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White Butterflies: 20 Amazing Symbolic Meanings Explored

White Butterflies: 20 Amazing Symbolic Meanings Explored

The Universe communicates with us in so many amazing ways – through signs or symbols such as angel numbers, plants, songs, animals, feathers, and so much more. 

Butterflies are a wonderful way through which we can receive such messages, so in this article, I am going to focus on the meaning and symbolism of white butterflies. 

White butterflies are one of the signs you can see when you are in a high vibrational state, aligned with the Universe and with your higher purpose. 

Butterflies are a good omen in general, but if you see a white butterfly, it’s usually a sign that you’re on the right path. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning the difference between seeing a white butterfly and a white butterfly landing on you. 

Seeing a butterfly is a good sign, but when a butterfly lands on you, it’s actually a sign that you are in a very high vibrational state.

I know for sure that butterflies don’t land on people very often. I am a person who spends a lot of time in nature, but butterflies have only come to sit on me when I am in a very high, peaceful vibration. 

For example, when I was in a Reiki camp once, doing a lot of meditation and spiritual work, I went to a field to meditate, and when I opened my eyes, there were 3 butterflies on me. 

That’s how I knew that what I was doing was good and that I was on the right path.

If you have been seeing white butterflies a lot lately – in real life, in your dreams, or in virtual/ painted ones, let’s see what the universe is trying to tell you through this spiritual omen.

Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism of the White Butterfly

#1. Purity

Purity as a meaning of the white butterfly

The white butterfly is mainly a symbol of purity. It will be shown to you as a confirmation that you are someone with a pure soul and a pure heart

White butterflies are not shown to everyone. They are shown to you as someone who is spiritually pure – living in light and love, willing to grow and evolve, and someone with the purest and best intentions. 

A white butterfly shown your way can also symbolize that you are purifying from an energetic point of view – dark energies are being cleansed off you. 

#2. Angels are near 

One of the main white butterfly spiritual meanings is that angels are near you. 

White is a color that symbolizes purity and light. Thus, the same goes for white butterflies. 

When angels are near you, offering you support and guidance, white butterflies will come to you or will be shown to you. 

Sometimes, the angels are near to offer help and guidance, and sometimes, they come to bring you spiritual gifts as a reward for something very good that you have done. 

#3. You are divinely guided 

Another meaning of the white butterflies is that you are divinely guided. 

This means that you are receiving Divine Guidance from your Spirit Guides and other Light Entities. 

You may be dealing with a difficult situation, decision, or heartbreak, and your Spirit Guides and other Higher Powers are telling you, “we are here, we got this, you will be okay.” 

From this point of view, seeing a white butterfly is a sign that you are being blessed and protected.

#4. New beginnings

A white butterfly is also an omen for a new beginning. It symbolizes that a new beginning is headed your way, so it’s time to prepare yourself for whatever it comes with. 

If changes have been happening in your lately and it was a bit scary, the white butterfly is the way in which your Spirit Guides are telling you to let the changes happen because they are happening according to the Divine Plan. 

You don’t need to understand everything right now, just have faith and let the new beginning take place. 

#5. Opportunities coming soon 

A woman knowing opportunities are coming soon

Besides symbolizing new beginnings, white butterflies also mean new opportunities and new doors being opened for you. 

The white butterfly is a very positive omen that tells you to free your time and prepare yourself in every way possible because an amazing opportunity is coming your way, and it would be great if you fully took advantage of that! 

#6. Your vibration is elevated

Another meaning of the white butterfly is that your energetic vibration is elevating. 

You may have done some healing or spiritual work, and it shows, and now your angels and Spirit Guides are trying to show you that changes also happen at an energetic level. 

White butterflies are usually sent by Light Beings, which signifies that these beings are there near you. 

#7. You’re on the right path 

If a white butterfly is coming your way, your angels and Spirit Guides are trying to tell you that you are on the right path spiritually, mentally, and even physically. 

If you had to make some choices or changes recently and white butterflies are showing up afterward, it is definitely a sign that you have made the right choices. 

The Universe is confirming that you are on the right path from all points of view, and that is probably why your vibration is so high. 

#8. Don’t give up! 

Sometimes the white butterfly will be shown to you as a message that it is definitely not the time to give up now. 

You may be closer to your desired result than you could ever imagine because your vibration is high, and you’re also on the right track, so giving up now would be a shame. 

Your guardian angels know that you have been dealing with difficulties in one very important area, and they are here to tell you not to give up! 

#9. A deceased one is guiding you 

White butterfly symbolsim

White butterflies are sent by all the light beings who are near you, trying to guide you, help you and inspire you. 

If you have a special connection with someone who passed away, or if someone very dear to you passed away recently, then seeing a white butterfly could also mean they are near you. 

They could try to comfort you or send you a telepathic message- just pay attention to what you feel in your heart when you see the butterfly or when you think about it. 

#10. You will receive Divine Inspiration

As the white butterfly signifies a connection to the Divine and the Higher realms, seeing one, it’s a sign that you will soon receive the Divine Inspiration that you need. 

You may be looking for an answer, a path, or a solution. Don’t worry- the angels have your back. 

The answer you’re looking for will flow to you when you least expect it – like a feather in the wind, and you will know for sure that it is the right answer. 

#11. You’re healing 

A white butterfly is also a symbol of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. 

Seeing a white butterfly means that you are healing from whatever you have been dealing with, and it has been a heavy burden. 

As it is a symbol of spiritual elevation and purity, the white butterfly has a strong symbolism related to healing. 

The angels are near you, and the Universe is helping you heal, offering all the love and support you need. 

#12. You’re becoming more like your Higher Self

White butterfly and the higher self

Another spiritual meaning of the white butterfly is that you align more with your Higher Self as you heal and evolve spiritually. 

The Universe is letting you know that you are on the right path, your healing and spiritual evolution are going really well, and you have reached a very high spiritual level. 

You are aligned with your Higher Self which is an amazing thing, and it means that you are doing what you should be doing, the way you should be doing it. 

Basically, you are the right person in the right place and fulfilling your destiny. 

You are also learning your spiritual lessons the right way and becoming wiser and more powerful. 

Your Higher Self is now fully expressed through you, and this means that you have become your best version possible in this existence. 

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#13. Luck is coming your way 

A big part of the white butterfly symbolism is related to luck. This tiny insect is a very good omen of light, love, luck, and positive things heading your way. 

If you’re seeing white butterflies everywhere, the Universe tells you to keep your eyes open for opportunities and to prepare. 

Luck is headed your way really soon, as well as blessings, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity. 

#14. A peaceful goodbye 

A white butterfly can also have a rather sad meaning – it can symbolize a goodbye. 

Most often, it is a goodbye from someone dear to you who has passed away. 

This person can say goodbye to you by showing you a white butterfly – the symbol of purity, light, and love. 

This can be their way of saying they love you and they will be there to guide you. 

Also, if someone you love has been a Spirit Guide to you, they could choose to say goodbye by showing you a white butterfly. 

In other cases, seeing a white butterfly can occur after a physical separation from someone with whom you had a relationship in the physical realm – a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a work collaboration. 

If your ways parted, it could just mean that their Higher Self is saying goodbye – at least for now.

#15. Peace and serenity 

Peace and serenity

A white butterfly can also be a symbol of serenity. It can be shown to you when you’ve done a lot of healing or inner work and you’ve reached a stage of inner peace. 

Your angels and Spirit Guide could want to congratulate you for this; thus, they will send a white butterfly your way. 

Also, if you’ve been going through something very difficult lately and a white butterfly shows up, it could be an indicator that now it’s a time for peace and serenity.

#16. You’ve made the right choice 

Another spiritual meaning of seeing a white butterfly is that you’ve made the right choice. 

A white butterfly can be shown to you when you’ve been struggling to make a decision, but now finally, you have reached a stage of inner peace due to making the right decision. 

You can finally relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor because it’s a time for rest. 

#17. You are opening up spiritually 

Similarly to your vibration being elevated, when you see white butterflies around, it’s a sign that you managed to open up spiritually. 

You are becoming increasingly interested in spirituality and evolution, and you’re striving to learn about a lot of deeper meanings of life. 

Your Spirit Guides will show you a white butterfly to confirm their presence and to acknowledge your spiritual growth. 

#18. Love and Light 

The general meaning of a white butterfly is love and light. The rest of the meanings I have presented stem from this one. 

When you see white butterflies everywhere, the Universe is trying to tell you that you will enter a period of love and light in your life. 

The Universe will shower you with this love and light. Thus, a very positive period of time awaits you.

#19. Positive karma awaits you 

White butterflies as a symbol of positive karma

Another white butterfly meaning is that it’s a time for rewards in your life. 

You may have done some extraordinary deeds, passed some tricky spiritual tests, or just finished paying some heavy karma because now, there will be a time for you to rejoice in the fruits of your labor.

A white butterfly is a good omen, so it’s usually a sign that the tough times are over.

As the saying goes, after every storm, the sun will shine again. Thus, the sun will shine on your street very soon. 

#20. You are being comforted 

If a white butterfly is sent to you, it’s a sign that your angels and Spirit Guides are trying to comfort you. 

They are probably sending healing and good vibes your way, and you don’t even realize it. 

If you’ve been going through some difficulties, these will soon end, so do not worry! Just rejoice in the positive vibes that are being sent your way.

What Does a Dead White Butterfly Represent?

Seeing a dead white butterfly can be a bit scary. However, it can indeed happen. 

If you see one, don’t worry. The dead white butterfly symbolizes death and rebirth, as well as the darker side of life or of spirituality. 

It can symbolize that you are meant to go through some difficult changes in order to grow and develop, but that is okay because, after that, your life will enter a nice period of time again. 

White Butterfly Symbolism In The Bible

In the Bible, the white butterfly has a very strong symbolism, mainly revolving around omens of peace, divine inspiration and guidance, and angels being around. 

Whenever a white butterfly was mentioned in the Bible, it symbolized light and love. 

The white butterflies were sent to people in key times to symbolize that the angels are near, healing is being sent, and everything will be alright. 

Most of today’s symbolism of the white butterfly stems, in fact, from the Bible. 

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The White Butterfly Symbolism in the Native American Culture

White Butterfly

The Native Americans had a strong symbolism of nature, insects, animals, and plants. 

They loved and worshipped all these things, and part of why I chose to speak about the meaning of the white butterfly in their culture is because I strongly believe they had a gift when interpreting nature-related omens. 

As someone who has studied their culture, I strongly believe they had a strong, authentic connection to nature. 

The white butterfly was believed to carry dreams on their wings in their culture. 

They were seen as an insect that brought spiritual messages – thus, after seeing a white butterfly, they always meditated and tried to see why it was shown to them. 

Also, they strongly believed that seeing a white butterfly can be a sign that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you. 

Interpreting the white butterfly

If you’ve been seeing white butterflies lately, but you’re not sure which one of the abovementioned meanings applies to it, I suggest that you try the Native American approach and meditate upon it. 

A meditation upon the omen that you have seen will always reveal the real meaning that the white butterfly has for you, according to your life and current challenges. 

Thus, clear the thoughts from your mind and start meditating, with the intention of bringing the white butterfly message from your unconscious mind (which has already picked on it), to your conscious mind. 

If you enjoyed this article on the white butterfly symbolism, leave us a comment in the comment section below and share your opinion with us!