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9 Herbs For Luck And Prosperity [& Best Ways To Use Them]

9 Herbs For Luck And Prosperity [& Best Ways To Use Them]

People have been working with the herbs they found near their homes and in their gardens for centuries.

Aside from the many medicinal and nutritional benefits many plants naturally contain, there are a variety of plants that can be used for magical purposes.

Today, we are going to talk about nine herbs for luck and prosperity that you can use today for their powerful effects.

I think it’s important, too, to recommend herbs that are easy for you to find and use.

Working with plants right out of the environment you live in or even growing some in your own magical herb garden can enhance their power. 

Think about it: If you start a plant from seed or lovingly care for and nurture it yourself, you can add an extra level of magical energy to that plant’s own natural characteristics. 

Don’t worry if you have to buy a plant from the store or use a pre-dried tea or spice, though.

Part of the power of any spell—herb-based or otherwise—is rooted in the intention of the person who is casting the spell or making the wish.

Any herbs for luck and prosperity that you use will serve to strengthen your own magnetic energy.

Many of the herbs we talk about today work well with each other, so don’t worry about choosing one.

You can mix and match them and see what works best for you and your situation.

Use these herbs as teas or to spice up a lovely meal.

You can also add them to your spell jar or medicine bag, or sprinkle them around the house, or even add them to your bath to help attract more wealth and luck into your home.

I’ve tried to make sure the herbs I’m recommending are safe to eat.

Make a general rule to avoid eating any herb you’re not 100% sure is edible. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common, easy to find, and powerful herbs for luck you can use to bring more good fortune into your life.

9 Herbs For Luck & Prosperity

herbs for luck


Basil is a magical herb that is pretty easy to grow right in your home and garden.

This common, sweetly aromatic green plant is a powerful tool to help you manifest plenty of luck and prosperity. 

For one thing, you can use basil to protect your home and energy.

Putting a plant in your windowsill will help to shield you and your home from any negative energy directed toward you.

Aside from that, basil is a herb that helps transform your life and brings good fortune and abundance into your life.

It can aid in finding success in your career and also help you attract wealth of all kinds into your life. 

Keep a few basil leaves in your wallet, purse, or pocket to attract money to you.

Basil is also a key ingredient in many money-attracting spells you’ll find on the internet.


Mint is another very common and very lucky herb that is easy to find and easy to grow.

Actually, it spreads so quickly and prolifically, you might not want to plant it directly on the earth in your garden.

Instead, keep it in big pots both inside and outside of your home.

There are many different types of mint, from wild mint to more nuanced flavors, like chocolate mint and even strawberry and banana mint! 

Mint helps you attract luck and money.

If you own your own business, you can work with mint to draw in new clients.

Keep a mint plant at the entrance to your store or keep a mint plant in your office to help the money flow in.

If you worry about being jinxed or having a spell on you related to your money or fortune, you can work with mint to break the spell and return to a state of abundance. 

Keep a mint leaf in your pocket or wallet.

It will help bring more money into your life and also help you to hold onto what you make or receive.


Chamomile herb for luck

Speaking of protection, breaking jinxes, and helping money flow into your accounts, chamomile can be a powerful herb to work with to increase your wealth and prosperity.

Not only can chamomile easily remove a spell designed to keep you small and poor, but it can also help attract money and luck to you like bees to honey! 

Gamblers can benefit from washing their hands with chamomile tea.

And, if you want to ensure success for an important meeting, keep some chamomile in your office or briefcase.

Chamomile can help the money flow your way.

If you’d like to supercharge the strength of your chamomile, combine it with basil and keep the two herbs closely together in your purse or in your mojo bag.


Everybody knows that clover is a good luck charm!

You don’t even need to have a four-leafed clover to attract luck and good fortune; the three-leafed version will do a good job on its own.

You can keep a piece of clover in your wallet or in your magical bag to attract good luck your way.

I’ve framed a four-leafed clover my daughter found in our yard.

Allow the clover that grows wild in your garden to flourish, and it will help bring good luck and prosperity to your home. 

Divination tip: Any time you notice clover when you are walking, check in with your thoughts—especially if you are thinking about a money-making project or romantic partnership.

Seeing clover is a sign of success and happiness, and seeing it is like a nod from the Universe that you will have positive outcomes for your endeavors.


Even though some people associate the woodsy/grounding scent of patchouli with hippies, it is actually a super-beneficial herb to work with for increasing your luck and attracting abundance. 

It will keep you grounded and focused as you work your way toward success.

Patchouli helps you see the pragmatic steps to creating true wealth. 

It also helps to shift your perspective about what luck and prosperity truly are, which might not just be about money. That might be why it’s so popular with hippies. 

I often use patchouli oil in the water I wash my floors with, setting the intention that it will bring luck and prosperity into my home. 

You can also plant some patchouli plants in your garden or have a plant on your balcony to attract good fortune into your life.


showing allspice as a herb for luck

Allspice is another great herb to work with if you’d like to attract opportunities, blessings, and abundance into your world.

If you need to attract money quickly, put seven dried allspice berries into your pocket and walk around with them for seven days.

Those seven days should be extremely fortunate for you. 

You can also either ground up the allspice berries and use them as incense or add them to a mojo bag or honey jar to attract wealth and good fortune. 


Ginger is another common herb that can help attract money and luck to you.

It is popular with gamblers because it works so well to help money flow quickly to you when you work with it.

In some traditions, they recommend that you drink ginger tea before doing magical work to help it be more effective.

It essentially adds fire to your work.

You can also keep a piece of dried ginger in your magical bag or sprinkle ginger powder into it—or your pockets—to make you a magnet for good luck.


If you’d like to attract money into your home while protecting your energy, you can work with cloves. 

Cloves can help transform bad luck into good as well.

So, if you have been experiencing a streak of bad luck, start working with cloves to turn it around.

You can make a pomander ball by sticking whole cloves into an orange (another luck and abundance bringer), and hanging the gorgeously aromatic ball in your money corner or near your door.


Not only is cinnamon a great, fiery, motivational herb to use, it is also a common and easy-to-find herb that helps create good fortune and prosperity.

Cinnamon not only helps to attract business success and money, but it also helps to address addictive tendencies and self-doubt that can wreak havoc on your finances.

It is a great all-around tool to help you draw money to you and build wealth with it.

You can combine cinnamon with other herbs to help amplify their energy, or use it all by itself.

This is another herb I add straight to the bucket when I wash the floor, especially when I am trying to attract abundance.

I combine it with patchouli and cloves to supercharge my home and office, making their energy ultra-attractive to wealth and abundance.

Just watch out—especially if you are using cinnamon essential oil.

Cinnamon is extremely hot and can actually cause chemical burns if you don’t handle it properly. 

Using Herbs for Luck and Prosperity in a Mojo Bag

Mojo bag to hold herbs for luck

Since we talked so much about using mojo bags in this article, I wanted to explain what a mojo bag is and how you can make one that will help you attract money and good fortune.

The use of mojo bags, specifically, originated in the African American Hoodoo Practice.

These small bags or amulets are filled with magical items, like herbs, crystals, and even written prayers, and kept with a person to help them attract their desires. 

They can also contain powerful protective symbols and elements, like many of the herbs for luck we talked about today, that help to protect the wearer’s psychic energy.

Native Americans used medicine bags in much the same way.

They also filled them with magical items, like herbs, feathers, shells, and symbols.

They are known as crane bags in Celtic and Druid traditions.

When you are making your own magical bag, you can use a small velvet bag with a drawstring, or you can make a small bag for yourself. 

It’s a good idea to sit in quiet contemplation with the bag and magical items, charging them with your intentions and preparing them for use in your spells.

The more positive energy you focus in your work, the better the outcome.

You can use any of the herbs listed above in your medicine bag, and you can also add citrine, jade, or pyrite to your bag to help attract good luck and prosperity. 

Keep your mojo bag tucked in your pocket or purse when you need a little bit of extra magic and manifestation power—or psychic protection. 


As you can see, there are several easy-to-find and common herbs for luck that help will those who choose to work with them.

You can combine the different herbs to help them all work better, too.

Often, the herbs you can use for luck and prosperity are also helpful in blocking negativity from affecting you or your finances.

They can remove jinxes and hexes.

Try out a few of these herbs by themselves and combine them in all different ways and see which herb or combination of herbs gives you the best results.

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