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Why Do I Wake Up At 4am? 7 Spiritual Reasons This Happens

Why Do I Wake Up At 4am? 7 Spiritual Reasons This Happens

If you’re awake at night searching the internet for answers to questions like ‘why do I wake up at 4am, is there a spiritual meaning?’ this article is for you.

So why do you keep waking up at 4am every night?

Perhaps it has been happening for a while, and you don’t understand why it keeps happening!

You may be tempted to write it off as a coincidence, but it isn’t.

There are spiritual reasons for waking up at 4am every night.

In this article, I will look at the general spiritual significance of 4am and then take an in-depth look at the spiritual meaning of waking up at 4am.

Key things to know:

  • Waking up at 4am has spiritual significance because it's towards the end of the “witching hour” when the veil between worlds is thinnest.
  • Possible spiritual reasons include messages from spirits/angels, being in denial, needing a spiritual awakening, needing to center yourself, being stuck in the past, being selfish, or your third eye opening. 
  • If it keeps happening, it likely signifies a blockage in your life, or your spiritual needs are unmet. 
  • To address it, focus on spirituality through meditation, affirmations, crystals, grounding, and helping others.
  • The Bible also associates 4am with transitioning from darkness to light and as an optimal time for morning prayer and gratitude.

When The Veil Is Thinnest: The Spiritual Significance Of 4 am

The world is very strange between the hours of midnight and 5 AM.

Things feel slightly magical, and there is an otherworldly quality to this time. 

If you find yourself awake at 4 am, you might be feeling the heightened spiritual vibrations of this otherworldly hour, a time when the fabric between dimensions is whisper-thin.

There is a reason why this time each night feels magical.

It is because, during these hours, the veil between this world and other planes of existence is at its thinnest.

This means that you'll find it easier to connect with spirit guides and angels and be able to travel through higher realms.

Pre-dawn hours are quiet but bubbling with spiritual energy.

This means that there normally is a spiritual meaning for waking up at 4am. 

Now let's look at why you wake up at 4am every night.

7 Remarkable Spiritual Meanings For Waking Up At 4am Every Night

Woman awake in front of clock at 4am

1. Your Spirit Guides and Angels Want To Notify You of Something 

4am is often considered as being towards the end of the witching hour.

The witching hour is considered to be between 3am and 4am, and this is when the veil between this world and other worlds is at its thinnest. 

As you can imagine, being woken up at the end of the witching hour means something very different from being woken up at the beginning of the witching hour

When you wake up at 4am, your spirits and guardian angels might want to tell you something important.

Perhaps they are nudging you to consider your life purpose more deeply, and to reflect on whether you're currently on the path that aligns with it.

It normally has to do with your spiritual path and how you might be drifting from your true purpose

In the silence of pre-dawn, your guardians strive to deliver the most important messages, ensuring you're aligned with your highest good.

Deep down, you will know your true path in life. However, it can get pretty confusing in the hectic modern world! 

Your spirits and angels will be trying to send you a message during the witching hour but will only be able to get through to you towards the end.

This is because you are not in tune with your spiritual side. 

2. You are in Denial About Something 

One of the spiritual reasons for waking up at 4am is because there is something in your life that needs addressing. 

You might be in denial about something and are not accepting that there actually is something wrong in your life.

This is often about your journey in life, and you may not be on the path you need to be on. 

Don’t panic too much, though! Life is an adventure, and we all forget our path from time to time.

What is important right now is to take time to listen to your gut and follow what your soul is telling you to do

3. It Is Time To Spiritually Wake-up

Woman awake at 4 having a spiritual awakening

If you keep on waking up at 4am, it might be because you are letting your spirituality take a back seat in life.

Waking up spiritually requires balancing all aspects of your life, including your career, relationships, and spiritual practice.

Things might be pretty hectic for you, and you might be focusing too much on your career or your interpersonal relationships.

Of course, these things are important. However, it is really important to balance these with your spiritual awakening journey.

This means that you can get fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

If you are confused about where to begin regarding a spiritual awakening, then there's a lot of helpful information designed to guide you. 

A good place to start is to learn about the chakras. For a lot of spiritualists, these are the basis for many things that they practice.

When you learn about our chakras, you can learn how to open up and live balanced and spiritually. 

Chakras go hand in hand with crystals, and there are so many crystals out there that are perfect for guiding your spiritual awakening and healing emotional pain. 

4. You Must Center Yourself 

Experiencing frequent 4 am awakenings can usually be a spiritual sign that you need to center yourself as something is amiss within your inner world.

Just as the universe finds equilibrium among chaos, you too must find your center amid life's turmoil.

There could be aspects you've overlooked during the hustle of daytime activities. At night, the quiet allows your soul to express the imbalances it feels.

To realign and center yourself, engaging in several practices can be beneficial:

Adopt Meditation: Incorporate a time to meditate in your daily routine to foster a calm and clear mindset.

Embrace Yoga: Start or end your day with yoga to connect your body and mind, promoting inner peace.

Utilize Incense: Burn incense to cleanse your space, inviting positive energy into your home and facilitating a spiritual ambiance.

Explore Crystal Healing: Integrate the use of crystals such as blue quartz, which is known for its tranquil and centering effects, into your life to help maintain emotional and spiritual balance.

By committing to these spiritual practices, you can start to address the dissonance you may be feeling and find your way back to a more centered, spiritually aligned state of being.

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5. You are Stuck In The Past

If you keep waking up at 4am, this may be because you are stuck in the past and afraid of the future.

Spiritually, this is doing you no good, and it is not allowing you to grow and flourish. 

If this is your spiritual reason for waking up at 4am, it is time to work on addressing the past and moving forward!

Is there something that has happened to you that you can’t seem to recover from?

Have you made some mistakes that are bugging you right now? 

Unfortunately you cannot change the past. The only thing you can do is accept what has happened and turn our attention to the future.

The future can seem scary, especially if there are things in your past that you haven’t truly addressed.

It is time to accept your past and focus on what you can do to have the best possible future.

Everything happens for a reason, and you learn and grow from everything in your life.

Things will improve for you. You just need to put your energy into creating a beautiful future!

6. You Are Being Selfish

Woman with eyes closed

Selflessness and spirituality go hand in hand. To be positive and guided by our angels and spirits, you must be altruistic. 

You may be waking up at 4am because you are being selfish and not helping those around you who are in need.

This is hurting your spiritual growth. 

It can be easy to fall into selfishness when you are not actively trying to help others.

You can get pressured by society to be the best and, therefore, care too much about your own goals and ambitions. 

Of course, your own goals and ambitions are important!

However, it is also really important to put others first from time to time.

Consider if you are doing your bit to help those less fortunate than you.

This may be as simple as donating money to charity, or it may be getting yourself involved in a charity project. 

You can help others by just being there, too. If a friend or family member is going through a hard time, give them a shoulder to cry on and some helpful advice! 

It is time to concentrate on bettering the world around you, and in turn, this will better yourself. 

7. Your Third Eye is Opening 

Waking up at 4am is often a sign that you are not practicing spirituality as much as you should and you are ignoring your true path in life.

Because of this, a spiritual reason for waking up at 4am every night is that your third eye is opening, and simultaneously you are suppressing it.

Because of this, your spirituality is being suppressed. 

Your third eye is a significant part of being spiritual. It acts as a gate between the physical realm and the spirit realm.

It allows us to connect with higher realms of consciousness and receive messages and guidance. 

If you are waking up at 4am every night, your third eye might be trying to open.

It is really important to work with your third eye to develop your spirituality and psychic abilities

So, how do you work with the third eye?

Well, there are many different third eye exercises you can do to enhance the powers of your third eye. This will allow you to develop your powers and open up your third eye. 

I also recommend working with crystals to keep the third eye chakra balanced and cleansed.

This means that you can open your third eye safely and positively!

Should You Do Anything About Waking Up A 4AM Every Night?

There are multiple spiritual reasons for waking up at 4am each night, which suggests that there may be steps you can take to address your spiritual well-being:

Address Potential Blockages:

  • Acknowledge that waking up at 4 am might indicate a blockage in your life that needs your attention.

Enhance Spiritual Practices:

  • Engage in regular meditation to calm your mind and connect with your inner self.
  • Use affirmations to reinforce positive beliefs and goals.
  • Work with crystals that resonate with your spiritual energy to aid in healing and balance.
  • Practice grounding to connect with the earth and stabilize your energy.

Community and Selflessness:

  • Offer help and support to those around you.
  • Consider engaging in charity work or acts of kindness to improve both the world and your spiritual path.

Taking these steps can help in aligning yourself with your spiritual needs, potentially providing clarity and a deeper sense of purpose.

Is There a Biblical Meaning of Waking Up At 4am?

Woman in a biblical setting awake at 4 am

The Bible portrays dawn as more than just the break of day – it’s a metaphor for transitioning from darkness to light.

Rising before the sun in the early hour of 4am, offers a chance to express gratitude to God.

Countless examples in the Bible underscore the importance of morning prayer, such as Psalm 59:16, which it says:

“But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.”

Non-Spiritual Reasons for Waking Up at 4 AM

While many individuals often wake up at 4 AM and consider its spiritual implications, there are also a variety of non-spiritual reasons why you might find yourself waking at this time every night.

Let's explore these reasons, which can help improve the quality of your rest and prevent waking up unintentionally at this early hour.

Physical and Environmental Factors

  • Disrupted Sleep Cycle: Various factors can affect waking you up at this time, including noise, light, or even an uncomfortable bed. Ensuring a dark, quiet, and comfortable sleeping environment can help regulate your sleep cycle.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Consuming caffeine or alcohol before bed or exercising too close to bedtime can also interfere with sleep, leading to restless nights.
  • Medical Conditions: Sleep disorders or other health issues could be the underlying cause for waking up feeling unrested. 

Psychological Aspects

  • Stress and Anxiety: Mental health can significantly impact your sleep. Stress and anxiety might wake you, causing you to lay awake with racing thoughts.
  • Bad Dream: Occasionally, you may experience a bad dream or nightmare that abruptly rouses you from sleep, often leaving you feeling anxious or scared.
  • Restlessness: An overactive mind or preoccupation with the next day’s tasks and worries can often wake individuals throughout the night.

Biological Triggers

  • Natural Healing Processes: Your body undergoes natural healing and repair cycles at night. If these processes become disruptive, they could wake you.
  • Hormonal Fluctuations: Hormonal changes in the body, such as those related to the menstrual cycle or menopause, can cause you to wake up feeling hot or uncomfortable.
  • Blood Sugar Levels: Low blood sugar during the night can cause your body to wake you up, sometimes leaving you feeling shaky or sweaty.

Practical Steps to Better Sleep

  • Routine: Establishing a regular sleep routine can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and prevent waking up at 4 AM.
  • Deep Breathing: Engage in relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation, before bed to help ease into sleep.
  • Diet and Hydration: Avoid heavy meals and ensure proper hydration throughout the day for better sleep at night.

Tina C

Saturday 30th of April 2022

Thank you. So much of this article makes sense to me. I have been waking at 4:11am every day for the past week and yes indeed I have strayed from my spiritual path letting work and normal life consume me and not making enough time to ground myself. Sorry crystals... you too have been neglected.

Alan Young

Sunday 1st of May 2022

Thank you so much for this comment. I can completely relate to what you're saying. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and let our spiritual side take a backseat. But it's important to make time for ourselves, even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes each day, to reconnect. 🙏


Thursday 7th of April 2022

This was so helpful and dead on. I know I've been off my path into self awareness and was just discussing this the other day. My spirit guides are no doubt sending me this message. Thank you for your help through this article

Louise Soloman

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

I wake at 3.00 am and feel energy I try to understand but am only picking up vague sounds or scented smells, of flowers or if I'm driving certain areas blood then the crash sight and a strong energy but I can't say things and not know the outcome of it. Back to 4am I feel energy and am seeing colours or flashes combing to rainbows 🌈 it feels beautiful but tonight was different a swarm of Sandhills above me Startled I turned on the lamp and nothing was there. What is happening to me?

Samantha Ayerd

Tuesday 25th of January 2022

As I finish reading at 4:18am since Ive been up at 4:00am thank you this really helps me and made a lot of sense due to the dream I just had that woke me up at 4am. This has become a normal wake up time for me and it’s hard to go back to sleep I often meditate to go back to sleep. I have a lot of clarity and peace after reading

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