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Is The Butterfly Your Spirit Animal? 10 Amazing Meanings

Is The Butterfly Your Spirit Animal? 10 Amazing Meanings

The butterfly is one of the most well known and loved creatures of the insect world.

The energy of the butterfly generally resonates with the energy of transformation and beauty, the butterfly symbolizes and teaches us so many lessons relating to these aspects as well as many other aspects.

Within this article, we shall journey into a deep exploration of the butterfly as a spirit animal, totem, and symbol; we will start with some interesting biological details relating to the life cycle of the butterfly – this will assist us in visualizing and fully understanding the secrets of the butterfly spirit animal.

To distill the secret of the butterflies…

These magnificent insects are the epitome of graceful transformation. Their lives and energy are a teaching of dealing with intense change; defining, refining, and manifesting through the change into a captivating beauty. Butterflies represent the transition from density to lightness. They are a representation of a melding of earth and spirit.

The life cycle of a butterfly

The butterfly is an insect that undergoes a most intense process of growth and change throughout its life.

All butterflies begin as caterpillars which are the larvae stage of the butterfly.

Caterpillars grow extremely rapidly and they actually outgrow their skin many times, each time a caterpillar moults it is known as an instar and there are generally 5 instars before a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis (the last stage before the butterfly form emerges).

Chrysalis is formed when the caterpillar attaches to a branch and moult for the last time and its outer layer hardens to form the chrysalis.

Within the chrysalis the caterpillar actually undergoes a radical transformation; its tissue is broken down by enzymes, essentially digesting its own body into goo, the cells that remain which are known as imaginal discs form into the features of a butterfly.

The cells are nourished by the caterpillar goo to continue growing.

When the butterfly is ready it breaks through the chrysalis and emerges to enjoy its life of eating nectar, mating, and finding suitable plants to lay its eggs.

They lay eggs on the leaves of plants that are safest and will nourish the young caterpillars that will hatch for the next generation of butterflies to continue.

Butterfly Spirit Animal Symbolic Meanings

Butterfly Spirit Animal Symbolic Meanings

A spirit animal is an animal that can energetically and physically guide you.

It can be an animal that protects you, carries a message, or an animal that you identify with; sharing certain traits, or simply an animal that you are attracted to.

It can be an animal that you resonate with for a lifetime, phase, or a specific moment in time.

A spirit animal is an animal that chooses you or that you encounter in synchronicity whereas a totem animal is an animal that you intentionally evoke. 

If you have realized that the butterfly is your spirit animal you can learn to harness the energy of this magnificent creature to better understand as well as to benefit your life path.

The butterfly spirit animal can convey the following symbolic and energetic meanings:


When the butterfly is your spirit animal your life will likely be made up of a series of distinct cycles that lead to great transformation.

We see this energy reflected in the biological metamorphosis of a butterfly and this energy of change or transformation can manifest for you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Transformation is a key theme of butterfly energy and knowing this can help you to embrace this phenomenon and maybe even have fun with it.

Knowing that all stages are temporary and part of the cycle for transformation can help you move with your butterfly energy with greater understanding.

Butterfly as a spirit animal is significant of not only your personal transformation but the ability that you have to transform the world around you.

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Having the butterfly as a spirit animal will likely mean that you will experience rebirth during your lifetime.

A total breakdown and remake of life as you know it. You may actually have several smaller rebirths and one highly significant change or awakening experience.

This potent rebirth is seen at the point in the butterfly life cycle where the caterpillar dissolves and rearranges its remaining cells into a butterfly.


Although the butterfly undergoes an intense amount of change during its lifetime it seems to navigate these changes with beauty and grace.

Even at the stage where this creature is at its most vulnerable (reforming within the chrysalis) it is contained elegantly inside the chrysalis pod and remerges gracefully once it has formed and gathered strength.

Butterfly spirit animals can carry the meaning of grace and beauty through all cycles of life; noticing and embodying the beautiful and graceful aspects of the experiences throughout life.

Spiritual Awakening

The butterfly carries with it a magical aura, a reminder of something ethereal and almost otherworldly.

It can be associated with the spirit world, moving between worlds or representing the etheric energy that is the core of all creations.

Butterfly spirit animal can indicate that you will walk a spiritual path through life, with an awareness of life beyond just the physical, beyond what meets the eye.

People who identify with or discover that a butterfly is their spirit animal are destined to experience and possibly share their spiritual awakening.

Butterfly Totems

Butterfly Totems

A totem animal can be called upon or evoked to assist with a specific situation or endeavor.

The totem can be evoked through intention, connecting with and utilizing the symbol of the animal as well as through reverence of the animal.

Butterfly totem is indeed a popular and powerful energy to work with. These are some of the ways that butterfly energy can assist us:


You can call upon butterfly energy in times of transition or change, the energy of butterflies can help you gracefully move through and understand that life moves through cycles, that all is temporary and each new stage brings new experiences, joys, and challenges

Light and Joy

When dealing with grief or loss it can be helpful to call upon butterfly energy which can offer a sense of lightness and help us to remember that joy is still possible even after a drastic change of loss.

Grief is often caused by holding on to the past and the butterfly is master of gracefully moving in the present while going through changes and transformation of its identity and lifestyle.


Evoke butterfly energy as part of your manifestation process.

Butterflies are symbolic of creative energy and so they are linked to the process of manifestation.

The butterfly exists as a caterpillar with the potential of becoming a butterfly and it eventually physically manifests as a butterfly. The butterfly can remind us that manifestations are often unseen at first but eventually show themselves if we stay aligned with what we desire.

Spiritual Realms

You can call upon the energy of butterflies to assist you in your connection and remembrance of the spiritual nature of life.

Butterflies are symbolic of the more ethereal and magical aspect of existence and so they can teach us that magic, beauty, and spirit are very much part of our earthly reality.

Negative Traits Of The Butterfly Spirit Animal

Butterfly Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Although the positive traits of butterfly spirit animal outweigh the negative, there is a not necessarily negative but more shadow side meaning that we can explore related to butterflies and this is the theme of death; in some cultures, butterflies are associated with spirits that have passed on.

Butterflies also intrinsically represent the phenomenon of death as for rebirth to occur something or aspect needs to die.

Death is not necessarily a negative meaning but it is a darker interpretation of butterfly energy 

Another way to look at butterfly energy from a negative perspective is related to the theme of contentment; the need to constantly seek change and progress can be motivated by lack of contentment, it is always striving and working towards the next stage and possible not fully present in the stage that it is (this can be seen as a positive or negative trait).

Positive Traits Of The Butterfly Spirit Animal

The butterfly has many beneficial and enjoyable traits; some of these positive traits have been mentioned in the sections earlier within this article.

This section is a summary of the positive traits of butterflies:

  • Graceful
  • Beautiful
  • Light
  • Patience
  • Self-expression
  • Spiritual
  • Embracing change
  • Synchronicity
  • Transformation

Butterflies are also associated with the elements of earth and air and linked to the sacral chakra (which is the chakra governing creative energy).

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Dreams About Butterflies

butterfly dreams

Butterflies as a dream symbol can signify a variety of meanings, it is best to use your intuition along with inspiration and knowledge that resonates from these suggested meanings of butterflies.

You can read through the possible meanings and then applying your intuition and sense of what you are experiencing in life you should be able to gain some insight into the meaning of your butterfly dream.

These are some possible meanings of dreaming of butterflies:

  • Butterflies in your dreams may also be a sign that this totem animal that can assist you at this time in your life.
  • Dreaming of a butterfly can mean that change or transformation is occurring or going to occur. It can be a sign that you are moving into a new phase of your life cycle. By looking at the details of your butterfly dream you can gain more detail. E.g. if you dream of a caterpillar you could still be in an earlier stage of your metamorphosis while if you dream of a chrysalis you could be right before a big change. The dream could refer to spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional evolutions.
  • Dreaming of a butterfly can signify that a manifestation you are working on is coming to fruition or at a certain stage of progress (as mentioned in the previous point; you can look at the details of the dream and the butterfly life cycle). A free-flying fully emerged butterfly would signify your manifestation is completely set into motion for you to soon fully experience.
  • Butterflies in a dream can signify that you will experience new joy in your life.
  • Dreaming about a butterfly can be a reminder to tend to your spiritual awareness and practices. 

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Spiritual Significance Of A Butterfly Landing On You

Butterfly Landing On You

When you have a butterfly as a spirit animal or you are working with a butterfly totem or even just out of the blue you may be lucky enough to have a butterfly land on you.

This is usually an excellent omen; it signifies that you are on your path of transformation which is all part of your journey of embodying the highest version of yourself.

You are probably on a spiritual journey or about to embark on one.

Butterfly energy is ethereal in nature and in some cultures, it is believed that butterflies are spirits that have passed on that come to visit us.

If you know someone that has recently passed on or have been thinking of someone that has passed and a butterfly lands on you it could be a special soul paying you a reassuring visit.

Butter Fly Tattoo Meaning

Butterfly tattoos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique meaning. For example, a butterfly tattoo could represent change, freedom, new beginnings, or transformation. It could also symbolize the soul, resurrection, and new life.

Butterflies are also often associated with love, particularly when they're depicted in pairs. In this case, they may represent the harmony and balance that's necessary for a healthy relationship. Butterfly tattoos can also be seen as a representation of femininity and grace.

Of course, the meaning of a butterfly tattoo is ultimately up to the individual. If you're considering getting one, take some time to think about what the butterfly represents to you and what you want your tattoo to symbolize.

Check out these great butterfly tattoos ideas, and to also learn more about their meaning.

Love And Romance Meanings Associated With The Butterfly

The meaning of a butterfly in love, romance, and relationship context is similar to the general positive meanings of butterflies.

If you are in a relationship butterfly can signify that your relationship is or will undergo natural transformation and evolution which will deepen the joy, beauty, and connection within the relationship.

If you are seeking romance butterfly can signify that your next relationship will initiate a new cycle of transformation in your life. Butterflies in general related to love and romance signify joy, lightness, beauty, and deep spiritual connection.

Through observing and contemplating the lives and energy of these ethereal creatures we can learn so much.

Whether the butterfly is clearly your spirit animal, a totem you have intentionally called in, or simply a beautiful creature that has piqued your interest for a moment, it is no doubt that these delicate creatures stir something deep within us.

Their beauty carries their story of intense transformation; a transformation that is not without effort but imbued with intention and grace.

The butterfly is an impressive and effective teacher that reveals its secrets to those who take the time to pay attention.