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127 Affirmations For GOOD LUCK – Become Lucky Starting Today

127 Affirmations For GOOD LUCK – Become Lucky Starting Today

So you're looking for affirmations to help you have good luck? We'll you're in the right place. 

I've put together a master list of good luck affirmations that you can use today.

The fact that YOU ARE HERE already shows you are creating YOUR OWN LUCK right now.

That's because you've chosen to create the belief that you are lucky by doing affirmations.

So well done on that!

If you use these daily with positive emotion there's no doubt in my mind you will start to feel luckier and attract positive experiences into your life. 

It's the same as the law of attraction. You need emotion to be able to manifest what you want. 

So make sure when doing your affirmations you focus on FEELING GOOD.

Also, I recommend you pick just a handful of about 5 affirmations that make you feel the best and just use those. 

Otherwise, it gets confusing and overwhelming trying to remember tons of different ones.

Just pick a few and stick with them. 

How To Get The Most Out Of These Good Luck Affirmations.

Affirmations for good luck

Firstly, say them throughout the day as and when you want, but the morning as you awake, and just before you go to sleep at night are the BEST TIMES to say them to yourself as your brain is in a very receptive state which will help absorb them better.

Next, don't just say them like a robot.

No, get some POSITIVE EMOTIONS as well. Having positive emotions at the same time is vital if you want these to work.

I know I keep saying it, but you must do it!

Try listening to high vibration music for 5 minutes as that will elevate your mood as you practice your affirmations.

Lastly, say them every day for a minimum of 30 days. More is better. 

Don't start saying them to yourself for 3 days then stop. No, keep saying every single day.

Those affirmations need to be like a screen saver mantra for the mind.

You always want to keep reaffirming how lucky you are till you FEEL like the luckiest person in the world.

Believe me, if you follow these simple guidelines then you will experience POWERFUL results.

Right, you ready to get going? Cool, here they are…

Affirmations For Creating Good Luck 

  1. I am very lucky
  2. I deserve the best and it comes to me at the right time!
  3. Fortune favors the bold, and I am bold.
  4. I strengthen my good luck with positive actions.
  5. I am incredibly lucky.
  6. I fully believe in my luck… that is why it works for me.
  7. Others see me as a very lucky person.
  8. I have created a lucky mindset.
  9. I grab hold of opportunities that present themselves.
  10. Lady luck follows me wherever I go.
  11. I attract good luck in my life.
  12. I am lucky in all matters.
  13. I attract good fortune, wealth and prosperity.
  14. Others are often amazed at how lucky I am.
  15. I am lucky in career.
  16. I am lucky in money matters.
  17. My highest good is manifesting in my life right now.
  18. God’s wealth is filling in my life.
  19. I am a luck magnet.
  20. Today could be the luckiest day of my life.
  21. I am full of gratitude for all my good fortune.
  22. I am the luckiest person alive.
  23. Positive things always happen to me.
  24. I expect good luck to come my way.
  25. I attract a lot of luck.
  26. I attract all manner of good things to me.
  27. My luck is incredible.
  28. Every day I choose to be lucky.
  29. I am a magnet for good luck.
  30. I am a powerful luck magnet.
  31. I continuously embed powerful good luck messages into my mind.
  32. I feel the powerful presence of good luck every day.
  33. I let myself feel lucky – all the time.
  34. “Lucky” is my middle name.
  35. Good Luck flows my way.
  36. The more I work, the luckier I get.
  37. Luck loves me! And I love luck.
  38. I am always at the right place and at the right time.
  39. I expect to be lucky every day.
  40. I feel like the luckiest person alive
  41. I feel really lucky today.
  42. I am noticing that I feel lucky all the time.
  43. To attract good fortune, I think and act positively.
  44. Positive things always seem to happen to me.
  45. New and exciting opportunities are always coming my way.
  46. I am divinely guided in all I do.
  47. Life always gives me what is best for me.
  48. Luck is starting to flow into my life.
  49. I am lucky and luck loves me.
  50. I am infinitely lucky.
  51. I draw lucky opportunities towards me.
  52. I expect good luck at all times.
  53. I feel like the luckiest person alive!
  54. It is great, I am SO lucky!
  55. I am super lucky, super lucky!
  56. Today, I will let myself feel lucky.
  57. Lady luck smiles on me.
  58. Every day in every way I am attracting more and more good luck into my life.
  59. My luck now changes to the good forever.
  60. I create my own luck as I go along.
  61. I have a good luck charm that never fails me.
  62. Good fortune always comes my way.
  63. I am thankful for the abundance in my life.
  64. Creator’s wealth flows to me in abundance.
  65. Good luck is everywhere.
  66. Lucky times are here.
  67. I am always ready for unexpected and positive events to occur.
  68. I say ‘yes’ often to improve my chances of getting lucky.
  69. I join groups and activities that interest me to expand my social network.
  70. I expect things to work out in my favor.
  71. I always trust my gut instinct and take action when I feel excited.
  72. I take negative situations and make them into something positive.
  73. I face my fears with courage so that new opportunities can easily flow into my life.
  74. I meditate daily to keep my mind clear and open to opportunities I may otherwise miss.
  75. I attract good luck into my life by imagining the very best at all times.
  76. I am lucky in everything I do.
  77. I am my own good luck charm.
  78. I am always ‘up’ on my luck.
  79. Others are always telling me how lucky I am.
  80. Luck and good fortune are normal everyday occurrences for me.
  81. I am transforming into someone who is always lucky.
  82. Each day I attract more good fortune into my life.
  83. I am always prepared for the best!
  84. I am constantly drawing good luck towards me.
  85. I am good luck personified.
  86. I enjoy new encounters which increase my chances of luck.
  87. I just naturally feel lucky all the time.
  88. Good luck comes to me effortlessly.
  89. I am the world’s greatest good luck charm.
  90. I am lucky in love.
  91. I focus all my thoughts on good luck, and good luck comes into my life.
  92. I am lucky in life.
  93. I’m lucky in life!
  94. I attract good luck into my life.
  95. My sincere gratitude attracts more good luck.
  96. I was born under a lucky star.
  97. I focus on being lucky at every opportunity.
  98. I have abundant good luck in all my endeavors.
  99. Feeling lucky is becoming easier and more natural.
  100. I am a lucky person.
  101. I have trained my mind to create good luck every day.
  102. I have the perfect good luck charm; it’s called Belief.
  103. I make my own luck by expecting it every day.
  104. I am a naturally lucky person.
  105. Attracting luck is easy for me.
  106. I am effortlessly tuned into and focused on luck.
  107. I deserve to be lucky.
  108. Good things just always seem to come my way.
  109. I am getting luckier.
  110. I share my good fortune with others.
  111. Others share their good fortune with me.
  112. I am becoming a very lucky person.
  113. I will always think positively.
  114. I experience luck in my life daily.
  115. I am learning how to create more luck.
  116. I feel my luck is changing for the better.
  117. I am in the right place at the right time.
  118. I am aligned with the blessings of good fortune.
  119. I am one of the luckiest persons alive.
  120. I attract good fortune.
  121. My intuition is increasing and guiding me toward luck.
  122. I’m so lucky and blessed person.
  123. I am very, very lucky.
  124. Good luck comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  125. I feel lucky and thanks to all the people I have in my life.
  126. Good luck flows into my life every day.
  127. I am a luck magnet.


Monday 31st of January 2022

Thank you for your site. I have for sooo long said I have the worst luck on the planet. Never knew anything about our thoughts create. I finally figured out one of my beliefs that has to be changed. So thank you for this. I am very grateful for this.


Thursday 12th of August 2021

Thank you dear 😘😘😘 you really makes me sooooo lucky today 😇😇😇😇💃💃💃💃

zenaida ORear

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Thank you so much indeed! I can't wait to be lucky for ever and ever! God bless this site!