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6 Powerful Herbs To Attract Money + How To Work With Them

6 Powerful Herbs To Attract Money + How To Work With Them

Through observation, we can see how nature as a whole reflects the energy of unlimited abundance.

In this article, we deeply delve into the use of herbs to attract money.

Firstly it is necessary to understand more about the energetic and physical effects that plants provide us with.

We will then look at the specific herbs known to attract money and the detailed energetics and uses of these particular herbs.

It is always essential to be mindful of cultivating your personal mental and energetic state to prepare to receive assistance from these plants fully harnessing the power of attraction.

This article will provide you with the resources to understand and embody how to use these herbs in your daily practices to attract the wealth you desire.

You will also experience many added benefits as you learn how plants are truly abundant in the ways they can assist us.

The Spirit/Consciousness of Plants

The sacred power of plants has been acknowledged and understood since ancient times in so many cultures all over the world.

It is particularly tribal and indigenous cultures that have a deeper understanding of the energetic realm properties of the various species in the plant kingdom.

Just like a human, an animal, or a crystal each has unique vibrations, characteristics, and energies so too does each plant hold and radiate a unique energy.

Through ancient knowledge systems and experiences in nature, we know that nature, in general, holds an extremely pure vibration.

Simply being in a forest, garden, or park can leave you feeling clear, inspired, and energized.

Plants can be revered as our allies, our earthly helpers.

They not only hold space for us energetically but they are full of benefits to our physical well-being.

The experience of both our etheric and physical bodies can be greatly enhanced through working with specific plants.

Working with plants on an energetic level, learning to synchronize with the spirit of a particular plant, and integrate the knowledge and energy offered will assist us vibrationally.

This newly fine-tuned vibration will reflect in our physical experience.

Working with plants on a physical level is most widely understood and practiced in our world; even modern medicines are known to have been originally synthesized from plant-based compounds.

Using pure herbal medicines in various forms will allow us to integrate with a plant on a physical level; this is of benefit to both your physical system and your etheric system.

The effects of each plant are varied accordingly to the properties of the plant you are working with.

Each plant holds a message in the way that it grows; how it looks, how it feels, and how it smells.

We know so much about the specific and varied spirits of each plant through indigenous knowledge systems, such as Shamanic knowledge, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, Wiccan knowledge, African sangoma traditional medicine and that is just naming a few.

We also have further information through modern herbalism practices and through scientific studies.

6 Powerful Herbs To Attract Money

herbs to attract money

We can now gain and utilize a deeper understanding of some of the specific herbs to attract money that can be used.

Once you have an understanding of the herbs, you can choose one or a combination that you would like to work with.

The last section of this article will inform you of the practical and enjoyable ways to utilize your herbs in attracting money.


Basil is well known as a culinary herb.

It grows easily and has an abundance of bright green leaves which hold a delicious aroma and flavor.

The basil plant flowers in an elegant tower of delicate white blooms which emerge from the apex of the plant.

The species of basil that is known as holy basil or tulsi is highly revered as a sacred plant in India and is linked with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance.

Basil holds the frequencies of peace, tranquility, success, happiness, and good fortune.

You can make use of the leaves and flowers of basil to increase your magnetism to money.


Chamomile is most commonly brewed as a tea to effect deep physical and mental relaxation. 

The use of chamomile dates back to the time of ancient Egypt, it was a plant associated with the sun god.

The daisy-like flower blooms of chamomile are sun-loving and also look like little suns radiating small white petals.

Chamomile has been used since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and various other specific physical healing uses. It is also known as a flower that brings luck, positive energy, and attracts money.

Energetically chamomile vibrates the feelings of calm, serenity, and emotional balance.

These energies allow for a general flow of positive energy, trust, and openness to the abundance life naturally offers us.

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Mint is a herb that has one of the most recognizable aromas and flavor, it is an abundantly growing plant that is characterized by its deep green textured leaves which can often be most easily identified by scent.

Mint can relieve stress, refresh and increase mental focus.

The energetic signature of the mint plant offers mindfulness, discernment, clarity and movement.

These are all traits that are of great assistance in the process of attracting money into your life.


Honeysuckle grows on beautiful twining vines that bloom abundantly with tiny trumpet-shaped white and light yellow flowers.

Only the flowers of the honeysuckle plant are safe for human use.

Honeysuckle, true to its name, has sweet nectar and an aroma of floral honey.

The blooms of the honeysuckle are used in herbalism for the treatment of various physical ailments.

Honeysuckle is also used as an energetic medicine which vibrates presence, love, attention, focus, and enhances intuition.

Overall working with honeysuckle enhances mindfulness and this is a key frequency to attracting anything you desire.


Pine plants grow into large majestic trees which can have quite a sensory presence. The earthly scent of pine is grounding and fulfilling.

The spirit of pine resonates with the energies luck, vitality, joyfulness, and affluence.

Various parts of the pine are used in herbal practices such as the pine needles and tips, pine pollen, and pine resin.

These elements of the plant can be used to harness the energy of the pine and attract wealth.


Alfalfa, also known as Lucerne is a flowering plant of the legume family that grows abundantly wild all over the world.

It is easily identifiable by its tiny delicate leaves and stems topped with clusters of small bright purple flowers.

It is known as a good luck herb that attracts prosperity and protects one from poverty.

Alfalfa emits the vibration of generosity. It is commonly used as a nutritious food for animal feed as it grows so abundantly.

In attracting money it is usually used in its dried form in combination with other money attracting herbs, in charms such as the prosperity, bag mentioned later in this article.

Other less known but still effective herbs to attract money are thyme, rosemary, and clovers.

Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and star anise can also be used as a herb to attract money.

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Mind State And Intention to Attract Money

using herbs to attract money with intention

Through the Alignment of your thought forms and beliefs surrounding manifestation, you will receive full benefit from using these herbs to attract money.

It is always of great value in any attraction process to become clear about your intentions.

This is an affirmation to yourself and the universe of exactly what you are open to receiving.

Setting an intention is a vital part of anchoring your will into the physical realm.

It is rewarding to acknowledge your highest potential and to know that you part of nature and nature is fully abundant.

When you cultivate the feeling of abundance through energetic practices such as working with herbs to attract money, you will feel this abundance within yourself, within your body, and your mind, and this will reflect naturally to you in your physical experience.

The Variety of Ways You Can Work These Herbs to Attract Money

When approaching a plant spirit it is recommended to do so with respect and humility.

With love and pure intention always ask the plant permission before harvesting a part of it. 

You can communicate your intention for harvesting and genuinely thank the plant for assisting you.

Through actively acknowledging the power and sacredness you will be able to easier integrate with the frequency of the plant and see the most benefits!

These are some of the ways you can integrate your chosen money attracting herbs into your life:

Growing money attracting herbs

Connecting and tending to your growing plant with the intention of attracting abundance.

Keeping your plant healthy and appreciating watching it grow and thrive is a sure way to connect with the energy.

You can grow these plants in your garden or in pots that you place surrounding your home or business space to attract money.

Foraging and ethically sourcing money attracting herbs

If you choose not to grow these herbs yourself you can still have access to some of the money-attracting plants such as pine and peppermint which grow abundantly in the wild.

You can ethically forage these herbs.

You can also seek out these herbs at your local marketplaces and still make a conscious effort to acknowledge and thank the plant for being available to you.

Money attracting herbs as part of your diet

The primary means of integrating these money attracting herbs into daily life is through the physical body system, by physically consuming the plant matter in various forms.

You can include the money attracting herbs into your cooking or intentionally brew herbal teas using your chosen herbs.

Your body will respond to the aromas, flavor, and nutritional compounds in the herbs and over time will integrate the energetic downloads from the plants.

Herbal and energetic medicines from money attracting herbs

The energy of these herbs to attract money can also be harnessed in the form of herbal medicines such as tinctures, hydrosols, and flower essences.

A tincture is a potent extraction of the plant material dissolved into ethanol, tinctures are taken internally and serve as strong medicine.

A hydrosol is a steam distillation of plant material which extracts essential oils of the plant, hydrosols are mostly used externally on skin or as an aromatic misting spray but they may also be used internally depending on the plant material being used.

A flower essence is an infusion created with the flowering parts of a plant; it is a gentle but highly energetic and intentional way to work with plant material.

The blooms are delicately infused into pure water using sunlight.

This creates an imprint of the plant's energy within the water, this can be preserved using a small amount of apple cider vinegar, glycerine, or brandy.

You can choose a money attracting herb that resonates with you and experiment with creating these infusions yourself. 

You can also find many skilled herbalists who create these infusions and sell them online or in your local marketplace or health store.

Incense and smudge sticks made from money attracting herbs

Some of the money attraction herbs such as pine, mint, and basil can be dried and used to create smudge sticks.

Smudge sticks are constructed of dried plant material which is compacted and bound with thin cotton thread.

These can be burnt to produce a light smoke and aroma that has the ability to cleanse a space energetically.

Pine resin can also be burnt and used as incense.

Smudge sticks and incense can be utilized in an energetic clearing ceremony; you can hold a ceremony for yourself or a loved one with the intention to release any residual inauthentic beliefs you hold onto surrounding attracting money.

Totems using money attracting herb

Another interesting way to work with these herbs is to create symbolic and magical objects using the herbs.

You can create a Prosperity bag which is a small cloth bag filled with the money attracting herbs or a small doll filled with the dried herbs.

These can serve as totems that hold the plant energy and attract money.

They can be worn, displayed in the home, or on your altar. They also make great gifts, it is a sweet idea to make a few of these and gift them to special people in your life who you feel will benefit.

The practice of gifting welcomes the good vibes of generosity, sharing your abundance in the knowing that it is ever flowing.

Dieta with a money attracting herb

Entering into a plant dieta is a way to fully engage and integrate with your money-attracting herb.

The concept of a dieta originates from the shamanic tradition of Native American people; a dieta is a journey of entering into an intense and deep relationship with a specific plant.

This relationship usually is seeded in the form of a commitment to a specific number of days dedicated to getting to know, integrating, and learning from your chosen plant spirit.

It is really about meeting the spirit of the plant and letting it fully guide you to release and clear all you need to, in order to welcome and embody specific beneficial vibrations associated with the plant.

You engage in commitment to the plant through study, meditation, interaction through observation, ritual, and physical intake of the plant material or medicine.

Have fun with these practices.

The realm of plants is truly powerful, magical, and overflowing with endless knowledge.

Let these herbs to attract money assist you in feeling and experiencing how abundance is your truest nature!