7 Amazing Spiritual Meanings Associated With A Pair Of Doves

by Alan Young
Pair of Doves

Doves are a species of birds that are quite distinct in the presence and energy that they bring to the earth.

Doves are gentle yet powerful creatures that have an aura of divine energy and connection. As humans, we have been drawn to doves since ancient times.

Doves have been referred to in the bible and even been trained by humans in the past to deliver messages (these were known homing pigeons; pigeons belong to the same species group as doves).

There are many varieties of doves such as homing pigeons which are also known as rock doves, mourning doves as well as white doves.

In this article, we will focus on the meaning of doves in general rather than a specific species.

A pair of doves is a well-known symbol that humans have adopted into our culture and within this article, we will learn more about the meanings associated with this symbol with a specific focus on the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves.

7 Spiritual Meanings Associated With A Pair Of Doves

Spiritual Meaning of seeing a pair of doves

These are some of the meanings of a pair of doves as a symbol.

These meanings can relate to the use of a pair of doves as a symbol as well as if you happen to spot a pair of doves they may have a message for you that is linked to one of these seven key meanings below.

Many of the meanings associated with a pair of doves link to the natural phenomenon that doves are an animal that chooses a mate and stick with their mate throughout life. 

1. Love

A pair of doves are symbolic of deep love.

They represent romantic love as well as deeper soul connection love.

Signifying a spiritual and unconditional love and bonding. Doves are also associated with the planet Venus and goddess Aphrodite which are both symbols of love.

2. Unity and Union

Doves are a symbol of unity, they represent coming together with a positive attitude.

Doves also symbolize union and so they are often used as a symbol during wedding ceremonies. The energy of unity is linked to the spiritual experience of oneness- that we are all connected.

3. Peace and Harmony

A pair of doves also symbolizes harmonious coming together and peaceful energy.

Doves are often used as a symbol of peace. They carry a gentle and soothing energy which is a great foundation for peaceful connection.

Doves are good at working together harmoniously in pairs. One of the goals of spirituality is to attain peace and harmony within our experience of life and so working with the energy of a dove pair can align us to this vibration

4. Nurture and Parenthood

Nurture and Parenthood

Doves are known to be great parents.

They are nurturing by nature and a pair of doves can be a symbol of nurturing and parenthood.

Interestingly, within a dove union, both the mom and dad are equally responsible for looking after their babies, they work harmoniously building a nest together as well as taking turns to incubate their eggs.

Their devotion, nurturing and equality in parenthood is even part of their biology seen in the fact that both dove parents produce milk to feed their young.

Raising a child is most definitely a spiritual practice and so through observing how doves approach parenthood we may be inspired to act with intentional nurturing and grace as well as supporting our partners as best we can as parents together.

5. Purity

Two doves can be seen as a symbol of purity as they are associated with holiness or divine spiritual energy.

Again a biological factor is analogous to how doves embody purity.

In preparation for feeding their young the dove parents actually fast for a period of time in order to purify their bodies and provide the purest quality of milk for their babies.

A pair of white doves is especially representative of purity as the color white holds an angelic and pure vibration of light.

6. Devotion and Loyalty

As mentioned before it is natural for doves to choose a mate and stick with the same mate for life. This is why a pair of doves is a potent symbol of devotion and loyalty.

Their devotion is also seen in the way they share responsibility in caring for their young together.

The fidelity of doves is another reason that the symbol of two doves is often associated with marriage or sacred union.

7. Deep Resonance

A pair of doves can also symbolize deep resonance or soul connection. Because these beings are able to feel each other, commit and work together in harmony, they are tuned to the same frequency.

They choose to align with each other and this creates a deep resonance between the doves which allows them to hold the high vibration that they offer.

Dream Meaning Of A Pair Of Doves

Dream Meaning Of A Pair Of Doves

As always with dream interpretations consult your intuition, current life focus in conjunction with the suggested interpretations.

When a pair of doves makes an appearance in your dream it could hold the following significances:

  • Seeing a pair of doves in your dream could be a sign to consider integrating the positive aspects of dove energy into your life as this will benefit your spiritual evolution. Aspects such as peacefulness, loyalty, and unconditional love.
  • Seeing a pair of doves can be a reminder to consciously and intentionally work harmoniously with your partner and yourself for the highest good of all.
  • Seeing a pair of doves can be a sign that you should check in with how you are treating yourself, your partner, and your kin and maybe choose to be a little more gentle and nurturing in these relations.
  • Seeing a pair of doves can be a reminder to tend to your spiritual aspects, your awareness of your intuition, and your higher self.

What Does A Pair Of Doves Signify As An Omen?

An omen can be considered as a divine message, a sign that is symbolically informing us of possible future events.

If you see two doves or an image of two doves and feel it to be an omen, it could signify:

  • Finding your soul mate/life partner or deepening in love within your current partnership.
  • That you are to become a parent in the near future and you will be very supported and good at parenting.
  • That divine energy, holiness is all around you and you are always supported by great spirit.
  • That you are entering a period in your life of peace, tranquility, and harmony.
  • That you will experience new levels of self-love.
  • That you should approach any situation you are experiencing with optimism.

Other Potential Significance Of Two Doves

Potential Significance Of Two Doves

The more intricately you observe the behavior and energy of doves the more you can understand their significance.

Here are few more possible meanings of a pair of doves:

  • The fact that we are trying to understand the meaning of 2 doves relates to the number 2. In numerology, the vibration of number 2 is linked to balance, diplomacy, harmony, intimacy, and care. The numerology meaning of the number two is quite reflective of the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves discussed earlier in this article.
  • Due to the significance of doves being very loyal and nurturing creatures they are also associated with the energy of innocence.
  • The fact that doves are quite simple and beautiful birds who work together harmoniously associate them with the meaning of gracefulness.
  • Doves can be seen as celestial messengers bringing us the message of the ultimate truth of love: higher love, self-love, and spiritual soul love.
  • Two doves can represent prosperity and abundance as together they have the ability to co-create.
  • Two doves can symbolize success and enjoyed partnership or teamwork.
  • Doves offer an energy that is tranquil and soothing.
  • Doves symbolize divine energy and holiness as they embody many benevolent traits.
  • Doves can be symbolic of the unconscious and conscious mind together and can symbolize the integration of these aspects. They can also be symbolic of masculine and feminine energy uniting.

Intentionally working with the energy of doves

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the energetic and embodied nature of doves.

You may want to intentionally call upon these beings to assist you with a situation in your life or you may simply just feel attracted to getting to know them better.

You can start to call in the vibration of dove energy in the following ways:

  1. Source beautiful images or sculptures of doves to place on your altar or in your home.
  2. Engage in an intentional visualization with doves, you can visualize interacting with them or observing them in your meditation.
  3. Create an artwork including two doves.
  4. Watch and study a video of two doves.
  5. Spend time in nature studying doves (this is probably the most effective way to get in touch with them).
  6. Continue researching and learning more about doves.

Working with dove energy can assist you with:

  • Deep soul connection with your partner.
  • Assist you with attracting your soul mate /life partner.
  • Assist you with being a good parent.
  • Welcoming the energy of peace and harmony into your life.
  • Initiating a purification or cleanse in your life.

These simple and graceful creatures can really teach us so much and now that you have taken the time to explore deeper insights surrounding the meaning of a pair of doves you will experience their energy with renewed presence.

👉 I hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to know about the dove as a spirit animal then check this article out, or if you want to know about spirit animals and what yours could be, check out this article. Thanks 🙏

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