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Epidote Crystal Meaning: 13 Properties, Benefits & Uses

Epidote Crystal Meaning: 13 Properties, Benefits & Uses

In today’s article, we are going to talk about Epidote crystal meaning, properties, benefits, and various uses. 

Epidote crystal is a moss-green stone with black and/or orange spots.

One of its raw states resembles broccoli, and that alone is an immediate association with (good) health and thriving properties. 

Epidote Crystal Meaning

A Epidote Crystal Meaning

Epidote is a mineral made mostly of aluminum and iron; it exists in both crystalline and stone forms.

The Epidote meaning comes from the Greek word ‘epidosis’ meaning “increase”, and it can be commonly found in Norway, Russia, Bulgaria, the USA, Brazil, and many other countries. 

If we discount its gem-quality and faceted forms, epidote is actually a commonly occurring mineral.

In a processed state, Epidote takes on a lighter green color, whereas in its raw state it gravitates toward darker green hues.

It’s also called Pistacite because of its pistachio green variables. 

A word of caution: since this crystal enhances and increases anything its vibration touches, it should be used and carried wisely.

This stone is tightly tied to planet Jupiter and its expansive properties thus are quite important to choose the time when you’re going to wear it or have it on your person. 

This stone doesn’t joke around, if you’re feeling under the weather, or you’re having a bad day, Epidote can make it seven times more intense, which is why this stone is usually used to enhance other crystals’ properties, rather than being used by itself. 

Now we've learned about the Epidote meaning, let's look at the Epidote Healing Properties.

What Are The Epidote Healing Properties & Benefits?

The Epidote Healing Properties

Epidote is a very powerful stone, and it comes with a warning label, so it’s only right to use it respectfully and mindfully, lest you regret it.

If you use it mindfully and are fully aware of yourself and your states, you can experience the best of the epidote properties and benefits. 

1. Dream Journaling 

Epidote is a powerful stone in its own right, but it’s also a very powerful dream stone that enhances the ability to lucid dream, astral walk, and engage in subconscious work and healing while sleeping. 

It also helps you remember your dreams and their messages after you wake up.

So if you’ve got a mind to start a dream journal – Epidote is an excellent helper for that mission. 

2. Psychic ability enhancer 

Epidote is said to enhance psychic abilities, especially when paired with Amethyst.

If you already possess seer’s abilities, Epidote will explode them even without the Amethyst. 

If you’re someone who is working on opening your 3rd Eye and Crown chakra, then Epidote can help you on that journey and it can enhance your clairvoyance with repetitive use. 

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3. Attraction stone 

Since Epidote increases whatever it touches, it can be considered an “attraction” stone.

It will attract in your personal space and life whatever you choose to emanate. 

4. Enlightenment and Shadow work 

Woman Experiencing one of the Epidote Properties

If you’re courageous, Epidote can aid you on your inner path to enlightenment and it can help you eradicate negative programs and subconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. 

But in the end, you have to be responsible and pay very close attention to what kind of vibration you have and what kind of energy you’re emanating when you’re wearing Epidote or working closely with it. 

The saying “what goes around comes around” is the epitome of Epidote and it should be taken to heart when planning to do Shadow work with the help of this powerful crystal.

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5. Stamina enhancer 

Epidote is said to give its wearer stamina strength and feelings of being more powerful, stronger, and durable.

This is an excellent stone for all artists and athletes who can tap into the Zone. 

Epidote enhances the properties of the Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown chakra splendidly, thus all people who want to tap into the Zone will find this stone especially useful and powerful.

6. Metaphysical aid and focus 

Similar to the Desert Rose, Epidote crystal can be very useful to people who’re veterans within metaphysical fields.

Shamans, gurus, Reiki healers, Theta Healing practitioners, Tarot readers, Qi Gong teachers, Shao Lin monks, Coven leaders, and High Priestess and Priests

But the same can be said for professional athletes, or amateur athletes who practice meditative practices like Yoga and Pranayama on regular basis.

Epidote has the power to quiet down the conscious mind and let the deep consciousness take over the “wheel”. 

7. Stress reliever 

Epidote can help with stress relief and changing life habits for the better.

Combined with the red Jasper it can help with changing diet habits, and in combination with Onyx, it can help excise negativity and toxic forces from your aura. 

How to Use Epidote in Your Life?

Using Epidote

There are many possible Epidote uses, and most of them include mixing and matching it with another crystal for reaping its highest benefits. 

1. Wealth attractor 

Place Epidote with Citrine and Pyrite in the southeast corner of your office/workroom/kitchen and let it draw massive amounts of wealth and abundance into your life.

Make sure to cleanse the crystals at least once every 15 days, though. 

If you put the combination of these three crystals, with the addition of Amazonite, in the pot of your money plant, you can really make abundant financial strides in a short period of time. 

2. Adorning artwork  

Put Epidote near any artwork you possess in your home, adorn it with Carnelian or Solar River, and attract creativity and Sacral chakra-related abundance in your life. 

3. Desktop setup 

Place Epidote in front of your computer screen when you’re playing picturesque video games (such as Skyrim) in order to enhance your in-game skills, concentration, and the vibration of fun. 

This can act as an excellent conduit between fiction and reality as you will attract positive and fun-loving vibes you experience during gameplay in your real life. 

The same goes for writing fanfiction or fiction in general.

Place Epidote near your writing station (when you’re writing positive events and scenes), add a Rose Quartz next to it and watch the magic happen both on paper and in real life. 

4. On the go 

If you’re going to a celebration or a party where you know you’ll have a good time and meet a lot of dear people, place it in a pouch in your bag, couple with Citrine, Sunstone, and Pink Agate, and have a majestic time. 

This will serve as a two-way street – your good vibes and times will be enhanced, the celebratory experience will be even better, and the stones will in turn charge with positive energy so that you can use them again at a later date for something that needs a boost of positivity.

If you’re going to a massage, or you are about to receive a massage, place Epidote near you in order to enhance the experience of relaxation, stress relief, and rejuvenation. 

5. Using Lunar phases  

Combine Epidote with Selenite or Desert Rose crystal during a New Moon to attract what you want in the next period of 28 days.

Or Combine it with Selenite and Obsidian during a Full Moon to release what doesn’t serve you anymore and make room for new things in your life that will serve you better. 

6. Mix and match for your unique desires  

Make sure not to use it by itself when you’re under stress, tension or you’re experiencing negative emotions as it enhances and increases everything. 

Instead, you can place it in a Northwest corner of your room coupled with a Rose Quartz and Labradorite in order to enhance soothing and calming energies, and let go of all the stress, worries, and anxiety. 

How to Cleanse Epidote

There is more than one way to cleanse Epidote, and unlike many others, this crystal is not water-sensitive, nor overly sun-sensitive. 

1. Under Water 

Epidote can be cleansed beneath the running water; hold it under the running water for 2-3 minutes and let it lie on a soft fabric afterward. 

You can also leave your crystal in salt water for 20 minutes or so, just make sure not to pour the water afterward on any soil that contains growing plants as the salt murders them.

Pour it down the drain or simply flush it once you’re done with the cleansing of the crystal. 

2. Near Sunlight 

Epidote is not averse to sunlight, but it’s best to keep it out of direct and scorching sunlight, lest it fade. 

3. Smudging 

You can smudge it, hold it above an incense stick, use chimes and bells to “set it straight” and place it in a Tibetan bowl in order to thoroughly cleanse it and balance it. 

4. In The Soil 

You can also put it in a plant’s pot, on the surface and leave it for a couple of hours in order for the soul to draw out any negativities and maleficent vibrations. 

5. Under Moonlight 

Leaving it under Moonlight with Prehnite, Selenite, Labradorite, and Amethyst can be an excellent way to charge Epidote with positive vibes, unconditional love, and a protective aura so that you may use it on a different occasion. 

6. With Energy 

Holding it in your palms and commanding for all negative energies and forces to be banished can also be a very good way of cleansing the crystal itself, but make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward, or soak them in saltwater.

For more ways to cleanse crystals check out this guide here.

Using Prehnite with Epidote

Similar to Epidote, Prehnite is a mix of aluminum and calcium.

It’s considered to be a stone that evokes unconditional love, with the special ability to heal the healer.

Thus, it’s crucial for all light-workers and spiritual guides who practice healing techniques and aid others on a metaphysical and emotional level. 

Prehnite enhances precognition and inner knowing, thus it’s perfect for all mediums and psychics who channel messages from the Spirit and from Beyond.

It is said that Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias, and trauma; it is a stone for dreaming and remembering. 

It’s only natural to use Epidote and Prehnite together as Epidote acts as a conduit for energies and an enhancer for everything it touches, and Prehnite is a majestic crystal with even more majestic properties. 

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Ways To Use Epidote and Prehnite Together

1. In healing 

Prehnite is also green, but compared to Epidote’s deep greens, Prehnite looks more “washed out”.

Its hue varieties are on the paler side, and in that sense, it resembles Aquamarine much more than any other crystal. 

Its color green is gentle as the stone’s nature itself, and it provokes feelings of calm, a sense of peace and serenity and oneness with the cosmos.

Prehnite is truly a majestic stone, and very valuable to all who work with healing. 

2. For attraction 

When you combine Epidote with Prehnite there’s no caution necessary if you’re wearing them on your person or with you. Prehnite, with its loving properties, will through Epidote attract only positive and calming vibes.

It will attract kindness, empathy, universal love, and understanding, as well.

If you’re of a material mind, and you desire to make more money doing what you love, Epidote and Prehnite, together, will make sure that you garner as much money as much love you put into your work. 

3. As a conduit 

Placing the powerful combo of Prehnite and Epidote on your sacred space/altar, or where you do healings (it could very well be a therapist’s office) can improve the general state of sessions, and it can take your work to the next level. 

4. As a combo 

This is a very powerful combination and it’s no wonder why these two stones are usually used together.

Prehnite is not a very famous crystal, but its time is yet to come.

All healers should consider getting Prehnite simply because it’s gentle yet powerful. 

Epidote majestically enhances the vibration of unconditional love and cosmic healing, that all kinds of stress and trauma relief go so much easier and smoother.  

This combination of stones really does a perfect job of both healing and boosting a person’s psyche, aura field, and soul.

These two crystals can very well be essential for any household, but especially for those that deal with healing, light-bringing, and trauma release.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on the Epidote meaning and healing properties. To learn more about other crystals check out our other articles here.