing day.

Amethyst in the home helps to shed stress and draw out negative energy, making way for positive energy and harmonious balance.  

3. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is opaque black and has lots of benefits for empaths.

It is a highly protective stone and can effortlessly cleanse negative energy and destructive forces.

This makes Black Tourmaline the perfect defensive tool for empaths at risk of or worried about being targeted by energy vampires.

Like Citrine, Black Tourmaline is also a grounding stone and can help an empath center themselves and tap into their powerful intuition to spot those in their life that mean them emotional or spiritual harm.

Black Tourmaline can also be used to help an empath recover from the effects of an energy vampire, cleansing their negative influence, and helping the empath to heal from their experiences and shed their stresses and worries. 

Of course, people are not the only factor that can drain empaths.

There are many different types of empath.

Plant, Animal, and Earth Empaths are lesser-known types of empath who deeply connect with the natural world, and therefore can become overwhelmed by the technology of modern life.

Black Tourmaline is known to shield us from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by technology which is usually harmless and unnoticed by the general population but may be harmful to these types of empath. 

All of us, empaths and non-empaths alike can benefit from the properties of Black Tourmaline, as it is one of the few stones that can protect and heal us on all four levels; emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. 

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4. Rose Quartz

 Rose Quartz crystal

Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful protection crystals for empaths on this list. It is a soft pink stone and is well-known to be the stone of universal love.

Just like a mother and her child, love can be a powerful protective force even if the stone itself may not be most associated with protection.

Rose Quartz concerns itself with matters of the heart and works closely with the heart chakra. 

Self-love can be something which empaths can struggle with.

They can spend so much time assisting and supporting others that they can forget to look within and spend some time caring for themselves.

Empaths can often be taken for granted by those they support and can be used by people for their bounty of positive energy.

This can cause empaths to struggle with self-esteem too. 

Rose Quartz can be used by empaths as a crystal of empowerment.

It can help them to see their own worth and learn to love themselves unconditionally.

This can become a form of protection for the empath and can prevent them from becoming vulnerable to people who want to use them for their gifts.

After all when we value ourselves and care for our well-being we are more likely to notice those who are trying to put us down or lower our self-esteem. 

5. Labradorite

Labradorite crystal is used for protection for empaths

Labradorite is known to be a stone that protects the user from energy emitted from others.

As the empath is highly attuned to the feelings and energy of others, Labradorite makes the perfect protective stone and can safeguard the empaths energy reserves in times of great stress.

As discovered in our exploration of great empathic careers, it is a misconception that empaths thrive in care-based careers, in fact, only specific types of empaths are able to thrive in these fields.

While empaths do care deeply for others and will look after those they love, being placed unexpectedly in a position of total care, such as caring as for an aging relative or being an individual's long-term shoulder to cry on (such as a person going through a divorce), can be wholly overwhelming for the empath.

This can lead to empath fatigue and can even lead to physical ramifications such as adrenal fatigue. 

In times of emotional overwhelm Labradorite can help empaths to channel out the chaotic crowd of persons looking for emotional support.

This can give the empath a much-needed breather or can allow them to solely focus on the person that needs them most, thus protecting their own energy levels from burn out.

On a similar level labradorite is also a powerful protector against toxic persons who may be unavoidable in day-to-day life such as a family member or colleague.  

6. Sugilite

Sugilite crystal

Next on this list of protection crystals for empaths is Sugilite.

Sugilite is known as an angelic stone and is the stone that represents the archangel Michael.

Michael is known to be a protective and guiding angel and when Sugilite is used to channel his energy can provide these characteristics to the user.  

Archangel Michael's connection to the throat chakra is what makes Sugilite so useful to empaths.

The throat chakra is the center of positive communication and is beneficial to those who are struggling to find their voice.

Empaths often fall into the trap of putting the needs of others so constantly before their own that their own needs fall to the wayside and their voice becomes unheard.

This can lead to empathic fatigue and great satisfaction in life for the empath.

Sugilite acts as a protective crystal for empaths because it helps them to open their throat chakra, improve their communication skills, and be heard by others.

This lets the empath express their needs effectively and avoid being overlooked and excessively drained. 

7. Fire Agate

Fire Agate crystal

Fire Agate is the last on this list of protection crystals for Emapths. Fire Agate is a dark brown crystal that is often referred to as a spiritual flame.

Like Amethyst, Fire Agate has a strong vibrational-frequency and can be used by the empath to create a protective shield around them.

Unlike Amethyst, however, Fire Agate also has features of Labradorite and is able to bounce negative energy right back to the sender.

These features create an almost impenetrable force field around the user which energy vampires will instinctively steer clear of.

This is great for those who work in the public sector or encounter a variety of people in their careers or daily life. 

Empaths are also often introverts who can put the needs of their friends and family above their own, while this makes them a great team player it can also mean that sometimes the empath's voice is suppressed.

As the name might suggest the Fire Agate stone is able to light the fire within us and give us the strength to stand up for what we believe in or challenge the behavior of others. 

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Other Protective Crystals for Empaths

While the crystals listed above are some of the best choices for empaths, they aren’t the only protective stones that empaths may benefit from.

Here’s a short run-down of some other great options to may be drawn to for protection:

  • Smokey Quartz: Transmutes and cleanses negative energy.
  • Purple Jade: Gives knowledge and grounding.
  • Lodestone: Balances polarities and protects from emotional overload.
  • Black Obsidian: A powerful protector that should be used only in times of great need.
  • Hematite: Powerfully grounding and prevents the user from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Malachite: Allows for self-expression and clears emotional blockages.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Helps to channel intuition and protects the aura.
  • Fluorite: Grounds empathic energy, increases intuition.
  • Lepidolite: Filters outside influence allowing for clarity of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Moonstone: Calming and soothing, promotes healing.

Choose Clear Quartz Crystal for Overall Empath Protection

clear quartz crystal

Now, while the entries on this list of protection crystals for empaths are the best choices, there’s no getting around the fact that some are hard to come by and many can be expensive.

If you don't have expendable income or live in an area without much spiritual enlightenment it may be challenging to get your hands on the crystals you’d like for protection. 

This is where the brilliant Clear Quartz comes in!

Also called Rock Crystal or Crystal Quartz this colorless stone is one of the most common crystals in the world and is also very affordable.

Better yet for spiritual individuals, Clear Quartz is known as the ‘universal crystal’ because of its incredible ability to regulate, release, absorb, and store energy.

It works with all chakras and means that you can channel the energy that you require into it so that the Clear Quartz can emit it later in times of need.

This means if you need Clear Quartz for protective purposes you can channel protective energy into it, if you need confidence, channel these feelings, and so on. 

While Clear Quartz may not work as effectively in targeted areas such as the other crystals mentioned on this list, it is still a great option on this list of protection crystals for empaths.  

Protection is Important for Empaths

Protection is important for empaths because they are conduits of positive and intuitive energy.

There are those such as energy vampires and toxic people who thrive on this energy and use it to sustain and benefit themselves while draining the empath.

Empaths need to protect themselves from this as well as some of the other drawbacks of being naturally empathic such as over-giving, empath fatigue, and lack of confidence and self-esteem. 

Therefore, having some protective tools such as crystals can help the empath to safeguard themselves and also be their best, intuitive, empathic self.

Thanks I hope you enjoyed this article on protection crystals for empaths. For more similar articles check out the articles below.

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