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Tibetan Quartz: A Guide To Its Meaning, Properties & Uses

Tibetan Quartz: A Guide To Its Meaning, Properties & Uses

Due to its carbon inclusions, Tibetan Quartz is also called Tibetan Black Quartz or Black Spot Quartz.

Today, we will be looking into the spiritual meaning of Tibetan Quartz, a few healing properties, and a frequently asked question about this crystal and Herkimer Diamonds. 

Tibetan Quartz is known for its purification and protective healing properties.

The aura is purified and expanded while the vibrations are raised, so the physical body synchronizes with the light body.

The sacred Om sound of the universe is said to boost psychic abilities when it is placed over the third eye.

Tibetan Quartz Spiritual Meaning

Even though there is not an exact spiritual meaning for Tibetan Quartz, there are many significant healing properties that the stones possess due to the location where they are grown and the spiritual atmosphere they grow in. 

Tibet is located in the Himalayan Mountains. Other locations include India, Pakistan, and Russia.

Tibetan Quartz captures the esoteric knowledge of Tibet and the resonance of Tibet's history.

The sacred land of Tibet has always been revered throughout history.

Tibet is a sacred and spiritual place, so any crystal from there will have a high vibration.

Since the Himalayan Mountains are at such high altitudes, only Tibetan monks are able to mine these crystals by hand, as machinery cannot easily access them.

7 Tibetan Quartz Healing Properties & Benefits

Tibetan Quartz healing properties and meaning

Tibet Quartz is regarded as one of the most powerful crystals and is considered a master healer and teacher. 

In Tibetan quartz, the ancient energies and wisdom of the ancient culture of Tibet reside, creating an almost holy, enlightened vibration.

The energy is nonetheless feminine, despite the connection to Buddha, and there is also a connection to the Trinity.

Tibetan Quartz is often a  double terminated variety that appears to send energy from the Crown to the Root (Base) Chakras without touching the Chakras between them.

Below, we will look at the 7 Tibetan Quartz healing properties and how this gorgeous stone can benefit your life and uplift your spirits. 

1. Helps You Relieve Stress In Your Relationships  

A Tibetan Quartz crystal has a healing property that can help relieve the stress and tension in your current relationships.

Given the stress we are all under at the moment, we tend to take our stress out on the people that we love the most.

This crystal will help correct this mistake that we often all make. 

Additionally, Tibetan Black Quartz will relieve the tension, misunderstanding, and emotional distance in your relationship.

Peace and harmony will be easier to achieve. Love and joy will be more abundant.

When you use this crystal, you will be able to regain the closeness you once had with your partner.

By using this crystal, you can also bridge the distance between you and your partner.

You will be reminded to be thankful for the big and small things in life when you wear the Tibetan Quartz.

2. Helps You Escape Your Limitations 

It is beneficial to break through perceived limitations when using Tibetan Quartz.

The crystals help one cope with the fact that he or she was incarnated within an overbearing set of rules.

The possibilities offered by the universe allow us to free ourselves from often self-imposed belief systems, to be flexible in our beliefs and views as we flow through the infinite possibilities of our lives.

Once you let go of what you think your limits are, the sky is your limit.

You will feel more confident to reach for the stars and achieve those goals that you once thought were out of your comfort zone.  

3. Expands Your Consciousness

Tibetan Quartz acts as a psychic cleanser, clearing impurities and toxins from your aura.

This allows your physical and energetic bodies to absorb more of the full spectrum of light.

As a result, these crystals are believed to help release emotional attachments and connect us to higher realms of consciousness.

The Akashic Records can be accessed, and it provides spiritual connections.

When placed right over the Third Eye, it stimulates your clairaudience and radiates the sacred sound of the universe.

4. Protection 

Tibetan Quartz has a powerful, centered energy that penetrates the body and self for deep energizing and energy balancing properties.

Tibetan Quartz is believed to be one of the most powerful protection crystals on earth. 

You will be protected from all psychic attacks, and you will be kept safe from both physical and psychic harm.

Healing energy from a Tibetan Quartz cleanses and purifies you, as well as the environment you are in.

This stone will help you get rid of negative energies that you might have internally and change those feelings and energies into something more positive.

This will also help you manifest positivity in your life. 

When you face change or are experiencing something that fills you with fear, uncertainty, or worries, the Tibetan Quartz will give you support.

So that you can successfully overcome it, it will provide you with confidence and courage.

5. Opens You Up To Love And Light 

A potent healing property of Tibetan Quartz is the ability to open our hearts to love and light, even in dark times. 

Just like all of the Anniversary Stones, Tibetan Quartz encourages more love and light in your relationship.

Its energies will bring you more happiness and joy, and you will feel like you're in a new relationship.

After a long and exhausting journey, this will feel like coming home!

Tibetan Quartz is an empowering stone that carries the power of acceptance and belonging.

As a result, you'll be able to accept the reality of the situation, your partner's inadequacies, and your own.

6. Emotional Healing

Emotional healing and support are some of the most beneficial Tibetan Quartz healing properties. 

Your feet will remain firmly planted on the ground no matter what changes in your life or your world!

You will receive emotional healing and support from your Tibetan Quartz.

This crystal can help you rid yourself of any pain, sadness, or anger from your past!

Additionally, this crystal will give you the strength to let go of any attachments to people or emotions that are no longer beneficial for you.

Sometimes it is better to let go of the person and put yourself first instead of holding onto someone who is causing more harm than good. 

As you learn how to deal with people, you will realize that some are only meant to be a lesson.

As the famous saying goes, ‘Season, Reason, Lifetime.’ 

7. Wealth 

You will be inspired to dream bigger and achieve more when it comes to your wealth with a Tibetan Quartz crystal.

This crystal can help you manifest your prayers, wishes, and deepest desires.

It will provide you with the guidance and determination necessary to make life-changing decisions.

With the energies of this crystal, you will be more open to everything that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Also, you'll feel more creative, more focused, more mentally clear, and more decisive!

How To Use Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan quartz usually occurs in single and double terminators, and it may contain some “black spots” occlusions.

In the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, which is a sacred area on Earth, it is mined by hand (often by monks). 

While some Tibetan Quartz is crystal clear, most is usually cloudy or grayish, almost smoky, due to carbon & hematite inclusions.

Tibetan Quartz is known for being one of the most powerful crystals on Earth.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Tibetan Quartz in your daily life. 


All the meridians are cleansed and energized by Tibetan Quartz.

Tibet's esoteric knowledge can be attuned with Tibetan Quartz meditation.

The practice of spirituality can be accomplished instinctively with this knowledge.

Due to its ability to raise your consciousness while also grounding you, in reality, it is an excellent tool for both meditation and spiritual work.

Around Your Home Or Office

By using Tibetan Quartz crystals, you will boost the energy in your environment.

You can place a piece of this crystal at each corner of your home or workplace or near the windows, to amplify the good energies you wish to be strengthened.

Many people value Tibetan quartz because of its ability to penetrate illusions and connect you to the heart of a subject.

You can also place a piece of Tibetan Quartz in the bedroom to help strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

As A Healing Wand

Tibet Quartz has a powerful, focused, and detached linear energy, making it ideal to use as a wand or control crystal during treatments or at home.

Despite this, it is recommended that you have some experience with crystal healing properties before using them as a wand or control crystals.

These forms of stones tend to be very powerful and might overwhelm someone who has never used one of these medallions before. 

If you have never owned a Tibetan Quartz before, start off with something like a pendant or a lovely display piece before diving into the world of healing wands and control crystals. 


Using Tibetan Quartz as a necklace with pendant

If you are using Tibetan Quartz crystals for their protection properties, you are going to love having a stunning Tibetan Quartz necklace around your neck.

The crystal will protect you from the negative energies and dangers that might surround you and your environment when you are out of your home and workplace. 

You can also wear a dashing Tibetan bracelet around your wrist if you prefer that to a necklace.

As long as you have a piece of the crystal with you and close to your skin, you will receive the benefits of this protective stone. 

Tibetan Quartz vs. Herkimer Diamond

Tibetan Quartz and Herkimer Diamonds might look very similar, but there is a significant difference between these two crystals. 

Quartz crystals with double terminations called Herkimer Diamonds are found in Herkimer, New York. 

These beautiful gemstones are over 500 million years old. 

Crystals are impressive pieces of nature located in the rock, with diamond-like geometrical shapes.

That's how “Herkimer Diamonds” got their name.

Tibetian Quartz crystals are usually double-terminated, which is perfect for transferring and receiving energy!

These gemstones are found in high-altitude, sacred Himalayan mines that are closed for 80-90% of the year due to bad weather.

Water, Manganese, Hematite, and Carbon are included in creating these dazzling crystals. 

Final Thoughts On Tibetan Quartz

We looked at 7 Tibetan Quartz healing properties, ways in which you can use the crystal, and the meaning of Tibetan Quartz.

With all this knowledge about this special crystal, adding Tibetan Quartz to your crystal collection will provide you with all the benefits and healing properties that this stone has to offer. 

Tibetan Quartz is a crystal that can protect you from the negativity that affects your body, heart, mind, and soul.

It will clean your aura, allowing you to attract only positive energies.

Your chakras will be activated, and stagnant energies will be removed by using this crystal.

Using it will help you achieve balance and harmony and help you expand your consciousness.

When your surrounding world becomes noisy and chaotic, this crystal will show you how you can achieve a deep and meditative state.

You will feel a bubble of love and light around you.

The crystal is an excellent healing and spirituality crystal that will intensify transformations.

As you gaze upon this crystal, you will see that love is your reality and that you have the power to release all of your fears.

Tibetan-Black-Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, is an extremely powerful healing tool!

By doing so, you will cleanse your personal energy fields and be energized with love and positivity.

You will radiate the frequencies of love and light that you will be receiving with the Tibetan-Black-Quartz, and you will share them with everyone you come in contact with!

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