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Clairaudience: What It Is + 7 Clear Signs You Have It

Clairaudience: What It Is + 7 Clear Signs You Have It

As the vibration of planet Earth is rising, a lot of people are developing extrasensory abilities such as clairaudience, clairvision, claircognizance, or clairalience.

In my previous articles, I have spoken about some of these extraordinary abilities, so in this one, I am going to explain what clairaudience is and what are the main clairaudience signs.

This change that happens with people is very normal, as the whole Universe is changing. 

Soon, things will become possible that would have seemed absolutely impossible 50 years ago. 

Thus, if strange things happen to you, such as hearing sounds or seeing things that are not real, don’t worry – you’re not going crazy – you’re just developing psychic abilities. 

If you are hearing unusual sounds lately and suspect that you may be developing clairaudience, read on, as this article is going to give you the answer you are seeking.

What Is Clairaudience?

Image of What is Clairaudience

Clairaudience is an extrasensory ability that enables you to hear sounds that come from the spiritual realm (higher or lower dimensions).

In other words, clairaudience means hearing sounds that do not have a physical source but rather a spiritual one. 

This is quite a rare ability, and it is usually offered to people as a spiritual gift to help them evolve on their path. 

This ability is usually given to people whose purpose in life is to be healers, empaths, or to be in strong communication with the Divine Source. 

One important aspect to mention is that there are certain mental illnesses that involve “hearing voices”, thus, it’s easy to confuse clairaudience with a mental illness. 

The truth is that traditional Psychology does not recognize paranormal phenomena as usual or natural in some cases; thus, anyone who says that they are hearing voices and sounds that do not have a physical source can be diagnosed with a mental illness. 

This being said, if you’re becoming clairaudient, my honest advice is to be honest with whom you share this with. 

Also, there is an important distinction to make between being clairaudient and having a mental illness that involves hearing voices.

In the case of a mental illness, people hear voices from lower dimensions (unpleasant sounds or threatening and upsetting voices). 

This situation is quite hard to deal with, and they could need medication to prevent them from hearing those voices. 

Even Schizophrenia, the main disease that involves hearing voices, from a spiritual point of view, is caused by lower vibration or heavy karma that connects the person to demonic dimensions, making them hear the voices of the entities who live there.

This means that the person should get medical help as well because demonic voices can be very dangerous and cause them to hurt themselves or others. 

In the case of pure clairaudience, the person hears the voices of their angels and spirit guides (or any entity guiding them), and they only hear them when they need help or guidance.

These voices are friendly, helpful, and pleasant and rather improve your life than ruin it (as it happens in cases of mental illness).

Thus, if you think that you could be clairaudient, have a look at the following 7 main clairaudience signs.

If you can thick at least 3, I would say that you are on the path of developing clairaudience.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Clairaudience?

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#1. Enhanced sense of hearing

If you are clairaudient, one main symptom you will have will be a very fine sense of hearing. 

You will be able to hear noises that come from very far away, or very subtle noises that others will not perceive. 

You could even be able to perceive noises that the human ear does not normally perceive, such as the noises that bats make. 

You could also be someone who wakes up very easily due to subtle noises from your surroundings.

The main idea is that your sense of hearing will be very developed, to the point where others could notice this as well. 

#2. Hearing sounds that do not have a physical source

Another clairaudience sign is hearing sounds that do not have a physical, tangible source. 

For example, you could hear the sound of the sea or the forest when you are not there.

You could literally hear any sound that does not have a logical explanation. 

When this happens, it could mean that your guides and angels are trying to deliver you a message and they want to make you pay attention to something. 

I would advise that you try to make contact with them and see what they are trying to tell you by sitting in silence for a bit, focusing on the sound, or even by doing a meditation.

#3. Hearing a high pitch in your ears

An important clairaudience symptom is hearing a high pitch or a ringing sound in your ears

This happens in the initial stages of developing clairaudience, and is the main sign that shows you are developing psychic abilities – as you could also be developing other abilities besides clairaudience.

This ringing can be a bit scary at first, as you can wonder if you’re not going crazy. 

The good news is that you are not going crazy – you are just receiving an important spiritual gift, and your physical body is trying to adapt to that.

When you start hearing this high pitch in your ears, is very important to raise your vibration to make sure that when your ear chakras open fully and will be able to hear sounds from the subtle plane, you will be connected to the higher dimensions and not to the demonic ones. 

If you are dealing with stress or have a lower vibration than usual, don’t rush to follow any messages or voices that you could hear during this process.

In contrast, if you are in high vibration and you are hearing guiding messages delivered to you by kind, soft voices, you can (and should!) listen to them, as they are revealing things to you with a purpose. 

#4. Hearing angelic voices

As you become clairaudient, you will start hearing the voices of your angels and spirit guides whenever you are struggling. 

What will differentiate the voices of your angels and guides from the voices of other spiritual entities is that when you hear their voices, you will feel a state of peace and safety. 

Your angels’ and guides’ main purpose is to protect and guide you, thus they are energetically connected to you, trying to give you the best guidance at all times. 

For this, they will use your clairaudience gift as well as the emotional connection they have with you.

Sometimes, you can hear angelic voices when you enter a temple, a church, or any other place with very high vibration, as you will hear the voices of the entities who are guarding the place.

#5. Hearing demonic voices

I know I mentioned in the beginning that hearing demonic voices is usually a sign of a mental illness rather than a sign of clairaudience, however, this is not always the case.

As a clairaudient person, you may occasionally hear demonic voices as well, as sometimes you may need to receive messages from them.

You can also hear demonic voices if you end up in a negative place, such as a haunted or cursed place or a place where terrible murders or deeds took place. 

As you are clairaudient, if you end up in such a place, you will be able to hear the sounds made by the entities attached to that place. 

These sounds can vary from scary voices to screams and any sort of unpleasant sounds.

My advice is that if you ever end up in such a place, you do an energetic protection on yourself and a thorough energetic cleanse after leaving, because these entities can remain attached to you, causing all sorts of spiritual and physical problems. 

Of course, as a spiritually awakened and highly sensitive person, it would be ideal that you never visit such a place.

#6. Receiving messages from deceased ones

Image of receiving messages from deceased ones

Another important clairaudience sign is hearing the voices of deceased ones. 

This can happen if someone close to you has passed away recently or if you end up around a spirit who did not manage to walk into the light upon their departure from this world. 

Spirits who have not walked into the light for various reasons (they are profoundly traumatized by the way they died, or they are afraid to go beyond the veil), will always seek help from spiritually awakened people. 

Hearing the voices of spirits who have not moved on can also happen if you go to a place that is haunted by such spirits. 

If this happens, my advice is to see what the spirits are trying to tell you. They may need your help, they may want you to deliver messages for them, or they may even want to help you in some way.

#7. Hearing sounds you don’t recognize

Another clairaudience sign is hearing signs that you’ve never heard before and that doesn’t sound like anything or anyone you know. 

This happens because, as you become clairaudient and start hearing sounds from the spiritual realm, you will hear sounds made by all sorts of entities that are unknown to you. 

You can also start hearing voices of people you don’t know, or the “spiritual sound” of someone being sad, angry, etc., as even emotions and thoughts can have a correspondent “sound” in the spiritual world.

If you start hearing such sounds, I recommend that you try to see where they come from and what messages they hold for you. 

How To Develop Clairaudience

Image of How to Develop Clairaudience

Some people are born with clairaudience, however, just like any other spiritual gift, clairaudience can be both acquired and developed. 

Below are 6 of the most effective ways to develop the gift of clairaudience: 

#1. Clairaudience meditation

The first way to develop clairaudience is to practice clairaudience meditations. 

In a clairaudience meditation, you are reaching a meditative state from which you try to connect to the spiritual entities around you and try to hear what they have to say. 

You may not hear anything at first, but with strong intention and consistent practice, in time, you will develop clairaudience.

#2. Do good deeds

In my previous articles, I talk about the “spiritual coin” we have to pay for any gift we receive from the Universe. 

This means that there is a price for anything and that we receive what we deserve.

Thus, if you want to receive the gift of clairaudience or any other rare spiritual ability, you must do many good deeds and put your life in service of the Divine Energy. 

When you’re doing a lot of spiritual growth and many good deeds, becoming a positive force in the Universe, you will be able to acquire the gift of clairaudience and much more. 

#3. Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing can also help you develop clairaudience. What you have to do is to get an attunement first, and then practice your Reiki routine on a daily basis. 

You can send the Reiki energy around your ears and Third Eye area, with the intention of developing clairaudience or any other spiritual gift you want.

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#4. Work with Archangel Gabriel 

Archangel Gabriel is responsible for spiritual gifts, and oftentimes he can offer them to people. 

Working with him when you’re doing any sort of spiritual work is very useful, as well as praying to him to bestow the gift of clairaudience upon you. 

You can also do good, altruistic deeds in his name as a gift to him because this way, he will definitely reward you with spiritual gifts.

#5. Practice Tarot and Divination

Divination methods also help you achieve gifts such as clairaudience, clairalience, clairsentience, and so on. 

Tarot, especially, opens your Third Eye Chaka like no other divination method and will help you develop both clairaudience and clairvision. 

Tarot will also sharpen your intuition very much, which will be very helpful for developing clairaudience. 

#6. Intuition exercises

Exercises that develop and strenghten your intuition will help you develop and grow any psychic ability you may already have. 

If you wish to develop your clairaudient skills, I suggest that you start by developing your intuition first.

Is Clairaudience Rare?

Image of is clairaudience rare

Clairaudition is indeed rare, as not many people possess psychic abilities, especially such specific ones. 

Clairaudition is different than having a strong intuition – it’s a gift that very few people are born with, and only some will develop in this lifetime. 

Thus, if you are becoming clairaudient, it means that you are a very spiritual person who has truly earned this rare gift. 

If you are a clairaudient person, we would love to read your story in the comment section below, so feel free to share with us details about your spiritual journey and how you discovered your clairaudience gift. 

Also, if you enjoyed this article about what clairaudience is and what are the main clairaudience signs, let us know in the comment section below! 

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