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82 Affirmations For Patience That You Can Use Right Now

82 Affirmations For Patience That You Can Use Right Now

Stop and think, how does it FEEL when you're a being impatient and intolerant. 

I'm sure you'll probably agree, NOT GOOD.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be here looking for affirmations on patience. 

I've been there,  getting frustrated and angry at myself and others because I'm being impatient.

Nothing good ever truly comes from being like that.

For me, once I become AWARE of my tendency to be impatient I could then choose to become patient.

I knew I would feel happier and more relaxed if I could practice patience in my daily affairs. 

Affirmations were a big part in helping me change.

They helped keep my focus on what I wanted to become…PATIENT.

Below is a mix of affirmations that you choose from and use daily to help you develop patience.

I recommend you pick just 3-5 main ones that you like to say and repeat them as often as required till you develop the attributes of patience you require. 

You won't become mother Teresa overnight, but over time you will gradually become more patient in all your affairs. 

Also, there's an affirmation video at the bottom of this post that you can listen to throughout your day.

A quick tip. When you feel yourself becoming impatient, repeat your affirmations and then consciously CHOOSE to ACT in a way that is PATIENT and TOLERANT. 

You ready? Cool, here's they are…

82 Affirmations To Help You Have More Patience 

  1. I am patient and calm.
  2. My patience is growing more every day.
  3. I am becoming a very patient person.
  4. Patience is my middle name today.
  5. I have patience with the people around me.
  6. It feels better to be patient.
  7. If life was a test of my patience, I would pass with flying colors.
  8. I am kind and patient.
  9. Patience comes naturally to me.
  10. My patience is wearing thick.
  11. I am a naturally patient person.
  12. I have all the patience in the world.
  13. I am not in a rush.
  14. Everything is happening as it should.
  15. It feels good to be calm and relaxed.
  16. I accept that some things take longer and that's ok with me.
  17. I am the epitome of patience.
  18. I am patient with myself and it feels good.
  19. I am tolerant and flexible.
  20. I release the need for control.
  21. I have total control over my patience.
  22. I am overcoming the impatience with my job.
  23. I am more patient and tolerant of my boss.
  24. I am more patient with my colleagues.
  25. Patience and I are good friends.
  26. Patience is easy because I live in the moment.
  27. I have all the time in the world. 
  28. I have no reason to rush things.
  29. Nothing is as important as my wellbeing. 
  30. I like to relax and take things slow.
  31. I am very tolerant of my children.
  32. I accept that sometimes children are restless.
  33. I let my children be free and playful.
  34. I embrace my children`s cheerful personalities.
  35. I let my children be who they are.
  36. I am refreshed by my children`s playful spirit.
  37. I am in no rush to get anywhere.
  38. I now have the patience I’ve admired in others.
  39. I will use this time to reflect on myself.
  40. I conquer impatience by finding more interesting things to do while I wait.
  41. Being patient is easy when I am focused on the present moment.
  42. I’m patient with myself and my insecurities.
  43. Being patient is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice it every day.
  44. Every day I grow more patient with myself and others.
  45. Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more patient.
  46. I accept that sometimes things just take longer than planned.
  47. I am a tolerant and forgiving person.
  48. I am always patient with myself.
  49. I am as patient as a turtle.
  50. I am patient with my lack of patience.
  51. I have the patience to spare.
  52. I am becoming more patient with myself and others every day.
  53. I am gentle with my efforts to improve my life.
  54. I am patience personified.
  55. I am patient and understanding with family members.
  56. I remain patient in all areas of my life today.
  57. I am patient and understanding with others.
  58. I am patient at all times.
  59. I am patient with myself and others at all times.
  60. I am patient with myself when I get stuck.
  61. I am patient with myself and others today.
  62. I am very tolerant when things take longer than I would like.
  63. I appreciate that some things take more time than others.
  64. I believe that patience is a valuable virtue.
  65. I commit myself to develop the highest level of patience in my life.
  66. I easily wait for when the time is right.
  67. I ensure that what I want does not affect my patience.
  68. Being impatient doesn't feel good, that's why I choose patience.
  69. I exercise mindful attention rather than waste time with impatience.
  70. I exercise patience in all that I undertake.
  71. I choose to be patient and kind to myself today.
  72. I have an abundance of patience.
  73. I am patient with allowing myself to forgive myself.
  74. I am patient with my lack of patience, I will get better.
  75. I choose to be patient and kind to myself today.
  76. My patience is an attribute.
  77. I have much patience and understanding.
  78. I possess deep patience.
  79. Today I stay patient through all things.
  80. I should be called Mr. Patience.
  81. I find the time to be patient today.
  82. I appreciate the patience of others today.

Here's that short video I made that you can watch. It will help you to feel calm and uplifted as you listen to the affirmations for patience.