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21 Things It Means When You Can’t Get Someone Off Your Mind

21 Things It Means When You Can’t Get Someone Off Your Mind

There's someone you just can't shake from your mind.

Thoughts of them invade your head at all hours of the day, and no matter what you do, you can't seem to push them out.

While there are a ton of possible explanations for why this might be happening, one thing is for sure: it's not an easy feeling to deal with.

But why is this? Let's find out.

In this article, you'll learn the most common reasons why you can’t get that person off your mind.

So What Does It Mean When You Can't Get Someone Off Your Mind?

1. Some things were left unsaid

If you can't stop thinking about someone, it may be because there's something still left unsaid. 

You may have an argument that needs to be settled, or maybe there are things from your past together that you wish had been handled differently. 

In any case, the end result is that you're dwelling on the conversation in your mind and missing out on the fact that it's over and done with—and there's nothing you can do about it now anyway.

It's okay to want closure from a relationship; don't beat yourself up if this happens! 

But make sure not to take things too far. Avoid stalking or contacting someone for closure after they've made themselves clear about their feelings towards you (even if those feelings were negative).

2. They’re also thinking of you

Once you realize that the person you can't stop thinking about could be having similar thoughts about you, a positive feedback loop begins to form. 

You may start to think about them more often and for longer periods of time, which makes them think about you more often and for longer periods of time. 

The loop keeps going until one person finally reaches out and makes contact with the other, at which point they must come face-to-face with their feelings before they can truly move forward.

Sometimes it's difficult to break out of this cycle because once someone is in your head—and especially if he or she has been there for a while—you're afraid that getting him or her out might take some serious effort on your part. 

In reality, though, removing someone from your mind is just as easy as putting him or her there – simply stop thinking about them. 

It really is that simple; just focus on something else instead, and eventually, all thoughts of that person will fade away into nothingness (that is, if you want them to).

3. You crave the serotonin you felt

When you can't get someone off your mind

When you can't get someone off your mind, it's because you've developed a chemical addiction to them. 

You feel good when they're near, but when they leave and go somewhere else, you become depressed. 

This happens because of the chemicals released in our brains. 

Serotonin is released when we feel loved or cared for, whereas dopamine is released when we experience a pleasure.

This is why people who don't have a lot of social skills can sometimes develop such unhealthy relationships with others—they're addicted to the feeling their significant other gives them! 

As long as that person stays around, everything seems perfect in their world. 

But once that person leaves or dies (or something else happens), then that person becomes depressed because there's no more serotonin released from being around them anymore.

4. You’re falling for them

The first time you meet someone and they turn your head, it's easy to focus on all the reasons you shouldn't be attracted to them. 

They're too old, too young, too mean-looking, or too weird-looking. 

But if something about them clicks with you on a deeper level—if there's something more than just good looks at work—it can feel difficult to concentrate on anything else until that person is out of your system.

If you're getting the feeling that there's more to your attraction than just looks, then it's probably time to admit that you're falling for them. 

Think back to the first time you met this person and all of those reasons why they shouldn't have turned your head. 

They might've been too old or too young, but now it doesn't seem like enough of an excuse anymore because they just seem so perfect in every way!

5. You feel a strong pull of desire

If you're finding yourself unable to shake the mental image of someone from your mind, it could be because their presence has taken on a life of its own. 

The power of desire is hard to ignore and can have an effect on your brain that's more powerful than what we normally think about as “love.”

The constant concentration on every little thing about a person can be positive, but it's also important to keep yourself grounded. 

You don't want to become so infatuated with another person that you can no longer see your own needs and wants.

6. You want to help them

helping someone get a person of their mind

You've been thinking about someone a lot. 

It could be because you're worried about them, or it could be because you want to help them.

If you're the kind of person who wants to help people, their situation will likely be in the back of your mind. 

You may even have made some attempts at helping already, but if these attempts failed or were not effective enough, this person's situation will still be on your mind because there's something else that needs to happen for them.

This is why this scenario is so frustrating. 

If they really need help and we really want to give it (and if we have the power), then we should be able to do something. 

So when things aren't working out as they should, our minds go into overdrive trying desperately to find solutions through mental gymnastics and rationalizations until finally giving up altogether on finding any answers at all.

7. A real psychic confirms why

When you can't get someone off your mind, it's not because they're still on your timeline or in your thoughts. 

It's because their energy is still with you, whether or not they are physically present in the world.

Psychics have the ability to see a person's energy field and determine what kind of connection they have with another person. 

The strongest connections are between people who share a love bond—whether it's romantic, platonic, or familial—and those that are closest together emotionally are also likely candidates for soul mates (or best friends).

The human soul is eternal; it exists before we're born and continues long after our physical bodies have passed away. 

When two souls meet in this lifetime and form an intense bond (i.e., one that makes them ache when apart), both parties' souls will be drawn together again in future lives as well as other dimensions of existence beyond life here on earth.

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8. There’s physical attraction

So, you’re physically attracted to them. You can’t stop thinking about their appearance, whether it be their face or body. 

This is an important part of the relationship and it can be a sign that you have a crush on this person.

It might also mean that you find something physically appealing about them—their body language or the way they carry themselves around other people. 

It could even just be one feature of theirs that gets your attention (for instance, if someone has amazing eyes). 

In any case, this physical attraction may help explain why they are on your mind so much lately!

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9. You like how they make you feel

Thinking about someone because you like them

This is a big one. 

When you can't get someone off your mind, it's probably because they make you feel good when you're around them. 

They might be a source of comfort, joy, and peace for you. 

Or perhaps they bring out your inner child and make the world seem fun again! 

And while this might sound obvious—after all, we tend to gravitate toward people who make us happy—it's easy to forget that attraction is driven by emotion as much as anything else. 

The fact that someone makes us laugh or smile can go a long way toward explaining why they have become an object of our affection.

10. They challenge your mindset and views

People have different ways of thinking, processing information, and interacting with the world around them. 

This can be good or bad, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. 

If your goal is to stay within a narrow range of experiences and opinions (and if you don’t want to grow), then maybe it isn't ideal for this person, in particular, to be on your mind so much. 

But if you want new experiences, more perspectives, and challenges that push you outside of your comfort zone, then this person could become one of the best things about being alive for a long time to come!

11. They radiate positive energy

It's important to remember that the people we have a hard time getting off our minds are usually positive people. 

That's because they have positive energy, which means they are highly energetic and enthusiastic. 

When you're around them, they make you feel good and energized as well. 

You like being around them because of their upbeat moods and joyful attitudes. 

You miss this kind of fun in your own life since it's so rare these days!

12. They inspire you

Someone inspires you

When you're struck by something so intense that it's impossible to ignore, it's a sign that there's something special about the person or situation. 

You may find yourself inspired by them—in a good way.

Inspiration can come from a powerful moment in another person’s life, like when someone does something selfless or beautiful for no reason at all other than kindness and generosity. 

It can also come from an environment or situation that inspires you, such as an art gallery filled with paintings you love so much they make your heart beat faster, or seeing someone perform on stage and knowing deep down inside that they're destined for greatness.

Inspiration can also come from anyone who catches your eye. 

If someone makes you smile when they walk into the room or if their presence makes something feel more alive than usual (or vice versa), then chances are they’ve inspired you in some small but significant way!

13. You’re still processing the event

When you can't get someone off your mind, it could be because they experienced something traumatic or life-changing. 

You might want to reconsider whether this person is the one for you if they’re still dealing with the death of a loved one or going through a divorce. 

Don’t push them into making any major decisions before they are ready. 

When their emotions are running high, it may be too soon for them to think about bringing another person into their lives.

Your brain needs time to process the event that caused you so much stress and anxiety, which is why it seems like nothing ever moves forward in your mind. 

You keep going over what happened from every angle possible until there are no more angles left to explore. 

Consistent replaying of stressful events causes your brain chemistry to become imbalanced as well as affects your overall emotional wellbeing.

14. You’re rewriting what happened

Most people don't realize it, but your mind is constantly rewriting history. 

That's right – even when we're not consciously thinking about something, our brains are busy analyzing and reanalyzing past events. 

It’s an important survival mechanism that helps us understand what happened in order to predict the future. 

But sometimes these mental exercises can come back to haunt us. 

If you find yourself constantly replaying a situation in your head without being able to let it go, chances are good that you've been caught up with thoughts of “what if?”

Replaying moments over and over again can be healthy for some people. 

It gives them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes or improve upon them. 

However, if this type of behavior becomes obsessive or compulsive—and there's no clear improvement on either end—then it may indicate deeper issues going on beneath the surface.

15. You attempt to justify your actions

Understanding why you can't get that person of you mind

When you find yourself unable to stop thinking about someone, it can be tempting to think that the relationship was meant to be. 

You might even convince yourself that this person is your one true soulmate and that you were meant for each other. 

The thing is, when we're caught up in romance-driven emotions, it's hard for us not to get swept away by those feelings. 

But in reality, sometimes our minds are just trying to make sense of what happened or what didn't happen. 

Trying to rationalize a breakup after the fact doesn't help anyone. 

Instead of focusing on being “better” next time around (and there may not be one), try being honest with yourself about why things ended as they did so you can learn from the experience and move on without carrying any regrets.

16. You’re battling through your feelings

There are a lot of reasons you might feel like someone is on your mind. 

You could have experienced something new in your life and they’re just one of the many people who helped get you there. 

Or maybe they made you feel abandoned, and now you’re trying to make sense of what happened between the two of you. 

Maybe they left some unfinished business that needs to be addressed before moving on with your life, or maybe they hurt you, and now it feels like there is pain lingering inside of them too.

Whatever their reason for being so important at this moment in time, as long as it's healthy for both sides, then there's no reason why these feelings can't continue.

17. You’re still trying to heal

It’s normal to think about the person when you can't get someone off your mind. 

It may also be hard to stop yourself from doing so, but there are ways you can help yourself move on. 

If after a while, you still can’t seem to let go of the past and move on with your life, it might be time for some healing. 

Healing is often a matter of perspective; you need to do what is best for you at the time.

If this person was truly important in your life, then they probably had an impact on who you are today or what kind of person you want to become tomorrow. 

You may have made mistakes or learned from them as well as others around them that have helped shape their own growth throughout their lives too!

18. They have made a significant impact on your life

Thinking about someone

If one or more of these things is true about them, then you’re probably thinking about them because they have made a significant impact on your life. 

It could be that they changed your life for the better, such as someone who helped you through a difficult time or taught you something new. 

Or perhaps it was an experience with this person that changed the way you think about something important to you. 

Perhaps they also had a negative impact on your life—they hurt your feelings in some way and left their mark on how much that hurt still affects who are today.

19. They're your soulmate or twin flame

If you can’t stop thinking about someone, it could be because they are your soulmate or twin flame. 

Soul mates are people who you often find yourself thinking about throughout the day. 

Some may even consider them to be “the one.”

They’re not just something that exists in romantic relationships but also as platonic friends and people we meet on our travels. 

Soulmates often share your values and worldview, so when a person magically falls into your life, you should pay attention!

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20. You want to be with them

When you can’t get someone off your mind, it means that you want to be with them. 

You may be in love with the person or maybe they just turn you on. 

It may also mean that there is an intense emotional connection between the two of you, or that you are a codependent person who simply cannot handle being alone for too long without needing to find company to fill the void in their life.

Whatever the reason might be, if this person has taken up residence in your head and refuses to leave no matter what distractions come along (like sleep), then chances are good that they have managed to make themselves at home somewhere within your heart as well.

21. You're angry at them

Being angry at someone

One of the most common reasons you may be thinking about someone is because you are angry at them. 

It's natural to want to vent your anger and resentment when someone has wronged you, even if they didn't mean it. 

This can happen when a friend or family member says something hurtful or just doesn’t understand how much you're hurting over their behavior.

You may also think about that person because of anger when they did something wrong, like cheat on a significant other or steal from another person. 

In this case, it's possible that they've already apologized for what happened and admitted what they did was wrong. 

But this is still not enough for you to forgive them completely yet! 

You might need more time or closure before you can fully move past what happened between the two of you.

When You Can't Get Someone Off Your Mind, Are They Thinking Of You?

Whether you're in a relationship or not, if you can't stop thinking about someone—they're thinking of you too. 

The thing is, energy is all around us and especially if that person is your soulmate or twin flame, your thoughts of them are likely reciprocated!

It may be hard to believe at first. But think about it – if they weren't thinking of you, why would they still be on your brain so much? 

The answer is simple – they're thinking of you because they care about you and want to keep in touch with you. 

That's why they won't stop fantasizing about what it would be like if you were together—it's because they want to be together! 

They just haven't realized yet that there's nothing standing in their way from having a relationship with you or connecting with you.

If you want to know what they're thinking or how they feel, try using your intuition or sending them a telepathic message!

Tips On Getting Someone Out Of Your Mind

Getting someone out of your mind is easier said than done, but it's necessary if you don't want your thoughts of them to consume you. 

For starters, you need to find an effective distraction for your thoughts. 

Whether that's meditation, exercise, going out with your friends, or trying new things, you can't dwell on your thoughts when you can't get someone off your mind. 

Otherwise, you might never get up and accomplish anything. 

Also, try making a list of all the reasons why you can't or shouldn't be with them. 

For example, write down all the qualities that bother you and how they make you feel. 

You can also write about the good times you've had without them and how much better off you are without them in your life. 

Lastly, do things that make you happy so it's easier to stop thinking about the other person.